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School visit - Ruppin College


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Published in: Education
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School visit - Ruppin College

  1. 1. Ruppin to Career program
  2. 2. Description o New and unique program in Israel o Focus on the 10% individuals having specific learning disabilities (attention deficits, ADHD, dyslexia, dyscalculia…) o 30 students each year o student age:22 + o duration of program: 2 yr + 6 months job placement process o Autonomy in program creation and implementation (college diploma)
  3. 3. Strenghts o Holistic approach to student development o Strong and successful collaboration with employers o Continuous and individualised monitoring of student progress(1-on-1 relationships with the mentor) o „Soft release” and transition to labour market
  4. 4. SELECTION PROCESS o 3:1 selection ratio based on diagnostic papers and interview o Matching of student capabilities and interests to the college programs INTEGRATION o Focus of 1st semester on personal development and development of life skills o Basic literacy (Maths, Hebrew, computer skills, English) o Introduction to various programs and matching process o Individual planning and modular programs o Integration within college community (involvement in social and other activities)
  5. 5. NEEDS ASSESSMENT AND GUIDANCE o Continuous individual guidance and counseling (related to specific life problems and career planning and development) o Once a week meeting with mentor o Staff consultation meetings about individual student adaptation and progress o Strong support in transition to labour market („soft release” and matching)
  6. 6. TEACHER COMPETENCES o Experienced and motivated teachers („teachers with big heart”) o Strong collaboration with educational professionals and support staff o Consultation meetings and continuous professional development o Involvement of families
  7. 7. TRANSITION TO LABOUR MARKET o Actively seeking the employers for individual students o Inclusion during the program in the regular working environment in cooperation with employers (project work) o Matching between students’ competencies and employers’ requirements o Matching programs to labour market and specific employers
  8. 8. GOVERNMENT SUPPORT o Non-profitable program of Ruppin College o Social security funds for students o Special benefits for employers (adaptation of work place, add-on salary) o Funding of specific activities (family involvement events etc.)
  9. 9. Challenges o Sustainability of the program o Enrollment of higher proportion of target students group o Widening of programs to other social (special needs) groups o Unfortunatelly, we had no opportunity to meet students and to get insight to their perspectives