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This project wil give major security

Published in: Engineering
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  1. 1. UNDER THE GUIDANCE OF PRESENTED BY Dr. P.JAGADAMBA E.MANOHAR Head & Assistant Professor (Sr) M.Tech(DECS) Dept. of ECE, SKIT 13381D3803 Microcontroller based ROBOT for unmanned anti infiltration and GSM messaging used in remote security system
  2. 2. OBJECTIVE  This project intends to stop the infiltrators with the help of a simple mechatronic Robot with PIC Microcontroller
  3. 3. INTRODUCTION  A country which has its borders made by land faces major security threat from enemy infiltrations  Most of the international borders are protected by only conventional concertina fencing  This concertina fencing technique and other main ultramodern defensive equipments used as of now is very costly
  4. 4.  An ultimate machine which has a minimum cost and a maximum efficiency to work in any kind of rough terrains and adverse climatic conditions  Defending the borders without any human intervention  An Anti infiltration robot has a very simple and intelligible construction to meet above requirements
  5. 5. EXISTING SYSTEM  The Existing system intends to stop the infiltrators with the help of a simple mechatronic robot  The robot is controlled by pheripheral interface controller  Based on IR transmitter the introduer will be identified and fired by the gun will be elevated by the motor which rotates the four quadratic directions
  6. 6. Existing System Draw backs  There is no communication between the controller and command post  The cost is very high  It needs frequent maintanance and fueling
  7. 7. Block Diagram PROPOSED SYSTEM
  9. 9.  In this system advanced machines which would eliminate the threat from the enemies without any human intervention  maximize the security at the borders  The system is having following components 1. Gear disc-gun mount arrangement The gear disc finishes 12 half rotations/minute along 180 Degrees to -180 Degrees along enemy location
  10. 10. 2. Battery The power supply for this robot is given by two 80- 180 AH/12 volt Tubular batteries are connected in series to give an output of 24 volts 3. Screw type air Compressor This compressor supplies compressed air to the pneumatic cylinders needed to open the door in the chassis and lift the frame holder table of the gear disc- gun mount
  11. 11. 4. PIC Its acts as the brain of this robot in which it controls and coordinates all the activities of this robot 5. IR Transceiver & controller Transmitting an infrared signal which is used for the purpose of ranging and detection of targets within a range of 50 feet 6. Sensor Shaft The sensor shaft acts as the eye of this robot in which it is fitted with the Infrared transceiver
  12. 12. EXTENSION WORK  When the introduer is identified and the GUN is fixed the controller will send the message to command post through SMS using GSM modem
  13. 13. ADVANTAGES  This can be work in any kind of adverse climatic conditions  It is suitable for working in rough terrains  Electromechanical robot could minimize or eliminate the human causalities and provide 24/7 surveillance
  14. 14. APPLICATIONS  Defense and miltary  Industrial Areas  Home Automation
  15. 15. CONCLUSION  The project having advanced machines which would eliminates the threat of the enemies with out any human intervention  Maximizes the security at the borders
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  17. 17. THANK YOU