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Post Wedding Checklist


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A post wedding checklist to make sure you plan ahead.

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Post Wedding Checklist

  1. 1. Here are a dozen things to do after your wedding and celebration have wrapped up. Go over this checklist before the wedding so you can make arrangements to save cake, flowers and other wedding memorabilia as necessary. If you didn’t get to plan ahead, a majority of these tasks can still be achieved. Your Post-Wedding Checklist TAKE THE CAKE Tradition says to freeze the top tier of your wedding cake and indulge again on your first anniversary. It is a must to use several layers of plastic wrap and a sealable bag. BOX UP YOUR BOUQUET Pair your flowers with a favorite photo in a vacuum- sealed shadow box to create a sentimental display that will last. Alternatively, press a few blooms into a picture frame. CREATE A TIME CAPSULE Include champagne glasses, a bridal shoe, decorations, a table centerpiece from your reception, love letters to each other, a list of goals, a copy of your vows, etc. Pick a date such as your 10th anniversary to revisit this keepsake. PRESERVE YOUR BRIDAL GOWN Your dress took center stage on your wedding day. Whether you are preserving it to pass down or for sentimental reasons, have your gown cleaned and preserved professionally. ACT ON YOUR ATTITUDE OF GRATITUDE Yes, this means writing out “thank you” cards — lots of them. With personalized notes for each. Divide this task up, and get it done within a month. GIVE CREDIT WHERE IT’S DUE A lot of people put a lot of effort into making your day perfect. Thank them by posting good reviews online. Include your florist, photographer, videographer, makeup artist, hairstylist, dressmaker, reception hall or caterer, band or disc jockey, your officiant, invitation designer, cake designer, the limo service and your wedding planner. ASSEMBLE AN ALBUM Pictures took up a prime portion of your day; now it’s time to sift through them and pick those to print. Pick favorites first. Group others according to segments to tell the story of your day. NAME-CHANGE NOTIFICATIONS If you took your spouse’s last name, you’ll have to make it official. Change your surname for your Social Security card, driver’s license, bank accounts, your employer, voter registration, any associations to which you belong, etc. SELL OR DONATE EXTRAS Keepsakes and sentiment aren’t for everyone. Know that there’s a market for pre-owned wedding dresses, decorations and more. Check online resources for the best ways to share. UPDATE OR REMOVE YOUR WEBSITE Depending on your costs, either update your website with wedding day photos and keep it live for a couple of months, or take the site down to save money. Ditto for your online registry. SCHEDULE RING CLEANINGS Your wedding day is now a memory, but your rings are forever. Regular cleanings make for maximum sparkle, as soap and lotion films are removed. Also check that prongs remain tight to keep your diamond secure. PLAN THE NEXT STEP Anticipation and adrenaline were staples leading up to your wedding day. There’s no need to plummet directly into a dull routine. Plan a party or a future anniversary vacation.