Animals groups


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Animals groups

  1. 1. 4th Primary 2011-2012
  2. 2. It’s a domestic animal. It lives in the house.The dog eats bones. It’s brown. It has gotfour legs, small ears and small tail. Leonia Balde Bari
  3. 3. It lives in the forest. The bear is carnivore. Beareats plants, fish and meat. Bears’ colour is brown.The bear has got a big body and small nose. Bianca Adamache
  4. 4. Lion is a wild animal. It lives in the grasslands.It’s a carnivore. Lion eats animals.It’s got four legs and two eyes.Lion is yellow and brown.The lion has got a long tail. Leonia Balde Bari
  5. 5. The rabbit lives in the farm.It is a herbivore animal. Rabbit eats carrots andcabbage. Rabbit’s colour is black, white and grey.Rabbit is small and has got long ears and a shorttail.Bianca Adamache
  6. 6. Penguin lives in the Pole. The penguin is a wild animal.It eats fish. It is a carnivore.The penguin is small. The penguin is black and white.  Alejandro Pereira
  7. 7. EagleThe eagle is a bird. The eagle has got two legs andtwo wings and a big beak.The agle can fly. Birdsare vertebrate. Eagles lay eggs and have gotfeathers. Alejandro Pereira
  8. 8. GoldfishThe goldfish is a fish. The goldfish lays eggs. I has gotbones, scales, fins and gills. And the fish arevertebrates. Leonia and Bianca
  9. 9. It’s a tortoise. The tortoise lays eggs and tortoisehas four legs.The tortoise is a vertebrate and the tortoise iscold-blooded. The tortoise has a shell. Alejandro Pereira
  10. 10. Snake is a reptile animal. Snakes lay eggs. Snake isvertebrate.Snakes breath with their lungs. Snakes are cold-blooded. Snakes have scales. Snakes don’t have legsthey have tail. Bianca Adamache
  11. 11. The turtle is a vertebrate animal.The turtle has a shell. The turtle lays egs.Turtles breath with their lungs.Turtles are cold-blooded. Leonia Balde Bari
  12. 12. Lizard is a reptile and lizards are vertebrateanimals. The lizard has scales and lizards lay eggs.Lizards have got lungs. Lizards are cold-blooded. Alejandro Pereira
  13. 13. The ladybird is a herbivore animal. She is n insect.Ladybirds lay eggs. The ladybird has six legs, twoantennae and wings. She has three parts: thorax,abdomen and head. Ladybirds are invertebrateinsects. Ladybird colour is red, black and orange. Bianca Adamache
  14. 14. Butterfly is an insect. Insects lay eggs.It has got two antennae, four wings and six legs. Insects are small.Insects have got thorax and abdomen. Leonia Balde Bari
  15. 15. SalamanderThe salamander is an amphibian. Salamander has gotfour legs. They lay eggs in the water. The sa.amendertadpoles come out of the eggs. Salamanders have got along tail. The salamanders are vertebrates. Alejandro y Leonia
  16. 16. ToadToad is a vertebrate animal. Toads lay eggs. Toads eat insects.They are cold blooded. Toads have got four legs. The colour isgreen or brown. Bianca