Ether solutions implements Oracle WebCenter Portal


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Ether Solutions implements Oracle WebCenter Portal where the technical features of the software match the business requirements.

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Ether solutions implements Oracle WebCenter Portal

  1. 1. Implementing WebCenter PortalEther Solutions are an Oracle Gold PartnerWebCenter SpecialistsSkilled at implementing of WebCenter PortalDelivering functionality to create efficient activity for all usersBefore implementing, Ether Solutions examines the businessrequirements for a project for a match with WebCenter Portalfunctionality and attempts to discover any additional opportunitieswhere WebCenter Portal could deliver benefits.This presentation covers the functionality and features of WebCenterPortal so that suitability for a project can be determinedAll trademarks 0845 643 44101
  2. 2. Who are Ether Solutions?The Enterprise Portal, DocumentManagement, Content Managementand Document Scanning Specialists forthe 0845 643 44102
  3. 3. What is WebCenter Portal?The User Engagement Platform for SocialBusiness that delivers contextual viewsof information and secure access toEnterprise 0845 643 44103
  4. 4. WebCenter Portal’s Major 0845 643 44104Framework• Application Integration• Content Integration• Re-usable Taskflows• Enterprise MashupsComposer• Userpersonalisation• LayeredcustomisationsServices• Social Components• Multi-channel• Desktop integrationSpaces• Community /Team / GroupSpaces• Personal Spaces
  5. 5. WebCenter Portal empowers UIFit for Purpose – for today’s 0845 643 4410Page: 5Single point of accessRole specific assembly of informationand transaction functionalityStreamlined secure sessionsUI created from pre-built re-usablecomponentsAbility to personalise and engage socialmedia capability, directly in context ofbusiness activity
  6. 6. WebCenter PortalModernise, Aggregate & 0845 643 44106
  7. 7. WebCenter PortalFlexible 0845 643 44107
  8. 8. WebCenter Portal CoordinatesBusiness Users and IT 0845 643 44108
  9. 9. WebCenter Portal - FeaturesThe following slides focus on the main features available from the fourmajor components of WebCenter PortalIt is these detailed features which can be compared with the detailedrequirements stated in RFP and ITT 0845 643 44109
  10. 10. WebCenter Portal - FrameworkSimple Sign-on and shared User ProfileApplication Integration – Pre-built integrations for Oracle Siebel,PeopleSoft, e-Business, JDEdwards, Primavera, ATGSupport for standard compliant portlets – JSR168, JSR286, WSRPEncapsulates elements of work with TaskflowsIntegrates workflow and adaptive case management with BPELMashup creation with the assembly of application functions through theuse of generic portlets for “Web Clipping”, “Omni-portlet”, “Rich TextPortlet” and JSF Portal BridgeIntegration with Oracle Middleware including Business Intelligence(OBIEE) and Business Process Management (BPM) 0845 643 441010
  11. 11. WebCenter Portal - ComposerLeverages the unified Metadata Services model to enableDesign time specification by IT StaffRun time customisations by Business AnalystsPersonalisation by usersProvides for the creation of pages using pre-defined page templateswhich are proven a cross browsersEnables the assembly of page content through the use of re-usablecomponents listed in 0845 643 441011
  12. 12. WebCenter Portal - ServicesEnable User Generated Content and E2.0 activity with services forAnnouncements / Discussions / Blogs / Wikis / NotesTags / Tag Clouds / Links / FavouritesDeliver information with document servicesDocuments / Metadata / Versioning / Folders / Notifications / Comments / LikeProvide person information throughUser profiles / People connections / Activity Graphs / Recent ActivitiesTrack activity usingEvents / Calendars / RSS / Work lists / AnalyticsCommunicate withEmail / Instant Messaging / PresenceSearch capability which isSecure / across all content items / able to use Saved 0845 643 441012
  13. 13. WebCenter Portal - SpacesCoordinate information and collaborative working usingPersonal Space – as a dashboard or workbenchGroup and Team Spaces – for common views and activitiesBusiness Role Space – for context focussed activityLeverages WebCenter Portals security capabilitiesWithin each Space authorised users can:Create pagesAssemble portlets for Email, Tasks, Lists, Notes, Tags, Discussions ….Create page contentInvite team members and manage user privilegesOn a Spaces page users can view information, work with transactions and createcontent to achieve their business 0845 643 441013
  14. 14. To discuss WebCenter Portalimplementation?Ether Solutions implements WebCenter PortalContact details: Email: Telephone: 0845 643 4410 International +44(0) 208 901 0845 643 441014