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Kalipayan narrative report so hrap


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Kalipayan narrative report so hrap

  1. 1. PRACTICUM EXPERIENCE AT KALIPAYAN RESORT HOTEL AND RESTAURANT DASMARIÑAS CITY, CAVITE A Narrative Report submitted to the Faculty of the Cavite State University Indang, Cavite
  2. 2. In Partial Fulfillments of the Requirements for the Course of Hrml 199-1a Housekeeping Practicum Marlon V. Calinawan May 2012TABLE OF CONTENTSCHAPTER I: INTRODUCTION A. Rationale about Practicum Training……...............................1 B. Linkage Establishment...........................................................2CHAPTER II: TRAINING AREA A. Standard Operating Procedure..............................................7 B. Facilities.................................................................................9
  3. 3. C. ManPower...........................................................................10 D. Duties and Responsibilities…………………………………...11CHAPTER III: LEARNING EXPERIENCE.........................................13CHAPTER IV: CONCLUSION...........................................................14APPENDICESCHAPTER I: INTRODUCTIONA. Rationale about the Practicum Training On the Job Training (OJT) or practicum training is a method used forbroadening student’s skill and develops their productivity n the working area. It isa learning opportunity for the student to gain hands-on experience through theirexposure to the different operation in the hotel this training allows the school inthe work. This program provides opportunity for the student to go through actualmethodologies of a specific job using a real tools, equipment and documents. It isalso conducted to habituate the student to the work place of their chosen field.
  4. 4. The first year student of Cavite State University (CvSU) which undertaking Bachelor of Science in Hotel and Restaurant Management is required toundertake an on the job training which is housekeeping practicum during theirsummer class which required to complete 240 job, training hour anestablishment’s housekeeping refers to the up keep and maintenance ofcleanliness and order in a house or a lodging establishment such as in hotel,apartel, condominium, resort dormitory or even a hospital. There are two types ofhousekeeping is domestic housekeeping it refers to housekeeping maintenancein a house and the second one is Institutional housekeeping it is the training thatwe undertook it applies to housekeeping maintenance like, hotels, resort, andapartments. 2B. Linkage Establishment Kalipayan Resort Inc. is a family corporation owned by renownedbusinessman Eduardo Vega Diaz, his wife Carmelita Concengco Diaz, and isrepresented by their three children as Board of Directors. It is located south ofManila at Kilometer 29 Emilio Aguinaldo Highway Dasmariñas, Cavite. It is a fewkilometers away from prime tourist destinations and is situated in theneighborhood of major malls and entertainment centers. The Resort is alsosituated near the university district and is close to distinguished companies such
  5. 5. as Toyota, Honda, Ford, Hyundai, and Mitsubishi to name a few. There are 5 golfcourses within 20 kilometers of the Resort, The Orchard being the closest.Industrial giants San Miguel Brewery Corporation and EDS-EMI Yasaki are alsowithin the vicinity. The Resort has 25 friendly and well-trained, full-time staff thatcater to the guests’ every need. Kalipayan Resort is a favored venue forWeddings, Debuts, Baptismal Gatherings, Birthday Parties, Business Seminars,Meetings, Company Outings, Graduation Ceremonies, Christmas Parties, andother special occasions. The Resort’s Hotel is also a popular choice for long-staying guests and businessmen. 3History Before Kalipayan Resort opened its doors, the owners have had a longhistory in the hospitality industry. They opened their first hotel in Lipa City,Batangas in 1979 named D’ Family Crowd Hotel and Restaurant. It was a smallhotel with 14 rooms that also had a small venue with a 200 seating capacity,which the Rotary Club of Lipa City as well as Kiwanis Club members frequentedfor their meetings. The venue also served as a discotheque-bar and restaurant. Itclosed in the year 1985, when Mr. Diaz decided to focus all his energies on hisrapidly growing Customs Brokerage business.
  6. 6. In 1993, they opened Pahiyas Restaurant in the, then thriving, CoastalRoad restaurant cluster built on stilts over the Manila Bay. Pahiyas was a popularrestaurant for a number of years before they shut their doors in 1999 to operate asmall concession that provided staff meals inside the production plant ofindustrial giant EDS-EMI Yasaki along Emilio Aguinaldo Highway in Imus, Cavite. The land where Kalipayan Resort is situated used to be a sleepy farmlandin the rural of Dasmariñas, Cavite back when Mr. Diaz bought the property in1990. It opened its doors to the public in the year 2000, after a labor of love thatlasted a decade. The owners decided on the name Kalipayan, which in theVisayan dialect means happiness. Upon opening, the Resort included a Chinese 4restaurant called Fung Lok within its vicinity that eventually dissolved to makeroom for the Resorts growing demand for various functions and events. Nowmore than a decade old, Kalipayan Resort Hotel and Restaurant is a veritableinstitution in an area which the Department of Tourism has proclaimed to be TheTiger of the South.Our Mission: Our goal is to deliver a high standard of service that will exceed everyguest expectations. We aim to make each guest leave our Resort with a smile.
  7. 7. We will strive to obtain our guests’ loyalty through the quality of care we provideand the value we put in their patronage.Our Vision: We envision serving our community through a conscious participation inprotecting our environment by using renewable materials in our service as muchas possible and encouraging our guests to actively participate through theimplementation of a simple conservation and recycling program. We hope tocontinue as leading exemplars of quality and value among our industry peers andremain competitive while the city of Dasmariñas continues in its development. 5Location Map The figure below show the direction where Kalipayan Resort is located
  8. 8. Organizational StructureThe figure below shows the organizational Structure of Kalipayan Resort it isrank from the highest and the lowest employee in their establishment.CHAPTER II: TRAINING AREAA. Standard Operating Procedure This part discusses the step-by-step procedures in which the function ofeach section is performed.1. Bed making. First, spread the garterized bed sheet and tuck in starting from the cornerof the bed in counterclockwise. Second, spread the flat sheet starting from thetop of the bed then tuck in left and right side. Third, spread the duvet and insertthe duvet cover. Fourth, spread again the duvet for set-up, put new pillowcase.
  9. 9. Fifth fold the duvet to cover the pillowcase. Last check or arrange the duvet, putthe guest towel at the bed.2. Bed stripping. First, strip the pillowcases. Second, pull the bed then strip the bed sheetone by one. Third, separate the damaged and torn linens from the soiled bedsheet, including towels and bath mat. Fourth, put it in the cart. Last, get the freshbed sheet.3. Bathroom. First, spread chemicals and scrub the tiles, shower, down to the bathtub,rinse and dry it. Second, spread chemicals and brush the toilet bowl from underthe rim up to the bottom, toilet seat and cover, outside part of the bowl, thenrinse, flush and dry it. Third, apply all-purpose cleaner and scrub the bathroomwalls starting from the upper portion to downward portion, rinse and dry it.Fourth, spray the mirror using glass cleaner then wipe it with dry cloth. Fifth, 8wash the used drinking glasses, rinse and dry it. Last, replenish the followingbathroom supplies; towels, soap, shampoo, bath towels, bath mat, and tissue.4. Rooms. Sweep, vacuum, and wash floors/tilling/carpet including all edges, cornersunder and behind the beds and furniture. Dust all surfaces, ledges, and sills.Check all drawers and working condition of lightning and other fixtures such astelevision, remote control, telephone, also check the guest information supplies
  10. 10. and replaced it when needed. Spray air- freshener in the room. Close windowblinds/curtains, door and proceed to the next room.5. Hallway. Starting from the third floor up to the ground floor swept and polishes thefloor. Dust the entire room door in hallway including frames and hallway décor.Remove the dry leaves of plants and threw all the garbage. 9B. Facilities and EquipmentStandard hotel with 21 air-conditioned guest rooms, all of which have hot waterfor baths and showers. Each room has a sofa-lounge area and a dinette. Allrooms have cable television and wifi internet access. IDD/NDD service isavailable. All rooms have west-facing balconies. The rooms on the 2nd and 3rdfloors have balconies overlooking the entire estate and have a stunning view ofthe sunset.
  11. 11. One 43 x 22 meter swimming poolOne children’s paddling poolTwo shallow pools with slidesPlayground27 poolside kubos (huts) perfect for dining. Each can accommodate at least 8people.Four KTV Rooms with a total capacity of 50 guestsIndoor Restaurant and Function area with a total capacity of 182 guests3 Function Rooms with a total capacity of 300 guestsPoolside Gazebo area that can accommodate 100 guestsCovered poolside bar and function area with a 200 guest capacityLandscaped garden with 6 tents suitable for Garden WeddingsA kiosk that sells a variety of snacks, beverages and accessoriesLarge parking area with ample space for many vehicles 10C. Man Power Man power is the main need when it comes to hospitality industry. Thepeople who are working there are what we called man power. In Kalipayan resortthere are only two shifting when it comes to the housekeeping department. Theyonly have two housekeeping supervisor that is responsible in up keeping of thehotel. The first shift is starting to 6:00 am - 2:00 pm and the night shift is startingto 2:00 pm - 10:00 pm. Although the front desk supervisor also have two shifting
  12. 12. they are different from the housekeeping department because they have twoshifting but they have to duty 12 hours in each day like 6:00 am - 6:00 pm or viceversa 6:00 pm - 6:00 am. Sometimes when the other front desk supervisor wereon a day-off the other front desk supervisor need to duty 24 hours straight in thelobby for them to attain the guest needs. And as the housekeeping supervisor isout the front des officer become an all around employee in the hotel they will bethe waiter and the housekeeper at the same time because there are only twoemployee left when 10 o’clock in the evening comes, only the front desksupervisor and the security guard for the safety of the guest. 11D. Duties and Resposibilities The staff has their own Duties and Responsibilities to carry out in order tofunctionally operate the department.1. Front Desk Supervisor. He and She coordinate with all departments to ensure a smooth flow ofoperations. They are the one who answering incoming calls and handling all
  13. 13. phone inquiries regarding services provided by the hotel and restaurant. Theymaintain the cleanliness of the front desk area, entertain and assist their guest.2. Housekeeping Supervisor. They direct and control rooms keeping activities including room make-upand other room amenities, conduct routine inspection to check the quality ofroom make-up. They regularly check the condition and maintenance ofhousekeeping equipment. They supervised the inventory of room supplies andother housekeeping items, trained and coached the trainee. They also handlethe general cleaning of the Restaurant and the shower rooms and toilets by themain swimming pool of the hotel.3. Linen and Laundry Attendant. They are responsible for washing, extracting and drying of allHousekeeping linens such as hotel towels, bed sheets, pillowcases and alsolinen used for dining and banquet functions. They are also responsible forironing of linen items, delivery of clean linen to all 12departments, ensuring all equipment and all surrounding areas to clean after useand before closing and maintain the cleanliness of the laundry room.
  14. 14. CHAPTER III: LEARNING EXPERIENCE The trainee learned the proper way of maintaining the cleanliness in publicareas like public bathrooms; public comport room and the surrounding of thehotel. The trainee also learned the proper away of cleaning the guestrooms andalso the proper way of cleaning and drying the each bathroom and at the end of
  15. 15. the training the trainee is now faster in doing the beddings and now have moreconfident in facing the guest. The trainee is how more flexible and productive. The weakness of the housekeeping department that the trainee observe isthe quality of their bedding because the establishment to flatten their linen. Thehousekeeping department also didn’t have enough cleaning materials. thetrainee also observed that the establishment is lack in man power mostespecially when there is no trainee n the establishment. The strength of the housekeeping department that the trainee observed isthat the establishment has well-trained and friendly employees. They also havean attractive accommodation like pools and restaurant which also attract theguest most.CHAPTER IV: CONCLUSION Based on the trainees observation after they undertaken an on the jobtraining the trainee now can conclude that OJT (on the job training) helps a lot inthe development of every student. It helps the students to improve their skills andbehavior against work. And as the student undertaken on the job training they will
  16. 16. be more mature and productive. They will be now more open minded andprofessional when it comes to work. They are now open and have idea to theworld or working area they will work in the future as they finishedtheir studies.