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Keynote presentation from Jeffrey Pruitt, CEO of ethology, at Baidu World Conference in Beijing on September 2, 2011.

The confluence of content, social, and search have presented marketers with a uniquely new and challenging paradigm shift. Pruitt delves into the new breed of marketing that is driven by creating, optimizing, and distributing the different types of content required to engage customers on the social web, based on the data of many analysis tools.

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Baidu World 2011

  1. Baidu World 2011Content Marketing: How ContentDemand is Changing the Game!内容营销: 内容需求如何改变游戏规则Jeffrey PruittCEO, ethologyChairman, Search Engine MarketingProfessionals Organization (SEMPO)2 September 2011
  2. Agenda• Content Marketing: The Why! 为何需要内容营销?• Defining Content Marketing 定义内容营销• Role of Publishers 出版机构的作用• Search‟s Influence in Content Marketing 搜索对内容 营销的影响• Case Study 案例分析• Content Marketing Game Plan 内容营销实施方案
  3. Content Marketing: The Why!为何需要内容营销?
  4. Content marketing is a marketing technique of creating anddistributing relevant and valuable content to attract, acquire, and engage a clearly defined andunderstood target audience - withthe objective of driving profitable customer action.内容营销,指的是以建立和推广相关及有价值的内容来吸引和获得明确的目标客户以达 到盈利为目的的一种市场营销手段。
  5. U.S. Consumption & Content Demand美国广告市场和消费者内容需求Time Spent Share 8.1% 3.3% 42.9% 25.2% 15.6%更多的上网时间=更多的内容需求 4.9%Ad Spend Share more time online = increased demand for content 16.5% 42.7% 18.7% 11.0% 0.5% 10.6% TV Internet Radio Mobile Newspapers Magazines eMarketer: Share of Average Time Spent per Day with Select Media by US Adults vs. US Ad Spending Share 5
  6. Brand Study 品牌调研• 3.3 billion mentions of a brand each day• 2.4 billion conversations that involve a brand each day• 1.4 impressions per conversation What effect does the Internet have on these conversations? 互联网对不同阶段对话的影响 Before During After Conversation Conversation Conversation 6
  7. Key Findings 调研结果• Search impacts 15% of all WOM conversations• Google is the #1 spark of WOM conversations• Google is the #1 place people turn to after conversations• Google informs 146 million daily brand conversations• Search makes WOM impressions 25% more credible and 17% more likely to purchase than social media sites. Before During After Conversation Conversation Conversation 7
  8. Measuring Online Brand Conversations 评估网上品牌讨论 Role Internet In Purchase Behavior 互联网对购买行为的作用35% 30% 30% Before During After30% 28% 25% 25%25% 23% 22%21% 20% 20%20% 19% 18% 18% 18% 17% 16% 16% 14% 14%15% 13%13% 12% 12% 11%10%5%0% Provided Extra Find/Check Sparked Find Where to Find Similar Find Opinions Used to Resolved an Information Price Conversation Purchase Products from Others Purchase Argument/ Product Discussion The Internet’s primary function continues to be to provide additional information about companies, products, and services 互联网的主要作用仍然是提供关于企业,产品,以及服务的额外的信息 8
  9. Measuring Online Brand Conversations评估网上品牌讨论 % of Brand Conversations Involving Media/Marketing Offline Online The majority of brand conversations occur60% online50% 48% 大部分的品牌讨论发生在网络40% 35% 33% 29%30% 24% 23% 23%20% 16%10%0% Internet Point of Sale TV Print 9
  10. Measuring Online Brand Conversations 评估网上品牌讨论 % of Brand Conversations Involving Media/Marketing Reference Before or During the Conversation, or Info-Seeking Using Source After Conversation Internet TV Print Radio25% 21% 20%20% 19% 18% 15%15% 13% 11%10% 8% 7%5% 4% 3% 3%0% Before Conversation During Conversation After Conversation 10
  11. Top US Content Marketing Goals网络营销重要目的(美国) Brand Awareness 78% 品牌知名度 Customer Retention/Loyalty 69% 顾客忠诚度 Lead Generation 63% 发展客源 Customer Recruitment 61% 客户招募 Website Traffic 55% 网站流量 Thought Leadership 52% 思维先驱 Sales 51% 销售 Lead Nurturing 37% 客源培养 Marketing Profs: 2010 Benchmarks, Budgets & Trends 11
  12. Content Used for Marketing Campaigns 市场营销所用的内容 Branded Content You Create 73% 企业品牌内容 Expert Content 72% 专家内容 Videos 51% 视频 User Case Studies 45% 用户案例分析 User Content/Reviews 41% 用户评论 Information on Sales/Specials or Discounts 40% 折扣信息 Advertising 35% 广告Repurposed Content from a Media Company 29% 媒介公司再建内容 Talk Backs/Forums 29% 论坛 Games or Contests 22% 游戏或比赛 Pre/Post Sales Q&A 17% 销售前/后问答 eMarketer: Content Used for Social Media Campaigns 12
  13. Content Marketing Impact Online 内容营销对网络的影响 Web Traffic 56% Direct Sales 49% Sales Lead Quality 44% Qualitative Customer Feedback 44% Sales Lead Quantity 36% SEO Ranking 28% Increased Customer Loyalty 28%Benchmark Lift in Company Awareness 27% Benchmark Lift in Product Awareness 26% Inbound Links 24% Cross Selling 20% Cost Savings 13% Marketing Profs: 2010 Benchmarks, Budgets & Trends 13
  16. Old Spice, New Approach Traditional TodaySimple brand message Multi-channel messagefocused on “Classic ” and engagementand “Original” focused on widespread “manliness”"If your grandfather hadnt “Smell like a man, man."worn it, you wouldnt exist." 传统的品牌信息集中在“经 今天的多媒体品牌信息集中 典” 和 “原创” 上 在“男人味” 上 17
  17. 18
  18. Results 结果• Old Spice is now the #1 body wash brand for men• Old Spice sales increased 27% year over year• After 8 months, sales were up 107% as a result of the campaign KPIs • Number of searches for „Old Spice‟ on Google increased nearly 1000% • Twitter following increased 2700% • Facebook Fan interaction increased 800% • website traffic increased 300% • Over 1.4 billion ad impressions generated in 6 months
  19. Who considers themselves a “publisher”?哪些人认为自己属于出版机构?
  20. Everyone! 每个 人! • 3 trillion web pages indexed by Google (+50 Billion unique) • 90 trillion emails sent annually • 3.5 billion conversations occurring daily • 4 billion images on Flickr • 2.5 billion images uploaded to Facebook each month • And on and on and on 21
  21. All Types of Content are Relevant各种形式的内容都相关 articles: links embedded blog posts: links embedded case studies: success stories ebooks: pdf of whitepapers images: keyword & geo-targeted infographics: industry charts newsletters: links embedded podcasts: downloadable audio presentations: slide sharing press releases: links embedded research reports: industry charts surveys: industry charts videos: keyword & geo-targeted widgets: links embedded 22
  22. Sources for Content Creation In-House 品牌正在创建比以往更 Only Both 多的内容 45% 52% Brands are Creating More of their Own Content Than Ever BeforeOutsourced Only 3% Content Marketing Spend 内容营销的预算预计将 N/A 在2011增长51% Increase 2% 51% Decrease 2% Content Marketing Budgets Are Projected to Increase by 51% in 2011 Same 45% Marketing Profs: 2010 Benchmarks, Budgets & Trends 23
  23. Low barrier to entry Lots of noise, (cost efficient) difficult to stand outSpeedy distribution Quality is not a priorityMass consumption Typically untargeted Trackable 24
  24. Traditional “Analog” New “Digital” TV Print Radio Catalogs Effective management of Direct Mail natural and paid search “Short-lived, flighted assets” “Durable, always-on marketing & publicity assets”Content should be created and distributed to support each phase of the purchase funnel 内容应该被创建和推广来支持转化漏斗的各个阶段 25
  25. 26
  27. Interactive Budgets Are Rising to Meet Integrated Content Demand 互动营销的预算正在增长以迎合整合内容的需要 $60,000Interactive Marketing Spend Mobile Marketing Social Media $50,000 Email Marketing ($ Millions) $40,000 Display Advertising $30,000 $20,000 Search Marketing $10,000 $- 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 CAGRMobile Marketing $ 391 $ 561 $ 748 $ 950 $ 1,131 $ 1,274 27% Social Media $ 716 $ 935 $ 1,217 $ 1,649 $ 2,254 $ 3,113 34% Email Marketing $ 1,248 $ 1,355 $ 1,504 $ 1,676 $ 1,867 $ 2,081 11% Display $ 7,829 $ 8,395 $ 9,846 $ 11,732 $ 14,339 $ 16,900 17% AdvertisingSearch Marketing $ 15,393 $ 17,765 $ 20,763 $ 24,299 $ 27,786 $ 31,588 15% Total $ 25,577 $ 29,012 $ 34,077 $ 40,306 $ 47,378 $ 54,956 17% Percent of all ad 12% 13% 15% 17% 19% 21% spend Forrester: US Interactive Marketing Spend, $ Millions 28
  28. Search Connects Interest to Content and Action 搜索联结用户兴趣和内容及行动Search Triggers Additional Actions TV Spot POS Content Connection Radio Spot Email Display Phone Call WOM CGC CGC WOM 29
  29. “What are your primary business objectives for your online media spending on search?” 你的主要的网上搜索媒介消费的目的是什么? Increasing Brand Primary Goal of Awareness Search Engine提高品牌知名度 Marketing Driving Direct SalesReaching a Key Target Audience US Lead Generation UKIncreasing Engagement Germany Increasing Site Visits Italy Increasing Brand Favorability 0% 20% 40% 60% Forrester: 2010 Interactive Marketing Online Panel Survey (516 Interactive Markets) 30
  30. Research Drives Brand Relevancy市场研究驱动品牌相关度Industry Language Consumer Language Search Search Volume per Volume per month monthOral care 148 Dental care 188,818Oral health 5,232 Dental health 74,588Locate dental professional 10 Find a dentist 29,525Good oral hygiene 190 Dental hygiene 24,558Oral hygiene 5,155 Dental hygiene 24,558Good Oral hygiene 190 Personal hygiene 17,670Whitening 5,075 Tooth whitening 146,212Battery-powered toothbrush 145 Electric toothbrush 16,522Kid‟s toothbrush 592 Child toothbrush 835Professional whitening system 670 Tooth whitening system 6,205 17,407 529,491理解用户所用语言帮助提高 Understanding consumer vernacular相关度,影响力, 和结果 improves relevancy, impact, and results 31
  31. When you think of “fuel efficient cars”, which come to mind? 42% Point Search Generates Brand Awareness. Having Gap Between Top Ad and Top Organic Listings with Supporting Content is the Most Impactful. Honda and Another Brand70% 搜索产生品牌意识。靠前的付费广告和有机搜索排 名及其内容是最有影响力的。60%50%40%30%20% None10% Other Honda0% Control Side Ad Listing Top Organic Top Ad Listing Top Ad & Top Listing Organic Listing Forrester: 2010 Interactive Marketing Online Panel Survey (516 Interactive Markets) 32
  32. Content Marketing + Search 内容营销 + 搜索• Build your brand reach 建立品牌传达• Synchronize with other communication channels 与其他沟通渠道同步• Protect your brand and support PR 保护你的品 牌并支持公关 Search
  33. Paid Search YouTube TwitterFacebook ImagesPR & News
  35. IHG Content Marketing Best PracticesIHG 内容营销最佳范例• Develop Integrated Content Marketing Campaign to: Balance Global Brand and Local Properties – Increase online brand awareness under the same KPIs – Increase bookings, not just rooms 在相同的KPI下平衡全球品 – Test emerging online channels 牌和当地酒店 36
  36. IHG Content Marketing Best PracticesIHG 内容营销最佳范例Challenges of online content 酒店网站所面临的内容营销的挑战marketing for hotel propertywebsites – Ambiguous brand positioning – Minimal content on the site – No differentiation of audience targeting and segmentation – Non-prioritized off site content 37
  37. IHG Content Marketing Best PracticesIHG 内容营销最佳范例Methodology Approach: Align SEARCH, SOCIAL, & CONTENT marketing efforts. Tactics: content search Guide these efforts with a deep 内容 搜索 understanding of CONTENT DEMAND, & an INTEGRATED STRATEGY. social 社交网络 Goal: Establish and maintain RELEVANCE for customers.
  38. IHG Content Marketing Best PracticesIHG 内容营销最佳范例Our Methodology Research Develop Deep Understanding of Content Demand 建立对用户的内容需要的深刻理解 PPC Audit Audit Search, Social and Content Analytics Audit Marketing Channels 审视客户现有的搜索,社交,及各个 内容行销渠道 SEO & Social Media Audit Align These Channels To Form Strategy & Plan Integrated Strategy Execute Integrated Digital Implementation Marketing Plan 列出所有渠道建立整合策略并执行网 络市场计划 39
  39. IHG Content Marketing Best PracticesIHG 内容营销最佳范例Montelucia Channel Expansion to Support Paid ROI扩大渠道来支持付费广告的投资回收率 Blog Landing page 40
  40. IHG Content Marketing Best PracticesIHG 内容营销最佳范例Montelucia Organic Search Campaign 有机搜索 Results: No.1 in market share for the same 265 relevant non- branded search terms. 在所有265个非品牌搜索 词中占据第一位的市场份 额 41
  41. IHG Content Marketing Best PracticesIHG 内容营销最佳范例Montelucia Paid Search ROI 付费广告投资回收率Results:• 58% increase in revenue• 55% increase in ROAS• 152% increase in bookings• 128% increase in conversion rates• 60% decrease in CPA 42
  42. IHG Content Marketing Best PracticesIHG 内容营销最佳范例Why It Works: Relevance 成功的原因:相关性Content + Social + Search • Demand for content is collected online, in real time, from those most interested • Content is created according to that demand, ensuring relevance at the time of exposure • Content is distributed to theResults achieved locations that conversations occur From 1,800 • Content is promoted in the mediums most effective for marketing that content 43
  44. Content Marketing Process内容行销的步骤 Engagement 61 4 Demand Advertising Identification Website (Online/Offline) (Search & Social)2 5 Content Creation Outposts Search and Optimization3 Content Social Networks Distribution 45
  45. 1 DemandListen & Document the Identification (Search & Social)Conversation 倾听并记录顾客的对话 SAMPLE DATA SOURCES SEARCH: - GOOGLE ADWORDS - BAIDU API SOCIAL - RADIAN6 46
  46. 1 DemandUnderstand and Categorize Identification (Search & Social)Demand 理解并甄别需求60,000,00050,000,00040,000,00030,000,00020,000,00010,000,000 0 47
  47. Content Strategy and Plan 2 Content Creation Creation 建立内容策略和计划 and OptimizationWhat do you have? Of what quality? How to improve, create? How to measure impact? What do users want? Audit Demand Analysis Strategy/Plan Identify KPIs and Baseline 48
  48. 2 Content CreationContent Creation & Engagement and OptimizationManagement 创建内容并管理用户互动 49
  49. 3 Content Distribute content to websites, blogs, social Distribution networks, and outposts according to findings in the 内容推广 listening phase4 Advertising Promote content online and offline through paid (Online/Offline) media channels (display, radio, tv, pr, etc) 广告5 Search Promote via PPC 搜索 Ensure all content created is properly optimized and linked to the desired outpost 50
  50. Engagement 互动6 Dialogue directly with consumers at the desired point of content distribution Website Outposts Social Networks 51
  51. Conclusion 结语• Brand conversations occur primarily online• Consumers expect brands to take an active role in the conversation• While brands can‟t control the conversation, they can influence it by providing helpful, demand informed, content and engaging topically• Very soon, the brands who participate online will be the brands leading offline• Brands that don‟t will be left behind 52
  52. A note about complacency… 53
  53. Thank YouJeffrey PruittCEO, ethologyChairman, Search Engine MarketingProfessionals Organization (SEMPO)2 September 2011Visit to download this presentation.