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School visit - Ort Givataim


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Published in: Education, Technology
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School visit - Ort Givataim

  1. 1. Excellence in achievements Mapping scores as a basis for excellence Learning and empowerment center Excellent academic teachers ORT Aviv – virtual school Extended use of online tools Matriculation success in weak classes
  2. 2. Matriculation eligibiity 2013 2012 2011 121 91 Students who passed Students in 12th grade Percentages
  3. 3. Excellence in achievements Accelerated mathematics Accelerated English with translation (7 points) Pedagogical excellence prizes for teachers from Ministry of Education, ORT Israel and municipality Singularity program goes up a class Academic track at Tel Aviv University Contests, exhibitions and field trips
  4. 4. High quality learning environment Round table with principal Teacher student dialogue Class teacher time and online information Youth seeking culture Special intake in 9th grade International delegations and teams
  5. 5. Excellence in achievements – study tracks Media, TV and cinema Biology Electronic engineering Robotics / Biomedicine Physics Art / Graphic design Business management Psychology / Sociology Software engineering / Computer sciences
  6. 6. Excellence in values Journey to Poland Respecting the IDF Monthly dialogue and celebration of holidays and festivals Love of the country – field trips Israel Route workshops “Good citizenship” programs Participants # of students Percentage Linear 2013 2012 2011 2010 Jewish thought and collaboration with “El Atzmi” Palmach /Hagana Museums, Hall of independence / Begin / Rabin
  7. 7. Excellence in values ORTOV and social matriculation Connecting to Holocaust survivors Good Deeds day Service year and Nahal groups Democracy Day Social activity volunteering Values on the road Contributing with pleasure
  8. 8. Excellence in values Student council Nahal group with BINAH SHELACH: Mashatzim + Pashatzim Cooperation with youth movements and young tutors Bronfman fellows Student on ice, LEAD Young entrepreneurs Young ambassadors
  9. 9. Promoting science & technology education Strengthening advanced level study of science subjects – biology and physics Science students in grades 11/12 Science students in grades 11/12 Total students in grades 11/12 - 2012 2011 2010 Percent studying biology & physics
  10. 10. Promoting science & technology education Promoting technology tracks (computers, electronics, art, cinema) and advanced level sciences (physics, biology) Total learners in these tracks – grades 10-12 Total 3 students in grades 10-12 Percentage studying science and technology Total studying in these tracks Total # of students - 2012 2011 2010
  11. 11. Appendices
  12. 12. Excellence in achievements - competitions Roboner – participation in international competition ORTiada- increased number of participants and tracks represented Outstanding young business entrepreneurs National final in navigation in all teams
  13. 13. Preparing for army service IDF Day – officer’s lecture, short film +discussion on combat fitness, IDF entertainment troupe in school yard Youth troops In the footsteps of fighters – Ramat HaGolan Corps presentations Developing young leadership – Cohesion activity at Nahal soldier’s memorial Combat legacy during annual trips Candle, wreath and flag – cleaning memorial monuments
  14. 14. Preparing for army service Visiting the wounded after operation Cast Lead and hosting students from the south and contact with wounded soldiers who are school alumni Prepare for service day in cooperation with Ministry of Defense Fighters – “messages from the field” Purim gift packages distributed to soldiers at the TA central train station and to Givati Brigade lone soldiers at Kobi House Raising money for the Soldier’s Welfare Fund
  15. 15. Fact: Among the highest matriculation eligibility level in the country