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Developed by ECOSTAR and powered by Fledge, the Nature-Accelerator is an intensive eight week acceleration programme for nature-based startups. Find out more on

Developed by ECOSTAR and powered by Fledge, the Nature-Accelerator is an intensive eight week acceleration programme for nature-based startups. Find out more on


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  1. 1. EACEA Erasmus+ KNOWLEDGE ALLIANCES When Higher Education meets Entrepreneurship Annalisa Colosimo Head of Sector Erasmus+: Knowledge Alliances EACEA
  2. 2. HIGHER EDUCATION INSTITUTIONS BUSINESSES Knowledge Alliances What are they?
  3. 3. Knowledge Alliances What's in the ingredients list? INNOVATION ENTREPRENEURSHIP EXCHANGE OF KNOWLEDGE EMPLOYABILITY
  4. 4. KA Funding 2014-2018 (million euros) How has the funding grown recently? Knowledge Alliances
  5. 5. Knowledge Alliances Who has been involved so far? KA Funding 2014-2018
  6. 6. Knowledge Alliances Who are they? HEIs 38% SMEs 27% NGOs 10% LARGE ENTEPRISEs 8% RESEARCH INSTITUTEs 5% PUBLIC BODIES 4% OTHER 8% KA Funding 2014-2018
  7. 7. Knowledge Alliances Why have they decided to be involved? Mutual benefits EU support KA Community
  8. 8. What makes ECOSTAR one of the most successful KA project? INNOVATION 1ST Nature- Accelerator in the world ENTREPRENEURSHIP In Environmental and Forestry faculties EXCHANGE OF KNOWLEDGE new curriculum and learning mobility

Editor's Notes

  • Introduction ~
  • What is Knowledge Alliances?
    transnational projects which bring higher education institutions and business together to work on common issues.
    What does Knowledge Alliances aim for?
    to help strengthen Europe's capacity to innovate and to support the modernisation of Europe's higher education systems.

  • Knowledge Alliances intend to achieve one or more of the following aims (specific objectives):
    Develop new, innovative and multidisciplinary approaches to teaching and learning
    Stimulate entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial skills of higher education teaching staff and company staff
    Facilitate the exchange, flow and co-creation of knowledge
    In other words:
    Boosting Innovation in HE, business sector and in the broader socio-economic environment
    Developing Entrepreneurship mind-set and competences
    Stimulating the flow and Exchange of Knowledge between HE and enterprises

    As a result, KA will indirectly strengthen Employability and equip future professionals with competences increasingly demanded in the job market
  • Fact: How Knowledge Alliances’ funding has grown over the past few years (2014-2018)
    The funds allocated to the Action have more than tripled over the years since the beginning (8mln in 2014 – 28mln 2018) for a total of more than 80M€
    Each project can receive up to 1M€ co-financing.

  • More in detail:
    92 projects
    983 organisations (+/- 850 if we remove recurrent organisations)
    40 participating countries (23 as coordinator)

  • Other also includes social partners, other representative of working life

  • Mutual benefits for HEIs and Enterprises
    For HEIs:
    New education & training products enriching universities' catalogues
    Educational content more in line with companies' needs and the world of work
    Development of important links with economic actors
    Transformation of research work into business activities

    For Enterprises:
    Involvement in a process of knowledge co-creation and share;
    Innovation transfers increasing their innovation capacities
    to interact with a pool of students that had a new way of thinking and problem solving capacity
    Quality training for managers and staff, entrepreneurs
    Identification and recruitment of young talents

    For Students:
    Better employability prospects; contacts with the world of businesses
    Development of entrepreneurial skills
    Needs-driven and competence-oriented learning opportunities

    EU support:
    KAs offer co-funding opportunities for organisations in any discipline and sector, as well as cross–sectoral cooperation.

    KA community:
    Join the growing KA community, share project's ideas and create synergies (cross-fertilization of ideas)

  • ECOSTAR project addresses all the three KA’s specific objectives:
    Innovation → 1st nature-accelerator in the world
    Entrepreneurship → by fostering entrepreneuship education in the environmental and forestry faculties (lack of enterpreneurial skills in this sector
    Flow and Exchange of knowledge →, as a result of university-business cooperation the partnership:
    set up a new curriculum in line with the sector needs recognised and credited
    Organised University and company staff/students mobility and exchanges among participating HEIs and businesses

    Employability → equip future professionals with competences increasingly demanded in the job market

    and ECOSTAR project goes beyond
    Scale: local, global (involves startups, experts from different local realities with both local and global visions)
    Impact: short term (help build individuals, universities, startups) + long term (creates a strong network for resources and
    Cooperation: not about competition but about cooperation ; mobility among partners