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Top 5 seo tips to get natural traffic


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Check here good tips for getting good natural traffic-

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Top 5 seo tips to get natural traffic

  1. 1. Optimized and Quality Content Web Page OptimizationEffective link Building Social BookmarkingParticipate in forums
  2. 2. Optimized and Quality Content• Create SEO based content which is best element on a activeweb pages.• Both Crawler and human being like to read original andeffective content with useful information that helps to getnatural traffic.• Unique and quality SEO based content contains the actualbalance of the keywords.
  3. 3. Web Page Optimization• Web Crawlers reads only HTML of the web page, so itmust be properly optimized.• So Crawlers can understand the right area and content ofthe website.• For example title, description, header tag, alt tag andmany other web page optimization factors.
  4. 4. Effective link Building• Link building is the effective and important factor topoint in context to get natural traffic.• Links can be categorized as Back-links or reciprocal links.• Link building proves to a very cost effective method ofadvertising and generating natural traffic.• A strong network of links established with other knownand established sites helps in getting traffic.
  5. 5. Social Bookmarking• Effective Social bookmarking is most valuable to get anatural traffic over the website.• Social websites are the only way to get back-links to yourweb pages.•Is the most powerful way to keep customer in touch todeliver deliver your news and latest updates.
  6. 6. Participate in forums•In Search Engine Optimization forum participation is also animportant factor.•Participate in related forums and discuss the topic in your blogand link them with your thread.•This will help the reader to visit your blog which definitelyincrease the organic traffic.
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