Solusitek CCTV Camera Surveillance System


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Solusitek CCTV Camera Surveillance System.

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Solusitek CCTV Camera Surveillance System

  1. 1. IT Services Provider More Than Security, More Than Your Physical Presence Surveillance System CCTV Camera Online CCTV Camera Surveillance is a significant component of management and security control. We supplies an extensive range of cameras and application system designed to increase the level of security and productivity control. By understanding clients requirements, we can choose the most appropriate camera system for the duty and the budget available. Solusiteks CCTV Systems are reliable, efficient and easy to use.Surveillance System CCTV Camera Online
  2. 2. The Benefits of Camera CCTV Online: System Additional Features: Protecting the assets of goods, locations, Alternative record and store the results of the buildings, human resources (labor) and monitoring automatically into the storage media /disk customers from things that are not desired, 24 either full 24 hours, based on motion detection, or hours, day and night by using infrared. based on other programming. Assist management jobs and assist job security Alarm facilities, which will enable the sign/ notification personnel. via SMS, Phone, Email or siren at the control room or a Monitor and record all forms of activity that PC automatically when there are events that are not occurs in remote locations and in multiple desired. locations from one screen from anywhere, Integration of CCTV cameras by the cash register (POS without any distance limitations by using the System), Port of Entry (Door Access System), Time Cellular Phone, PDA, Laptop, or Personal Attendance, Door Parking, and others. Computer directly (real time) from anywhere Automatically detect lost objects, movement, via the Internet. displacement, and foreign objects. Monitor the condition of families, children, Counting the number of objects and human subjects, sick patients, livestock or pets. detecting a particular face. Can be used as an archive of daily business activities and as authentic evidence from things are not desired, because the results can be automatically recorded in the media recorder DVR (Digital Video Recording). Example Use of System Application: Monitor business activities, employee performance and customer service. Security Control in the Warehouse and Office. Can monitor the location without being Production and Use of Machinery in Factory. noticed by using hidden cameras. Supervision and Inspection of Construction. As the data part of Production and Quality Teller Machine Security and Quality of Customer Control when a time of complaints over the Service in Branch or Outlet. quality of goods. Other application for Hotel, Bank, Hospital, Airport, Improve services and create a more reliable Club, Residential, Vehicles, etc. image of the company to become as one of the requirements of the international industry standard.Solusiteks innovative approach has ensuredthat we always surpass customer expectations PT. AMADEO GLOBAL PERKASAand remain at the forefront of technology.