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Mapping the value of your customers journey

The game has changed with customer engagement! Go beyond just "journey-mapping" and understand the micro-moments of your customer's entire process of interaction with your brand. There are right and wrong moments of content implementation that could be costing you profit!

Get more insights on the following:

- Customers are in the driver seat with engagement points more often than the brand
- User Experience (UX) can illuminate the customer journey and find more meaningful ways to connect with them
- True strategy and planning are a process that must be ongoing versus just a "start-point"

Anthony Quiroz, UX Design Strategist at Ethology

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Mapping the value of your customers journey

  1. 1. Mapping the value of customer experience
  2. 2. Introduction to Ethology Founded in 2010 Offices in Scottsdale (HQ), Chicago, Los Angeles, and Portland Ranked #75 in the Inc. 5000 Our goal is to connect brands and audiences through engaging marketing strategies and content.
  3. 3. Today’s speaker Tony Quiroz Strategy Lead, Ethology @ethology | @TQ_AZ #journeymapping #Ethology
  4. 4. AGENDA Mapping the value of customer experience Using journey maps to illuminate customer behavior and zero in on the moments that impact success How the game has changed Leveraging the UX skill set Mapping the customer experience The journey map in action Takeaways Q&A
  5. 5. How the game has changed
  6. 6. Customers drive the top of the funnel
  7. 7. Buyers go through 57% of the purchasing process before ever talking to sales
  8. 8. 71% of in-store shoppers who use smartphones say their device has become more important than the in-store experience
  9. 9. At the beginning of the customer relationship, your brand has to speak for itself
  10. 10. Leveraging the UX skill set
  11. 11. Eric Flowers, Intuit What is UX?
  12. 12. A big part of success = Anticipate user behavior
  13. 13. Business goals Target audiences Empathy Customer journey Human factors Design Involving real users in the process UX is trained to do just that
  14. 14. Thinking Doing Seeing Feeling Time Context Pressures Motivations
  15. 15. “When creating great experiences, it’s not so much about doing what users expect. Instead, it’s about creating a design that clearly meets their needs at the instant they need it.” - Jared Spool Writer, Speaker, Founder, User Interface Engineering
  16. 16. Totally agree
  17. 17. Mapping the customer experience
  18. 18. What is a journey map? Fundamental concepts and usage
  19. 19. At the highest level, it’s this:
  20. 20. Not just the interactions with your brand & your website Direct interactions with your brand / website What customers do before they find you What they do afterwards
  21. 21. Thoughts, actions, feelings, pain points
  22. 22. Moments of truth
  23. 23. When to use? When not to use? Certain situations absolutely call for a journey map. In other cases, you may be better served by something else.
  24. 24. Think journey mapping when: Vertical markets New customer segments Assessing the impact of technology changes Refresh, redesigns, rebrands Mining more revenue out of already-successful systems
  25. 25. Not so much for: Plotting single tasks (example: New user registration) Audience analysis (it’s not a matrix) Incremental updates (better served by user testing) Tight budgets Situations where you don’t expect to talk to real users
  26. 26. When to update?
  27. 27. Let’s consult Nielson/Norman “Changes in your business and technology.” “Changes in user demographics and interaction patterns.” From the article, “Are your personas outdated? Know when it’s right to revise.” by Kim Flaherty, Nielsen Norman Group, February 14, 2016 Personas_Updates_Mobile_Dedicated_02_15_2016&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_7f29a2b335-2092f677eb- 24433021
  28. 28. The anatomy of a Journey Map Breaking down the sections and explaining their purpose
  29. 29. Examine the steps
  30. 30. What are users thinking, feeling?
  31. 31. “Moments of truth”
  32. 32. Touch-points
  33. 33. Ways to improve
  34. 34. Steps Doing Thinking Feeling Moments of Truth Touchpoints Opportunities
  35. 35. Guiding Principles
  36. 36. All journeys are different
  37. 37. Journey map designs are different, too
  38. 38. Spotlight on “Moments of Truth” The go / no-go moments of the customer journey
  39. 39.
  40. 40. What am I going to do this weekend? (Commercial for a new movie.) Sounds cool! When is it playing at my local theater? MOMENT OF TRUTH!
  41. 41. Information needs What time is the movie playing? Is it okay to for kids? Do they have reserved seats? Tasks Looking up info on a smartphone. Logging into an account. Buying tickets online. Decisions I’m going to book the tickets right now vs. I’m not sure, I better wait. Do I take the next step? Or abandon ship?
  42. 42. “That’s our challenge: to be in the spaces where our audiences are and understand that they will leave us if we don’t work with them and understand their needs. ” Gavin Heaton, “The Future of Marketing: Six Visionaries Speak”, A conversation with The Economist Intelligence Unit.
  43. 43. Brothers from another mother
  44. 44. Moments of truth
  45. 45. Micro-moments
  46. 46. Understanding the difference Moments of truth vs. Micro-moments “Moments of truth” is a journey mapping term “Moments of truth” can occur in our outside of the digital experience. Opening the front door of a restaurant and walking in for the first time, or asking a friend who has kids for a recommendation on a family doctor are two examples that can occur outside of digital. “Micro-moments” is a phrase coined by Google “Micro-moments” are rooted in the mobile experience. They are primarily ‘grab the smartphone’ moments where a person seeks answers, information, or tries to complete a task via digital.
  47. 47. The journey map in action
  48. 48. How great can a new product be... If nobody knows about it? 526% 253%increase in revenue from paid media (also 2 months) increase in conversion within two months Local Search, Web Development, Mobile, Conversion Optimization
  49. 49. We did journey mapping w/DIME in support of a website redesign project
  50. 50. We also leveraged the journey maps to improve their Money Market landing page
  51. 51. What we learned How much customers knew (and didn’t know) about Money Market accounts Sales objections Most popular way to check account balances How they do their research
  52. 52. Place image here (cover gray box) Money market ‘before’ Solid offering, but not much content to address known customer research questions or ‘sales objections’
  53. 53. Place image here (cover gray box) Money market ‘after’ Optimized for customer journey Informed by keyword analysis and organic search results A-B-C tested to determine most successful design elements
  54. 54. Place image here (cover gray box) Money market ‘after’ Optimized for customer journey Informed by keyword analysis and organic search results A-B-C tested to determine most successful design elements
  55. 55. Results (CVR) 11/15 - 6.55% 12/15 - 8.50% 01/16 - 12.55%! - Industry norm is 5.01%* - DIME’s previous monthly average was in the 2-3% range
  56. 56. Place image here (cover gray box) Money market product page New website separates the landing page from the MMA product page Product page maintains current design with research data, FAQs, etc. Frees up landing page design without sacrificing SEO, content, or usability
  57. 57. Architected for maximum performance & flexibility
  58. 58. Tactics can make any brand more efficient. Solutions can change your business. 179% 88%decrease in costs per leadIncrease in traffic Strategy and Planning, Creative and Technology, Modern Search, Paid Media
  59. 59. Ethology redesign of just launched in February 2016!
  60. 60. Micro-moments Moments of truth
  61. 61. Content for “Problem water” filled an experience gap
  62. 62. Ethology mined website data to examine user intent region-by-region
  63. 63. Created educational content to help people solve water problems specific to their area Tested CTAs and optimized page layouts to ensure top performance Targeted improvements
  64. 64. Results Now visible for +48k monthly searches Users viewed +1 page per visit Users spent +2.47 minutes on the site!
  65. 65. And that’s just one example Ethology is continuing to have a positive impact on Culligan’s business by improving the customer journey
  66. 66. Takeaways
  67. 67. Journey maps help you visualize the customer experience
  68. 68. Not just steps: Thoughts, feelings, touchpoints, opportunities
  69. 69. Customers may drive the top-of-the-funnel, but you can still optimize the experience to drive leads
  70. 70. Some moments have a bigger impact than others. Know them. Capitalize on them.
  71. 71. The more you understand the customer journey, the better you’ll be at creating great experiences
  72. 72. Q&A @TQ_AZ #journeymapping #Ethology
  73. 73. Blog post: Moving beyond the journey map and recognizing the guideposts
  74. 74. Thanks for joining us! @TQ_AZ #journeymapping #Ethology