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Bank jokes


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Bank jokes

  1. 1. Bank JokesBank Jokes are humorous events and conversations that happen in a bankand generally involve the customer and the banker as characters of the joke.Bank JokesTwo men are waiting to served in the bank when suddenly armed robbersrush in.Some of the robbers have tellers filling bags with cash whilst some otherslinecustomers up and start to take their watches, wallets etc.In the panic, one of the men puts something into the other mans hand."What is it?" asked the first man"Its that £100 I owe you" replied the second man.A Police Officer is questioning a Bank Manager and asks if he can describethe bankcashier. The Bank Manager replies "Well, she is about 5 feet 4 inches tall and£150,000 short.Funny Bank JokesA mother decided that her young 11 year old daughter should open her ownbankaccount. "As it will be your account, I think that you should complete theapplication form" said the mother. The daughter was doing really well butwas puzzled when she came to where it said Name of previous bank. Shepondered for a second and when wrote PiggyA woman went into a bank in London wishing to loan £3,000 for one month.The loan officer said that he would require collateral.The woman says "I have a Ferrari; here are a set of keys.Keep it until Irepay theloan". The loan is authorised and the ferrari driven away for safe keeping.The woman returns one month weeks later, pays the £3,000 loan togetherwith£20 interest and the car is returned to her.Clearly puzzled, the loan officer says to her "With respect, madam, I dontunderstand why someone like you who owns a ferrari would need to borrow£3,000". "Well" she replied "I needed to go to the United States for 4 weeksand tell me, where in London can you store a Ferrari for £20 a month?".A banker was recently arrested having embezzled £80,000 for his sons
  2. 2. University education The arresting police officer, who had also a son atUniversity said as he was putting the handcuffs on him. "One questionpuzzlesme "he said "Where was the remainder of the money you need comingfrom?".Bank JokesI applied for a job with a building society the other day. I studiouslycompleted theapplication form and gave it to the Manager, who read through it and whenhe hadfinished said "With your credentials, I have the perfect opening for you""Great" I replied. "It’s called the door" he said sternly "Now get out".The customer service at my local bank is so bad that yesterday, when I wentandasked the bank teller if he would check my balance, he pushed me over andsaid"not very good, is it?".My daughter who is at college came to me in tears the other day saying thatI given her terrible financial advice. When I quizzed her on what she meantshe said " It was you that said to put all my money into that particular bankand now it has troubles"."You must be mistaken" I told her "Its one of the biggest in the county"."Well why have they just sent back of of my cheques with a note that saysInsufficient funds.