Emerson Network Power Industrial Systems


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Introduction to Emerson Network Power Industrial Systems. Part of Emerson, you will understand why "Our Knowledge is Your Success". Best in Class for your Oil&Gas, Power and Heavy Industry solution.

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Emerson Network Power Industrial Systems

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  15. 15. We fit a along your projects Customer’s project key steps FEED EPC LIFECYCLE UPS System design Project Start-up Life cycle management services services Technical Technical & Procurement Manuf. Delivery Installation Training Spare parts advice C’cial offer Supervision kits Budget Final Drawings Test & Docs Commissioning Maintenance Upgrade proposal offer inspection schedule Technical advices Tailor-made UPS systems Rigorous Commissioning services Long-term support The industrial project process as we see itEmerson Industrial Power Solutions 15
  16. 16. Typical Industrial UPS Solutions in Oil & Gas Fixed Platforms Booster stations Petrochemicals Onshore fields Pumping stations Olefins & Aromatics units AC UPS • Process control • Remote monitoring system •Integrated DC/DC • Steam cracking process control • Turbine process Rectifier • Telecom system converter • Valves & Pumps control system • Emergency systems •Eexd class • Valves & Pumps control • Control room, SCADA • Control room, SCADA system • Substation switchgear Upstream Midstream DownstreamOffshore Onshore LNG terminal Pipeline station Refining PetrochemicalsFloating Production Storage Oil & Gas Terminals Refineries & Offloading units (FPSO) • LNG train process control • Catalytic Cracking process control• Turbine Process control • Storage control • Distillation process control• ESD systems • Control room • Control room, SCADA• Safety lighting • Valves & Pumps control system • Substation switchgear• Emergency telecom AC & DC UPS •Distribution •Stabilizer AC UPS AC UPS •3rd Party Certification •High IP’sEmerson Industrial Power Solutions 16
  17. 17. Typical Industrial UPS Solutions in Power AC & DC UPS Turbomachine, •Distribution Utilities HV / MV substation Ebop, substation •Stabilizer Industrial HV / MV substation • Turbine process control • HV & MV coil switch tripping • Emergency shutdown DC UPS • Lighting Dual DC UPS • Switchgear • Substation Telecom system •Parallel Ready •Battery Middle Point • Control room •Small footprint • Substation monitoring (SCADA) •Dropping Diodes Generation Transmission Primary distribution Secondary distribution Nuclear Conventional > 220kV 132kV to 6kV <6kV Nuclear & Conventional islands HV substation MV / LV substation • Uranium rod reactor control • HV motorized switchgears • MV & LV coil switch tripping • Steam generator process • Substation Telecom • Substation Lighting • Emergency shutdown device • Safety lighting • Substation monitoring (SCADA) • Control room, SCADA • Emergency shutdown • Substation Telecom system AC UPS Dual DC UPS •Seismic test 5g •High rating •Analogue control •Dropping diodes DC UPS •Small ratingEmerson Industrial Power Solutions 17
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  20. 20. Available AMS Compatibility AMS grants your Industrial UPS access to:  Remote Maintenance capabilities  Smart diagnostics for Preventive Maintenance  Remote Asset Management  Easy troubleshooting  Worldwide service and support Modbus/Profibus approved gatewayEmerson Industrial Power Solutions 20
  21. 21. Industrial Solution Range Our Value Proposition Customer Benefits Made-to-order Systems Complexity Reduction • AC and DC UPS (up to 500kVA/kW) • Ancillaries (distribution panels, monitoring suite…) From to • Integrated Solution (Any size, any requirements…) Complete Engineering Capabilities Best-in-class installed performance in any given environmental and process conditions • Sizing and Feasibility Studies • Project Management from FEED to Detailed Engineering • Drawings, documentation & witness tests Global Service Support Capabilities Project and Life Cycle Services Reliable and Efficient Support Everywhere • Expert Installation and commissioning capabilities • Refurbishments and spare parts • Maintenance over the up-to-60-year life span of our equipmentsEmerson Industrial Power Solutions 21
  22. 22. Where To Find More Info about Emerson Network Power www.EmersonNetworkPower.com Find information on all products, services, and solutions from Emerson Network Power http://www.twitter.com/emerson_news http://twitter.com/EmrsnNPTelecom http://twitter.com/EmrsnNPDataCntr Follow us on Twitter and receive our latest news www.youtube.com/user/EmersonNetworkPower Subscribe to our channel. View customer case studies, product videos and more www.facebook.com/EmersonCorporate Download your Emerson App www.facebook.com/pages/Emerson-Network-Power Get engaged in conversation, become a fan of our page and post comments on the wall. 22Emerson Industrial Power Solutions 22