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Ether solutions implements case management


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Oracle Case Management is great application to leverage an investment in WebCenter Portal, WebCenter Content and BPM.

Ether Solutions recommends the use of Oracle Case Management to existing WebCenter Portal and WebCenter Content users, as it delivers a lot of functionality rapidly to any business.

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Ether solutions implements case management

  1. 1. What are the reasons to implement Case Management? When is Case Management not the right option? Where are the benefits? Ether Solutions are an Oracle Gold Partner WebCenter Specialists and understand Case Management Delivering functionality to create efficient activity for all users All trademarks acknowledged When to deploy Case Management? 0845 643 44101
  2. 2. Who are Ether Solutions? The Enterprise Portal, Document Management, Content Management and Document Scanning Specialists for the UK 0845 643 44102
  3. 3. Scope of Case Management 0845 643 4410Page: 3 A case is focussed on a person or an event “Case Folder” contains all the information about the case Collaboration with stake holders is a key activity for case workers Cases can have sub-cases or be linked to other cases
  4. 4. Reasons to implement Case Management 0845 643 4410Page: 4 An existing business activity uses a manual and paper based case handling activity Case workers need to exercise a lot of judgement in the activity There is a need to improve consistency of case activity and outcomes There is a high cost from miss handled cases There are a small number business experts who need to support many case workers A business process is subject to a lot of change, so BPM automation is not flexible enough
  5. 5. Case Management Not the right option? 0845 643 4410Page: 5 When existing Case handling is very predictable, in such a scenario BPM is likely to be more effective Where the volume of cases is small
  6. 6. Where are the benefits for the organisation? 0845 643 44106 Benefits List Case Worker Case Manager Cheap to use Yes Yes Highly available (no waiting) Yes Yes Easy to monitor – balance workload Yes Yes Existing applications are used for data Yes Yes Able to engage specialist knowledge Yes Yes Report against metrics - Yes Deal with exceptions using alerts, etc. - Yes Leverage WebCenter Portal and Content Yes Yes
  7. 7. Where are the benefits for the individual? 0845 643 44107 Benefits List Case Worker Case Manager Easy to access documents, policies, data … Yes Yes Audit trail of activity Yes Yes System can present available options Yes - Able to work remotely (subject to firewalls) Yes Yes Empowered to made judgement decisions Yes Yes Paper files not required – hence not lost ! Yes Yes Able to collaborate with colleagues Yes Yes
  8. 8. Case Management The reality?  “People when you need them  and Technology when you don’t” 0845 643 44108
  9. 9. Case Management Triggers – Why Now? Benefits - Proven cost savings – the only question is how much? Compliance – ensure handling is consistent and visible Change from paper documents to email attachments – easier and cheaper for people to interact Stakeholders expect joined up experience and do not want to be dependant upon a single case worker Large change in case workers means a few experienced staff need to share their knowledge 0845 643 44109
  10. 10. Oracle Case Management  Ether Solutions recommends using  Oracle Case Management Able to present information and actions in context Delivers a secure, scalable and robust solution Can interact with back-end systems Integrates with and leverages other Oracle products WebCenter Portal, WebCenter Content, BPM, WebLogic Gives visibility to the Case activity through BI dashboards Provides alerts when thresholds reached Delivers a framework for automation but keeps individual case actions 0845 643 441010
  11. 11. To discuss implementing Oracle Case Management – contact us Ether Solutions implements case management Contact details:  Email:  Telephone: 0845 643 4410  International +44(0) 208 901 4030 0845 643 441011