Feature stories across the genres


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An introduction to purpose, genre and type in feature writing

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Feature stories across the genres

  1. 1. The broad feature landscape0 Feature stories can be about anything – all subjects are open0 Feature stories are not determined by length or topic, or approach0 Purpose0 The purpose of a feature is to inform and to entertain0 Feature stories work across 0 Genre 0 Type 0 Content 0 Style 0 Form 0 Structure
  2. 2. A Feature article is a What is anewspaper or magazine piece,usually over 400 words that is feature?written to entertain andinform the reader.It’s narrative structure differsfrom a straight news story,though it is written with a leadto get the readers attentionA feature will use a morerelaxed tone to presentinformation which mighttrigger an emotional reactionin the reader
  3. 3. PurposeDESCRIPTION show rather than tell through observation and describingEXPLANATION explain how something works of why it happenedPROCEDURAL how to do or make somethingNARRATIVE entertain and hold a reader’s interestRECOUNT list and describe past experiences by retelling chronologicallyREPORT describe and classify information in a logical sequenceARGUMENT ideas in sequence to justify a particular stand or viewpoint “We knew that if we could identify them in their second trimester, there’s a good chance we could capture them for years,” Pole told me. http://www.nytimes.com/2012/02/19/magazine/shopping-habits.html?_r=1&src=me&ref=magazine
  4. 4. Genre :genre a class or category ofartistic endeavor having aparticular form, content,technique, or the like: the genreof epic poetry; the genre ofsymphonic music. :journalism genres variousjournalism styles, fields orseparate genres, in writingaccounts of events.
  5. 5. Feature Genres0 Newspaper features 0 Newsletters 0 News-edged 0 Government publications 0 Investigative 0 Community & other markets 0 Lifestyle 0 Trade & Specialty 0 Human Interest Publications0 Magazine features 0 Corporate 0 Special Interest 0 Industry bodies 0 Market-segmented 0 Science & Research 0 Wide range of sub- 0 Popular genres 0 Broadcast & Online 0 Documentary genres 0 Current Affairs
  6. 6. Genres #20 News Feature 0 Trend Stories 0 Focus on issues, people, 0 What’s new & exciting conflicts in news agenda Data over time0 Investigative Shifting demographics 0 Deep background with 0 Old v. New proof and data 0 Place and People 0 Breaking new big story 0 The ‘live in’0 Spot News / Event 0 Background 0 Humanised 0 Analysis 0 Can involve writer 0 Deadline-driven 0 Profiles0 Soft features 0 Person 0 Lifestyle 0 People 0 Advertorial 0 Organisations
  7. 7. Feature Types0 Colour piece 0 Factbox / Chronology 0 Describing a scene and 0 A simple list of facts, throw light on its perhaps in date order theme(s). 0 Timeline narrative0 Fly on the wall 0 Observational 0 Backgrounder 0 Unobtrusive. 0 A history of0 Behind the scenes 0 An extended factbox. 0 First person or ‘in’ the 0 Full texts story. 0 Extracts from books or0 In disguise transcripts of interviews.0 Pretending to be another 0 My testimony person 0 A first person report of0 Interview some kind. David Randall - The Universal Journalist
  8. 8. Feature Types #20 Analysis 0 Humorous 0 An examination of the 0 Light-hearted reasons behind an event0 Issue-based 0 Poking fun 0 Long-running dispute 0 Educational 0 Recent controversy 0 Curiosity 0 New information about 0 Background ongoing topic or issue0 Vox Pop 0 How-to0 Expert roundup 0 Instructional 0 A selection of views from 0 Enthusiast members of the public or 0 Human Interest / Drama experts0 Opinion poll 0 Emotional0 Review 0 Tension0 Editorial 0 Resolution
  9. 9. Content: what is it about?0 Content0 Form0 Structure0 Style0 Writing 0 Homework 0 Find examples 0 Discuss approach 0 Check-out The Global Mail http://www.theglobalmail.org/