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5 Ways to Drive ROI: Act II (2015 League of Historic American Theatres)


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Ever wonder about the biggest marketing challenges facing theatres today? We do too. So we asked. We interviewed 5 different theatres from around the country to hear about their greatest marketing wins, challenges, and opportunities from 2014. The answers may surprise you...

Building on our 5 Ways to Drive ROI presentation from last year's Annual LHAT Conference, we'll share real testimonials from some of your industry peers to identify what's working, what isn't, and what's on the horizon. From SEO strategy to mobile optimization to email marketing best practices, we'll cover a variety of marketing topics to help you sell more tickets, capture prospects, and boost brand awareness.

We'll also help you improve your marketing strategy with a list of ways you can get started TODAY.

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5 Ways to Drive ROI: Act II (2015 League of Historic American Theatres)

  1. 1. 5 Ways to Drive ROI: Act II 2015 LEAGUE OF HISTORIC AMERICAN THEATRES Presented By Amanda Severs | Suzanna Best July 20, 2015 #LHATNashville
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  3. 3. #LHATNashville Follow along!
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  5. 5. #LHATNashville What was your biggest marketing challenge last year?
  6. 6. #LHATNashville What worked?
  7. 7. #LHATNashville
  8. 8. #LHATNashville The Fitzgerald Theater Ellie McKinney Director of Events and Performance Programs “You have to functionally goal set, analyze and use your data. It’s not sexy. It’s a slow burn. We have good search results because of our name recognition, but it also takes more...”
  9. 9. #LHATNashville Ellie McKinney Director of Events and Performance Programs 1 OPTIMIZE SEARCH RESULTS FOR YOUR EVENTS.
  10. 10. #LHATNashville Customer journeys begin with a search. 74%of the Fitzgerald Theater’s website traffic originates on search engines like Google.
  11. 11. #LHATNashville Mastering the Google Knowledge Graph. Our venue websites see an average 25% lift in organic Google search traffic from proper implementation.
  12. 12. #LHATNashville The Carolina Theatre Aaron Bare Chief Operating Officer / Marketing Director “What’s the next big thing in marketing? It’s nothing that brilliant... It’s email.”
  13. 13. #LHATNashville Ellie McKinney Director of Events and Performance Programs 2 CAPTURE AND LEVERAGE EMAIL MARKETING DATA.
  14. 14. #LHATNashville If you can’t get a purchase, get an email. The Carolina Theatre added 20,000 email addresses last year.
  15. 15. #LHATNashville It costs $0 to run the most basic contest. The Carolina Theatre reached 54,000+ fans through posting contests on social media.
  16. 16. #LHATNashville Smaller sends lead to higher returns. Personalized emails improve click-through rates by 14% and conversion rates by 12%.
  17. 17. #LHATNashville The Altria Theater Samantha Sawyer Marketing Manager “We send a lot of emails. Developing a template that highlights multiple shows and still gets people to click is crucial.”
  18. 18. #LHATNashville Ellie McKinney Director of Events and Performance Programs 3 DESIGN ALL DIGITAL ASSETS FOR MOBILE VIEWING.
  19. 19. #LHATNashville Email still yields the highest ROI. 62% of Altria Theater’s emails are viewed on mobile devices.
  20. 20. #LHATNashville Mobile trends will only continue to grow. 42% of Etix pageviews occur on mobile devices. This has grown 72% since 2013.
  21. 21. #LHATNashville The Orpheum Theatre Erika Newton General Manager “We started working on ways to increase social followers and grow our email database. Automated tools are extremely useful for organizations who have limited budgets.”
  22. 22. #LHATNashville Ellie McKinney Director of Events and Performance Programs 4 AUTOMATE EVERYTHING.
  23. 23. #LHATNashville Early prospect capture drives conversions. Orpheum captures an average 100 email addresses before tickets even go on sale.
  24. 24. #LHATNashville Engagement at peak interest is essential. Welcome emails typically have 4x the open rate and 5x the click rate of other campaigns.
  25. 25. #LHATNashville Take advantage of the afterglow effect. Thank you emails achieve a 13x increase in revenue compared to promotional emails.
  26. 26. #LHATNashville Dallas Summer Musicals Tony Joy Advertising & Promotions Coordinator “Our team must be able to measure conversions from multiple channels… It’s how we make decisions and adjust our marketing spends.”
  27. 27. #LHATNashville Ellie McKinney Director of Events and Performance Programs 5 TEST. MEASURE. REPEAT.
  28. 28. #LHATNashville The Inbox is a competitive game. Test 20% of your list so that the other 80% receive a winning subject line.
  29. 29. #LHATNashville Knowledge is power… and revenue. The average conversion rate for venue websites is 2-3%.
  30. 30. #LHATNashville 5 Ways to Drive ROI 1 2 3 4 5 Optimize your search results. If you can’t get a purchase, get an email address. Design for mobile on all marketing channels. Automate your event life cycle. Test and measure. CONSTANTLY.
  31. 31. #LHATNashville How you can get started TODAY. 1 2 3 4 5 Perform a search for your venue on your desktop and phone. Try to purchase a ticket (online and by phone.) Sign up for your email list. Set up an automated “Welcome” email. Look at your Google Analytics… every week.
  32. 32. #LHATNashville Say hello. Ready to get started? Suzanna Best Sr. Account Manager Amanda Severs Director of Client Services