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Erik K Teter Bio Resume

  1. 1. Dear Contact Person: Health and wellness as a service requires a representative that has not only a depth & breadth of knowledge but also the ability to effectively communicate that knowledge to any audience. To reach the goal of establishing an effective Health and Wellness initiative the representative must have the ability to address various organizational needs from top to bottom, including value to client department heads. These needs span current health and behavior patterns of the individuals to the healthcare cost, safety profile, and productivity and retention metrics of the represented organization. Typically very few in an organization are fully immersed in all areas of the program. Effective communication and information transfer with all departments within the context of strong organization leadership is highly valuable in vendor and service selection. An effective service will have the proper assets to target individuals and the group in a S.M.A.R.T. manner. The ability of the Health / Wellness representative to identify, prioritize, and effectively act in these arenas is essential to maximize the cost / benefit ratio and maintainability of the service initiative. Experience in Needs / Solutions Before college I began teaching aquatics at my local YMCA. Along the way I came to enjoy the successes attained in working with the elderly and those with special needs. These successes lead directly to several requests and my ultimate participation in coaching Special Olympics athletes. I came to revisit this area during my undergraduate coursework as a volunteer with an adaptive aquatics program for special needs children. Within three months I proposed and implemented a specialized spin-off program designed to meet the needs of autistic children. I oversaw and maintained this program as a volunteer for a total of two years. Additionally, during this time I served as the Assistant Director of Health &Safety for the local Red Cross, became a certified first aid / CPR instructor (current), and earned an EMT certificate (expired). Growth From the University of New Orleans, where I was a graduate assistant instructor for the school of Human Performance / Health Promotion, I was presented an opportunity to enter the start-up phase for a wellness program designed to meet the offshore installation needs for British Petroleum and TransOcean Offshore International. I was involved from the initial presentation in Houston through the needs assessment, vendor selection, implementation, and reporting of ongoing data management. This was my initial real exposure to tailoring information and tools to a specific culture that had not previously had extensive exposure to an organized health campaign. A confined offshore environment provided the opportunity to witness and track outcomes for initiatives and adapt accordingly. Within the first year we saw a nearly 4:1 ROI comprised mainly from food cost (ordering / wastage), safety, and insurance claims. A version of our program was delivered to the Gulf of Mexico division of Shell Oil which went on to produce a reported 6:1 ROI. Advanced Design The birth of my son provided the impetus for my decision to market my experience and perspective to the corporate market and found a home with LinkAmerica Corporation, a national freight carrier with over 2000 employees. Professional truck drivers represent one of the most challenging employee populations in regard to strategic behavior modification and health risk reduction. Specific challenges also leave this population largely untouched by standard preventive & behavioral health campaigns. Traditional methodology is as important with this group as it is with any other; however, the tools available, occupational lifestyle, and communication obstacles are rarely overcome using traditional service models. I developed a custom wellness program from the ground up where virtually no prior industry models existed. Within 3 months, this program was fully implemented and integrated at all departmental levels, including 12 off-site regional hubs. Negotiations with service providers was immediate and ongoing due largely to the need to remain in front of Department of Transportation regulations and revisions as well as the traditionally high rate of health related injury, accident, and illness cost associated with the professional truck driver. To an effective adaptive health programming administrator these obstacles are not insurmountable. The LinkAmerica LinkHealth program has been recognized as a Certified Healthy Business by the Oklahoma Turning Point Council, a Gold Level StartFit! Friendly company by the American Heart Association, and a Charter Member of the Healthy Trucking Association of America. I have presented my program methods in annual conferences to
  2. 2. all the aforementioned organizations and to the Oklahoma Society for Human Resources Management and the Oklahoma Safety Council. The LinkHealth program has also established and nurtured a strong relationship with the Department of Health Promotion at Oklahoma State University. The most rewarding aspect of my profession centers on the identification of unique obstacles within a target group. I see obstacles as opportunities, or cornerstones from which to build a strong and stable foundation. These unique challenges reveal the identity of the target group. The ability to recognize the identity allows the health management specialist to produce a best-fit and cost effective solution to strategically meet the client’s health and wellness needs. An additional note: I have experience creating custom health risk and behavioral analysis tools custom to the targeted workforce. Thank you for your consideration. Erik K Teter 1638 East 54th Place Tulsa, OK 74105 918-809-2116
  3. 3. Erik K. Teter Tulsa, OK (918) 809-2116 Experience LinkAmerica Corporation, Tulsa, OK Director Occupational Wellness 05/05-11/09 Designed, created, implemented, tailored, and tracked custom occupational health / wellness program for a national over the road freight corporation with 2000 employees. Directed a results driven individual / group programming targeting both office and over the road driver employees. Other duties included working closely with safety, orientation, training, benefits, and human resources department in culture building and targeting of strategic goals. Wadleigh & Associates, Slidell, LA Director of Operations GoM 09/03-04/05 Work individually with all persons on board the TransOcean flagship as well as oversee program implementation throughout the region. Design, organize, track, and report health, physical, behavioral, and wellness interventions for use in the offshore oil industry. Work closely with Health, Safety, Environment (HSE) department. Deliver several weekly presentations on health topics during safety meetings. Present progress during weekly conference calls to British Petroleum in Houston. Present quarterly reports to be delivered in person at regional British Petroleum headquarters in Houston. University of New Orleans, New Orleans, LA Graduate Assistant 08/00-06/02 Taught classes in the Department of Human Performance and Health Promotion. Courses taught included: various elective sports and activities as well as required first aid courses. Monroe County YMCA, Bloomington, IN Adaptive Aquatics Instructor 09/97-06/99 Instructed physically, mentally and developmentally challenged children water safety and swimming. There was a primary focus on children with autism. Wishard EMS, Indianapolis, IN Emergency Medical Technician 01/98-06/99 Duties included: driving the ambulance, assisting paramedics, and overseeing the transport of non-emergency patients between health care facilities. Monroe County Red Cross, Bloomington, IN Assistant Director of Health / Safety 09/94-06/95 Duties included: Instructing Red Cross courses, Certifying instructors, assigning courses to instructors, maintaining and ordering equipment, community outreach, and the support of fund raising events St Joseph County YMCA, South Bend, IN WSI/ Lifeguard 09/92-07/94 Duties included: teaching of all levels of swimming, maintaining the pool area, and providing a safe swim area for the patrons. Special emphasis in programming for special needs. Professional Associations / Activities / Recognitions • Charter member of the Tulsa Area Wellness Council • LinkAmerica recognized as a Charter Member of the Healthy Trucking Association of America • Annual presenter for: OKSHRM, HTAA, Turning Point Council, & Oklahoma State Department of Health • LinkAmerica named an Oklahoma Certified Healthy Business 4-years running • LinkAmerica recognized as an American Heart Association Gold Level Start!fit Friendly Company • LinkAmerica successfully contained health benefits cost for three of the last four years • Wadleigh and Associates achieved a 4:1 ROI for operations in the Gulf of Mexico Education Indiana University- B.S. Kinesiology, 06/99. Focus in Biomechanics, Exercise Science, and statistical methods. University of New Orleans- M.A. Exercise Physiology, Upon Thesis Completion. Focus in Lab Methods, Evaluations, and health education.