Event Evolution


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Association Congress,July 17-19, 2011, London, UK,
etouches Presentation Event Evolution
Suzanne Carawan Vice President, Global Marketing, etouches
David Hornby CEO, Why Not Consult & SITE Board Member

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Event Evolution

  1. 1. Event Evolution Suzanne Carawan Vice President, Global Marketing David HornbyCEO, Why Not Consult & SITE Board Member
  2. 2. Agenda• Global Viewpoints: Trends & Field Insights• In Focus: Society for Incentive Travel Executives (SITE)• Association Examples
  3. 3. What’s Happening Around the WorldGLOBAL VIEWPOINTS
  4. 4. Global Trends• Out of denial• General agreement that events need toinclude “something more” & evolve• Associations looking towards the additionof technology as the “more”• Increase in event expenditure
  5. 5. Global Trends: Technology• Top technologies being added by associations: – Better event registration & member management systems – Better event website tools – Better email marketing capabilities – Twitter – Private social networks – Mobile component for use around event schedule – QR codes – Mobile audience response/polling features – Mobile gaming features – Video capture, streaming & archiving – Automated matchmaking – Better reporting across tools & investment in understanding how to use technology tools
  6. 6. Global Trends• Starting to move beyond tactics/logistics: – Don’t just have a hashtag, set up a series of TweetChats prior to and post event – Offer an interactive attendee directory before the event to allow event participants to find one another and schedule appointments – Offer a year-round social site to allow event participants to start/continue discussions that originated at the event• Focus now on comprehensive attendee experience (year- round) and blending event topics/goals into an overall program of the association
  7. 7. Global Trends• Result: discussion now centers around engagement – Challenges: • What is engagement? • Requires cross-functional and cross-disciplinary team • Greater emphasis on differentiating the event and designing around the user experience • Heavy emphasis on understanding event participants (customer and prospect base) • Much greater emphasis on demand creation and brand management principles of marketing Membership in Corporate Event Marketing Association (CEMA) is up!
  8. 8. Global Trends• Results are now achieved through blending all elements of the event experience (F&B, education, networking activities, business/governance functions)• Key is thinking through the event from different attendee viewpoints and providing a multitude of ways to learn, connect with one another and interact• Organisational shift to take on the role of facilitator-- allowing attendees to self-create “sub-events” that allow for more meaningful conversations and connections in more informal settings
  9. 9. Global Trends• Organisations making decisions on different critiera –getting far more sophisticated: – Integrations with AMS & Accounting systems – Looking at APIs – Looking at partnerships amongst technology vendors – Viewing technology vendors as partners – Focus on roadmaps and not just feature/function – Focus on who is delivering more value – Focus on user adoption of technology
  10. 10. Last Global Trend• Organisations are still trying to find the right combination• Still in the process of changing & experimentation• Few examples of organisations that have changed their approach to events
  11. 11. Society of Incentive Travel ExecutivesIN FOCUS: AN INTERACTIVEDIALOGUE
  14. 14. TweetChats
  15. 15. The “Unconference” Format
  16. 16. Matchmaking
  17. 17. Industry Leader Discussions• Gurus at Plan• Hosted Roundtables• Lounges• Birds-of-a-Feather• Pecha Kucha
  18. 18. Suggested People & Content
  19. 19. Mobile Apps• Schedules• Directories• Floor & Hotel Maps•Surrounding City Guides• Audience Response• Evaluations• Games• QR codes
  20. 20. Connect!• Suzanne Carawan • David HornbyDirect: 203.403.9013 +44 (0)7788 584 619Mobile: 703.431.2208 david.hornby@whynotconsult.comscarawan@etouches.com LinkedIn:Twitter, Fb, Li, Quora & Slideshare: http://uk.linkedin.com/in/davidhornby suzannecarawanTwitter, Fb, Li: etouchesYouTube, Slideshare: etouchesevents
  21. 21. About the Company: The etouches’ product line is offered in two packages:etouches is a web-based suite of integrated eventplanning software tools that help event and meetingprofessionals perform every function in the eventplanning lifecycle. etouches Quad: just what you need to create, manage, register, market and evaluate your eventsetouches is sold as a subscription model (SaaS) basedon the number of registrations per year. There is one feethat is inclusive of unlimited training and 24/7 support. etouches Pro: everything you need to plan, budget, schedule, oversee and manage your event portfolio pre, during and post-eventHeadquartered in the U.S., etouches has offices inSweden, the United Kingdom and Australia. Experience etouches. Experience is everything. if you are a corporation,etouches is proud to partner and integrate with the most small business, association, agency, educationalinnovative complementary technology products on the institution, meetings or events company or anymarket including CRM, social networking, webcasting organization that brings together at least 250 peopleand virtual tradeshow technology. etouches also proudly over 12 months, you need to know aboutdistributes its products through value-added resellers etouches. If you are driven to high standards andthat serve specific industries. expect the same of your partner companies, you’re in the right place.
  22. 22. Contact InformationDo not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions Contact Information and please visit www.etouches.com for more Global Sales & Partnerships information, our webinar archives and to sign up for Steve Mackenzie demos & free trial accounts. Vice President, Global Sales U.S.: 1-203-403-9470 Europe, Middle East, Africa: +44 (0)845 077 2804 Asia Pacific: +61 (0)2 9555 6622 email: sales@etouches.comFind us on: Global Marketing & PR Suzanne Carawan Vice President, Global Marketing Direct: 1-203-403-9013t email: scarawan@etouches.com