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Boyfriend girlfriend jokes


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Boyfriend girlfriend jokes

  1. 1. Boyfriend Girlfriend JokesReally InsultingGirlfriend: One of my ancestors was actually a king.Boyfriend: I never knew you were a desendant of King Kong.Funny Timing JokeBoyfriend: For the last time I am telling you that I didnt come here to getinsulted.Girlfriend: Then where else do you usually go?Insulting DateBoyfriend: Doesnt this date make you long for another?Girlfriend: Yes, but no one else would come.The FoolGirlfriend: By BF could be an even bigger fool but he lacks ambition.IntelligentGirlfriend: You are so intelligent that you brighten the place whereever...Boyfriend: whereever I go?Girlfriend: No, whereever you leave.The miserWhat is the height of miser-liness?A man who is so stingy that if he were a ghost, he wouldnt even give afright.The perfect idiotBoyfriend: Do you thing I am a perfect idiot?.Girlfriend: I keep telling you that you are not perfect.Insulting JokeGirlfriend: There is nothing in the world that I wouldnt do for you in life.Boyfriend: Do you love me so much honey?Girlfriend: Well, what I meant was that I am going to spend my life doingnothing for you.
  2. 2. Nice sense of humor and timingGirlfriend: I am soon approaching 25.Boyfriend: From which direction?BF who plays the GuitarBoyfriend: How do I play the guitar?Girlfriend: You should be on TV for your talent.Boyfriend: Am I so good?Boyfriend: If you were on TV, I can atleast switch it off.Witty GF and silly BFBoyfriend: Can we have a battle of intelligence between us?Girlfriend: No thanks, I dont fight an unarmed person.A gift for girlfriendMan 1: I want to buy a gift for my girlfriend for her birthday but I dontknow what she would like. Give me a suggestion.Man 2: Does she like you?Man 1: YesMan 2: Then she would like anything.Hilarious JokeBoyfriend: I need to tell you a secret that I havent told you so far: I aseeing a psychiatrist.Girlfriend: Oh! I need to tell you a truth too. I am seeing a psychiatrist,plumber and a mechanic.