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Improve your E-Commerce with these best practices-south shore jan 2011


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I am sharing here a presentation we have done for South Shore Furniture E-Retailers, mostly in the USA. We wanted to share with them the best practices when it comes to selling products online. When you sell furniture online, applying these principles if of the utmost importance

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Improve your E-Commerce with these best practices-south shore jan 2011

  2. 2. $ Brick & Mortar Retailers LONG TAIL EFFECT = Success of online retailers BEST SELLERS Pure digital Retailers Hybrid Retailers No limit : MULTIPLY YOUR SUCCESS!!! In store Online #products
  3. 3. The STARTING POINT for online success… success… your WEBSITE 3 . Le ss is al w a ys m ore. Do on’t l oose custo your mers 2. Sell your … product. product. Put info easy to access
  4. 4. IDEAL structured.Be structured. HOME PAGE Break pages into defined areas Use a hierarchical structure Conventions are your friends Make obvious what is clickable
  5. 5. Large picture Complete Title Cust. Cust. Ratings (diff diff. Price (diff. font) Available colorsRelated pictures Products of theFull Description same collection All Features IDEAL PRODUCT PAGE Clear Shipping info
  6. 6. Sell your product. product. features?More features? features? Less features?Focus on info Focus on image 0
  7. 7. Sell your product. product.Many details? Make details? them visible!
  8. 8. Sell your product. product. Many options/colors? Show options/colors? colors them all!
  9. 9. Less is always more. Do not incite use of the BUTTON
  10. 10. FOLLOW US!
  11. 11. Thanks to:Steve Krug Don’t Make me ThinkMatt Balara Flogging Design: Daily Disasters & Best Practices in Online Shop Design