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Presentation: Vesna Atanasova - Council of Europe


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Published in: Education
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Presentation: Vesna Atanasova - Council of Europe

  1. 1. Building on achievements How and who will address the project outcomes
  2. 2. • Local government level • National Associations of Local Governments (commissions for education; commissions for finance) • Municipal councils • Municipal initiatives / programmes funded by donors • Associations of teachers, school principals, etc
  3. 3. • National initiatives – Programmes to implement the action plans – EU funded national programmes / IPA, structural funds, other donors, USAID, Swiss, OSCE, etc – Systematic ways for identifying, recognizing, disseminating good practices and good policies (Ministry or National Association of LG)
  4. 4. • Regional initiatives – Regional programme for VET (IPA multibeneficiairy, ETF, CoE) – Regional networks - NALAS – Regional programmes - JP Regional Support for inclusive Education – – – – School Net Teacher Net Policy Net LSE baseline survey
  5. 5. • Report is a not completion of project but a beginning of a new project • Follow up initiatives on: – Local – National – Regional level