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Ether solutions implements WebCenter Imaging


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Ether Solutions implements Oracle WebCenter Imaging where the business requirements match the software functionality. The provision of a document scanning, document recognition, image management and business process management.

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Ether solutions implements WebCenter Imaging

  1. 1. Implementing WebCenter Imaging Ether Solutions are an Oracle Gold Partner WebCenter Specialists Skilled at implementing of WebCenter Imaging Delivering functionality to create efficient activity for all users Before implementing, Ether Solutions examines the business requirements for a project for a match with WebCenter Imaging functionality and attempts to discover any additional opportunities where WebCenter Imaging could deliver benefits. This presentation covers the functionality and features of WebCenter Imaging so that suitability for a project can be determined All trademarks acknowledged 0845 643 44101
  2. 2. Who are Ether Solutions? The Enterprise Portal, Document Management, Content Management and Document Scanning Specialists for the UK 0845 643 44102
  3. 3. What is WebCenter Imaging? Enterprise class capture and management of document images integrated with transactional business applications for in context usage. 0845 643 44103
  4. 4. WebCenter Imaging enables in context viewing – for workers 0845 643 4410Page: 4 Single source of information Role based security controls access Document images can be delivered in context of applications Version control for back tracking Routing and approval notifications
  5. 5. WebCenter Images Built on WebCenter Content 0845 643 44105
  6. 6. WebCenter Imaging - Features Infrastructure for managing: Capture Recognition and extraction of information Image repository management Business Process automation Integration with business applications to deliver information in context Oracle e-Business, PeopleSoft, Siebel, JD Edwards Core component of Oracle Fusion Middleware Leverages WebCenter Content, SOA, BPM Executes as a J2EE application on Oracle WebLogic application server with desktop deployments for Capture Complete, Integrated and Open, hence: Capture with third party software e.g. Kofax Store in a third party repository e.g. SharePoint Workflow with third party software e.g. SAP 0845 643 44106
  7. 7. WebCenter Imaging Repository Services Fast Check-in Metadata – mandatory and extensible custom field Security – Role based, Supports Need to Know Indexing and Search – metadata, optional full text Item “View” and “Expiry” dates Notifications – subscriptions and RSS Feeds Folders – Optional organisation Store content items on file system or in a database Provides annotation and redaction mark-up 0845 643 44107
  8. 8. WebCenter Imaging Capture Desktop and Browser based capture processing Interfaces with ISIS and Kofax Adrenaline compliant devices Utilise a “Watched folder” approach for electronic files, emails, faxes Supports Barcode and patch-code driven document separation Generates thumbnail images for operator to quickly review a batch Provides key from image functionality Operator input screens can use database look-up and pick-list options Barcode and patch-code values can populate index fields OCR can be used to extract values from documents CPU based licences not image volume based 0845 643 44108
  9. 9. WebCenter Imaging Recognition Template-less / Free Form recognition Operator review of recognition values Confidence level criteria can be applied Pattern matching techniques Relative position criteria Integrated with Document Capture to enable “Straight Through Processing” where confidence level is high and manual operator activity in Quality Review process for low confidence 0845 643 44109
  10. 10. WebCenter Imaging Business Process Automation Images routed with workflow using BPEL and BPM Mix manual workflow actions and automated actions Multiple step workflows Escalation options, holiday cover and delegated person options Use of multiple criteria to control flow Load balance workload across users Monitoring and reporting of workflow status 0845 643 441010
  11. 11. WebCenter Imaging Typical Uses Automate invoice processing – capture and approvals Automate employee on-boarding – capture and process documents Employee expense claim automation – capture and approvals Contract management – capture and approvals Loan and Mortgage applications – capture and approvals Claims processing – capture and approvals 0845 643 441011
  12. 12. To discuss WebCenter Imaging implementation? Ether Solutions implements WebCenter Imaging Contact details:  Email:  Telephone: 0845 643 4410  International +44(0) 208 901 4030 0845 643 441012