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Ether solutions self service portal


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Self Service Portals are an essential for every organisation and they can offer tremendous benefits both for the organisation as well as the user when deployed for the correct purpose. Ether Solutions recommends the use of Oracle WebCenter Portal software for the creation of Self Service portals. The material covers when and when not to use Self Service as a method of interacting between an organisation and a user.
One of the key drivers for the deployment of a self service portal is the expectation of the "Facebook" generation to be able to undertake activity from any device at any time.

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Ether solutions self service portal

  1. 1. What are the reasons to implement a Self Service Portal? When is a Self Service Portal not the right option? Where are the benefits? Ether Solutions are an Oracle Gold Partner WebCenter Specialists Delivering functionality to create efficient activity for all users All trademarks acknowledged When to deploy a Self Service Portal? 0845 643 44101
  2. 2. Who are Ether Solutions? The Enterprise Portal, Document Management, Content Management and Document Scanning Specialists for the UK 0845 643 44102
  3. 3. Reasons to implement Self Service Portal 0845 643 4410Page: 3 The users know what they want and when they need it Activity to be achieved is well defined
  4. 4. Self Service Portal Not the right option? 0845 643 4410Page: 4 When human interaction needs to be involved Where emotion and empathy are important Dealing with exceptions Processes are complex and not intuitive for individuals
  5. 5. Where are the benefits for the organisation? 0845 643 44105 Benefits List Self Service Service Agent Cheap to use – (Self service circa 25%) Yes No Highly available (no waiting) Yes No Easy to monitor – balance workload Yes No Existing applications are used Yes Yes Able to interact with customers for “Up sell” No Yes Offer in multiple languages Yes No Deal with exceptions No Yes
  6. 6. Where are the benefits for the individual? 0845 643 44106 Benefits List Self Service Service Agent Easy to monitor – for user Yes No Highly available (no waiting) Yes No Operate at own pace Yes No Can consult with friends while using Yes No Ease to use Yes Yes Promotions & Incentives to use Yes No Deal with exceptions No Yes
  7. 7. Self Service Portal The reality?  “People when you need them  and Technology when you don’t” 0845 643 44107
  8. 8. Self Service Portal Who will use it? New users – will need to register? Existing customers? There is a major demographic shift with the “Facebook” generation – who do NOT want to talk to call centre agents 0845 643 44108
  9. 9. Self Service Portal Triggers – Why Now? Benefits - Proven cost savings – the only question is how much? Compliance – ensure handling is consistent and visible Introduction of “Shared Service” changing processes Company acquisition / merger – Change in customer service volumes Change from paper documents to email attachments – easier and cheaper for people to interact Customers expect joined up experience across channels Customers expect access to information on their account Customers want to interact from phones / iPads / etc…. Competitive pressures 0845 643 44109
  10. 10. WebCenter Portal Self Service Solution  Ether Solutions recommends using WebCenter Portal  for self service solutions Able to present information and transactions in context Delivers a secure interface for registration and subsequent access Can interact with back-end systems Works alongside existing customer service staff but same back-end 0845 643 441010
  11. 11. WebCenter Portal Features Integrated with LDAP / ADS Enables Portlets Page design – by developers and business users Use of catalogues of functional components Existing connections for Oracle applications Interaction with workflow processes Allows social features to be used – blogs, wikis, forums, polls User interface which works across devices (PC, Tablet, Phone) 0845 643 441011
  12. 12. To discuss creating a Self Service Portal – contact us Ether Solutions implements self service portals Contact details:  Email:  Telephone: 0845 643 4410  International +44(0) 208 901 4030 0845 643 441012