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NATURE-ACCELERATOR | DEMO DAY 2018: Alessandro Leonardi pitch

NATURE-ACCELERATOR | DEMO DAY 2018: Alessandro Leonardi pitch

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Developed by ECOSTAR and powered by Fledge, the Nature-Accelerator is an intensive eight week acceleration programme for nature-based startups. Find out more on

Developed by ECOSTAR and powered by Fledge, the Nature-Accelerator is an intensive eight week acceleration programme for nature-based startups. Find out more on


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NATURE-ACCELERATOR | DEMO DAY 2018: Alessandro Leonardi pitch

  1. 1. Linking nature-based startups with researchers, donors and impact investors
  2. 2. 35% of land is covered by forests 1% of the GDP
  3. 3. paths equipped for the disabled Areas for picnics and games Environmental education Sport fishing Mushroom picking Timber production Sport Birdwatching Bathing
  4. 4. 7/20/2018 5 Halting deforestation is worth € 3.2 trillion by 2030
  5. 5. No market value = degradation and abandonment
  6. 6. Circular economy Certified products Wild products Ecotourism NATURE BASED-BUSINESSES
  7. 7. 1 out of 10 schools is providing entrepreneurship education in EU
  8. 8. 400 million entrepreneurs
  9. 9.
  11. 11. SELECT 250+ applications 49 countries
  12. 12. THE NATURE-ACCELERATOR FACES 8 startups |18 founders
  13. 13. 8 WEEKS OF INTENSIVE TRAINING W1: Hack your business model W2: Market Analysis W3: Marketing W4: Funding W5: Financial Planning W6: Corporate culture and communication W7: Pitch preparation W8: Demo Day EVENTS + MENTORSHIPS + INVESTORS MEETING SUPPORT
  15. 15. INVESTMENTS 15K cash 15K in kind services 6% equity
  16. 16. + A TEAM of 50 people in 5 countries Alessandro Leonardi CEO | Etifor Founder | ECOSTAR
  17. 17. University of Brasov, & Forest Design University of Padova, & ETIFOR UP Madrid & NepCon Ecosystem Marketplace Fledge, the conscious company accelerator Manchester University & RICARDO Energy and environment UNIVERSITY-BUSINESS-INVESTOR NETWORK
  18. 18. Who believed in us 1.000.000 € - European Commission 140.000 € - Veneto Region 120.000 € - Fledge Fund
  19. 19. Luni Libes Fledge Funder Annalisa Colosimo Head of Education EACEA Margherita Morpurgo Technology Transfer Delegate, University of Padova Our success: aligning interests UNIVERSITY PUBLIC SECTOR PRIVATE INVESTORS
  20. 20.

Editor's Notes

  • We are recording, as we aim for follow on investments on the startups from investors from all over the world, and these videos will be useful promotional material for the program and the startups. Therefore, if something goes wrong with audio we will remake it
    Hastag: ECOSTARHub NatureAccelerator
    Dinner will be served right after the pitches
  • Think about a country like Italy, 35% of its land is covered by forests. However, according to the “formal” economy, this 35% account only for 1% of the GDP.
  • We all know that the value of forests is much higher, through the services they provide to us, such as clear water, flood protection, soil erosion control, and biodiversity.
  • Scientists, also here at the University of Padova, are trying to estimate the economic value of these benefits, and for example: Conserving forests avoids greenhouse gas emissions worth EURO 3.2 trillion. Bee keeping generates US$ 180 million annually in Switzerland
  • However, in real economics, these services/values have no market price: that’s why we tend to abandon and manage our natural resources in an unsustainable way.
    And… as we do with our forests, we tend to do the same with other ecosystems such as biodiversity, lakes and rivers, mountains, etc.
  • ONE of the ways we have to improve the value - and therefore the conservation - of natural resources is to promote the emergence of new entrepreneurial activities that market the benefits of natural resources and biodiversity. Renewable energy, circular economy, biobased industries, wild fruits and products, ecotourism: these are all example of nature-based businesses.
  • However, from a study we run last year in EU, only 1 out of 10 environmental-agricultural university schools are providing entrepreneurship education in Bachelor’s and MSc Degrees
    Young entrepreneurs are facing the challenge of creating a new startup lacking the basics of business model theory, financial planning, innovation skills… But most importantly they lack a simple advice from an experienced entrepreneur AND contact with investors.
    Universities, researchers and professors are somehow disconnected with business networks: when I first started my company, the only entrepreneur I knew was my father, who is a farmer.
  • And these are the problem that 400 million entrepreneurs face in the world: which account for the 5% of the total working population.
  • United Nations have committed to SDGs, and with the accelerator we achieve the aim of creating business while addressing several of these goals.
  • The Nature-Accelerator it’s a simple initiative that:
  • The Nature-Accelerator:
  • In 2017, we launched our first call, and we received 250+ applicants from 49 countries
  • The Nature-Accelerator faces
    8 startups – 18 founders -
  • The accelerator is a platform that gather public and private funding, training and network, organize these ingredients in a format that help selected startups to accelerate their business. In practice: 8 weeks of training, mentorship, networking where we go through all the topics of business development
  • And this process is supported by a huge network of mentors
  • I’m Alessandro Leonardi, CEO of Etifor, a spin-off of Padova University, and founder of the ECOSTAR Nature-Accelerator, and tonight I represent a team of about 50 people that made this initiative a successful step forward on the direction of doing business while doing good.
  • 5 Countries one research institution and one business partner
  • And we are not alone: The EC first… then Fledge Fund and Veneto Region
    If I can sum up: our uniqueness is that, we are the first nature-accelerator, that has aligned the university, public sector, and private sector interests in one single project that deliver applied research, create jobs and networks, and provide investments opportunities.

    Grants specifically directed to university-business cooperation

    Integrated financing: Erasmus+ (2016), POR FESR (2018), FSE (2019)