SEO for Service Businesses


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This is the slide deck from a consulting session with C.L.I.M.B. on 11/21/2012

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SEO for Service Businesses

  1. 1. SEO For Service BusinessesCovering Local, Organic and Inbound Link Strategies for service businesses to gain maximum exposure.
  2. 2. What We are Covering. . .***Warning: ALL Topics covered could be their ownpresentation. This is only an overview on the best practicesfor service businesses.*** Expectations for Marketing Keyword Research(Should Reflect your Services) Geographic Areas your Targeting Local Organic
  3. 3. Marketing Expectations Long term Marketing Expect results 6 to 9 to 12 months Be Consistent and Persistent
  4. 4. Keyword Research Take time and review constantly Make sure you are targeting keywords right for you business Take variants of the Keyword into consideration
  5. 5. Keyword Research How to Use a Keyword Researching Platform
  6. 6. Keyword Research Things to pay attention to
  7. 7. Targeting a Geographic Knowing the Geographic you want to target and how to have your marketing reflect it. 60% of Searches are Mobile Local Searches are increasing greatly!
  8. 8. Different Local Searches Local Search Queries “Service” + “Geo Area” Geographic Search Set Traditional Google+Local(“Places”) “Localish” results
  9. 9. Different Results (Snow Removal) Traditional Google+Local(“Places”) “Localish” results
  10. 10. Local SEO (Google+Local) Formally -Google Places Be a Perfectionist Profile Set Up NAP (Name Address Phone Number) Citations Reviews!!!!!!
  11. 11. Local SEO (Google+Local) Profile Set Up Use the link Domain Email address Legal Name Local Phone Numbers Complete profile thoroughly(pics, vids, categories)
  12. 12. Local SEO (Google+Local) NAP Always use for all references and listings Be consistent Be well Documented
  13. 13. Local SEO (Google+Local) What are Citations? Structured vs Unstructured Yelp, Manta, Yellow Pages, Yellowbot, Get Fav……on and on Local Citations
  14. 14. Organic SEO for Services Appearances Organized content Create a Flow OPTIMIZE!!!!
  15. 15. Organic SEO for Services Be attractive and not distracting Use pictures and good color variation Sliders are good Trust Signals(bbb, memberships and associations) Be well branded, make your consumer remember you!
  16. 16. Organic SEO for Services Content = Good Have services well displayed above all else Organize your content properly to help educate and inform Be easy to navigate and find what is needed
  17. 17. Organic SEO for Services Create steps to convert Understand less is more Calls to action Be easier to contact then your competition without intrusion
  18. 18. Organic SEO for Services Correct intent Optimize your Services, and the locations you serve Headings (h1,h2,h3) to prioritize your service and area Have your phone number and address listed properly for business Links to local pages and social media
  19. 19. DONE! Questions?