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Ether solutions implements Oracle WebCenter Content


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Ether Solutions implements Oracle WebCenter Content where the business requirements match the software functionality. The provision of an Enterprise Content Management system enables an organisation to benefit from Document Management, Digital Asset Management and Records Management.

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Ether solutions implements Oracle WebCenter Content

  1. 1. Implementing WebCenter ContentEther Solutions are an Oracle Gold PartnerWebCenter SpecialistsSkilled at implementing of WebCenter ContentDelivering functionality to create efficient activity for all usersBefore implementing, Ether Solutions examines the businessrequirements for a project for a match with WebCenter Contentfunctionality and attempts to discover any additional opportunitieswhere WebCenter Content could deliver benefits.This presentation covers the functionality and features of WebCenterContent so that suitability for a project can be determinedAll trademarks 0845 643 44101
  2. 2. Who are Ether Solutions?The Enterprise Portal, DocumentManagement, Content Managementand Document Scanning Specialists forthe 0845 643 44102
  3. 3. What is WebCenter Content?Enterprise Content Management with aunified repository for unstructuredcontent which can be deliver tobusiness users in the appropriateformat within the context of 0845 643 44103
  4. 4. WebCenter Content empowersInformation – for today’s 0845 643 4410Page: 4Single source of informationRole based security controls accessDocuments, Content and Media can bedelivered in context of application usingdesktop applications and via browserVersion control for back trackingNotifications of change ensuresawareness
  5. 5. WebCenter ContentFlexible 0845 643 44105
  6. 6. WebCenter Content - FeaturesInfrastructure for managing:DocumentsImagesRich media (e.g. audio, video)RecordsWeb page contentEnd to End lifecycle management of content from creation to archivingand destructionIntegration with business applications to deliver information in contextCore component of Oracle Fusion MiddlewareExecutes as a J2EE application on Oracle WebLogic application 0845 643 44106
  7. 7. WebCenter ContentCore ServicesCheck-in and Check-OutVersion controlMetadata – mandatory and extensible custom fieldSecurity – Role based, Supports Need to KnowIndexing and Search – metadata, optional full textItem “View” and “Expiry” datesNotifications – subscriptions and RSS FeedsFolders – Optional organisationFolios – Optional compound assembliesLinking – simple, advanced (e.g. Parent Child)Conversion – Word to PDF, Gif to JPEG, …. 100+ transformationsIntegrate with BPEL workflow for approvalsStore content items on file system or in a 0845 643 44107
  8. 8. WebCenter ContentInterfacesWeb pages for OOTB usage and administrationWeb services architecture “IdcService”, supports SAMLWSDL availableJava API – RIDC (“Remote IntraDoc Client”)WebDAV support – Plugin to Windows Explorer and Microsoft OfficeJSR 168 PortletsCMIS standardCertified with Oracle Enterprise Service 0845 643 44108
  9. 9. WebCenter ContentDocument ManagementSupports all file typesMicrosoft Office (Word / Excel / PowerPoint / Outlook), txt, Open OfficeTIFF, PDFGif, JPEG, BMP, PNG, EPSQuicktime, AVI, MP3, MP4, Windows MediaDefine and manage metadata Profiles & Rules for metadataDefault values / Derived values / Conditional valuesWindows Explorer plug-inDrag and drop into folders for Check-inDouble click items in folder view to Check-out and OpenView item metadataTake content offline and subsequently synchroniseMicrosoft Office plug-in (Word, Excel)File Save – Check-in version of itemFile Save As – Check-in as new itemMicrosoft Outlook plug-inDrag and drop into folders for Check-inSave email content and attachmentsDirectly open and use email from WebCenter ContentPersistent URL to reference “Current” versionCreate and use “Saved Searches” to find 0845 643 44109
  10. 10. WebCenter ContentDigital Asset ManagementEnable image conversion to multiple renditionsUse Oracle or third party conversion enginesCreate different size images e.g. ThumbnailsCreate different formats and ResolutionsCreate Storyboards and CaptionsCapture original image attributes e.g.Apply watermarks to 0845 643 441010
  11. 11. WebCenter ContentRecords ManagementDefine and manage “File Plans”Define and manage “Retention Policies”Create “Trigger” conditions for PoliciesDefine and Manage “Disposition / Destruction” actionsUse with electronic recordsUse with Physical Records with attributes such as storage boxesFunctionality certified with DoD 5015.2Features work with “Freedom of Information Actions”Enables compliance with regulations such as HIPAA and Sarbanes 0845 643 441011
  12. 12. To discuss WebCenter Contentimplementation?Ether Solutions implements WebCenter ContentContact details: Email: Telephone: 0845 643 4410 International +44(0) 208 901 0845 643 441012