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Marketing Apps Idea Book

Идеи для маркетинга приложений

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Marketing Apps Idea Book

  2. 2. Marketing Apps turn interaction into business action. Online marketing apps are highly engaging — taking visitors on short, but effective, conversion-focused journeys. As an added benefit, most of them also provide marketing with highly valuable segmentation and sales enablement data that can be leveraged within CRM and marketing automation platforms. $ App-like digital experiences may take the form of a simple segmenting wizard, a more involved profiling quiz, or even a calculator or configurator. As you explore the ideas in this book, try and align with the ones that best fit your strategy. Marketing apps bring the richness and expectations of mobile apps to web experiences. They engage with visitors at a much more meaningful level than cookie-cutter websites and landing pages. So, get inspired to take your digital marketing to a higher level. Get inspired to provide more value and to reap more online leads and sales as a result. © i-on interactive, inc. All rights reserved. $ 1
  3. 3. Idea 1: Content Wizard Content wizards let participants drill down to their favorite content while they enable marketers to learn who’s on their site and what interests those visitors have. Rather than showing long list pages of white papers and webinars to wade through, content wizards provide a more enjoyable and personal user experience. And, as you associate the data collected to the lead record, you can also tie that data back to the referrers that drive the traffic. Then, it’s a much shorter distance to optimize for the most qualified traffic. Progression bar 1 2 3 Which HR topic would you like content on? Retaining Talent (HR Benefits) 1 2 3 RECRUITING TALENT Which topics interest you within recruiting? International Technical Recruiting Talent Executive RECRUITING EXECUTIVE TALENT 1 2 3 FREE White Paper 2014 Recruiting Trends White Paper Get the FREE White Paper Name Email Download short & sweet form to get the content Testing ideas: Try varying the number of steps to see how increasing or reducing the pre-conversion steps impacts conversion rate. © i-on interactive, inc. All rights reserved. 2
  4. 4. Idea 2: Conversion Path Conversion paths enable participants to take control of their conversion experience by making one or more personal choices that affect the pages and content they visit. At its most basic, a conversion path lets a visitor self-segment into one of two buckets. This choice is communicated via a click — not a form. The post- choice page is then more specific to the visitor’s interest and more likely to convert their initial engagement into conversion. And, conversion paths are mutually beneficial — giving marketers valuable segmentation data tied to the resulting lead record and tied back to the referring source of traffic. Visual prominence of incentive FREE HR White Paper Learn New Ways to Recruit Talent White Paper Benefits that help FREE Retain Employees FREE White Paper Email Company FREE FREE White Paper Name Recruiters: White Paper Name I NEED TO RECRUIT I NEED TO RETAIN White Paper HR Professionals: Email Company White Paper self-segmentation Testing ideas: Try testing different segment labels and calls-to-action to minimize bounce rate. Track those tests to see how the various segment labels affect conversion. © i-on interactive, inc. All rights reserved. 3
  5. 5. Idea 3: Quiz Quizzes are a great way to engage and educate participants — giving them valuable insights and advice, while marketers get highvalue visitor profiling and segmentation data. You can then use that data to drive targeted marketing automation programs and to surface warmer leads to sales with pre-fab insight into pains. For quizzes to work well, they must offer valuable information. For example, asking visitors multiple-choice questions in an assessment and subsequently giving participants written recommendations based upon their answers. Your Score: L ANDING PAGE QUIZ 1 2 3 4 Question 1: Not so good So-so Great! 1 2 3 4 Needs Improvement! How strong is the message match between your ad & your landing page? simplified choices 18 L ANDING PAGE QUIZ recommendations based on score results Below are ways to improve your pages based on the answers to the quiz. Get Results via Email package results Name Email LP Company Get Results Testing ideas: Try requiring sign-up before taking the quiz, versus before getting the recommendations, versus only if you want to receive the recommendations via email. Another idea is to experiment with the number of questions and/or answers to optimize for completion and conversion. See it in action: Take our quiz now © i-on interactive, inc. All rights reserved. 4
  6. 6. Idea 4: Calculator Most organizations have something that can be calculated using an engaging app-like experience. The most obvious example is pricing. Price ‘ball parking’ lets you price-qualify leads without giving them personal pricing. It uses some basic axis upon which to assess and offer a price range or ball park. This provides the immediate gratification that B2B buyers crave while allowing sales to continue to build value prior to delivering a specific price quote. dynamic price range based off answer Your Approx. Price is Estimate your price $1,295 — $1,895 How many unique visitors do you drive to your landing pages each month? per month Request a Proposal Get Instant Estimate Enter Amount Estimate prominent, simple form 1 2 1 2 Email Job Role Company Get Proposal RF P incentive for more detailed pricing Testing ideas: Try varying price ranges as well as varied propositions on the conversion form — for example: contact sales; versus request for proposal; versus get your price, etc. See it in action: Check out ion’s pricing calculator © i-on interactive, inc. All rights reserved. 5
  7. 7. Idea 5: Configurator Configurators are specific types of wizards that allow participants to assemble or package products and/or services. By answering a series of self-evaluation questions, they can be presented with a more targeted and specific offering. This provides a valuable service to the visitor while providing marketing with even more valuable packaging data on what 1 2 3 NUMBER OF EMPLOYEES Step 1: How many employees do you have? Number of employees in your company: visitors need and want. This insight can be used in marketing automation programs as well as in personal selling to cater messages and offers. This makes sales and marketing smarter, more likely to satisfy visitor expectations, and more likely to convert traffic into business. RFP Lightbox with content based on answers & selections 1 2 3 RECRUITING EMPLOYEES Step 2: How many will you recruit in the next 12 months? Number of employees you will be recruiting: # of Employess Next Step 3: Select the type of package best fits your needs? Initiate engagement with a basic question Request a Proposal For a “Do it Yourself” Plan for 50 Employees Name Do it Yourself Select We help Select We do it all Select Email Company # of Recruits Start 1 2 3 SELECT YOUR PACKAGE Phone Contact Sales Include features & benefits to distinguish package choices Testing ideas: Experiment with the number of steps and the specificity of framing questions. There is often reluctance to divulge information deemed too personal or specific, so experimenting with varying degrees of specificity can reveal the sweet spots at which information gathering and conversion optimization are in alignment. © i-on interactive, inc. All rights reserved. 6
  8. 8. Idea 6: Game Games are entertaining ways to engage, educate and convert prospects. For example, ’Guess which’ games are great followon uses of survey data. Rather than answering survey questions for themselves, participants guess which answer was most popular amongst their peers (think Family Feud “survey said…”). In answering, they are exposed to shared pains, problems and solutions that drive demand. Simple guessing games provide another way to communicate strategically compelling information — for example, guessing how much time is saved on average by users of a solution — and tying that back to real research. You are Correct! The Game of HR The answer is: 503 corporate recruiters were asked what their greatest challenge was... B Which do you think it was? A Compensation Package B D Work Environment Survey results reveal that benefits play the most challenging role in the recruiting process. Benefits Package C Relocation Benefits Package playful and engaging layout Do Download the FREE Report Rep Na Name Em Email Co Company Learn all the answers in this FREE report Download directional cue to upsell full report Testing ideas: Game incentives are great to experiment with. Try monetary incentives, versus social recognition, versus an asset offer to stimulate engagement and conversion. Also, test different conversion points — pre-game versus post-game — to see which delivers the most conversions. © i-on interactive, inc. All rights reserved. 7
  9. 9. Idea 7: Contest Knowledge-driven contests engage participants by incentivizing them to compete. Aligning the contest with marketing propositions — either by exposing pains or solutions within the content of the contest — involves and educates participants. The flow of competitive answers from participants can be associated with their profiles and then used for sales messaging and marketing segmentation. Contests can be valuable sources of engagement and data from highly qualified prospects. data for marketing automation & sales enablement Win $500 Question 1: What is the #1 benefit to attract new talent? Test your recruiting knowledge and you could win $500! A Health Care Enter to win now! Email Company Enter Contest B Retirement Job Role short, concise form 1 2 3 4 Enter all the questions correctly and you could win $500! C Wellness Program data can be passed into CRM Testing ideas: Try testing various incentives — cash, gift cards, promotional offers, bragging rights, social prominence — to determine which incentives attract the most qualified participants. Also, try varying the level of difficulty to see if ‘easier’ or ‘harder’ attracts and converts more of the right participants. © i-on interactive, inc. All rights reserved. 8
  10. 10. Idea 8: Voting Voting for preferences can be an easy-to-tap motive for visitors. Extending the experience to show how the visitor’s vote compared to the votes of others can further deepen interest and desire. When marketers design the alternatives between which visitors are being asked to vote so they have meaningful tie-ins to marketing strategy and selling propositions, the engagement in voting becomes engagement in the brand. And when the reveal of all votes shows shared pain that can be solved by the brand, engagement can turn into persuasion. While it can be difficult to use a voting app for lead-gen, they are often used to collect data that can be used in sales enablement or as fodder for other apps. The results: D Employee Referrals Vote Now: 25% 12.5% Vote for the most effective source of applicants: 12.5% A Online Headhunting B D Employee Referrals A C D choices tie in to company services Get the FREE Report Name Email Industry Specific Ads C LinkedIn Ads 50% B Company Enter to win a year of FREE HR Software FREE Report multiple selling propositions Testing ideas: It’s unlikely that experimentation with gating the actual voting with a form will have a successful outcome. What may have a more successful conversion outcome could be gating the reveal of the population’s vote or combining your poll with a monetary or other type of incentive. © i-on interactive, inc. All rights reserved. 9
  11. 11. Idea 9: Survey Surveys in a marketing context can be more persuasive than ordinary research surveys. When a survey is strategically designed to focus on pains that can be relieved by the brand behind it, the survey can become an engaging and educational marketing vehicle. Surveys that subsequently compare the participant’s responses to those of their peer group provide valuable benchmarks that establish the participant’s pain relative to others. The data gathered from an app-like marketing survey can provide rich sales enablement and marketing automation insight into pains and segmentation. strategic questions HR Survey We’re surveying HR Professionals about recent trends HR Survey Start the We’re Survey We’re surveying HR ProfessionalsFREE Report Profes Get the about f recent at the end of the survey recen trends e HR SURVEY 1 2 3 4 5 Question 1 Which of the following trends will have the greatest impact on HR next year? Name Takes 5 minutes Receive the HR Practices Research Report Get Started Email Takes 5 minutes utes e Receive ctic ces Company the HR Practices Research Report Begin Survey lightbox gate added before the survey Get Started Offshore Outsourcing Healthcare Reform Tax Incentives Equal Opportunity Act Changes Unemployment Repurcussions Next answers identify pain points Testing ideas: If the goal is lead-gen, try gating the survey at various points: pre-survey and pre-benchmark are two good places to start. If the survey is for sales enablement, try testing a guided (by a sales rep) version against an unguided version — and experiment with delivery of the benchmarking — email versus in-browser. © i-on interactive, inc. All rights reserved. 10
  12. 12. More leads. More branding. More revenue. Fast, Easy, App-like Digital Experiences from ion ion is a marketing platform used by hundreds of global brands and agencies to create and test app-like digital experiences that generate leads, enhance brands, and drive revenue. ✔ Create engaging app-like experiences in minutes ✔ Pass segmentation and sales enablement data in and out ✔ Test and auto-optimize alternative app-like experiences ✔ Save time, money and resources According to TechValidate: 73% of our customers double their conversions. 90% get positive ROI. And 95% would recommend us. Join them. Replace your landing pages with ion. 90% Positive ROI 73% Double Results 95% Would Recommend Digital Marketing Software & Services or Call 1.888.ion.idea (466.4332) or +1.561.235.7474 outside the US