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How to protect your business and yourself - Your blueprint to eliminating corporate ethics & compliance risks.

* Far Reaching Anti-Corruption Legislation...
* Increased Individual Prosecutions...
* Sophisticated Transatlantic Investigations...
* The Hits Keep Coming

The 3rd Annual Global Anti-Corruption Summit USA will show you how to hit back – ensuring you and your business stay safe as we enter the Get Tough Era

* Upcoming Legislation: Briefing from DOJ and the UK SFO spelling out the threats to your business and key personnel in the new ‘ignorance is no defence’ era
* Benchmark From the Best: In-depth analysis of the best compliance programs of all – discover how to adapt what’s relevant to your company’s risk profile
* Avoid personal liability: Develop a battle plan that will protect your company – and YOU – against the risk of heavy fines and even jail
* Cost-effective due diligence: How to identify third party and M&A risks without wasting resources – and cash

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The 3rd annual anti corruption summit usa brochure

  1. 1. Uniting US and UK law enforcement agencies, plus leading corporations, to address all of YOUR compliance concerns L! 3RD ANNUA Sav when e $400 yo before u register TheVGlobal Anti-Corruption Summit USA 16 Ap 2010! ril How to protect your FACT! 20+ expert speakers business and yourself 14+ interactive sessions 100+ attendees Your blueprint to eliminating corporate 8+ hours of networking ethics & compliance risks OUR EXPERT SPEAKERS INCLUDE: 23-24 JUNE,2010 > FOUR POINTS BY SHERATON HOTEL > DOWNTOWN WASHINGTON D.C. Upcoming Legislation: Briefing from US Department of Justice and the UK Serious Fraud Office spelling out the threats to your business and key personnel in the new ‘ignorance is no defense’ era Benchmark From the Best: In-depth analysis of the best compliance programs of all – discover how to adapt what’s relevant to your company’s risk profile Avoid Personal Liability: Develop a battleplan that will protect your company – and YOU – against the risk of heavy fines and even jail Cost-Effective Due Diligence: How to identify third party and MA risks without wasting resources – and cash CO-SPONSORS Hear from these expert speakers: US Department of Justice AstraZeneca Mark Mendelsohn, Deputy Chief, Glenn Engelmann, Fraud Section General Counsel Baker Hughes Tyco International Jay Martin, Chief Compliance Officer Matthew Tanzer, Vice President and Chief Compliance Counsel ORGANISED BY and Senior Deputy General Counsel Weatherford UK Serious Fraud Office Billy Jacobson, VP, Co-General Counsel, Robert Amaee, Chief Compliance Officer Head of Domain Check out our interactive and practical agenda inside ... OPEN NOW!
  2. 2. The only Anti-Corruption event you can't afford to miss this year! Far Reaching Anti-Corruption Legislation… Increased Individual Prosecutions… Sophisticated Transatlantic Investigations… The Hits Keep Coming Dear Colleague, back – and ensure YOU Book now for the event that shows you how to hit and your business stay safe as we enter the 'Get Tough Era' corruption-related headlines. It’s been hard to pick up the paper lately without seeing of the new Bond movie. s and arms executives in Las Vegas sounds like the setting The recent FCPA Sting Operation with undercover FBI agent ed… If only! Especially for the 22 people who’ve been indict living perilously close to the edge. ds deployed by enforcement agents, your business is Given the increasingly proactive – and aggressive – metho implemented and closely monitored. Unless your ethics and compliance program is efficiently Is it? as we’ve seen, it’s no longer just over and air your dirty laundry in public for you? And Are you going to wait until the authorities come pull you a question of fines. People are ending up in jail. easy at night it to protect yourself and your business – and sleep Reserve your place at the 3rd Anti-Corruption Summ ce – programs that put you up there that brings you a wealth of new ideas and best practi If you've attended before, you know this is the event ed standard. with the leaders, ensuring you go beyond the requir (Including you!) company on the right side of US and international law. In other words, solutions that keep everyone in your as… senior corporate compliance officials and regulators… their counterparts from overse This year, as always the Summit will unite US government executives, along with influential global organizations. attend meeting? Why do so many previous delegates consider this a must- um business intelligence that’s lf, get the latest legislative updates and acquire premi Because frankly, there is no better place to educate yourse not available anywhere else. industries? m matches up to your competitors and peers in other Do you want to be certain your anti-corruption progra the US or abroad? t YOU from a criminal investigation in Do you want to find out if it’s robust enough to protec year’s all-new summit agenda. These are two of the business-critical questions on this el of BAE Systems, ready to tell you this year’s faculty of expert speakers is the Chief Couns When you come to take a look, you’ll see that among put it into in practise when faced with stand the corporate ethics policy, but unfailingly how the company ensures employees not only under tough decisions. jurisdictional prosecutions and serial orruption laws – leaving many businesses at risk of multi- With countries all over the world updating their Anti-C the UK’s Serious Fraud Office. it is also uniquely distinguished by participation from fines for a single offense – the 3rd Anti-Corruption Summ Foreign Corrupt Practices Act. will most likely be even more far-reaching than the US The UK Bribery Act expected to come into force this year SFO directly. compliance program, come and ask the So if you’re wondering whether you need to update your ds individual prosecutions will y Chief Mark Mendelsohn about how the shift towar You’ll also hear from US Department of Justice’s Deput to adequately ensure compliance is now all that’s neede d to demonstrates, simply failing affect you. As the case of Nature’s Sunshine Products send senior executives to jail… ted with typical corporate ethical back by popular demand. Our experts will again be presen You’ll also notice our traditional Dilemmas Session is the most well respected compliance experts in the Prepare to compare notes with some of dilemmas, and forced to make on-the-spot decisions. world – as audience participatio n is guaranteed to be lively and thought-provoking! – a clear measure of how valuable Ethical Corporation’s annual Anti-Corruption Summits Over 700 executives have attended and benefited from g list, make sure you reserve your ticket today. they are. To avoid the risk of ending up on the waitin 24th June 2010! I look forward to seeing you in Washington DC, 23rd – register by n't forget - Kind regards, P.S. Do save $400! 16 th Ap ril 2010 to Cora Ng Conference Director Check the website for the latest agenda and speaker additions:
  3. 3. Interactive Sessions + Hardhitting Keynotes + Practical Case Studies + Excellent Networking Opportunities Your summit at a glance: So, what does The 3rd Global Anti-Corruption Summit USA Morning Afternoon Evening 2010 offer you and your team Day 1 Critical Legislation Networking – why should you reserve your Update on DETECTION Drinks Party Anti-Corruption place today? PREVENTION Personal AN UNPARALLELED SELECTION OF Liability Risks RESPONSE OVER 20 SENIOR LEVEL SPEAKERS At no other conference will you find such 1 Day 2 Business Implications End of a high percentage of senior level corporate on Escalating Global Conference IMPLEMENTATION COMPLIANCE professionals speaking alongside leading Anti-Corruption authorities and Government bodies. Efforts At this event you will hear from the US Department of Justice, the UK Serious Who will you meet at the conference? Fraud Office, AstraZeneca, BAE System, Baker Hughes, ING Group, Pfizer, Here’s a breakdown from last year’s These attendees included: The World Bank, TRACE International… and many more! At the 3rd Global Anti-Corruption conference attendees: # AstraZeneca | Global Compliance Area Lead for Anti-Corruption Summit USA you will get Emerging Areas direct insight from the people who are # Akzo Nobel NV | Senior Legal Counsel shaping the future of anti-corruption both # ArcelorMittal USA | Senior Legal Counsel domestically, and globally. # Barclays Wealth | Head of Barclays Wealth Financial Crime # BP | VP, Segment Function Compliance DYNAMIC AND CONTROVERSIAL # BT | Director International Corporate Governance DISCUSSIONS YOU'LL WANT TO BE # Chiquita Brands International | Vice President Chief A PART OF I Compliance Officer We have 2 tracks jam packed with 14 2 C-Suite ..............................................7% I VP ....................................................16% # City of London Police Overseas Anti-corruption in-depth and practical sessions to choose I Unit | Detective Superintendent from. Get direct answers to all the Director ..............................................32% I # Dell questions you have on compliance and Manager ............................................15% | Global Compliance Program Manager I ethics from internationally renowned Adviser/executive/specialist ......................18% # Department for Internal Affairs at the Ministry of I business leaders. This is your conference, Others ................................................12% Finance | Team Leader tailored to your needs. Take part in our # EADS France | Chief Compliance Officer popular dilemmas session, and see if you # GE Europe | Legal and Compliance Counsel agree with our speakers on how they SPEAKING, EXHIBITING, # HSBC Holdings would tackle different corruption scenarios. | Group General Manager – Internal Audit SPONSORSHIP AND NETWORKING Hear leading companies deliver first-hand # International Paper Company | Chief Counsel OPPORTUNITIES guidance on topics such as: How to – Global Compliance benchmark from other compliance Highlight your company’s work, raise # Molson Coors Brewing Company | Global Director, programs; Expert advice on cost-effective your profile and connect with senior Ethics Business Conduct and risk-based approach to third-party # Monsanto compliance ethics professionals | Assistant General Counsel due diligence. Opportunities for extensive # Motorola • Over 8 hours of face-to-face networking time audience participation is guaranteed. | Senior Commercial Attorney Company • Intimate networking environment – 10 exhibit Secretary # Nokia Siemens Networks booths, all coffee breaks, lunch and evening networking drinks reception will take place in | Chief Compliance Officer OVER 8 HOURS NETWORKING the exhibition/networking area # Shell Trading in North America | Compliance Deputy TIME BUILT IN • Address delegates and raise your profile with a # Siemens AG | Chief Compliance Officer and Senior The 3rd Global Anti-corruption Summit 3 speaking/sponsorship position – 10-15 minute Counsel USA 2010 provides you with the perfect # TRACE presentations time plus 40 minute QA | President opportunity to share best practice with your • Online pre-conference e-networking centre – chat with attendees before the conference # US Department of Commerce | Director, Americas industry peers, and debate the latest hot Project Team, Int'l Trade topics on the anti-corruption horizon. Secure your place NOW, contact Andrew Bold # Vodafone You’ll have ample time to network with on +44 (0)20 7375 7188 or email | Group Investigations Crisis Management Adviser over 130 peers and colleagues in this collaborative effort to beat corruption. # Wal-Mart Stores | Director International Ethics In-depth Anti-Corruption insight straight from the policy makers
  4. 4. DAY ONE AGENDA 23 June 2010 PLENARY SESSIONS BREAKOUT SESSION ONE Critical update on the state of play of Anti-Corruption and PREVENTION Compliance: How will your business be affected? Risk-based due diligence on The escalating rate of enforcement actions and individual prosecutions – by US regulators, their overseas counterparts and international organizations – shows no sign of slowing down. Meanwhile, inter-agency third parties: Joint venture co-operation grows ever more sophisticated. In this session: partners, agents consultants • What to be on the alert for in the next twelve months – and how to prepare for upcoming developments AGCO Corporation will pay more than $20 million in • FCPA Sting Operation – What really went on? What are the lessons learned? fines as a result of failing to conduct due diligence on • Increasing international cooperation between regulators on investigations: To what extent will the new a third-party agent who acted illegally. Based on policies increase your corporate liabilities? this case and other prosecutions recently taken • The role of international organizations: How quasi-enforcement agencies like the World Bank are raising the forward by the DOJ and SEC, due diligence on your business partners has become paramount in today’s bar internationally anti-corruption standards. US Department of Justice, Mark Mendelsohn, Deputy Chief, Fraud Section Weatherford, Billy Jacobson, VP, Co-General Counsel, Chief Compliance Officer • In the eyes of law enforcement agencies, which The World Bank, Pascale Dubois, Sanctions Evaluation and Suspension Officer specific business partners are you now obliged to subject to due diligence? • Quality and quantity: How much do you ask for Personal Liability: How the shift towards individual prosecutions and how many of your business partners/ suppliers/contractors must you realistically carry will affect YOU out due diligence on? Individuals can no longer afford to turn a blind eye to bribery and corruption risks in their company. Ignorance • Expert advice on cost-effective, risk-based is no defense. And regulators are more than willing to levy severe fines and penalties against individuals who approaches to defining and vetting partners, have failed to carry out adequate anti-corruption measures. especially those overseas So how do you protect yourself? • How to leverage technology and third-party inventory techniques to create a robust due • Senior management: The Nature’s Sunshine Products case, in which the company agreed to pay $6 million – diligence program with minimal administrative and marked the first enforcement action where individuals were charged with FCPA violations. The “I don’t know financial burden what I don’t know” defense will no longer suffice. Tyco International, Matthew Tanzer, VP and Chief • Understand what you need to do now to avoid the same fate of the CEO and CFO of NSP, who were charged Compliance Counsel for failing to adequately supervise personnel responsible for ensuring FCPA compliance Baker Hughes, Jay Martin, Chief Compliance Officer and • General Council and Compliance Officers: The FCPA Sting Operation has received widespread attention Senior Deputy General Counsel throughout the compliance world World Check, Michael Osajada, Consultant • Understand how to use this as an opportunity – and ensure the message filters out beyond your compliance team BREAKOUT SESSION TWO • Learn the most efficient way to reinforce your corporate ethics and compliance policy on every employee. PREVENTION • Corporate: Companies may sometimes be incentivized to point a finger at individuals • What’s the best approach for such a delicate area – and how do you protect the corporation in the Benchmarking to create a long run? compliance program that’s a US Department of Justice, Hank Walther, Assistant Chief, Fraud Section Pfizer, Gary Giampetruzzi, VP and Assistant General Counsel, Head of Government Investigations perfect fit for your company’s risk profile No matter whether you’re confident you have a Acknowledgements to our Panel of Experts great compliance program in place, or one that’s This is not a vague or ill-defined agenda, it is the result of months of primary research and interviews ‘good enough’, attend this session to compare conducted with over 75 senior compliance experts across different industries. We would like to express special some of the best in US businesses. acknowledgement to our panel of experts who have really helped us zone into the core topics of this agenda: • How to carry out an effective compliance risk # Monsanto, Alfredo Avila, Assistant General Counsel # US Department of Commerce, Tricia Johnson, assessment: What should you be looking for? # Society of Corporate Compliance and Ethic, Int'l Trade Specialist, Market Access • What are the minimum acceptable standards of Adam Turteltaub, VP of member development # a compliance program – and why should you # Inter-American Development Bank, Matthew International Paper, Stephen Donovan, Chief bother to improve on them? Fowler, Counsel, Private Sector Integrity Officer # Counsel – Global Compliance • Benchmark core elements from other programs # Siemens, Dan Garen, Chief Compliance Officer and tailor them to enhance your company’s risk USAID, Arnie Haiman, Deputy General Counsel and and Senior Counsel profile # Jim Peters, Assistant General # Trace International, Alexandra Wrage, President • What’s the best way to spread your resources # Weatherford International Ltd, William Jacobson, US Air Force, Steven Shaw, Deputy General Counsel and leverage different departments to ensure VP/Co-General Counsel/Chief Compliance Officer # for Contractor Responsibility your compliance program is up to scratch # World Bank, Pascale Dubois, Sanctions Evaluation – despite the tough economy and Suspension Officer BDO Consulting, Martina Rozumberkova, Director # # Trace International, Carolyn Lindsey, Director First Advantage, Allen Dolberg, Regional Director Casals Associates, Larry Ott Alstom, Jean-Daniel Laine, SVP Ethics Compliance Got a question? Give us a call on 1800 814 3459
  5. 5. Dynamic and innovative sessions you won't find at any other Anti-Corruption events! BREAKOUT SESSION THREE DETECTION PREVENTION RESPONSE Your compliance program: Minimize FCPA risks before, Crisis what crisis? Effective Is it good enough in the during and after MA internal investigation and eyes of enforcement A KPMG survey reveals that only 36% of businesses crisis management feel their organization’s level of US FCPA due diligence agencies? in MA is adequate. Confronted with such stark Crisis management. No-one wants to have to deal statistics – and the DOJ’s increased focus in this area with it – because everyone hopes their compliance It’s hard to prove a negative. But it is not difficult programs are sufficiently robust to ensure there is – identifying FCPA risks must be a key priority in to evaluate the effectiveness of your compliance every merger or acquisition. This session will help no crisis. You only need talk to someone who has program. This session delivers the inside track keep you safe: been prosecuted to fully understand the necessity on mounting a stronger defense plan. of crisis management protocols and internal • Before: How to include an FCPA component investigation plans so you’re ready to respond • How to build and use risk assessment to when carrying out due diligence – and without delay. identify where compliance functions work how to use this to identify potential risks pre-acquisition In this fascinating dilemmas session, our panel – and where they fall short • During: How you can make certain all potential will be presented with different scenarios. • Effective ways to deal with internal bad FCPA issues are revealed in the due diligence You’ll be able to discuss a variety of actors process and auditing? approaches and responses. • During: How to deal with problems such as Will you agree with our speakers? • How does the DOJ evaluate compliance public disclosure Baker Hughes, Jay Martin, Chief Compliance Officer and programs? • After: How to create a tight post-integration Senior Deputy General Counsel • What exactly do they look for? plan for companies you acquire • After: What are the most cost-effective ways of • What are the less talked about issues you integrating the new company into your existing should still be aware of? compliance program? US Department of Justice, Hank Walther, Assistant Chief, • Innovative ways of testing your compliance Fraud Section program – and pinpointing weak spots AstraZeneca, Glenn Engelmann, General Counsel MillerCoors, Garrett Reich, Director of Ethics Daylight Forensic Advisory LLC, Scott Moritz, Executive Business Conduct Director Networking drinks reception at the end of Day 1 DETECTION Testimonials from the 2nd Anti-Corruption Summit in 2009: A-Z of effective auditing on “I’ve seldom seen one run so smoothly, and the calibre of the attendees and a budget speakers was top-notch. There was a real energy about it, which carried over into lunchtime discussions and breaks. I know I learned a lot.” Continuous – and effective – auditing is vital in USAID, Arnold J. Haiman, Deputy General Counsel this demanding era. It is also the most effective way of finding out what’s going on in your “Overall, the 2009 Global Anti-Corruption Summit was excellent. The program back yard… and uncovering any holes in the anti- was filled with practitioners with real-life experience sharing best practices.” corruption safety net. BDO Consulting, Brian Mich, Managing Director • How do you develop an effective audit program? • What are the key components of conducting an FCPA audit? • How can you use pre- and post-closing audit MAKE THE MOST OF THIS CONFERENCE WITH OUR GROUP DISCOUNTS work to identify previously unknown With numerous sessions, unrivalled networking and so much information to be gained, the more members of compliance risks? your team that book, the more your business will benefit. We understand that sometimes, two, three or four G Buy three conference passes – get the fourth one free • Internal audits on a budget: Hear about heads are better than one. Bring along your team and benefit from the following discounts: G Buy four conference passes – get one free conference pass + a free subscription to Ethical innovative format, tools and other effective A technological solutions that will cut your costs B G Buying five or more passes? Get in touch with Cora Ng, Conference Director to find out more: Speaker to be announced online. Sign up to Corporation magazine and be the first to C hear about it Group discounts available, contact
  6. 6. DAY TWO AGENDA 24 June 2010 PLENARY SESSIONS BREAKOUT SESSION FOUR Global Anti-Corruption efforts: IMPLEMENTATION COMPLIANCE What are the implications of recent developments? How to set up an effective How to gain a competitive Traditionally, the US has led the way in the field of ethics training program: edge in high risk, high anti-corruption, there is now an increased international competitive push for companies to ramp up their Secrets of success growth markets without enforcement efforts. In this session, get the latest on: Ensuring your employees understand the corporate • Multi-jurisdictional investigations: The ethics policy is only half the battle. Getting them to fear of non-compliance possibility of multiple prosecutions means apply rules when making key decisions is the KPMG and Dow Jones report in separate surveys potentially huge costs from even a single crucial part. An effective ethics training program investigation. So how do you ensure your policy not only helps mitigate compliance risks, it can found that almost 50% of companies are avoiding meets the demands of international law enforcers? also help reverse an existing culture which may high growth markets because they’re afraid of the • What is the potential liability for a company not follow the rule book word for word. Attend non-compliance risks associated with emerging under investigation? this session to discover: markets. • What to do when you're in the middle of such • The best way to remind employees about their an investigation? personal liability risks in the training program Attend this session to learn how can you gain a • What law governs when and where? EU competitive advantage by successfully mitigating • Face-to-face training: Is it always superior? investigations vs. SEC and DOJ investigations vs. What about other less costly training techniques compliance risks? debarments by international organizations that create long term behavior change? • Anti-corruption developments in Europe, with • Find out how to effectively asses and mitigate a special focus on the UK • How to train key staff to spot and resolve • Proposed UK legislation will go even further compliance issues as they arise – and hopefully risks in specific emerging markets than the FCPA, covering private-private bribery before they become a crisis • Playing fair? What to do when you are losing – e.g. certain types of corporate hospitality • How to tackle employee resistance to extra could be prosecuted. How should you update layers of approval and review business to unethical competitors your worldwide compliance program to make • How do you ensure that compliance training • How to make sure that your corporate sure you stay on the right side of the law? ranks sufficiently high in your corporate priorities • The OECD is pushing for increased enforcement and compliance practice is upheld – even when – especially when spending is being cut? prosecution in the EU. What do these changes mean local legislation is less demanding BAE Systems, Jeffrey Cottle, Chief Counsel – International to your company if you are operating in Europe? Integrity Interactive, Kirk Jordan, Co-founder ING Group, Heather Loewenthal, Chief Compliance Officer • Analyzing the Evolving World Bank Sanctions System • Hear about enhanced sanctions system and BREAKOUT SESSION FIVE cooperation among International Financial IMPLEMENTATION COMPLIANCE Institutions • Discover incentives for private sector cooperation with the World Bank How to implement a Gray areas: How to navigate US Department of Justice, Mark Mendelsohn, compatible compliance facilitation payments, gifts, Deputy Chief, Fraud Section UK Serious Fraud Office Robert Amaee, Head of Domain program across regional and middlemen The World Bank, Pascale Dubois, Sanctions Evaluation and Suspension Officer and global jurisdictions Sometimes it’s tempting to pay the money if it means the work will get done faster. But when is money Make sure your non-U.S. operations aren't changing hands a bribe? And when is it not? Anti-Corruption Dilemmas: falling behind the curve when it comes to their • The UK’s upcoming Anti-Bribery law is unlikely to What would YOU do? anti-bribery compliance. exempt ‘facilitation payments’ – and the OECD It’s all very well talking about integrity and the • Customization – can you ever successfully cut have also called for an end to them. However, importance of ‘doing the right thing’. But does theory facilitation payments are currently still permitted and paste? Find out how to adapt training, ever really work in the real world? under US anti-corruption laws. How should you monitoring and response methods that works Another thought-provoking session in which our prepare to end these practices – and what can panel of anti-corruption experts will be put on the best with local conditions and local workforce you legitimately do instead? spot and asked to answer tough questions like: – without compromising the overall objective • With agents and middlemen particularly prone to • Do you let your unethical competitor win because • Learn how to create global communication corruption, what are the essentials of creating and you’re playing straight? channels that work implementing specific, rigorous guidelines for due • How do you make sure your ethical and financial diligence and agent approval? choices are correct? • Discover how to ensure your global compliance program carries the same weight in all subsidiaries • Gifts, meals and hospitality: When do • Do you investigate – or report immediately? • Protect the business? ‘reasonable’ and ‘customary’ become a bribe? • With the new UK anti corruption law coming Learn how to develop a global hospitality and • Or protect your people? into force this year, what areas of your global gift policy that keeps you on the right side of all • Which side are you on when individual and compliance program will need updating? the laws corporate interests collide? Speaker to be announced online. Newmont, Jacqui Beckett, Senior Global Compliance and Transparency International USA, Nancy Boswell, Sign up on the website to be the first to hear about it Ethics Counsel and Director President CEO Unrivalled choice, with all the issues you want to hear about. Guaranteed!
  7. 7. R E G I S T E R N O W A $300 discount is av ailable for In-House Corporate/Ex ecutives. Visit The 3rd Annual Global Anti-Corruption Summit USA Washington D.C., 23-24 June 2010 globalethics 1. CHOOSE YOUR PASS TYPE or email for more details Super Early Bird Early Bird Standard price Register by: 16th April 2010 14th May 2010 $3,295 I $3,495 I $3,695 I PLATINUM PASS Save $400 Save $200 Business Intelligence Reports $2,595 I $2,795 I $2,995 I GOLD PASS packaged with Platinum Passes Save $400 Save $200 $1,995 I $2,195 I $2,395 I Delegates who purchase a SILVER PASS Save $400 Save $200 $1,895 I $2,095 I $2,295 I platinum pass are entitled to one free business intelligence report produced BRONZE PASS Save $400 Save $200 by Ethical Corporation. Discounts available for In-House Counsel/Executives and representatives from the Government. Please go to for more details Reports such as: WHAT YOU GET: • Best practices for designing effective PLATINUM GOLD SILVER BRONZE ethics programmes • Access to all sessions • Access to all sessions • Access to all sessions • Access to all sessions • Networking lunch and • Networking lunch and • Networking lunch and • Networking lunch and • Business Ethics and coffee breaks coffee breaks coffee breaks coffee breaks Compliance in Russia • Evening Drinks Reception • Evening Drinks Reception • Evening Drinks Reception • Evening Drinks Reception • Conducting ethical Access Access Access Access business in China • Access to presentation • Access to presentation • Access to presentation + Access to presentation slides slides post-conference slides post-conference slides post-conference post-conference For information on Ethical • Access to audio • Access to audio + Access to audio Corporation’s reports, go to recordings of every recordings of every recordings from every conference session conference session conference session • 1-year subscription + 1-year subscription to to Ethical Corporation Ethical Corporation Printed SAVE $150 WHEN YOU QUOTE THIS CODE! PRIORITY CODE BOX Printed Magazine Magazine + 1 Ethical Corporation (Saving $230 from the normal business intelligence subscription price) report (Saving $350) Venue Information 2. ENTER YOUR DETAILS Please photocopy this form for multiple registrations The conference will take place right in downtown Washington D.C., at the Four Points by Sheraton Mr / Mrs / Ms / Dr : . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .First name: . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Hotel, only 0.3 miles from the White House. Ethical Corporation has secured a special room Last name: . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Job title: . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . rate for attendees, you will receive detailed Company: . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . information about this when your registration is confirmed. Telephone: . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Email: . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Address: . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ..................................................................... Payment Choose one payment option I Credit Card I Invoice (we’ll call to pick up your details) NB: Full payment must be received before the event 3. REGISTER Be close to everything at the Four Points by CALL: Ethical Corporation Toll Free on 1800 814 3459 TERMS CONDITIONS: Places are transferable without any charge. Cancellations received before Sheraton Washington D.C. Downtown. Visit a 20 April 2010 incur an administration charge of museum, see the monuments or attend to FAX: This form to +44 (0) 20 7375 7576 25%. If you cancel your registration after 5 May 2010 we will be obliged to charge the full fee. business on the K street corridor. The hotel is Please note – you must notify Ethical Corporation convenient to the Washington D.C. Convention EMAIL: for a quick response in writing of a cancellation, or we will be obliged to charge the full fee. The organisers reserve the Center, Penn Quarter and The Smithsonian. Free right to make changes to the programme without notice. All prices displayed are exclusive of VAT High Speed Internet Access in all guest rooms. MAIL: This form to Ethical Corporation, 7–9 Fashion Street, London, E1 6PX, UK unless otherwise stated but, VAT will be charged, where applicable, at the prevailing rate on the Free fitness center and rooftop pool. WEB: Go to and submit your invoice dare and the relevant details will appear on the invoice. NB: FULL PAYMENT MUST BE RECEIVED details for instant confirmation of your place! BEFORE THE EVENT Places are strictly limited, don't miss out on your chance to attend. Register today!
  8. 8. Dynamic and innovative sessions you won't find at any other Anti-Corruption events! L! 3RD ANNUA Sav when e $400 yo before u register The VGlobal Anti-Corruption Summit USA 16 Ap 2010! ril How to protect your FACT! 20+ expert speakers business and yourself 14+ interactive sessions 100+ attendees Your blueprint to eliminating corporate 8+ hours of networking ethics compliance risks OUR EXPERT SPEAKERS INCLUDE: 23-24 JUNE,2010 FOUR POINTS BY SHERATON HOTEL DOWNTOWN WASHINGTON D.C. Truly Global: At the 3rd Global Anti-Corruption Summit, get insight from the people who are shaping the future of anti-corruption in the US, and globally More Active Participation: Our innovative and dynamic sessions are structured with plenty of time for audience participation in debate and discussion Every Topic Covered: With 2 tracks and 14 workshop sessions, every issue from Prevention – Implementation – Detection – Response Unrivalled Networking Opportunities: Attendees come from across the world – the UK, Switzerland, France, the US, Canada, Belgium… This is the confirmed speaker list as of February 2010, to receive the latest speaker additions sign up to US Department of Justice, Weatherford, Billy Jacobson, Tyco International, Matthew Tanzer, Mark Mendelsohn, Deputy Chief, VP, Co-General Counsel, Chief Vice President and Chief Compliance CO-SPONSORS Fraud Section Compliance Officer Counsel US Department of Justice, Hank The World Bank, Pascale Dubois, Transparency International USA, Walther, Assistant Chief, Fraud Section Nancy Boswell, President CEO Sanctions Evaluation and Suspension UK Serious Fraud Office Officer ING Group, Heather Loewenthal, Chief Robert Amaee, Head of Domain Newmont Mining Corporation, Compliance Officer Trace International, Carolyn Lindsey, Jacqui Beckett, Senior Global MillerCoors, Garrett Reich, Director of Director Compliance and Ethics Counsel Ethics Business Conduct Pfizer, Gary Giampetruzzi, and Director VP and Assistant General Counsel, Daylight Forensic Advisory LLC, Scott Head of Government Investigations Baker Hughes, Jay Martin, Moritz, Executive Director ORGANISED BY AstraZeneca, Glenn Engelmann, Chief Compliance Officer and Senior World Check, Michael Osajada, General Counsel Deputy General Counsel Consultant BAE Systems, Jeffrey Cottle, Alstom, Jean-Daniel Laine, Integrity Interactive, Kirk Jordan, Chief Counsel – International SVP Ethics Compliance. Co-founder Save $400 on your ticket! Find out more inside ... OPEN NOW!