The Responsible Business Summit USA, 1 2 June, NYC


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Europe's biggest and most comprehensive event on CSR/sustainability is now coming to the US. Learn how corporate responsibility drive REAL Business values for leading global companies.

On 1-2 June, 2011 in New York, you'll hear best practice from 20 leading experts including CEOs from Timberland, AkzoNobel, Interface and Veolia Water.

With senior speakers also coming from European companies such as Maersk Line, ING Group, Henkel, BASF and BT, this conference succeeds in bringing European and US sustainability best practice together under one roof.

What you will take away from the conference:
• Transform sustainability policy into performance: How to embed sustainability and ensure that the results are reflected in your bottom line
• Benchmark leading American and European companies: What are the common denominators in their success? What can you take on board?
• Achieve operational excellence: Strengthen your margins and pinpoint exactly how you can rigorously drive costs down
• Go beyond generic corporate philanthropic endeavours: Maximize opportunities for your business to win trust, and customers
• Strategies to grow your market share NOW: How to make sure your CSR initiatives enhance reputation and differentiate your company amongst competitors

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The Responsible Business Summit USA, 1 2 June, NYC

  1. 1. Get the global outlook at the most comprehensive, critical and practical sustainability event of 2011 SaveResponsible Business Summit USA if you reg $40 0 March ister byLearn how sustainability 18!drives REAL business valuefor leading globalcompanies Bringing European and1-2 June 2011 > Manhattan, New York US sustainabilityInnovation > Best Practice > Interactivity > Focused Debate best practice together! Hear from the following international business leaders: Why you should attend: Timberland Jeff Swartz CEO Transform sustainability policy into performance How to embed sustainability and ensure that the results are reflected in your bottom line Veolia Water Americas Laurent Auguste Benchmark leading American and European companies President CEO What are the common denominators in their success? What can you take on board? Interface Achieve operational excellence Pinpoint exactly how you can rigorously Daniel Hendrix President CEO drive costs down and strengthen your margins Go beyond generic corporate philanthropic endeavours AkzoNobel Frank Sherman Maximize opportunities for your business to win trust, and customers President Strategies to grow your market share NOW How to make sure your Xerox CSR initiatives enhance reputation and differentiate your company amongst Patricia Calkins competitors Global Vice-President of Environment, Health and Safety YOUR EXPERT SPEAKERS INCLUDE: Henkel Thomas Muller-Kirchsbaum Senior Vice-President and Global Head of RD ORGANISER Open now to see our agenda – packed with workshops, case studies and keynotes
  2. 2. Hardhitting keynotes + In-depth workshops + Interactive discussion groups + Excellent networking opportunities A FEW QUICK FACTS ABOUT THE Opportunity knocks: Europe’s biggest HISTORY OF THE RESPONSIBLE corporate responsibility event coming to New York! BUSINESS SUMMIT This is our first US Responsible Dear colleague, Business Summit, but we have a ten you can learn how year pedigree in Europe: Responsible business is no longer an option. In New York on June 1 and 2, leading companies from Europe and around the world – including Maersk Line, AkzoNobel, Dell Over 3,000 executives have attended and Timberland – are getting it right. the Responsible Business Summit ent European conference, The Responsible Business Summit is renowned as the CSR community’s pre-emin Over 20 international CEOs have contributed and now its coming to America. The Responsible Business Summit USA 2011 will provide the tools you ility – not greenwashing as speakers - including IBM, IKEA, need to help your company thrive in an environment where true social responsib Timberland, Du Pont, Microsoft, ICA and Intel - is expected. On average, 60% of our attendees come to learn: Come to the Responsible Business Summit USA 2011 in New York on June 1-2 from large multinational corporations ion • How you can get buy in for CR programs at the highest levels of your organizat sustainable 75% of last years attendees would • How leading European companies prove the ROI of corporate responsibility and probably or definitely recommend the supply chains conference to a friend • How to institute effective CR reporting for all stakeholders • Why CR is far more than a defensive strategy WHO WILL YOU MEET AT THE This is the time to lose ground – or gain a competitive edge RESPONSIBLE BUSINESS SUMMIT? responsibility and Your company may already have in place the framework for an effective corporate But so did BP and Enron. The lesson? Take it to the next level, before it’s too late. One of the main benefits of attending sustainability policy. business conferences is the networking US-based organizations opportunity. And the Responsible Business A dramatic shift in the nation’s attitudes toward the role of the corporation means must embrace and institute effective corporate responsibility policies. This includes sustainable supply Summit beats all comers. See below for a All of which are covered in chains; effective CR reporting and embedding CR throughout your organization. breakdown of last years European attendees: depth at our conference in New York. win support for corporate The sessions we are hosting will provide you with the tools, evidence and metrics to you’ll responsibility efforts at the highest levels of your organization. And if your company has begun the journey, for the lowest fruit. learn how to help it move on to the next step – effectively bypassing competitors settling nd, Interface, Meet and learn from world-class CEOs and leaders from companies such as Timberla AkzoNobel and Veolia Water Americas. Youll also hear from some of the most forward-thinking Miller, McKesson, businesses on the planet, including Maersk Line, Dell, PGE, Microsoft, Herman Delegate Seniority Abbott and many more. I Vice-Presidents I CEO/COO/ have seemed impossible Come prepared to roll up your sleeves and develop solutions to problems that may I Managers Chairman Europe. To avoid ending - until now. Over 3000 people have attended the Responsible Business Summit I Directors I Other up on the waiting list for our US event, make sure you reserve your ticket today. get more information on I look forward to seeing you in New York on June 1 and 2. To reserve your spot or the agenda, rates and lodging, please email register@ or call 1800 814 3459 today. Best wishes, Organisation Types Cora Ng I Academics I NGOs Senior Conference Director I Corporates I Press Head of North America I Industry I Service Ethical Corporation associations providers Got any questions? Get in touch on or on +1 800 814 34 59
  3. 3. ? Group discounts available – forward this brochure to your colleagues! What makes this event better than all the other sustainability conferences out there? Simple. A practical, robust approach to the real issues faced by your business.Too many sustainability conferences are an opportunity for companies to pat themselves onthe back and talk up their efforts. Not the Responsible Business Summit. We ensure everyspeaker we bring on board covers only real-life practicalities – ensuring you leave theconference equipped with best practice and achievable targets you can use back at the office.The Responsible Business Summit is different – why?p 3 months of research with your peers, like Boeing, Intel, Starbucks, MillerCoors, Alcoa, Kraft and Alcatel-Lucent – ensures we know exactly what you need to know when it comes to sustainabilityp Exclusively corporate speakers with representatives from leading companies like Intel, Herman Miller, Timberland, ING, Bank of America, PepsiCo, Abbott and more. Weve also got world-class CEOs from Timberland, Veolia Water, AkzoNobel and Interfacep A tightly focused agenda dealing with the biggest issues facing your company today, like how to embed sustainability, supplier engagement, employee engagement and CR reportingp An emphasis on practical, measurable strategies that you can use back in the officep An audience of leading corporate sustainability practitioners, coming from a cross-section of industries, ensuring true best practice sharing An established business conference with a strong track record Ethical Corporation brings together the no-nonsense critical approach to sustainaibility with business savvy information – Ramon Arratia, Sustainability Director EMEA, Interface “The wide variety of presenters and excellent facilitation made the Responsible Business Summit a useful insight into our customers challenges” – Ted Shann, Global Sustainability Practice Head, BT Ethical Corporation is a valuable and comprehensive resource on the global state of affairs in corporate responsibility – Dave Stangis, Vice-President, Corporate Social Responsibility, Campbells Soup “The debate was extremely interesting and thought provoking. I went away with lots of new ideas on how we could make our business more sustainable” – William Burgess, CEO, Produce World “A great space to have a quality dialogue with key decision-makers in companies leading on the CR agenda” – Mark Line, Chairman, Two Tomorrows Check our website for updates –
  4. 4. DAY ONE Agenda, 1 June 2011TWO KEYNOTE ADDRESSES How Henkel, ING and Xerox SUPPLY CHAIN SOLUTIONS: DRIVE OUT COSTSBusiness critical embed sustainabilitysustainability: Why three Higher operational We know our CEOs get it, mostly. All bigtop CEOs have made it a companies are in on the corporate efficiency: Identify hiddencore component of their responsibility mega-trend. Selling the business environmental costs in your case is one thing, but how do you ensure that supply chain – and manageoperations sustainability, corporate citizenship, CSR, stick them!Some 93% of CEOs believe sustainability issues in a business? Responsible Care in the chemicals sector was onewill be critical to the success of their It’s the hardest task there is for CR/ of the first industry-wide initiatives aroundorganizations, according to a 2010 report by the Sustainability managers today. In Ethical corporate responsibility. But times have movedUN Global Compact and Accenture. Corporation’s recent report “How to Embed on, and BASF has remained a global sector Give it 15 years and four out of five chief Sustainability across different parts of your leader when it comes to a more responsibleexecutives predict sustainability will be fully Company”, 50 leading companies felt that their supply chain. In 2009, BASF procured rawintegrated into their business operations. biggest challenges were: performance materials from more than 6,000 suppliers Whether it’s true or not is less interesting measurement, internal reporting, external worldwide. Their purchasing volume in 2009 reporting, partnerships collaboration and amounted to €21.2 billion.than that CEOs believe it’s going to happen. community engagement. • Hear how risk matrices help BASF to This is your chance to hear exactly why that In this session we’re asking three leading identify potential high-risk suppliersis. Three leading Chief Executives will set out companies if they agree – and to tell us about: • Rating suppliers A-C – How does that work inwhy they believe this to be the case - and practice, and which efficiencies can it deliver?show you how they drive their business’ • How Henkel use sustainable product development to drive sustainability • Find out the key lessons learned from BASF’ssustainability strategy from the top. You will efforts to promote CSR with their suppliersget insight into: messages across business units p BASF, Charlene Wall-Warren, Sustainability• Why sustainability is business critical: • ING has been tracking group sustainability Leader Corporate responsibility as a core component performance since 1995. Hear which of future success numbers resonate most with line managers• Driving strategy: The approach mapped out and senior executives, and why Supplier engagement: by Veolia Water, AkzoNobel and Interface – • Xerox: Beyond ‘quick wins’, how do How to get buy-in even and what you can learn from it you maintain momentum for sustainability when you’re not your as a business driver without lowering the• The future of corporate sustainability: What hurdles? suppliers’ biggest customer responsible business will look like ten years Herman Miller has won more than 40 from now p Henkel, Thomas Müller-Kirschbaum, Corporate Senior Vice-President, Global Head environmental awards since 1991. The company isp Interface, Daniel Hendrix, President and Chief of RD and Supply Chain recognised world-wide as a sustainability Executive Officer pioneer in both design and operations, dating p ING Group, Dailah Nihot, Head of Corporatep Veolia Water America, Laurent Auguste, Responsibility back to 1953. The company has been an early President and Chief Executive Officer adopter of targets such as zero waste to landfill p Xerox, Patricia Calkins, Global Vice-President, (1991) and more than 400 staff work onp AkzoNobel, Frank Sherman, President Environment, Health and Safety Environmental Quality Action Team (EQAT) targets. In this session hear about: Acknowledgements to our Panel of Experts • Effective strategies for working collaboratively We would like to thank the corporate responsibility practitioners below who helped us to create this industry-leading conference agenda: with suppliers # HESS Corporation, Armand Zantman, Advisor Social Responsibility # Boeing, Christer Hellstrand, Environment, Health and Safety, • Learn how Herman Miller’s 100% reduction of # Coca-Cola Enterprises, Lucinda Hensman, Corporate CRS Manager Capabilities and Compliance hazardous waste is impacting the supply chain # Advantest America, Gary White, Director, HR CSR # Boeing, Terry Mutter, director, Enterprise Strategy for EHS # Alcoa, Mike Belwood, Director, Media and Corporate Relations – and how they communicate and manage # Alcatel-Lucent, Richard Goode, Senior Director of Sustainability # Boeing, Veronica Cavallaro, Director of Research and Measurement # PepsiCo, Daniel Pellegrom, Sustainability progress # Intel, Suzanne Fallender, Director, CSR Strategy Communications # BAE Systems, Chadwick Charles, Compliance • Innovative solutions that will help you # Cone, Mike Lawrence, EVP # Coca-Cola, Genevieve Taft-Vazquez, Global Workplace Rights encourage suppliers to commit to long-term # Starbucks, Pablo Ramirez, Ethical Sourcing Manager # Ipsos, Trent Ross, Managing Director - Ipsos Global Reputation sustainability goals # MillerCoors, Kim Marotta, CSR Centre # Kraft food, Sherilyn Brodersen, Ethical Sourcing, Americas # Hill Knowlton, Chad Tragakis, SVP p Herman Miller, W Drew Schramm, Senior Vice- # Marathon Oil, Charlie Curlee, CSR Reporting Coordinator # Bureau Veritas, Lisa Barnes, Senior Project Manager President, Global Supply Chain ManagementCheck our website for updates and new speaker additions –
  5. 5. DAY TWO Agenda, 2 June 2011 STAKEHOLDER ENGAGEMENT: CHANGE HEARTS AND MINDS What it means to be a sustainable company Employee engagement: How to use partnerships In this opening keynote speech, Timberland CEO How to overcome the and collaboration to Jeff Swartz outlines his vision of the sustainable deliver true bottom line company. He’ll address how far he feels ‘CSR doesn’t apply to me’ Timberland has come to date, what more attitude benefits needs to be done, and what’s next for him, and the whole Timberland business. Collaborative relationships with industry Today’s organizations are waking up to the p Timberland, Jeff Swartz, Chief Executive Officer and/or government leaders can drive new importance of engaging their employees. policy development. And collaborating with And with good reason. Failure to do so your business rivals offers advantages and carries quantifiable financial costs. savings that are otherwise unattainable. But How Dell, Bank of America Disengaged workers cost US companies an is the effort and risk worthwhile? and PGE embed estimated $343 billion per year in lost Hear from Maersk Line, a founding productivity, research group Gallup member of the Sustainable Shipping sustainability calculates. Initiative, which brings together ship While 96% of CEOs recognize the importance owners, charterers, banks, builders and of sustainability and believe it should be fully Bottom line: Engaging employees in CR NGOs with the aim integrated in their operations, executing that programs can breathe life into companies’ of shifting shipping towards greater principles and values. long term sustainability strategy remains a sustainability and profitability. Maersk Line Attend this session to find out how you significant challenge. How do you make it stick? will help you confront the following issues: can translate the value of CSR in real terms - • When there are no industry associations Dell’s CEO has declared the company’s leading the way, how do you start mission to be the “greenest and show your colleagues how CSR can collaborating? technology company on the planet”. create value. VPs from two top FORTUNE 500 • How collaboration has helped cut costs In this session we’ll be asking Trisa companies will: AND reduce environmental impacts Thompson, Vice President, Corporate Social • Provide examples of how practical CSR • The lessons learned to date in working Responsibility, how the firm intends to looks in the field, what it would mean for achieve this by embedding sustainability their role as operational staff, how it in partnership: Tips and checklists through performance measurement across the creates value, and how it impacts the p Maersk Line, Søren Stig Nielsen, Head business. of Sustainability, Senior Director DPA organization In 2007, Bank of America made a landmark • Demonstrate practically how CR is no longer $20 billion, 10-year commitment to address Youll hear from AMD Director of Corporate global climate change. Hear from Alex Liftman, just a matter for corporate communications Responsibility Tim Mohin on the topics of: Global Environmental Executive, on making or the CSR department • How to share inspection information with sustainability a priority for the bank as a • Show you how to train your top 200 competitors and industry partners whole and how she helped develop a cross leadership executives in ethics issues - and • Advice on building trust, creating a organization Environmental Council. gain at 91% approval rating as a result business case and reconciling any As a leading utility firm in sustainability, • Discuss the advantages of identifying and conflicting commercial objectives Pacific Gas Electric has set industry leading using internal champions to pass on your • Concrete examples and results of working milestones such as being the first American in a cooperative coalition of industry energy utility company to measure scope 3 CSR message competitors to advance social responsibility greenhouse gas emissions. p McKesson, Carrie Varoquiers, Vice-President dealing with issues ranging from labour for Corporate Citizenship and President of the We’re asking Steven Kline, Chief and human rights, climate change and McKesson Foundation Sustainability Officer, to explain what this has conflict minerals done for embedding sustainable thinking p ABB, Darryl Hill, Vice President Safety p AMD, Tim Mohin, Director of Corporate through the business. Health Responsibility • Hear how to determine which sustainability aa“Ethical Corporation brings together the best targets and objectives are meaningful for individual subsidiaries, divisions and departments • Learn about how you push those through in business to make a difference” the business, create buy-in, measure the reaction – and gain ideas for more – Jeff Swartz, CEO, Timberland innovation from business units and aa employeesFresh perspectives and practical advice on all aspects of Corporate Responsibility Sustainability
  6. 6. • Find out how to sell the benefits – and Performance measurement: successes – of people diversity, product recycling and supply chain initiatives across How to quantify corporate traditional business lines – and sustains responsibility activity Taking actionable steps to become a• Discover how a more thorough embedding of sustainable and socially responsible company CSR into your operations will lead to the requires the investment of capital and generation of new products and services resources. It’s critical to demonstrate the valuep Pacific Gas and Electric Company, Steven and return on investment CSR reforms can provide. This session will help you learn the + Bring your CEO for Kline, Chief Sustainability Officer best ways to measure the ROI of CSR efforts -p Dell, Trisa Thompson, Vice President, and effectively convince senior management Corporate Social Responsibilityp Bank of America, Alex Liftman, Global it’s worth the investment. an extra $300! Environmental Executive, Head of Sustainability • How to measure the ROI of your CSR Scheduling a meeting with your CEO takes • How a CSR plan can build business AND save money time! Why not just bring your CEO along to this conference so he/her can hear directlyWhat is the 2011 • Are rankings and ratings agencies doing more harm than good? Are there tangible results to from fellow CEOs on the business value ofbusiness case for different certification systems? CSR and sustainability.continuous stakeholder p BT America, Kevin Moss, Head of Corporate To help you make this possible, once Social Responsibility youve confirmed your ticket, an additionalengagement? p Intel, Suzanne Fallender, Director, CSR pass for your CEO will only cost $300! Strategy CommunicationsStakeholder engagement is an integral part ofCSR – but it is a complex issue. Yet to make a CR REPORTING: KEY TO SUCCESSdifference on sustainability issues, it’s crucialto obtain strong engagement from yourstakeholders. Is one-way CR reporting What does integrated Hear how Microsoft have used a variety of dead? reporting really mean?channels including public and internal Stakeholders today demand up-to-the- Nearly 80% of the world’s largest 250campaigns, participation in industry minute information about CR activities, companies now report CR performance,organisations, specific and attitudinal surveys making timely CR reporting ‘business with 4% reporting on an integrated basis.and feedback, to engage with their critical’ rather than ‘business optional’. This figure continues to rise asstakeholders. Learn how PepsiCo has built a Many businesses recognize that the regulatory agencies and otherreputation among opinion formers for taking traditional one-way annual CR report organizations embrace integratedthe issues seriously – and how it has impacted doesn’t match today’s expectations for real- reporting. The recently formed time information. They have found that thetheir business planning. International Integrated Reporting need to ‘communicate with’ rather than This session will get to the bottom of a ‘report to’ their stakeholders requires a Committee (IIRC), the EU Directive oncentral question: How stakeholder engagement change in reporting tactics. Transparency, the Global Reportingadds value to your business. Attend this session to discover: Initiative (GRI) and sustainable investors associations such as EUROSIF all support• Letting the conversation flow: Encourage • How CR reporting is evolving globally integrated reporting. stakeholders to share thinking and discuss • How social media and quarterly briefings are playing a more prominent role in • Get the latest on today’s best practices, progress. Benefit from fresh insights and work reporting including how to ensure your integrated with stakeholders to co-develop report reflects your organization’s sustainability strategies • How and when investors/analysts are using CR reports to make critical decisions sustainability strategy• Benefit from a better understanding of the • Crucial tips on how to avoid diluting the needs and expectations of different • The benefits and pitfalls of print vs. online reporting sustainability message when compiling stakeholder groups – do your stakeholders an integrated report • How to get the most out of your reporting really care about green/ethical products in a • An analysis of the value, benefits and advisory panel downturn? drawbacks. Get the facts from companies p Abbott, Tracey Noe, Senior Director Globalp PepsiCo, Dan Bena, Director of Sustainable Citizenship and Policy that have adopted integrated reporting Development p Merck, Eric Dziedzic, Director, Corporate p Veolia Water America, Edwin Pinero,p Microsoft, Paula Knight, Vice-President, Responsibility Chief Sustainability Officer Corporate Citizenship Got a question? Give us a call on +1 800 814 34 59
  7. 7. R E G I S T E R N O WDelegates who purchase a Platinum Pass getour hot-selling report: Responsible Business Summit USA Manhattan, New York, 1-2 June 2011 How to embed corporate responsibility 1. CHOOSE YOUR PASS TYPE across different parts of your company Super Early Bird Early Bird Standard price Register by: 18 March 2011 15 April 2011 This report will provide you $2995 I $3245 I $3395 I with winning methods for PLATINUM PASS Save $400 Save $150 encouraging and monitoringcorporate social responsibility throughout your $2145 I $2395 I $2545 I GOLD PASS Save $400 Save $150company. It will highlight opportunities for reducingcosts, the key CR issues you face, ways you can set $1595 I $1845 I $1995 Irelevant CSR targets and more. SILVER PASS Save $400 Save $150Download free selected findings from the report here: $1395 I $1645 I $1795 I BRONZE PASS Save $400 Save $150 WHAT YOU GET: PLATINUM GOLD SILVER BRONZESPEAKING, EXHIBITING, • Access to all sessions • Access to all sessions • Access to all sessions • Access to all sessions • Networking lunch and • Networking lunch and • Networking lunch and • Networking lunch andSPONSORSHIP AND NETWORKING coffee breaks coffee breaks coffee breaks coffee breaksOPPORTUNITIES • Evening Drinks Reception Access • Evening Drinks Reception Access • Evening Drinks Reception Access • Access to presentation • Evening Drinks Reception Access + Access to presentation slides • Access to presentation • Access to presentation slides post-conference post-conference• Highlight your company’s work, raise your slides post-conference slides post-conference + Access to audio profile and connect with senior corporate • Access to audio • Access to audio recordings from every sustainability and CSR professionals recordings of every recordings of every conference session conference session conference session • 1-year subscription + 1-year subscription to PRIORITY CODE BOX• Raise the profile of your service or product SAVE $150 WHEN YOU QUOTE THIS CODE! to Ethical Corporation Printed Ethical Corporation Printed with a focused group of senior decision Magazine Magazine and website makers in major corporations working in + 1 Ethical Corporation (saving $250 on normal business intelligence subscription price) Corporate Responsibility, Sustainability, report (saving $370) Corporate Affairs, Strategy and Communications. 2. ENTER YOUR DETAILS Please photocopy this form for multiple registrationsContact Andrew Bold NOW on +44 (0) 20 73757188 / email Mr / Mrs / Ms / Dr : . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .First name: . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Last name: . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Job title: . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Company: . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .THE VENUE Telephone: . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .This conference will take place at the Email: . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .New York Helmsley Hotel in mid-townManhattan. Ethical Corporation has secured a Address: . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .reduced room rate for attendees and you will . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .City: . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .be sent detailed info about this when yourregistration is confirmed. State: . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Zip code: . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Payment Choose one payment option I Credit Card (we’ll call to pick up your details) I Invoice NB: Full payment must be received before the event 3. REGISTER CALL: Ethical Corporation +44 (0) 20 7375 7575 or US toll-free +1 800 814 34 59. Cancellation Policy: Places are transferable without any charge. Cancellations after March 11 2011 incur FAX: This form to+44 (0) 20 7375 7576 or to US toll-free+1 800 814 34 60. an administrative charge of 25%. If you cancel your registration after April 1st 2011 we will be obliged to EMAIL: The registration team on charge the full fee. Please note – you must notify Ethical Corporation in writing of a cancellation, or we will The hotel is only a few blocks from Grand MAIL: This form to Ethical Corporation, 7–9 Fashion Street, London, E1 6PX, UK be obliged to charge the full fee. TheCentral, the Chrysler building, the Morgan organisers reserve the right to make changes to the programme withoutLibrary and more. WEB: Go to and submit your details for instant notice. For more details about prices please see terms conditions on confirmation of your place! Places are strictly limited, register today!
  8. 8. Get insight from corporate sustainability leaders from both sides of the Atlantic! SaveResponsible Business Summit USA if you reg $40 0 March ister byLearn how sustainability 18!drives REAL business valuefor leading global Your expert speakers include:companies1-2 June 2011 Manhattan, New YorkInnovation Best Practice Interactivity Focused guarantees to you1 A powerful agenda addressing the US sustainability communitys key concerns – 15 hours of case studies and workshops2 An unrivalled line-up of 20+ expert speakers from Europe and the USA, including 3 international CEOs3 Concrete best practice and next steps to take back to the office from leading US and European businesses4 The CSR and sustainability networking opportunity in 2011 - over 3,000 sustainability executives have attended the Responsible Business Summit so far! COME AND HEAR FROM THIS UNRIVALLED LINE UP OF EXPERT SPEAKERS! Timberland, Jeff Swartz, CEO ABB, Darryl Hill, Vice President Safety Abbott, Tracey Noe, Senior Director Veolia Water Americas, Laurent Health Global Citizenship and Policy Auguste, President and CEO McKesson, Carrie Varoquiers, VP for Merck, Eric Dziedzic, Director, Corporate Corporate Citizenship and President of the Responsibility Interface, Daniel Hendrix, President CEO McKesson Foundation Xerox, Patricia Calkins, Global VP of Maersk Line, Søren Stig Nielsen, Head of Dell, Trisa Thompson, VP Corporate Social Sustainability, Senior Director DPA Environment, Health and Safety Responsibility Henkel, Thomas Müller-Kirschbaum, AMD, Tim Mohin, Director of Corporate Corporate SVP and Global Head of RD and Microsoft, Paula Knight, VP Corporate Responsibility Supply Chain Citizenship Bank of America, Alex Liftman, Global PepsiCo, Dan Bena, Director of BT America, Kevin Moss, Head of Environmental Executive, Head of ORGANISER Sustainable Development Corporate Social Responsibility Sustainability AkzoNobel, Frank Sherman, President ING Group, Dailah Nihot, Head of BASF, Charlene Wall-Warren, Veolia Water America, Edwin Pinero, Corporate Social Responsibility Sustainability Leader Chief Sustainability Officer Pacific Gas Electric, Steven Kline, VP, Herman Miller, W Drew Schramm, Intel, Suzanne Fallender, Director, CSR Corporate Environmental and Federal Senior Vice-President, Global Supply Strategy Communications Affairs Chief Sustainability Officer Chain Management Check out the full agenda inside... Open now!