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Luxury Experiences


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It’s quite common for luxury brands to apply their strong branding values of exclusivity and differentiation to the online space. However, these values are often applied at the expense of user experience...

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Luxury Experiences

  1. 1. “Luxury Experiences”by Genitron In collaboration with
  2. 2. by GenitronAbout usAdv Media Lab is an incubator of solutions in advancedservices in digital strategy and performance marketing.We are a young and dynamic team that offers an internationalconsulting, design, training and development of integrated andinnovative solutions for online business growth.
  4. 4. Luxury ExperiencesIt’s quite common for luxury brands toapply their strong branding values ofexclusivity and differentiation to theonline space.However, these values are often appliedat the expense of user experience.
  5. 5. Luxury ExperiencesAlso the luxury Brands are shifting fromcompany-centric experiences tocustomer-centric experiences, largelythrough their digital initiatives.
  6. 6. Luxury ExperiencesBut, howexperiences areredefining luxury?
  7. 7. Luxury ExperiencesGoods...
  8. 8. Luxury ExperiencesFoods...
  9. 9. Luxury ExperiencesHandmade & customization...
  10. 10. Luxury ExperiencesPlaces...
  11. 11. Luxury ExperiencesMoving...
  12. 12. Luxury ExperiencesRelax...
  13. 13. Luxury ExperiencesTravel...
  14. 14. Luxury ExperiencesLuxury is... choice!
  15. 15. Luxury Experiences
  16. 16. Luxury ExperiencesLuxury Branding
  17. 17. Luxury Experiences
  18. 18. Luxury Experiences
  19. 19. Luxury Experiences
  20. 20. Luxury Experiences
  21. 21. Luxury Experiences
  22. 22. Luxury ExperiencesGucci
  23. 23. Luxury ExperiencesJaguar
  24. 24. Luxury ExperiencesFour Season
  25. 25. Luxury ExperiencesArmani
  26. 26. Luxury ExperiencesCartier
  27. 27. Luxury ExperiencesStefano Ricci
  28. 28. Luxury ExperiencesFonts
  29. 29. Luxury ExperiencesFonts
  30. 30. Luxury ExperiencesFonts
  31. 31. Luxury ExperiencesIntegrateexperiences
  33. 33. Luxury Experiences
  34. 34. Luxury Experiences“Buying experiences provides morepleasure and satisfaction.”Jean-Marc BellaicheBoston Consulting Group
  35. 35. Luxury ExperiencesFonte: Marci Ikeler - Digital Strategies for Luxury BrandsThe spectrumBecause the internet is founded on principles of accessibilityand democracy, luxury brands generally use digital asa a wayto spread the brands dream and mythology.Digital communications can play a valuable and critical role inspreading information about the brand.
  36. 36. Achievement of the brandspromise is exclusiveAwareness of the brandspromise is accessibleLuxury ExperiencesAccessible ExclusiveThe spectrumFonte: Marci Ikeler - Digital Strategies for Luxury BrandsTV Digital Print In-Store VIP EventsEvents
  37. 37. Luxury ExperiencesDifferentiateDifferentiate traditional site experience:• Content• Interactions• Features
  38. 38. Luxury ExperiencesEngagingEngaging potential customers throughsocial content:• Updated content• Interactions with users• No barrier to access the information• Exclusive backstage access
  39. 39. HighlightingHighlighting the most exclusive productsLuxury Experiences
  40. 40. Luxury ExperiencesPuzzleDigital as a piece of the larger puzzle:• Digital is fully integrated with a largerdigital strategy• Digital be used to support all othertouch points• Expose past initiative
  41. 41. Luxury ExperiencesCreate experience• Tell a great story• Be a cultural tastemaker• Use digital to convey exclusivity
  42. 42. Luxury Experiences experience
  43. 43. Luxury ExperiencesTell a great story• Articulate the mood of the brand• Create engagement throughinteractive storytelling• Offer incomparable service
  44. 44. Luxury Experiences a great story
  45. 45. Luxury ExperiencesBe a culturaltastemaker• Recognize innovators• Artistic content• Recognize influencers• Cultural recommendations• Celebrate a history of iconic style• Talk to younger luxury consumers
  46. 46. Luxury Experiences a cultural tastemaker
  47. 47. Achievement of the brandspromise is exclusiveAwareness of the brandspromise is accessibleLuxury ExperiencesAccessible ExclusiveConvey exclusivityFonte: Marci Ikeler - Digital Strategies for Luxury BrandsTV DigitalPrint In-Store VIP EventsEvents
  48. 48. Luxury Experiences Benz: a VIP online community
  49. 49. Luxury Experiences Drivers: exclusive rewards
  50. 50. Luxury ExperiencesAll luxury brands have challenges with creating a connectedconsumer experience, especially in the automotive sector.Paul Imhoff, Director, Global Marketing Communications atFisker, shared insights into the luxury automaker’s customerexperience strategy, in addition to a company’s main webpresence on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter, theymust also participate in forums where consumers have builtcommunities celebrating their passion for the company’sproducts.“We always participate in an authentic and transparentmanner building a solid connection between our consumersand our brand” shared Imhoff.
  51. 51. Luxury ExperiencesFocus on...
  52. 52. Luxury ExperiencesDesign. Without impeccable design,you instantly lose almost any consumerwho is accustomed to shopping inlocations where aesthetics play a role.
  53. 53. Luxury ExperiencesUser Experience. Much like the in-storeluxury experience, which is designedwith meticulous attention to detail andcurated with thoughtfully displayedproducts, artwork and interior decor,the online experience of a luxury brandshould mirror this thoughtfulness andhave a similarly elegant feel.
  54. 54. Luxury ExperiencesCustomer Service. Perhaps the mostimportant consideration, this area is abit more complicated because itinvolves the human touch, whileremaining largely digital in nature.
  55. 55. Luxury ExperiencesFor examples...
  56. 56. TerminologyLuxury Experiences
  57. 57. Accessibility of contentLuxury Experiences
  58. 58. Splash pageLuxury Experiences
  59. 59. Flash heavyLuxury Experiences
  60. 60. Luxury ExperiencesLuxuryexperiences today...• Consumers in control• Digital makes it personal• Exceptional service counts• The need for trustworthy product information• Instant gratification• The shopping experience, not technology, is still a deterrent• Digital tools to promote storytelling• Social networks, creating an ever stronger link
  61. 61. 61What’s next?@advmedialab@Daniel_Casarininfo@advmedialab.comCell. (+39) 345 5755352skypeID: daniel-casarinby Genitron