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ICT for School transformation


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Published in: Education, Technology
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ICT for School transformation

  1. 1. Digital Campus ICT for School Transformation Program Shashank P Hiwarkar, ETH Limited
  2. 2. 2 Digital Campus 1 ICT for School Transformation Program to improve quality of education by leveraging benefits of ICT in learning, teaching, administration and collaboration in schools 1.1 Overview ETH is driving the ‘ICT for school transformation’ initiative, architected as a global collaboration platform for schools across geographic regions, syllabuses and languages. The innovative membership offerings in the ‘ICT for School’ platform brings affordability and effectiveness of ICT in teaching, learning, administration and collaboration, not only within a school, but extending across schools, teachers, students and parents. ‘ICT for school’ enhances the quality of education imparted by schools, through teacher training and technology awareness programs for schools. The platform connects various schools through effective teacher trainings comprising specially designed activities driven through four phases of Overview, Training, Implementation and Evaluation. Students have a global arena to participate in interschool competitions such as Games, Quizzes and Olympiads, access to learning resources, interschool talent search and mentoring programs, exposure to subject matter experts and scientists, giving them the ‘freedom to learn’ . With teachers from across the world being involved in a school for imparting high quality education, ‘ICT for school’ gives administration and collaboration platform for schools and teachers that gives them the ‘freedom to operate’ irrespective of where they are. ICT for School Transformation Leveraging the benefits of advances in ICT in Learning, Teaching, Administration and Collaboration DIGITAL CAMPUS • Student Information Management System • Integrated ERP • Academic Administration • Knowledge Management • Parent Collaboration Portal • Educational Governance – Admin Portal • Digital Content Resources • SMS, Email, RFID, Bar Code • Virtual Classroom
  3. 3. 3 Digital Campus 1.2 Big Picture Individual schools with Digital Campus Central Administration of MOE for all schools Content Access: Content will be offered to every school through common resources, all schools will be the member of portal they can log in and their reports, data can be shared across Every school will have website, all these websites will be linked to Admin Portal and Admin Portal will also host the interschool events (through event management system). Admin portal will have virtual classrooms (interactive remote classroom) as service to all member schools, LMS will also be linked to Admin Portal; this will be common resource for all member schools. Group of teachers selected by MOE from every school will create these resources on e-Portal/LMS (Learning Management System). Object type online exam for students in e-portal / LMS.
  4. 4. 4 Digital Campus 1.3 Reasons to Participation for School By participating in the ‘ICT for School Transformation’ program, schools get following benefits: ICT for School Workshop : o Workshop for creating the awareness and excitement in School Teachers who are going to be the flag bearer of transformation Teacher Training Program o Specially Designed Training Program for Teachers covering the basic Computer Literacy Program, Using ICT and Tools for Learning, Preparing the Lectures by using the global resources, Preparing our own content and presenting it to Students o Training program will also highlight the use of ICT in Administrating and managing the class and students, creating question banks and assignments interactions with parents o Training program will be conducted through series of sessions online and classroom based. (Blended learning of Classroom and e-Learning) Digital Content Library for Schools o Content Repository for the Teachers o Open and Free content resources from web o Accumulation of content granules created by teachers and deployment through common LMS (Portal) Digital Campus (School Version) for School Administration and Information Management o Solution for implementing Student Admission, Parent Information, Fees management, Transportation, Library Management, Result Processing, Mock Examinations, Student Progress Cards etc o Solution will integrate all operations of schools through back office ERP components of Digital Campus (HRMS, Purchase, Finance and Accounting, Payroll) o Digital Campus is already working in various countries of GCC for last 4 years which spans through CBSE, British Curricula Schools. o Solution can also integrate access to parent from outside of the schools which will help school to automate various circulars, news, assignments etc with parents Unique Student ID o Every Student will get the Unique ID with School Code o Student ID Card will have this ID in RFID form o Same Card will be useful for Student Attendance, Fees Payment, Cafeteria Transactions and Bus Transportation
  5. 5. 5 Digital Campus o With the help of RFID and GPRS technology, parents can locate the whereabouts of their wards during bus transportation ICT-Portal Membership (Educational Portal for Collaboration, Knowledge Management) o Every School will be the member of this portal. o This portal will be the part of MOE central portal for all schools. All School Administration, Reports pertaining to MOE will be shared through it. o This portal will have the central repository of online content granules which will be shared by various schools o Content granules created by various teachers of the schools will also be centrally hosted on the platform which will generate the digital library for MoE o ICT-Portal will also host the various interschool events and competitions. Students from various schools can register online for the events and can participate o Access to Virtual School: On the portal we will host the virtual school which will help the students and schools to share the best of the resources (teachers) from anywhere in the world. With this we can have the Special Tutoring by the best of the Teachers for the critical subjects and standards. o This will be implemented through Virtual Classroom Sessions in every school. o Student workshops o Pre-loaded question bank for students for exam preparation o Special Interest Groups (Developing ‘Bal Scientists’) o Interschool Examinations (Olympiads) eServices for Parents o Digitization of School will help parents to access the school progress, child progress, circulars, schedules, homework and assignments online through portal o Fees Payments can be made online with integrated Payment Gateway o Student Progress Cards can be made available for print (Draft) o Communication with Teachers will be much effective and moderated DigiBook Subscription o Parents can subscribe for DigiBook o E-Magazine / Class Photographs in CD / DVD Formats o School Memories, Events, Graduation Photographs of the Child in CD / DVD Formats 1.4 Advantages to ADEC Central Portal to integrate all information view from Schools Standardization in terms of “SOP (Standard Operating Procedures) of Schools System is “Administered Centrally (at ADEC), Managed Locally (by Schools)” Multilingual Interfaces can be very helpful for Locals in School
  6. 6. 6 Digital Campus MOE Data, Information will be on click of mouse Effective Implementation program will create the huge content repository at Central Portal for improved Knowledge Management and Resource Sharing Solution is Ready to Rollout and Change Requests due to variance of Operating Procedures across the school and times can be incorporated by the dedicated technical partner 1.5 Implementation Model We will operate as Consortium partner with ADEC and the project will be executed as ADEC for Schools Implementation Model Cost effective time bound rollout model with well defined responsibilities • ETH : Tech Partner with 13 years of Technology and Domain Experience • Implementation is handled effectively through local partners of ETH at UAE • Effective Resource Development Through TIP (Training and Implementation Program) • Server Hosting, Configuration and Maintenance by ETH ADEC ICT Solutions | IT Services | Training Services |Student Centric Services Schools Resources Mentors Tech Partner Project Management | Development | Implementation