Hello Kitty flash drive girls love


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Hello Kitty flash drive girls love

  1. 1. Hello Kitty flash drive girls loveGirls are an often neglected demographic when it comes to thetechnology sector. Most major manufacturers have not figured out how tomarket computers and computer hardware to girls. Even so, computersare especially important to girls, both for education and emerging careeropportunities.Some companies are trying to make an effort to match computer productswith neglected demographics of girls. Mimeo seems to have successfully
  2. 2. marketed toward girls with their Hello Kitty Loves Animals Blots BlindBox MIMOBOT. Mimeo’s Hello Kitty Loves Animals Blots Blind BoxMIMOBOTs are a series of flash drives geared entirely toward girls.Hello Kitty is a very popular fad among girls, especially amongcomputer-savvy girls and teens. Moreover, Hello Kitty represents alongstanding fascination U.S. culture has had with the culture andproducts of Japan.The longevity of the Hello Kitty line in the United States assured Mimeothat they were taking a minimal risk in producing and distributing theirHello Kitty Loves Animals Blots Blind Box MIMOBOT. What may beless familiar to you is the blind box phenomenon, which Mimeo iseffectively synergizing with its popular MIMOBOT flash drives in theirHello Kitty line. Blind boxes are small toys, usually one two to threeinches tall that come in opaque cardboard boxes.
  3. 3. They are highly-collectible toys from popular franchises and when youbuy a blind box toy, you do not know the specific contents of the boxuntil you open the toy. This phenomenon combines the fun of toys withthe surprise element that had previously been a factor only of trading cardcollecting. Because blind box toys are such an integral part of Japaneseyouth culture, it makes perfect sense that they would market their HelloKitty product as a blind box release.Each Hello Kitty flash drive has 2GB of memory capacity, so Mimeo isable to offer some guarantees in its blind box product! With standardizedcapacity, the price point for each flash drive is consistent as well, whichmakes the Hello Kitty line of Mimeo flash drives one that is easiest forconsumers to buy. The head of each Hello Kitty Loves Animals BlotsBlind Box MIMOBOT is the cap to the USB Flash drive.
  4. 4. Popping the head off the cute cartoon animals reveals the cold metal maleUSB jack underneath. The Hello Kitty flash drives from Mimeo easilyslide into the female USB port on any computer or USB-equippeddevices. Before now, only NECA had effectively marketed flash drivesfor girls with their Twilight flash drive. For girls who like mystery, funand Hello Kitty, Mimeo now offers all of those things in one with theirHello Kitty Loves Animals Blots Blind Box MIMOBOT.For more cool gadgets, please click on suntekstore.com.