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New Media & Social Technologies 9 Rss

  1. 1. RSS IST 400 | New Media & Social Technologies iSchool Syracuse University Eric Hansen |
  2. 2. Outline Really Simple Syndication, Really Web Watershed Choose Your Weapon What Big Ears You Have
  3. 3. Really Simple Syndication
  4. 4. Technically Speaking RSS is: A standard way to format a text file That organizes content (text, pics, etc.) In a machine-readable format (xml) For easy Internet syndication
  5. 5. Machine readable
  6. 6. <?xml version=quot;1.0quot;?> Machine readable <rss version=quot;2.0quot; xmlns:dc=quot;;> <channel> <title></title>’s <link></link> <description></description> <image> RSS file <url></url> <title></title> <link></link> </image> <language>en-us</language> <copyright>Copyright 2007, Inc. The contents of this headlines and excerpts feed are available for limited commercial distribution. You may repost this feed to your site provided you link back to the original story, do not edit the material, and do not remove this copyright notice.</copyright> <generator>Blogsmith</generator> <item> 1. <title>Rosie Going Nowhere for Now</title> <link></link> <guid isPermaLink=quot;truequot;></guid> <comments></comments> 2. <description><![CDATA[<p>Filed under: <a href=quot;; rel=quot;tagquot;>Let's Get This Party Started</a></p><a href=quot;http://www.tmz.comquot;></a>: Rosie O'Donnell is sticking around at quot;The Viewquot; for at least another year, though it seems she might bolt after next year to start her own show.Page Six says that Ro will re-up for another year at ABC when her contract ends this summer, mainly... <a href=quot; nowhere-for-now/quot;>Read more</a><br/><br/>]]></description> 3. <category>Let's Get This Party Started</category><category>Let'sGetThisPartyStarted</ category><dc:creator>TMZ Staff</dc:creator><dc:date>2007-03-11T03:05:00+00:00</dc:date> </item> More content <item> <title>Bobby Trendy: Anna Loved the Lip Gloss!</title>
  7. 7. Human readable More content
  8. 8. Human readable
  9. 9. Human readable
  10. 10. Human readable
  11. 11. Human readable
  12. 12. RSS: Really Simple Syndication Online content (e.g. news) is dynamic RSS files are updated with the latest content of a site (automatically) Could be the latest story, comment, photo, podcast, video, etc. Fresh content can be syndicated (widely distributed) easily
  13. 13. RSS: I’m Ready for Some Stories! Explaining RSS the Oprah way “A way online to get a quick list of the latest story headlines from all your favorite websites and blogs all in one place.” Credit: Stephanie Quilao, Back in Skinny Jeans blog
  14. 14.
  15. 15. Before we move forward... RSS File = RSS Feed = Feed XML, RSS, ATOM = easy subscription to any news reader easy subscription to a = specific news reader
  16. 16. Web Watershed
  17. 17. The Blog Effect Blogs are built using RSS (or ATOM) by default More sites are resembling blogs RSS has become a de facto standard on millions of Web sites
  18. 18. Choose Your Weapon
  19. 19. Before we move forward... News reader = Feed reader = Aggregator = RSS reader = News aggregator, and so on Their basic function is managing all the feeds (RSS, ATOM, etc.) to which you’ve subscribed.
  20. 20. Google Reader
  21. 21. My Yahoo!
  22. 22. Bloglines
  23. 23. NewsGator
  24. 24. newsvine
  25. 25. Netvibes
  26. 26. What Big Ears You Have
  27. 27. Free Services Google alerts IceRocket Technorati BlogPulse alerts Wikipedia RSS BoardReader
  28. 28. Google Alerts
  29. 29. Technorati
  30. 30. Wikipedia
  31. 31. BoardReader
  32. 32. IceRocket
  33. 33. BlogPulse
  34. 34. Paid Services Nielsen BuzzMetrics Cymfony Umbria Hitwise Radian 6
  35. 35. Thank You
  36. 36. Video/ Photo Credits • • • • • • v=6gmP4nk0EOE •