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Creative iPad Web Development idea for iPad Developers


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Creative iPad Web Development idea for iPad Developers

  1. 1. Creative iPad Web Development idea for iPad DevelopersiPad tablet is a innovative device produce by apple, highly admired and successful among the users. iPadweb development is the creativity of designers for iPad as an exciting way for entrepreneurs. It has allfunctionality like computers. Key Differences of iPad Web Development from Websites:  Flash player  Modal pop up sizes  Scrolling within a window  Platform detection  Setting the viewport  Hover effects  Drag and drop  Latency issuesDifferent types of iPad Web Application:  Business applications  Shopping carts application  E-Book apps  Communication applications  Gaming applications  Language conversionStandard features of iPad Web Applications:  Facilitate various functionalities of the iPad  Excellent leverage of the iPad graphics.  User friendly and customized to individual user needs  Utilization of WML and XHTML  Browser compatibility with the multitouch features  Enhanced interactivity