Portifolio 2009 - 3d illustration


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2009 Portfolio for EtHip Enterprises, LLC. A 3d illustration company.

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Portifolio 2009 - 3d illustration

  1. 1. EtHip Enterprises, LLC 3d Illustration and Conceptual Design Exceeding Expectations See it before you build it Since 2004 Facilitating communication ♦ between the client, design professional, and contractor Minimizing inefficiencies in ♦ the building design Giving a clear understanding ♦ of “real space” Increasing profitability ♦ Portfolio for 2009 EtHip Enterprises, LLC P.O. Box 1787 Frisco, CO 80443 970.668.4363 Envision how your clients will react to 970.668.4324 (fax) Email: dwight@ethip.net realistic 3d illustration www.ethip.net
  2. 2. A PICTURE IS WORTH MORE THAN A THOUSAND WORDS Illustrated by: www.ethip.net
  3. 3. Illustrated by: www.ethip.net SERVICES PROVIDED ◊ Interior & exterior photorealistic renderings ◊ 3d Modeling for conceptual design & marketing ◊ Animation ◊ 3d Site plans ◊ more ◊
  4. 4. Illustrated by: www.ethip.net
  5. 5. Illustrated by: www.ethip.net
  6. 6. Illustrated by: www.ethip.net Eliminating the “guesswork” related to spacial issues - Illustration provided the selected “Viking” appliances
  7. 7. C O M M E R C I A L S T Y L E O N E Illustrated by: www.ethip.net
  8. 8. COMMERCIAL STYLE TWO Illustrated by: www.ethip.net
  9. 9. C O M M E R C I A L S T Y L E T H R E E Illustrated by: www.ethip.net
  10. 10. Top Level Main Level Illustrated by: Garden Level www.ethip.net
  11. 11. Illustrated by: www.ethip.net
  12. 12. Illustrated by: www.ethip.net
  13. 13. Original Photo Photo match - The ability to present additions to existing structures from a digital photograph. Project presented to Breckenridge Planning Commission - 2008 Illustrated by: www.ethip.net
  14. 14. Photorealistic rendering - Project included using CAD textures and incorporating the USGS topography Illustrated by: www.ethip.net
  15. 15. How to get started: Send us the floorplans and elevations of your project ♦ Project details will be reviewed and discussed with you ♦ A written quote will be prepared for services requested ♦ Once approved, a service contract will be executed ♦ EtHip Enterprises, LLC welcomes the opportunity to provide you with a quote on your upcoming project. Please contact us with any questions you may have. 701 Granite St. #220 ◊ P.O. Box 1787 ◊ Frisco, CO 80443 ◊ 970.668.4363 ◊ dwight@ethip.net ◊ www.ethip.net Illustrated by: www.ethip.net