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Agnes McLaverty
11 July 2016

Published in: Government & Nonprofit
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  1. 1. 1 SHELL / BG OFFSHORE SEISMIC SURVEY CAMPAIGN IEE PROCESS Lessons learned Agnes McLaverty 11 July 2016
  2. 2. SHELL/BG EXPLORATION ACREAGE OFFSHORE MYANMAR n 7 blocks (5 operated by Shell/BG, 2 operated by Woodside), Bay of Bengal (6) and Andaman Sea (1). n PSC: ‘Study Period’ – activities: mainly seismic surveys. n ‘Drill or drop’ decisions for Shell operated blocks due 2017. 2
  3. 3. BUILDING BLOCKS FOR GOOD SOCIAL AND ENVIRONMENTAL PERFORMANCE 7/18/16 3 Consultation with local authorities Consultation w NGOs + civil society orgs Consultation w local communities Initial regulatory engagements Environmental and social mitigation plan (ESMP) Grievance procedure Social Performance strategy Disclosure/Pre- commencement engagements Environmental /social impact assessment Continue to build relationships Social Performance plan Demonstrate compliance with ESMP Preparing for seismic operations Operate surveys IEE
  4. 4. 7/18/16 4 5 OPERATED BLOCKS OFFSHORE RAKHINE n 1 nearshore block, 4 deep water blocks n Mainly deep water; AD-02, AD-09, AD-11 ~ 2,000 m. n A4 nearshore, survey activities in water depths from ~ 50m – significant fishing grounds nearshore but also in deeper waters. n Seismic survey season coincides with fishing season.
  6. 6. STAKEHOLDER ENGAGEMENT - EXAMPLES n Formal engagements n Government level (union and state) n Local authorities (townships) n Informal engagements n Communities (villages) 7/18/16 6
  7. 7. ISSUES RAISED DURING IEE PROCESS n Government / agencies (union level): n Companies to undertake consultation with local communities n Impact on fish populations and fishing of seismic surveys n Potential for Cumulative Impact (fishing) n Local: n Concern about impact on fishing (by excluding fishermen from fishing grounds or by physically impacting fish stocks) / local communities n Concern about pollution from (future) activities n What is the potential for community gain? n Local jobs n Skills / training opportunities n Social investment e.g. health care, educational opportunities, infrastructure n Expressions of general support for activities n Revenue sharing n Contract transparency 7/18/16 7
  8. 8. OBSERVATIONS Item Observations Fishing None Marine Mammals 133 sightings, 1141 individuals Turtles 78 Shipping Tail buoy lost Misc Floating debris – a lot appears to be fishing gear, posing hazards to turtles in particular 7/18/16 8 Item Observations Fishing None Marine Mammals 18 sightings, 252 individuals Turtles 0 Misc Floating debris AD09 / AD11 MD05 A4/AD02 Item Observations Fishing Interaction with more than 250 fishing vessels Marine mammals 142 sightings, > 1,000 individuals Turtles >50 Shipping n.a. Misc Floating debris
  9. 9. KEY POINTS 7/18/16 9 Activities / observations Lessons learned – mitigation appliedNearshore block Deepwater blocks Consultation with communities 7 villages 2 – 7 villages Important to consult with potentially impacted communities. Potential Impact on fish and fishing Interaction with fisheries Fishing occurs up to 100 km from shore in very deep water More fishing than predicted in the impact assessment – deployed additional guard vessel, and guard vessels running further ahead of boats. Marine mammals MMOs and JNCC standards applied MMOs and JNCC standards applied Numbers higher than expected, mitigation appropriate
  10. 10. CETACEAN SIGHTINGS BAY OF BENGAL 7/18/16 10 Spinner dolphin Spinner dolphin Bryde’s whale Bryde’s Whale Sperm whale
  11. 11. ENTANGLED TURTLES 7/18/16 11
  12. 12. HIGH-LEVEL TIMELINE – IEE PROCESS Feb 2015 April 2015 Dec 2016 Offshore Survey(s) Start Acquisition IEE submissions Jul 2016 June 2016 IEE process Timeline July 2015 1st Project proposals submitted EIA workshop EIA Legislation in place Offshore Survey(s) Complete acquisition Public Consultation commenced Oct 2015 IEE 1st comments received PSCs signed IEE disclosure May 2016 1st IEE approval (NC) received
  13. 13. IEE POTENTIAL IMPACTS / MITIGATION MEASURES n Potential Impact n Fishing (significance: minor) n Shipping (significance: minor) n Marine fauna (cetaceans and turtles) (significance: minor) n Accidental discharges (significance: moderate) n Observations n Significant fishing up to 100 km from shore. n Shipping interaction (3RD party vessel impacted tail buoy) n Large numbers of cetaceans (mainly dolphins) and turtles observed n No spills 7/18/16 14 Mitigation applied • Engagement with fisheries representatives, marine notice, mobile safety zone and deployment of guard boats • Grievance mechanism • Marine mammal observers / soft starts and turtle guards • International environmental maritime standards applied on vessels including maritime standards (MARPOL)