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Braincandy W+K

  2. 2. WHAT IT ISA retrospective collection of fresh creative and strategic communication ideas in Asia that havecaught our eye.Some are old and some are new – all are creatively intelligent.
  3. 3. INDIABRAND: LONELY PLANETCAMPAIGN: BOOKMARKSAGENCY: DDBPERIOD: MAY 2011PROBLEM: Tourists can feel overwhelmed with information when they’re in new places.INSIGHT: When people feel lost or insecure, they seek refuge with things they knowSOLUTION: Make Lonely Planet the familiar amidst the unfamiliar. Lonely Planet put up giant bookmarksat must-visit destinations across Indian cities, tapping into tourists‘ inexperience with foreign locations.Lonely Planet underscored its expertise with the tagline: “Everything you need to know about ______.”BRAND MESSAGE: LONELY PLANET IS THE FAMILIAR IN THE MIDST OF THE UNFAMILIAR, A SIGNPOST TOWHICH TOURISTS CAN TURN TO KNOW WHAT’S WORTH SEEING.Links 3
  4. 4. INDIABRAND: HARD ROCK CAFECAMPAIGN: BLIND CARAGENCY: MCCANNWORLDGROUP [NEW DELHI]PERIOD: JUNE 2011PROBLEM: 60% of car accidents in New Delhi were caused by drunk driving.INSIGHT: It’s hard for people to realize how dangerous drunk driving actually is.SOLUTION: Give people a shocking but relevant visual that shows them the irresponsibility of driving drunk.The Hard Rock Café drove a car covered in a specially designed black tarp across New Delhi. The tarp waswas opaque on one side but transparent on the other. The message “Drunk Driving Is As Dangerous” wasemblazoned on both sides. As the car drove through town, onlookers gawked in disbelief.BRAND MESSAGE: THE HARD ROCK CAFÉ CARES ABOUT THE SAFETY OF ITS CUSTOMERS. PLEASE DON’T DRINKAND DRIVE.Links
  5. 5. INDIABRAND: P&G TIDECAMPAIGN: DIRT MAGNETSAGENCY: LEO BURNETT[INDIA]PERIOD: MAY 2010PROBLEM: Many detergents claim to get rid of stains, but few actually get the job done.INSIGHT: The common perception is that once white clothes get dirty, they can never look new again. ‘TideDirt Magnets’ and their special cleaning properties can change that perception.SOLUTION: Let readers test out the Dirt Magnets and see the results for themselves. The campaign madean interactive print ad in magazines where readers could remove “stains” (metal filings) from clothing bypulling out a magnetized sample Tide tab (filled with real detergent) marked “Pull.” This made it fun forreaders to remove a fictional stain and also receive a sample product to try.BRAND MESSAGE: TIDE GETS THE STAIN OUT.Links
  6. 6. INDIABRAND: PHILIPS NOISECANCELLATION HEADPHONESCAMPAIGN: FLIPPED CITIESAGENCY: MUDRACOMMUNICATIONS [NEWDELHI]PERIOD: MAY 2011PROBLEM: The world is a colorful and noisy place, but sometimes it’s nice to block it all out and beimmersed in your own world.INSIGHT: When music-lovers put on a pair of noise cancelling headphones, it’s not just about blocking outthe noise – it’s about escaping into their own world.SOLUTION: Philips makes a creative visual demonstrating the effectiveness of its headphones and anunderstanding of why consumers use noise cancelling products.BRAND MESSAGE: PHILIPS NOISE CANCELLATION HEADPHONES WILL HELP YOU ESCAPE THE NOISE ANDCLUTTER OF THE OUTSIDE WORLD.Links
  7. 7. KOREABRAND: WWFCAMPAIGN: SAVE THE POLARBEARAGENCY: A AND B2 [SEOUL]PERIOD: FEBRUARY 2010PROBLEM: People don’t care about the environment because they can’t see what’s happening to it.INSIGHT: When you can actually see the problem, you are more compelled to solve it.SOLUTION: Make people notice a real, tangible, change that occurs when they use energy. Icy polar bearswere painted on storefront windows. When moisture formed from condensation, the paint would “melt” andthe deformed shape of a polar bear would eventually drip off the pane of glass, leaving the message (sic)“by maintaining right indoor temperature in the winter, polar bears can survive.”BRAND MESSAGE: SAVE THE POLAR BEARS BY CONTROLLING OUR ENERGY USAGE, BUT ALSO, BE AWARE THATOUR ACTIONS HAVE REAL CONSEQUENCES.Links
  8. 8. KOREABRAND: TESCO HOMEPLUSCAMPAIGN: HOMEPLUS SUBWAYVIRTUAL STOREAGENCY: CHEILPERIOD: JUNE 2011PROBLEM: You’re getting off work after a long day and still have to commute home. The last thing you wantto do in your free time is take a detour for groceries.INSIGHT: Free time is at a premium. People are busy, and having to take time out of the day to buy groceriesis bothersome.SOLUTION: Tesco maximized its customers’ time by bringing the supermarket to its customers. Insteadof waiting for trains, customers could use that time to buy groceries. Life-sized image replicas of storeswere placed in subway stations, each ‘product’ featuring a QR code that added it to the customer’s onlineshopping cart, to be delivered later. Registered members rose by 76%, and sales increased by 130%.BRAND MESSAGE: LET’S SAVE YOU TIME AND MAKE IT EASIER FOR YOU TO GET GROCERIES.Links
  9. 9. KOREABRAND: 3M EXTRA STICKYPOST-IT NOTESCAMPAIGN: STICKY TRAINAGENCY: CHEIL WORLDWIDEPERIOD: NOVEMBER 2010PROBLEM: Post-Its are the original sticky note, but copycats are infiltrating the market.INSIGHT: Korean students face tremendous pressure to succeed on their university entrance exams, whichmakes it hard to see, let alone stick, to their goals.SOLUTION: 3M and Cheil tied Post-Its to success. Via social networks, they encouraged students to recordtheir goals on Post-Its and stick them to a train in Seoul. The train was bound for Chuncheon. No Post-Itsfell off during the 2 hour ride, demonstrating that like the Post-Its sticking to the train, students could stickto their goals.BRAND MESSAGE: WITH EXTRA STICKY POST-IT NOTES, YOU STICK TO YOUR GOALS.Links,case-study-3m-helps-korean-students-8216stick8217-their-exams.aspx
  10. 10. U.A.EBRAND: GOLF DIGESTCAMPAIGN: AN IDEA WITH BALLSAGENCY: MEMAC OGLIVY ANDMATHERPERIOD: JUNE 2011PROBLEM: Golf enthusiasts can get complacent about improving their golf game.INSIGHT: Enthusiasts need to be reminded to practice.SOLUTION: Golf Digest used a visual reminder – a faked errant golf ball – to shock spectators at the biggestgolf event in the Middle East. They devised a sticker that looked like cracked glass and stuck half a golf ballin the middle of it. These stickers were put on the windows of cars parked outside the golf course. Thosereturning to the cars were left in a shock that resulted in a 187% increase in sales.BRAND MESSAGE: GOLF DIGEST WILL MAKE YOU BETTER AT GOLF.Links
  11. 11. CHINABRAND: GREENPEACECAMPAIGN: CHOPSTICK FOREST/“I WAS ONCE A TREE”AGENCY: OGILVY CHINA[BEIJING]PERIOD: DECEMBER 2010PROBLEM: Chinese go through 45 billion pairs of wooden chopsticks - 25 million trees - each year. At thisrate, China’s forests will be gone in 20 years.INSIGHT: People don’t think about dead trees when they pick up a pair of chopsticks.SOLUTION: ’I Was Once a Tree’ is a public awareness campaign carried out through the creation of a “forest”made of disposable chopsticks at The Place in Beijing. Two hundred students from 20 universities helpedcollect 80,000 chopsticks used in building the forest. The chopstick forest will be transported and displayedat schools and art galleries across China.BRAND MESSAGE: SAVE TREES WITH GREENPEACE.Links
  12. 12. CHINABRAND: SAFEGUARDCAMPAIGN: THANKS,MOM (SAFEGUARD 20THANNIVERSARY)AGENCY: ARKR DIGITALPERIOD: MARCH 2011PROBLEM: Chinese sons and daughters have trouble directly expressing their appreciation for their moms.INSIGHT: Chinese sons and daughters need a platform to thank their mothers.SOLUTION: Safeguard appealed emotionally to soap users through childhood memories of their mothers. Avideo on Youku linked to a Safeguard site where consumers could leave written messages and videos toshow their love. A snippet: “Every morning my mom would pour me a glass of water; everytime I was sickshe would take me to the doctor’s. Thanks for enduring the hardships -- I hope my mother will remainforever healthy and beautiful.” Over 11 million users have visited the Safeguard event page.BRAND MESSAGE: SAFEGUARD IS ALWAYS THERE FOR YOU, LIKE YOUR MOTHERLinks
  13. 13. CHINABRAND: LOTUS LIGHTCHARITY SOCIETYCAMPAIGN: UMBRELLA BAGSAGENCY: GREY [HONG KONG]PERIOD: NOVEMBER 2009PROBLEM: Water is in short supply in the drought-stricken areas of North-West China, but is taken forgranted in Hong Kong.INSIGHT: In a developed city where drinking water is in abundance, it’s easily forgotten that much of theworld doesn’t share a similar luxury.SOLUTION: Remind people they are lucky to have access to clean water. “Umbrella bags” show clearmeasurements of how rain water can be used to help those less fortunate - a bucket, bowl, or cup. Theseumbrella bags were placed where people spend money (i.e., shopping malls). Donations in Hong Kongwere able to support the building of 5,300 new water cellars.BRAND MESSAGE: LOTUS LIGHT CHARITY SOCIETY BRINGS WATER TO THOSE WHO NEED IT.Links
  14. 14. SINGAPOREBRAND: SILKAIRCAMPAIGN: SILKAIREXPLORERAGENCY: JWT [SINGAPORE]PERIOD: JULY 2010PROBLEM: The travel bug has caught on in Asia, but most people tend to choose safe holiday destinationsinstead of exploring places which are more exotic.INSIGHT: Travelers trust advice given by other travelers.SOLUTION: Silk Air asked travelers to share their travel experiences at any of Silk Air’s 33 destinations viavirtual journals on their website. Journal entries could be shared via Facebook and Twitter. Some journalswere made into full-size installations featuring elements of sight, sound, smell and taste that passers-bycould experience.BRAND MESSAGE: SILKAIR FLIES TO UNDISCOVERED PLACES IN ASIA THAT ARE WORTH EXPLORING.Links
  15. 15. JAPANBRAND: PANASONIC EVOLTABATTERIESCAMPAIGN: ROBOT WALKSFROM TOKYO TO KYOTOAGENCY: HAKUHODOPERIOD: NOVEMBER 2010PROBLEM: Consumers believe that all rechargeable battery brands are the same.INSIGHT: When someone has his expectations exceeded, he’ll be impressed.SOLUTION: Panasonic created a spectacle to demonstrate the battery life of the Evolta. The batteriespowered a robot 500 km, from Tokyo to Kyoto, on only one charge per day – a challenging task, even for ahuman. Viewers could watch a live stream of the journey online.BRAND MESSAGE: NO MATTER WHERE YOU ARE OR THE CONDITIONS YOU FACE, EVOLTA BATTERIES WILLCONSISTENTLY PROVIDE FOR YOU.Links,case-study-how-a-trailblazing-robot-helped-build-a-battery-brand.aspx
  16. 16. RUSSIABRAND: 100000 BOOKSTORECAMPAIGN: BOOKFRESHENERSAGENCY: VOSKHODPERIOD: JUNE 2011PROBLEM: When’s the last time you read a book? With the number of distractions around us, the generalpublic is reading less and less.INSIGHT: The one place where people are always scrambling for reading material is the bathroom. Nomagazines or books? Toothpaste labels and soap boxes will have to do.SOLUTION: Covertly give reading material to people when they want/need it. 100000 bookstore createdair fresheners with excerpts of famous literary works printed on the can. The cans were placed in thebathrooms of malls, business centers, offices, restaurants, and household stores.BRAND MESSAGE: NOTHING TO READ? GO TO 100000 AND PICK UP A BOOK.Links
  17. 17. INDONESIABRAND: PANADOL EXTRACAMPAIGN: LIVE PECKEDAGENCY: GREY [JAKARTA]PERIOD: JUNE 2011PROBLEM: Some headaches are so bad they just don’t seem to go away.INSIGHT: Consumers can relate to others who are in pain.SOLUTION: Grey Jakarta erected billboards featuring the head of a person whose facial expression made itclear he was in obvious pain. They sprinkled birdseed at the top of his head. When real birds flocked to eatthe birdseed, it appeared as if the birds were pecking at the person’s head.BRAND MESSAGE: PANADOL UNDERSTANDS WHAT IT FEELS LIKE TO HAVE A HEADACHE. TAKE SOME PANADOLTO FEEL BETTER.Links
  18. 18. NEW ZEALANDBRAND: YELLOW PAGESCAMPAIGN: YELLOWCHOCOLATEAGENCY: COLENSO BBDO[NEW ZEALAND]PERIOD: JANUARY -FEBRUARY 2010PROBLEM: The internet has made the Yellow Pages obsolete; the Yellow Pages need to reinvent its role inthe digital space.INSIGHT: If you try, anything is possible.SOLUTION: The Yellow Pages commissioned an average guy, Josh, to create a chocolate bar that tastedof Yellow. He was only allowed to use businesses from the Yellow Pages to develop the flavor, packaging,manufacturing, distribution and marketing. The resulting product was the fastest selling chocolate bar inNew Zealand, outselling Snickers 2-1 and was the most talked about ad campaign in the nation.BRAND MESSAGE: THE YELLOW PAGES CAN HELP YOU FIND INFORMATION QUICKLY AND EASILY.Links