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Media attention and the quantified self


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A short presentation I offered at the Quantified Self 2011 conference in Mountain View, CA, suggesting that part of self tracking could include tracking what media you encounter and how you process it.

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Media attention and the quantified self

  1. 1. Monitoring Media AttentionEthan Zuckerman (@ethanz) Quantified Self May 2011
  2. 2. step 0: Understand how a system works for othersstep 1: Understand how your behavior varies from modelsstep 2: Based on understanding models, your behavior: optimize
  3. 3. cc flickr photo by Alex Barth
  4. 4. visualization of global air routesby “a trotskyite”, 2009. CC-attribution
  5. 5. MediaEcosystems
  6. 6. Nutritional Information:New York TimesIngredients: International coverage 42%(includes 8% Iraq, 5% Afghanistan, minimumweekly 5% China, and no less than 2% Africa),Washington coverage 28% (includes 7%Obama, 6% Congress, and trace amounts ofLimbaugh), New York State/Albany coverage14%, New York City coverage 10%, and lessthan 6% domestic US coverage.Warning: contains less than 40% of sportscoverage of the leading competitor, the NewYork Post, and 50% of business coverage ofthe Wall Street Journal. May contain less thanyour recommended daily allowance of LatinAmerica News.
  7. 7. Where do 20-somethingsget their news?
  8. 8.
  9. 9. Need a Shazam forradio, TV, offline media
  10. 10. Compared to your friends:This week, you’ve paid attention to You used the Web 23% more andmedia for 47h 42m, including: saw 13% less Broadcast TV. You read 34% about China than your32h 12m - Web friends, but 13% less about South7h 32m - Radio America.5h 17m - Podcasts You may have missed:4h 23m - Recorded Video Riz Khan’s Interview with Fela Kuti,2h 27m - Broadcast TV which appeared in 7% of the feeds of Africa-watchers.Categories27% Entertainment22% Sports19% International News17% Tech industry News15% National News
  11. 11. via MMMeja
  12. 12. thanks!(and please accost me if you want to talk more...)