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8 most costly_mistakes final


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Learn the 8 most Costly Mistakes in Google Adwords Campaigns

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8 most costly_mistakes final

  1. 1. The 8 Most Costly Mistakes inGoogle Adwords Campaigns: Find Out How Much They are Costing You. 10929 Crabapple Road, Suite 203 Roswell GA 30075
  2. 2. 8 Most Costly Mistakes inGoogle Adwords Campaigns:Find Out How Much They are Costing You.I’ve been in Advertising for a long time and until I was introduced toGoogle Adwords I never really thought any of it seemed like rocket sci-ence. The biggest advantage to Google Adwords alsoseems to be its biggest challenge for advertisers: DATAand information, more data than we ever imagined possi- receive an emailble. The challenge is to know how to track and report on every time yourall of this data so that you can optimize your campaignwithout spending eight hours a day looking at reports. phone rings andThe biggest “kicker” is that many people think that who- tell you whichever offers to pay the most shows up at the top of the keyword generatedads, this is not true and the main reason you need tohave an optimized campaign. Google charges less and the phone call!gives favorable treatment to ads that users tell them arethe best ad for their search (how this is done is also veryinteresting and will be the source of a report in the near future).1. TrackingMost people put this at the end of the list, but for me this is the mostimportant element of a successful campaign. If you are not tracking youwill be back in the 90’s where you are spending money and not know-ing whether it is working or not and that is the only thing worse than acampaign that does not work. In today’s world if you are spending morethan $1,000/month for online marketing you should be able to trackexactly how much business you are closing from not just the campaignbut every single keyword in the campaign. Please note this report is notfocused on e-commerce, it is focused on companies that tend to generateleads not sales online. For less than $100 a month you can track whichkeywords caused someone to fill out a form on your website but alsoreceive an email every time your phone rings and tell you which keywordgenerated the phone call! This allows you to stop spending money onkeywords that don’t drive sales and spend more money on those that do. 10929 Crabapple Road, Suite 203 • Roswell, GA 30075 • 404-624-6645
  3. 3. 2. Value PropositionWhen the client finds your ad, what is it that is being said that makesthem want to choose your business over everyone else? When someonegoes to Google and searches for “Bankruptcy Attorney” they are goingto have access to hundreds of thousands of choices and I can assureyou that while they won’t look at most they will look at several… andyou better stand out! This is a problem that has been at the top of thelist since the beginning of advertising and it’s really not an advertisingproblem, it’s a business problem. If you cannot give agood reason that someone should do business with you One of the greatthen it will be very difficult to grow from anything otherthan referrals. One of the great things about Adwords things aboutis it helps you focus in on people that will relate to your Adwords is it helpsvalue proposition. If you are cheap then advertise as a“Cheap Bankruptcy Attorney” and you will get the peo- you focus in onple that truly have no money and want something cheap. people that willIf you are an expensive bankruptcy attorney hopefullyyou are also very high quality and you can help clients relate to yourthat really have assets that they are trying to protect sothey will be willing to pay more for quality. value proposition.3. Landing PagesIf you don’t take anything else from reading this report, take THIS pieceof advice: Do not send all of this wonderful Adwords trafficto your Home Page! If all of your Google Adwords are sendingtraffic to your homepage stop reading right now and go and pauseyour campaign… If the service or product that the client typed intothe search bar is not listed in the title of the page you send them to,(we will get to the ad itself in a minute) you will be paying three timesmore than your competitors and getting lower quality leads. That’sright, many studies show that ads that go to a page with the productor service listed in the title of the page will generate from 2-10+ timesmore leads for the same budget. The pessimist would say that we asconsumers are too lazy to spend two seconds to see the product listedin the side bar and click to go to that page but the consumer would say“Why bother with a company that won’t take a few minutes to makesure and send me to the right information first. “ 10929 Crabapple Road, Suite 203 • Roswell, GA 30075 • 404-624-6645
  4. 4. 4. Keywords in AdsIf I’m searching for blue baseball netting and there are 35 companies onthe home page trying to sell me sports netting, but only one company thattries to sell me “blue baseball netting”, which ad do you think I’m go-ing to click on? In an Adwords campaign you should have hundreds ofkeywords in most cases and your ads should be written specifically to mysearch. The stats are overwhelming. If you’re in the Insurance businessand I search for “boat insurance” you better have the word “boat” in yourad and don’t forget that it needs to be on the landing page as well.5. Bidding High to be # 1 on GoogleMany people we talk to think the top position will get the most businessand to get there they need to outbid everyone else. This is simply nottrue. First of all, as stated before, the top position is NOT given to theperson that pays the most, it is given to the ad that will generate the mostmoney for Google while also serving the needs of the searcher. Forstarters, if your ad copy is written in such a way that three times morepeople will click on your ad than the average, Google will charge youless per click but still make more money because they aregetting more clicks overall. While that’s good for Google it the top position ismay or may not be good for you. For example, if you runan ad for “Free Lawn Care” you may get a lot more clicks NOT given to thewhich will cost you more money obviously, but the qual- person that paysity of the lead will be lacking due to this “bait and switch”–type ad. Obviously, your ad doesn’t relate to your offer the mostand you just end up paying for a click that isn’t a goodlead. Another interesting thing to note is that many people find being inthe number three spot produces more traffic because it is closer to the or-ganic search terms where most people are looking…remember less than25% of searchers ever click the ads. Finally, you have to know the valueof a lead. We have some clients that would lose money paying $5 perclick to be in the top ad spots but they can get a great return by paying$2 and end up lower on the page. 10929 Crabapple Road, Suite 203 • Roswell, GA 30075 • 404-624-6645
  5. 5. 6. Negative KeywordsWe find that many clients put in high level keywords such as “lawn care”and have their ad run for all variations which at the high level is not nec-essarily bad, but you have to know that one of the most popular searcheson the internet is for jobs and if you are not hiring, this can eat up an ad-vertising budget very quickly. So if you use “lawn care” as a broad termand I search for “jobs in lawn care” I see your company advertising andsay hey let’s click over there…ouch waste of $3. It wouldhave been easier for you to set up your account so thatany searches that included jobs and careers were elimi- if you are not thenated from your campaign, thus allowing your budget to lowest price guybe spent on more productive keywords. And don’t forgetabout the example in #1 where someone is searching for in the market then“cheap lawn care” if you are not the lowest price guy in this is probably athe market then this is probably a bad lead for you. bad lead for you.7. GEO-TargetingGEO-Targeting is where Google allows you to have your ads run in aspecific area. This is great for a company that is not nationwide. Let’ssay you are a mortgage company that only covers one city such asAtlanta, GA. There are a couple of great things that help you competewith a big national mortgage company. First you can have your ad runonly in Atlanta so that you will not waste budget in areas you do notserve. Second many people may not want to do their mortgage onlineso those searchers will ignore many of the Lending Tree-type ads andclick on yours because the ad tells them you have an office in Atlanta.Now, while many big companies can get a little lazy you need to knowthat if I am a big bank with locations all over the country I could also rundifferent ads for every city where I have a location. 10929 Crabapple Road, Suite 203 • Roswell, GA 30075 • 404-624-6645
  6. 6. 8. A/B TestingThis is where I am really glad that I paid attention in all of those stats coursesin college. A/B testing is the ability to control one part of your campaignand see specific results. Two of the most common are in Ad Copy and Land-ing Pages. How does this work? First, for ad copy you should always berunning two versions (maybe more on a large budget) of each and keepeverything else constant. For example, a lawn care company providingoverseeding services in the fall might want to try the following ad headlines:“Free Estimate for Overseeding” and “Keep Grass Green with Overseed-ing”. Google allows us to run the ads in a perfect 50/50 random mix so af-ter a month we can compare our tracking to see which one gaveus the best return for our ad dollars. Another example is for thelanding page, you can send half the traffic to one landing page We have manyand the other half to another. We have many case studies that case studieshave increased leads by as much as 300% with very minor tweaksin these areas. There are studies online where people are running that havea campaign that spends hundreds of thousands of dollars everymonth to go from generating $1,000,000 to almost $3,000,000 increasedin revenue from changes such as this and of course these changes leads by asto the page only cost the company a few hundred dollars… howabout that for some ROI? much as 300%Truth be told, I could, and many have, made list of the top 100 with verycostly mistakes in Adwords or Pay-Per-Click Advertising. While minor tweaksit is one of the more complex advertising mediums to come outit is also one of the most effective I have ever seen. Fun fact: it in these areas.took the yellow pages over 100 years to get to $25 Billion. Ittook Google 10 years. Another reason I am bullish on adwords for thelong term is this: Google makes 96% of its revenue from search advertis-ing, Google knows they have given you all the tools to know whether it isbeing effective or not and that if it stops working you will know within hoursso Google has no choice but to make adwords continue to work for ad-vertisers. If you want to put your money on a winning team when it comesto the advertising world comparing Google to the New York Yankees ofbaseball would be a total understatement of the advantages Google hasin talent and money. For anyone that has taken the time to read this reportjust give me a call and we will do a complete assessment of your adwordscampaign for free. Just our way of saying thanks and, of course, if there isa good fit we are hoping you will be a client in the near future. 10929 Crabapple Road, Suite 203 • Roswell, GA 30075 • 404-624-6645