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Bulats vocabulary list

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Bulats vocabulary list

  1. 1. Table of Contents 目錄 Page.Figures and data 2 數字以及數據資料.Human resources 5 人力資源.Products 9 產品.Marketing 13 行銷.Organization and planning 18 組織與計畫.Office communication 21 辦公室內的溝通.Giving reasons 25 提供理由.Expressing opinion 27 表達意見.Making comparisons 29 做比較 備註 【縮寫字說明】 n. 名詞 v. 動詞 adj. 形容詞 adv. 副詞 prep. 介系詞 s. 主詞 1
  2. 2. Figures and data 數據與資料 .Chart .Sales .Second quarter .Rose dramatically .Last quarter .Showed some improvement .Graph .Referring to* Chart 圖表 As you can see from the chart, sales were up in the first half of the year. 你從圖表上看得出來,前半年的銷售量有所成長。* Sales 銷售量 Sales dropped off during the summer. 銷售量夏季期間下跌了。 - drop (v.) off 減少 -* Second quarter 第二季 We introduced a new product in the second quarter. 我們在第二季的時侯引進了一項新產品。 - introduce (v.) 引進;product (n.) 產品 -* Rose dramatically 突然大幅增長 Sales rose dramatically after the new advertisements appeared. 在新的廣告問世之後,銷售量突然大幅增長。 - rose 提高 [rise (v.) 的過去式 ];dramatically (adv.) 突然而引人注目地 -* Last quarter 上一季 Last quarter was our worst in five years. 上一季是我們五年來業績最差的一季。* Showed some improvement 有了些改善 Foreign earning showed some improvement compare to last year. 比起去,外貿收益顯然有了些改善。 - compared to + n. 跟…比較起來 -* Graph 曲線圖 This graph shows where our sales have been the weakest. 這份曲線圖顯示了什麼是我們在銷售上最弱的一環。 - where + S. + V. 哪裡是 -* Referring to 參照 By referring to this table, you can see where we still need improvement. 參照這份表格,你們就能看出我們有待改進的地方。 - By referring to + n. 藉由參照 - 2
  3. 3. .The final total came to .Improved profitability .Gains in productivity .Increased its profits .Growth in one part of the business .Out-of-town branches were very strong performers .Shares staged a dramatic recovery* The final total came to 最後的總數達到 The president announced that the final total came to $125,880. 總裁宣布,最後的總數達到了十二萬五千八百八十美元。* Improved profitability 收益有所改善 A reduction in production costs brought about improved profitability. 降低生產成本後,收益有所改善。 - production cost (n.) 生產成本;profitability (n.) 收益性 -* Gains in productivity 生產力的增進 By reorganizing the department, the company enjoyed gains in productivity. 這個部門經過重組後,整個公司的生產力增加了。 - gains (n.) 增加;reorganize (v.) 重組 -* Increased its profits 增加利潤 The company increased its profits by over 12% last year. 這家公司去年增加了百分之十二以上的利潤。 - profits (n.) 收益 / 利潤 -* Growth in one part of the business 這門生意的某一部份有所增長 We found that growth in one part of the business exceeded that in all of the others. 我們發現這門生意在某部份的成長遠超過其他部份。 - exceed (v.) 勝過 / 凌駕 -* Out-of-town branches were very strong performers 外地的分公司表現得非常好 Analysis of sales figures revealed that out-of-town branches were very strong performers. 銷售數字的分析顯示,外地的分公司表現非常好。 - sales figures (n.) 銷售數字;out-of-town (adj.) 外地的 / 非本市的 -* Shares staged a dramatic recovery 股票有了突然而顯著的回升 Shares staged a dramatic recovery when the unemployment figures were released. 當失業的數據公布出來時,股票突然明顯有所回升。 - share (n.) 股票;stage (v.) 上演 unemployment (n.) 失業; recovery (n.) 復甦 / 恢復 - 3
  4. 4. .Despite tough competition .Bid* Despite tough competition 儘管競爭激烈…… Despite intense competition, we managed to grab a 15% market share in just two years. 儘管競爭激烈,我們還是在兩年內成功奪得百分之十五的市場佔有率。 - competition (n.) 競爭;manage (v.) 做到;grab (v.) 抓 百分比 + market share (n.) 百分之…的市場占有率 -* Bid 出價 We received a very attractive bid for a minority share in the company. 針對公司裡的少數股份,我們收到非常吸引人的出價。 - minority (n.) 小部份 / 少數;bid (n./ v.) 出價 / 競標 - note 4
  5. 5. Human resources 人力資源 .Training course .Turn the job down .Not very professional .Temporary staff .Part-time staff .Full-time staff .Training program had its greatest impact when* Training course 訓練課程 The training course is being organized by the Human Resources Department. 這個訓練課程由人力資源部門來安排。 - human resources (n.) 人力資源;department (n.) 部門,例:sales department 業務部 -* Turn the job down 婉拒那份工作 I will turn the job down if the salary doesn’t reach my expectation. 如果薪資不符我的預期,我就會把那份工作推掉。 - turn down (v. 片語 ) 拒絕;salary (n.) 薪資;reach one’s expectation 達到某人的期望 -* Not very professional 不夠專業 It was not very professional of you to lose your temper with them. 如果你對他們發脾氣,那麼你的表現就不夠專業了。 - professional (adj.) 專業 / 內行的;lose temper with… 對…發脾氣 -* Temporary staff 臨時員工 We hired temporary staff for the busy season. 我們在旺季時雇用了臨時員工。 - hire (v.) 雇請;temporary (adj.) 臨時 / 暫時的;staff ( 集體 n.) 雇員 -* Part-time staff 兼職員工 Our part-time staff enjoy the same benefits as our other employees. 我們的兼職員工所享有的福利跟其餘員工相同。 - part-time (adj.) 兼職 / 兼任的;benefit (n.) 福利、津貼 -* Full-time staff 全職員工 Our full-time staff totals 126 individuals. 我們的全職員工共有一百二十六位。 - total (v.) 總計 / 合計有… -* Training program had its greatest impact when... 當…的時侯,訓練課程產生了最大的影響力 The training program had its greatest impact when everyone was required to attend. 規定人人都必須參加時,訓練課程產生了最大的影響力。 - training program (n.) 訓練課程;impact (n.) 衝擊 / 影響力; be required to + V 被要求必須… - 5
  6. 6. .Colleagues .Choosing which project to reject .Financial reward .Future offers of work .Loss of status .Resignation from the company due to .Stepped down as a result of .Went from something to something* Colleagues 同事 I traveled to the meeting with several colleagues from my department. 我跟同部門的幾位同事一起出差參加會議。 - fellow worker/ co-worker (n.) 同事 -* Choosing which project to reject 挑出要駁回的計畫 Choosing which project to reject was not as easy as we had though it would be. 挑選出哪些計畫應該被否決並不如我們原先想像得那麼容易。 - reject (v.) 駁回 / 否決 -* Financial reward 金錢上的報酬 / 收穫 The financial reward will be greater than we had hoped. 金錢上的報酬會比我們原本希望的大。 - financial (adj.) 財務 / 金融 / 金錢的;reward (n.) 收穫 / 報償 -* Future offers of work 未來的工作機會 Since finishing the project, future offers of work have poured in. 自從完成這個案子後,便有許多未來的工作機會一一湧進。 - pour in (v.) 湧進;job offer (n.) 工作機會的提供, 例:I got a great job offer. 有人提供我一份很好的工作 -* Loss of status 失去地位 The biggest shock for many consultants is the loss of status. 對很多顧問來說,最大的震憾就是失去地位。 - status (n.) 地位 / 身份;consultant (n.) 顧問 -* Resignation from the company 從公司辭職 The CEO’s resignation from the company was due to his failure to improve results. 由於無法改善績效,總裁便從公司辭職了。 - due to + N 由於…;resign (v.) from 從…辭職 -* Stepped down as a result of... 因為…而下台 The executive stepped down as a result of the investigation into his background. 對經理做了背景調查後,經理因此下台。 - as a result of …導致;step down (v.) 下台 / 辭職 -* Went from something to something 從…轉成 變成… He went from corporate executive to freelance consultant nearly overnight. 他幾乎在一夜之間突然從企業經理人搖身成了自由接案的顧問。 - nearly overnight (adv.) 幾乎在一夜之間,意思是突然且在意料之外地 - 6
  7. 7. .Senior position .Large corporation .Being a nobody .Unemployment .New jobs were created .Punctuality .Lack of administrative support .Manage my own diary* Senior position 高級位階 I formerly held a senior position in a leading manufacturing firm. 我先前在市場上一家最大的製造公司裡擔任高級職務。 - senior (adj.) 地位較高 / 年資較深的;leading (adj.) 首屈一指的 -* Large corporation 大型企業 There are many benefits that come with working for a large corporation. 替大型企業工作有很多福利。 - come with…(v.) 隨…而來 -* Being a nobody 身為無名小卒 Being a nobody, it was harder to get respect from potential clients. 身為無名小卒,比較難受到潛在客戶的敬重。 - nobody (n.) 小人物 / 無足輕重的人;potential clients (n.) 潛在客戶 -* Unemployment 失業 Unemployment continues to be a problem as the economy slows down. 經濟成長緩慢使得失業問題繼續存在。 - unemployment rate (n.) 失業率 -* New jobs were created 產生新工作 Thanks to a stronger market, 6,550 new jobs were created last quarter. 由於市場走勢見好,上一季產生了 6,550 份新工作。 - thanks to (prep.) 由於 / 幸虧;quarter (n.) 季 -* Punctuality 準時 Arriving on time to a meeting shows how important punctuality is to you. 及時出席會議顯示準時對你而言的重要性。 - on time (adv.) 及時 / 準時 -* Lack of administrative support 缺乏行政支援 The complete lack of administrative support made it difficult to reach my objectives. 完全缺乏行政支援讓我很難達成目標。 - administrative (adj.) 行政 / 管理經營上的;reach (v.)one’s objectives 達成某人的目標 -* Manage my own diary 管理自己的時間表 I eventually found a way to manage my own diary, but it took some time. 我終於找到一個整理自己時間表的辦法,只是花了好些時間才找到這個辦法。 - manage (v.) 管理 / 處理 - 7
  8. 8. .Regular pay cheque .At the end of every month .Teams that have a history of successful cooperation .Have worked well together in the past .The human face of your business .Management team .Expand your horizons .Companies in other countries* Regular pay cheque 固定的薪資 I missed the regular pay cheque at first, but my commission was generous. 雖然我一開始沒能獲得固定的薪資,可是後來得到了相當豐厚的佣金。 - pay check (n.) 工資 / 薪津;commission (n.) 佣金 / 回扣 -* At the end of every month 每逢月底 At the end of every month, I calculate my expected earnings. 每逢月底,我都會計算一下自己當月預計能有多少收入。 - calculate (v.) 計算;earnings (n.) 收入 -* Teams that have a history of successful cooperation 過去有成功的合作經驗的團隊 Try to work with teams that have a history of successful cooperation. 試著找那些曾有成功合作經驗的團隊來合作。 - cooperation (n.) 合作 / 協力;work with…(v.) 與…共事 -* Have worked well together in the past 以前共事的表現良好 One advantage of this group is that they have worked well together in the past. 這個小組的好處是,他們過去共事的表現相當好。 - advantage (n.) 優點 / 好處;work (v.) well together 合作效果良好 -* The human face of your business 你企業的門面 Your sales team is the human face of your business. 業務團隊等於是你企業的門面。* Management team 管理團隊 The management team must approve marketing proposals first. 行銷提案一定要先經過管理團隊的批准。 - marketing proposal (n.) 行銷提案;approve (v.) 同意 / 批准 -* Expand your horizons 拓展你的視野 Further education is a great way to expand your horizons. 繼續進修是拓展視野的極佳方式。 - further education (n.) 繼續接受教育 / 進修 expand (v.) 擴張;horizon (n.) 地平線 / 視野 -* Companies in other countries 國外的公司 He is seeking employment with companies in other countries. 他在找在國外工作的機會。 - seek (v.) employment with… 向…尋求工作機會 - 8
  9. 9. Products 產 品 .Adding new products to the range . Product availability .Widening their established line of .By bringing out .Two extra flavors .Introducing new packaging .Existing product* Adding new products to the range 往這一系列裡添加新產品 By adding new products to the range, we increased our market share. 在這一系列裡增添新產品,能增加我們的市場佔有率。 - range (n.) 產品系列;add…to…(v.) 往…添加…; increase one’s market share 增加市場佔有率 -* Product availability 產品供應 Our new distribution center will ensure product availability at our branch stores. 我們的新經銷中心會確保我們的分店都有產品可供應。 - distribution center (n.) 物流中心 / 經銷中心;distributor (n.) 經銷商; Availability (n.) 可供應性 / 可取得性;ensure…(v.) 確保… -* Widening their established line of... 拓展既有的產品線 The cosmetic company is widening their established line of skin care products. 這家化妝品公司正在拓展他們既有的護膚產品線。 - cosmetic company (n.) 化妝品公司;line (n.) 產品線 -* By bringing out... 藉由推出 We hope to capture the youth market by bringing out a new line of lipsticks. 我們希望藉由推出新的口紅產品線,能攻佔年輕人的市場。 - capture (v.) the youth market 攻佔年輕人的市場; bring out (v.) 使凸顯 / 推出 -* Two extra flavors 兩種額外的口味 We are test marketing two extra flavors of lip gloss. 我們正試銷外加兩種口味的唇蜜。 - test market (v.) 試銷 / 試售;extra (adj.) 額外 / 外加的 -* Introducing new packaging 介紹 / 引進新的包裝 We will introduce new packaging designs at the next board meeting. 我們會在下一次的董事會議上,介紹新的包裝設計。 - introduce (v.) 引進 / 介紹;packaging design (n.) 包裝設計 -* Existing product 現有的產品 This is an example of promoting an existing product by using a different container. 這就是用不同的容器來促銷現有產品的範例。 - This is an example of Ving. 這就是…的例子;promote (v.) 推銷 / 宣傳 - 9
  10. 10. .Launch .Sales .Second quarter milk .Chart of a 250-millilitre size drink of .Easy-to-grip bottles .Last the shelves .Rose dramatically .Hit quarter .Replace some improvement .Packaging machinery .Showed traditional cartons .Graph .Referring to .Spare parts .Distribution centre .Wrong part of the country* Launch of a 250-millilitre size drink of milk 推出 250 毫升大小的牛奶飲品 We expect our launch of a 250-millilitre size drink of milk to increase milk consumption. 我們希望推出 250 毫升大小的牛奶飲料以後,能夠增加牛奶的消費量。 - launch (n./ v.) 將商品投入市場;increase (v.) … consumption 增加…的消費量 -* Easy-to-grip bottles 容易抓取的瓶身 The easy-to-grip bottles were designed especially for children. 這種容易抓取的瓶子是專為兒童設計的。 - especially designed for…專為…而設計的 -* Hit the shelves 上架 / 上市 The new drinks hit the shelves at the end of June. 新飲品在六月底上市。* Replace traditional cartons 取代傳統的紙盒 The new bottles will replace traditional cartons completely by next year. 新的瓶子將在明年之前完全取代傳統的紙盒。 - replace (v.) 代替 / 取代;by + 時間 (adv.) 在…之前 / 不遲於… -* Packaging machinery 用於包裝的機器 We are still waiting on the packaging machinery to be installed in our factory. 我們還在等人來我們工廠架設包裝用的機器。 - install (v.) 裝設 -* Spare parts 零件 The spare parts we ordered haven’t arrived. 我們訂購的零件還沒到。 - order (v./ n.) 訂購 -* Distribution centre 物流中心 The company established a distribution centre to speed up deliveries. 這家公司成立了一間物流中心,加快送貨速度。 - speed up (v.) 加速;delivery (n.) 交貨 / 運送 -* Wrong part of the country 弄錯地區 Due to mislabeling, the package was sent to a post office in the wrong part of the country. 由於標示錯誤,這包裹送到了那個國家,但卻是錯誤地區的郵局。 - mislabeling (n.) 標示錯誤 -10
  11. 11. .Buying directly .Overseas company .Go through a middle man .Import .Reducing the prices .Cutting 60 cents off .Undercut by a considerable margin* Buying directly 直接購買 By buying directly, we can keep our prices low. 直接購買能夠讓我們繼續保持低價。 - keep (v.) ones price low 維持低價 -* Overseas company 海外的公司 An overseas company wants to arrange a shipment of goods. 一家國外公司想要安排運送一批貨。 - overseas (adj./ adv.) 國外的 / 海外的;shipment (n.) 裝運的貨物 / 載貨; a shipment of goods (n.) 一批貨 -* Go through a middle man 透過仲介商 With few contacts in the country, we go through a middle man to find customers. 我們在這個國家的人脈不多,因此透過仲介商來尋求顧客。 - contact (n.) 門路 / 聯絡人;a middle man 中間人 / 仲介 -* Import 進口 Unless we import our raw materials, we won’t be to meet our productions goals. 除非我們進口原料,否則沒辦法達到生產目標。 - Unless S + V, …除非…,否則…。;raw materials 原料;meet…goals 達成…目標 -* Reducing the prices 降價 Reducing the prices of several products increased sales in the short term. 降低幾項產品的價格在短期內能增加銷售量。 - reduce (v.) 降低;increase (v.) sales 提高銷售量;in the short term (adv.) 短期之內 -* Cutting 60 cents off 削價六十分錢 Cutting 60 cents off of the price of a movie ticket gave the theatre a rise in sales. 電影票減價六十分錢讓這家戲院的營業額上升。 - cut…off 減價…;give (v.)…a rise in sales 讓…的營業額 / 銷售額上升 -* Undercut by a considerable margin 大舉削價搶生意 The overseas manufacturer can undercut domestic firms by a considerable margin. 國外的製造商可以搶掉不少國內公司的生意。 - undercut (v.) 削價與…搶生意 / 拿較低工資與…搶就業機會; domestic (adj.) 本國 / 國內的;by a considerable margin (adv.) 大量地 - 11
  12. 12. .Sliding scale of charges .Purchase goods and services at a discount .Get reduced prices from suppliers .Sophisticated software .Rather than* Sliding scale of charges 相應增減定價對照表 Our sliding scale of charges lets us be flexible when it comes to pricing. 我們的相應增減定價對照表讓我們彈性地處理定價問題。 (「相應增減定價對照表」指的是因訂貨數量、急件緩件、或訂貨季節等因素的不同而產生不同貨品價格的定價表 ) - flexible (adj.) 有彈性的;pricing (n.) 標示價格 -* Purchase goods and services at a discount 在有折扣的情況下購買貨品與服務 To keep your initial costs down, purchase goods and services at a discount when possible. 為了壓低你的原始成本,可能的話,在有折扣時再購買貨品與服務。 - keep cost down 壓低成本; initial cost (n.) 原始成本;when possible (adv.) 可能的話 -* Get reduced prices from suppliers 從供應商取得調降過後的價格 To get reduced prices from suppliers, pay cash. 如果要供應商降價,就付現吧。 - reduced prices (n.) 降價過後的價格;supplier (n.) 供應商;pay cash 付現 -* Sophisticated software 精密複雜的軟體 You can buy sophisticated software to automate the ordering and payment procedures. 你可以買精密複雜的軟體把訂購與付費手續自動化。 - sophisticated (adj.) 精緻的 / 精密的 / 高度發展的; automate (v.) 使…自動化;the ordering and payment procedures (n.) 訂購與付費的手續 -* Rather than 不是 / 並非 Rather than making them ourselves, we purchase them abroad and ship them here. 我們不是自己製作,而是從國外購買並運送到這裡。 - purchase (v.) 購買;ship (v.) 運送 -12
  13. 13. Marketing 行銷 .Launching .Media campaign .Sponsorship deal .Satellite TV channel .Give something greater exposure .Target market .Name checks .Competition activities* Launching 推出 / 安排上市 When are we launching the new product? 我們什麼時侯要推出這項新產品?* Media campaign 透過媒體的推廣 / 造勢活動 The media campaign began yesterday. 媒體造勢活動昨天開始。 - media (n.) 媒體;campaign (n.) 活動 -* Sponsorship deal 贊助協定 We signed a sponsorship deal with a car manufacturer. 我們跟某家汽車製造商簽署了一份贊助協定。 - sign a deal with… 跟…簽署協定;sponsorship (n.) 贊助 -* Satellite TV channel 衛星電視頻道 The show is carried on a satellite TV channel. 這個節目在衛星電視頻道上播出。 - carry (v.) 刊登 / 播放 -* Give something greater exposure 給某物多點曝光率 We think television commercials may give our product greater exposure. 我們認為電視廣告能增加我們產品的曝光度。 - television commercial (n.) 電視廣告;exposure (n.) 曝光 -* Target market 目標市場 Our target market is young people between the ages of 15 and 29. 我們的目標市場放在年齡介於 15 到 29 歲之間的年輕人。 - between the ages of…and…(adj.) 介於…歲到…歲之間 -* Name checks 提到名稱 Name checks in the media increase the company’s visibility. 在媒體上提到公司名稱,能提昇公司的能見度。 - increase (v.) one’s visibility 提高…的能見度 -* Competition activities 競賽活動 Competition activities are popular because everyone has a chance of winning. 競賽活動很受歡迎因為每個人都有贏的機會。 13
  14. 14. .Short adverts .Commercial breaks .Running a special offer .Linked up with something .Video rental chain .Vouchers for .Half-price video rental .The idea’s that* Short adverts 篇幅短的廣告 Several short adverts may be more effective than one long one. 好幾個短篇幅的廣告可能比一個長篇幅的廣告更有效。 - advert (n.) 為 advertisement ( 廣告 ) 的簡稱;be more effective than… 比…更有效 / 更有作用 -* Commercial breaks 商業廣告插撥 There were three commercial breaks during the one-hour program. 在這一個小時的節目期間,會插撥三次廣告。* Running a special offer 舉行特惠活動 The supermarket is running a special offer until the end of the month. 這家超市正在舉行一項特惠活動,到月底為止。 - a special offer (n.) 優惠 / 特惠;until + 時間 (adv.) 直到…為止 -* Linked up with something 跟…串連 / 搭配起來 The store’s promotion is linked up with a movie that is playing at local theatres. 這家商店和當地電影院正在播映的一部電影搭配進行促銷活動。 - promotion (n.) 促銷 -* Video rental chain 影片租借連銷 A national video rental chain will open a branch store in the shopping center. 一家全國性的影片租借連鎖將要在這家購物中心裡開一家分店。 - chain (n.) 連鎖經營機構;branch store (n.) 分店;shopping center (n.) 購物中心 -* Vouchers for... 做…用的憑證 / 優待券 The passengers received vouchers for a free trip in the future. 這些乘客收到免費搭乘一次的優待券。* Half-price video rental 半價租片 The store is offering half-price video rental through this week. 這家店這整周提供半價租片活動。 - through this week (adv.) 一整周 -* The idea’s that... 這個構想的重點在於… The idea’s that customers will purchase both products at the same time. 這個構想的重點在於,顧客會同時購買這兩樣商品。 - purchase (v.) 購買 -14
  15. 15. .Collect the movies that go with them .Sponsorship .Connect something with something .A healthy leisure activity .Boosted the town’s tourism industry .Hold exclusive advertising rights .Targeting* Collect the movies that go with them 取走附贈的影片 After buying the snacks, customers can collect the movies that go with them. 客人買完零食以後,就能把附贈的影片一起帶走。 - collect (v.) 收 / 取;go with…(v.) 跟…搭配 / 隨同 / 附贈 -* Sponsorship 贊助 The company has been exploring the benefits of a long-term sponsorship. 公司一直在研究長期贊助有何益處。 - explore (v.) 探索 / 研究;benefit (n.) 優點 / 好處;a long-term sponsorship 長期贊助 -* Connect something with something 將…與…聯想在一起 It is our hope to connect our product with an active lifestyle in the minds of our customers. 我們希望在顧客的心裡能將我們的產品與有朝氣的生活風格聯想在一起。 - It is our hope to V. 我們希望能…;active lifestyle 活潑有朝氣的生活風格 -* A healthy leisure activity 健康的休閒活動 Jogging is a healthy leisure activity that many people enjoy. 慢跑這種健康的休閒活動,很多人喜歡。 - leisure activity (n.) 休閒活動;jog (v.)/ jogging (n.) 慢跑 -* Boosted the town’s tourism industry 促進這個鎮的旅遊業 The new museum boosted the town’s tourism industry. 這家新博物館推動了這個鎮的旅遊業。 - boost (v.) 促進 / 推動;tourism industry (n.) 旅遊業 -* Hold exclusive advertising rights 擁有獨家的廣告權 The oil company holds exclusive advertising rights at the automobile race. 這家石油公司在這場賽車裡擁有獨家的廣告權。 - exclusive (adj.) 獨家的,例 : exclusive rights (n.) 獨家經銷權; advertising rights (n.) 廣告權 ;automobile race (n.) 賽車活動 -* Targeting 針對… By targeting teenagers, the store enjoyed healthy sales while other retailers were suffering. 這家商店因而以青少年為目標,在其他零售商經營狀況不佳時,仍享有正常的銷售表現。 - target (v.) 以…作為目標 / 對象;retailer (n.) 零售商 / 店 - 15
  16. 16. .Giving out free samples .Tasting events .Main focus .Offered to customers .Top supermarkets .Brand image .Current prices .Special offers* Giving out free samples 分送免費的樣品 We will be giving out free samples of our microwave dinners. 我們的微波晚餐將會有免費試吃活動。 - give out (v.) 分送 / 分配;sample (n.) 樣本 / 試用品 -* Tasting events 試吃活動 Tasting events were held at stores throughout the region over the weekend. 週末的時侯,整個地區的商店都會舉行試吃活動。 - Throughout…(prep.) 遍及 / 遍佈…;…Fregion (n.) 地區 / 區域 -* Main focus 主要焦點 The main focus of the campaign was to introduce a new line of low-salt meals. 這個活動的主要焦點,是要引介一個新系列的低鹽餐點。 - campaign (n.) 一連串的活動 例 : marketing campaign 行銷活動,presidential campaign 總統競選活動 -* Offered to customers 提供給顧客 Small cups of coffee were offered to customers while they waited to order. 等待點餐的顧客會被提供小杯的咖啡。 - 物 + be offered to + 人 將某物提供給人;order (v.) 點餐 -* Top supermarkets 頂級的超市 These products will only be available at top supermarkets in the area. 在這個區域裡,只有頂級的超市才供應這些產品。 - available (adj.) 可獲得的 / 有供應的 ;top (adj.) 一流的 / 主要的 -* Brand image 品牌形象 We spent several million dollars developing our brand image. 我們花了幾百萬元建立我們的品牌形象。* Current prices 當前的價格 Our current prices are less than they were last year at this time. 我們目前的價格較去年同期的價格為低。 - current (adj.) 現時的 / 當下的;less than…- 少於… -* Special offers 優惠商品 Include special offers only for online customers to increase traffic. 只提供線上購買的顧客把優惠商品,以期增加交易量。 - Online customer (n.) 線上客戶;traffic (n.) 交易 / 買賣 -16
  17. 17. .Marketing issues .How it is promoted .How goods and services will be sold .Break into .Update their web pages regularly .To have quizzes for customers .As interactive as possible* Marketing issues 行銷議題 Marketing issues must not be ignored when starting a new company. 新成立一家公司時,絕不可忽視行銷議題。 - ignore (v.) 忽略;start (v.) a new company 新成立一家公司 -* How it is promoted 如何行銷 The success of the new product will depend on how it is promoted. 新產品的成功與否端賴行銷手法。 - depend on (v.) 端賴 / 看…的情形 -* How goods and services will be sold 貨品與服務應該怎麼銷售 A marketing director’s responsibility is determining how goods and services will be sold. 行銷主管的責任是要裁定如何銷售貨品與服務。 - marketing director (n.) 行銷主管;responsibility (n.) 責任;determine (v.) 裁定 -* Break into 打進 ( 市場 ) To break into the market, your firm will have to promote its product extensively. 為了打進市場,你的公司必須大量促銷其產品。 - break (v.) into the market 打進市場;extensively (adv.) 大量地 / 大規模地 -* Update their web pages regularly 定期更新網頁 To keep customers returning, successful firms update their web pages regularly. 為了讓客人繼續光顧,一個成功的公司會定期更新自己的網頁。 - keep…returning 讓…持續回籠;update…regularly 定期更新…;web page (n.) 網頁 -* To have quizzes for customers 提供謎題給顧客做 One way to increase the length of a visit is to have quizzes for customers to complete. 延長拜訪時間的方式之一,就是提供謎題給顧客做。 - lengthen (v.) 延長;quiz (n.) 謎題 / 猜謎 -* As interactive as possible 互動性越強越好 One rule is to make your web pages as interactive as possible. 原則之一,就是盡可能提高你網頁的互動性。 - as…as possible 越…越好;interactive (adj.) 互動性 - 17
  18. 18. Organization and planning 組織與計畫 .Group has subsidiary firms .Two sections .Different categories .Will then transfer to .On time and within budget .Is being developed .Not until the 14th of July actually* Subsidiary firms 子公司 The group has subsidiary firms scattered around the world. 這個企業集團的子公司分散在世界各地。 - subsidiary (adj.) 從屬的 / 受母公司控制的; Around the world (adv.) 遍及世界各地 -* Two sections 兩個科 / 處 / 組 Employees from two sections attended the training session together. 兩個處室的雇員一起參加訓練課程。 - attend (v.) 參加 -* Different categories 不同的類別 We offer several different categories of goods to our customers. 我們提供好幾種不同類別的商品給顧客。 - category (n.) 範疇 / 種類;offer (v.) …to… 提供…給… -* Will then transfer to... 接著會轉 / 調到 After I complete the training course, I will then transfer to a foreign office. 等我完成了訓練課程,我就會調到國外的分公司。 - transfer (v.) 調動 / 調任 -* On time and within budget 準時而且不超過預算 We completed the work on time and within budget, earning praise from management. 我們在準時且不超過預算的情況下完成了這項工作,所以得到了上級的讚美。 - earn (v.) praise from… 得到…的讚美;the management (n.) 管理階層 / 資方 -* Is being developed 正在 ( 被 ) 研發當中 A new product is being developed in our research laboratory. 我們的研究實驗室正在研發一項新產品。 - …is/ are being developed 正在被研發當中;research laboratory (n.) 研究實驗室 -* Not until the 14th of July actually 直到七月十四號才… It was not until the 14th of July that the workers actually began the installation. 工人等到七月十四號才真正開始架設。 - not until… that… 直到…才… -18
  19. 19. .Wait two days for something .Replace an earlier plan .Involves too much time .Takes too long .Are based abroad .Overlook .Preparing itself for .Ask yourself how often* Wait two days for something 等… 等兩天 We will have to wait two days for their final answer. 我們要等兩天,才能得到他們最後的答覆。 - wait for…(v.) 等侯… -* Replace an earlier plan 取代稍早的計畫 The new manager decided to replace an earlier plan for expansion with a more moderate one. 新上任的經理決定要用比較溫和的方案來取代稍早的那個擴張計畫。 - replace (v.) A with B 用 B 來取代 A;expansion (n.) 擴展 / 擴張; moderate (adj.) 適度的 / 穩健的 -* Involves too much time 耗費太多時間 That method involves too much time, and is not always useful in the end. 那個方法會耗費太多時間,而且到最後也不見得有用。 - involve (v.) 捲入 / 需要;in the end (adv.) 到最後 -* Takes too long 花太久時間 If the analysis takes too long, the results will no longer have any value. 如果花太久的時間才完成分析,到那時得到的結果就不再有價值了。 - no longer (adv.) 不再 -* Are based abroad 設在國外 Most of our suppliers are based abroad. 我們大部分的供應商公司都設在國外。* Overlook 忽視 Do not overlook key details if you want everything to come out right. 如果你希望結果一切順利的話,就別忽視關鍵的細節。 - key (adj.) 主要的 / 重要的;detail (n.) 細節 -* Preparing itself for... 準備要… The company is preparing itself for fighting the takeover attempt. 公司準備要抵抗接管計畫。 - takeover (n.) 接管;take over (v.) 接管 / 控制;attempt (n./ v.) 企圖 / 試圖 -* Ask yourself how often you... 自問有多常… You have to ask yourself how often you are willing to re-locate. 你必須問自己,你願意多久調職一次。 - relocate (v.)/ relocation (n.) 調職 - 19
  20. 20. .Get busy with .When they said they would .To be won .Sort it out on your own .Take particular care* Get busy with 著手進行 / 處理 I had better get busy with this project. 我最好著手進行這個計畫。 - had better + V 最好… -* When they said they would 照著他們原先計計劃的時間 The salespeople didn’t end the meeting when they said they would. 業務員並未依照他們原先說的時間結束會議。 - salesperson ( 單數 n.)/ salespeople ( 複數 n.) 業務員 / 銷售員;end the meeting 結束會議 -* To be won 等著 ( 被 ) 贏得 / 得到 There are awards to be won if you look hard enough for the opportunities. 如果你尋找機會時夠用心,就會有收獲。 - awards (n.) 獎賞 / 收穫;win awards/ win an award 贏得獎賞 -* Sort it out on your own 自己解決 You’ll have to sort it out on your own if no one is available to help you. 如果沒人能幫你,你就得想辦法自己解決。 - sort…out (v.) 解決;on one’s own (adv.) 靠自己 -* Take particular care 特別當心 Take particular care when establishing relations with an unproven supplier. 跟未經驗證的供應商建立合作關係時,要特別留意。 - establish (v.) relations with… 跟…建立關係;unproven (adj.) 未經查驗的 - note20
  21. 21. Office communication 辦公室內的溝通 .Informal input .Expertise in other areas .Depended on .Check out other people’s opinions .Taking an idea forward .Make an appointment .Arrange to see someone .Conference* Informal input 不拘形式地提供意見 / 資訊 We welcome informal input from staff. 我們歡迎員工提供意見,不拘形式。 - welcome (v.) 歡迎;input (n./ v.) 輸入 / 提供意見、資訊或評論 -* Expertise in other areas 在其他領域的專長 We’re looking for contacts with expertise in other areas. 我們正在尋找有其他領域專長的人脈。 - expert (n.) 專家;expertise in + 某領域 (n.) 某領域的專門技術 / 知識 -* Depended on 仰賴 / 依靠 Until last month, the branches depended on the head office for promotion ideas. 直到上個月為止,各分店仍仰賴總公司提供促銷構想。 - head office (n.) 總公司 / 總部 / 總行;promotion ideas (n.) 促銷的構想 -* Check out other people’s opinions 調查別人的意見 We suggest you check out other people’s opinions about the plans. 我們建議你問問其他人對這些計畫有什麼意見。 - check out (v.) 檢查 / 試試;one’s opinions about + N 對…的意見 -* Taking an idea forward 推展某個構想 Before taking an idea forward, it is reasonable to check with your colleagues. 把某個構想付諸行動以前,先跟同事商量一下比較好。 - check with + 人 (v.) 跟某人商量一下;reasonable (adj.) 合理 / 適當 / 公道的 -* Make an appointment 訂定約會 / 敲定會面時間 You’ll have to call her secretary to make an appointment. 你必須打電話給她的秘書敲定會面時間。* Arrange to see someone 安排與某人見面 I arranged to see their chief buyer the day after tomorrow. 我安排後天跟他們的主要買家會面。 - buyer (n.) 購買者 / 買主;the day after tomorrow (adv.) 後天 -* Conference 會議 Did you meet with the mayor’s aide at the conference? 你那次去開會見到市長的副手了嗎? - mayor (n.) 市長;aide (n.) 助手 / 副手 - 21
  22. 22. .Should receive information .Articulate the corporate vision .Describe their aims clearly .Offer advice and access to useful people .Feedback on .Not to mention .Revising the insurance conditions* Should receive information 應該會接到資訊 We should receive information about the shipment in the morning. 早上我們應該會接到跟那批貨運有關的訊息。 - receive (v.) information about… 接到跟…有關的訊息 -* Articulate the corporate vision 把公司的願景表達得清楚有力 You must be able to articulate the corporate vision well if you want to attract investors. 如果你想吸引投資者的話,一定要能清楚有力地把公司的願景表達出來。 - articulate (v.) 清晰有力地表達;the corporate vision 公司 / 企業的願景; attract (v.) investors 吸引投資者 -* Describe their aims clearly 把目標描述清楚 I am looking for entrepreneurs who can describe their aims clearly. 我正在找能夠把目標描述清楚的企業主。 - look for (v.) 尋找;entrepreneur (n.) 企業主 / 事業家 -* Offer advice and access to useful people 提供建議以及與有用的人接觸的機會 Angel investors offer advice and access to useful people but demand a large share of the business for their money. 投資新創業的金主通常會提供建議以及與有用的人接觸的機會,可是也因為本身投入金錢,而會要求擁 有該事業的多數股份。 - angel investor (n.) 投資新創業金主 / 創投天使,意指「投資新創公司或其他企業的 個人或散戶」;Offer (v.) advice 提供忠告 / 建議;share (n.) 股 / 股份 -* Feedback on... 針對…的回饋 / 回應 We asked our customers for feedback on our new product line. 我們要求顧客針對我們新系列的產品做些回應。 - give (v.) feedback on… 針對…做回應 -* Not to mention 更不必說 / 遑論 This is dangerous, not to mention illegal. 這很危險,更別提是違法的。* Revising the insurance conditions 修訂保險的條件 Jack Martin is on the line and wants to talk about revising the insurance conditions. 傑克馬丁在電話上,他想談談保險條件的修訂。 - revise (v.) 修訂 / 校訂;insurance conditions (n.) 保險條件 -22
  23. 23. .Need to know more facts .Can I take your name? .Have an account with us .Here’s the number .Exact titles .Twelve copies of .Job reference number .Leave room to* Need to know more facts 需要知道更多的實情 We need to know more facts before we can make a decision. 我們要先知道更多的實情,然後才能下決定。 - make (v.) a decision 下決定 -* Can I take your name? 我能不能記下你的名字? Can I take your name so I can leave give her a message? 我能不能記下你的名字,以便把訊息傳達給她? - give (v.)… a message 把訊息傳達給 -* Have an account with us 在我們這裡有戶頭 You must have an account with us to cash a check. 你一定要先有我們的帳戶,才能在這裡兌現支票。 - open (v.) a bank account 在銀行開戶;cash (v.) a check 兌現支票 -* Here’s the number 這有電話號碼 Here’s the number where you can reach her. 你可以這個電話號碼來聯絡她。* Exact titles 精確的標題 / 書名 To search for the books you’re looking for, we need their exact titles. 為了要找出你想要的書,我們需要有完整無誤的書名。 - search for …(v.) 找;exact (adj.) 精確無誤的 -* Twelve copies of 十二本 / 冊的 I found another twelve copies of the books you wanted. 你想要的那本書,我又找到了十二冊。 - another…(adj.) 另外的 -* Job reference number 工作參照編號 Write the job reference number at the top of the form. 把工作參照編號寫在表格的最上方。 - job reference number (n.) 工作參照編號,指的是徵才廣告在網站 / 報紙上的紀錄號碼, 以便查詢某個特定的廣告 -* Leave room to... 在…留下空間 Leave room to sign your name at the bottom. 在底下留點空間,以便簽名。 - room (n.) 空間;sign (v.) 簽名 - 23
  24. 24. .Include a section on .Use the same typeface throughout .Keep it to just one or two sizes .Background information on staff .Lack of IT support .There wasn’t anyone to call .Computer broke down .What you don’t have* Include a section on... 包含某部份 Make sure you include a section on your suggestions. 請務必把你的建議放進去。 - Make sure S + V - ( 你 / 你們 ) 務必要…;include (v.) 包含 -* Use the same typeface throughout 從頭到尾用同樣的字體 To produce a clean, easy-to-read page, use the same typeface throughout. 為了做出簡潔易讀的頁面,請從頭到尾用同樣的字體。 - produce (v.) 製造 / 做出;easy-to-read (adj.) 便於閱讀的;typeface (n.) 字體; throughout (adv.) 自始至終 / 到處 -* Keep it to just one or two sizes 只用一到兩種大小的字體 The page will look better if you keep it to just one or two sizes of font. 如果一頁上面只用一到兩種大小的字體,看起來會更好。* Background information on staff 員工的背景資訊 We make background information on staff available on the website. 我們讓大家可在網站上取得員工的背景資訊。 - background information (n.) 背景資料;make (v.) …available 讓…變成可取得的 / 提供 -* Lack of IT support 缺乏資訊技術的支援 The lack of IT support means you must maintain your own computer. 因為缺乏電腦技術的支援,表示你得自行維修電腦。 - lack (n.) of… 缺乏…;IT (n.) 資訊技術 / 電腦技術;maintain (v.) 維修 / 維護 -* There wasn’t anyone to call 沒有人可以求援 There wasn’t anyone to call when I had a technical problem. 當遇到技術上的問題時,我完全沒有求援的對象。 - a technical problem (n.) 技術上的問題 -* Computer broke down 電腦壞掉 My computer broke down twice in the first month, but I got it fixed each time. 頭一個月電腦故障兩次,不過我每一次都請人修好了。 - break down (v.) 故障;get (v.) … fixed 找人修好… -* What you don’t have 你所沒有的 / 所缺乏的 What you don’t have is a clear management vision. 你所缺乏的就是清楚的管理願景。 - management vision (n.) 管理 / 願景… -24
  25. 25. Giving reasons 提供理由 .But for some reason .That’s why we’ve .In your interest .Benefit from .Out of direct sunlight .Sensitive to heat .That was the case* But for some reason 可是不知為何 I expected the proposal to be supported, but for some reason it was opposed. 我原本希望大家會支持我的提案, 但不知為何受到反對。 - support (v.) one’s proposal 支持某人的提案;oppose (v.) 反對 -* That’s why we’ve... 那就是為什麼我們已經 That’s why we’ve decided to explore other opportunities. 那就是為什麼我們決定要探詢其他的可能性。 - explore (v.) other opportunities 探索別的可能性 -* In your interest 對你來講有好處 It would be in your interest to research your options before answering. 回覆之前,先針對幾個選擇做點調查,對你才有好處。 - It would be in your interest to V… 會對你有好處 -* Benefit from 從…得到好處 Local firms will benefit from the relaxed trade regulations. 貿易規定放寬後,當地的公司能從中獲利。 - benefit from…(v.) 從…獲利 / 得到好處;relax (v.) 放寬; trade regulations (n.) 貿易規定 -* Out of direct sunlight 避免太陽直接照射 Keep this device out of direct sunlight to prevent damage. 別讓這個裝置直接曬到太陽,以免造成損壞。 - device (n.) 裝置 / 設備 / 器具;prevent (v.) damage 避免損 -* Sensitive to heat 對熱很敏感 Keep this medicine in the refrigerator because it is sensitive to heat. 把這個藥放在冰箱裡,因為它對熱很敏感。 - be sensitive to… 對… 很敏感;heat (n.) 熱 -* That was the case 情形正是如此 We were worried about rising costs, and we found that was the case in many cities. 我們擔心花費會節節高升,結果發現很多城市裡果然正有這種狀況。 - rising costs (n.) 逐漸升高的花費 - 25
  26. 26. .Resulting from .As .Find there are .Hadn’t realized .In terms of* Resulting from 導因於 We found increased demand for the product resulting from lower prices. 我們發現產品的需求量因為低價位而升高。 - demand (n.) for… 對…的需求 -* As 由於 As the truck driver didn’t come till after we closed, we couldn’t send your order. 由於卡車司機在我們打烊之後才來,我們沒辦法遞送你所訂的貨。* Find there are... 發現有 You might find there are reasons to stay in one place longer than expected. 你可能會發現在一個地方待得比預期的久,確實是有理由的。* Hadn’t realized 沒有瞭解到 The salesman hadn’t realized the prices had changed. 這個售貨員並未意識到,價格已經有了變動。 salesman / saleswoman (n.) 男 / 女售貨員或店員* In terms of 就…來說 In terms of a close fit with our business model, Janner Corporation is the ideal partner. 要跟我們的企業模式做緊密搭配的話,傑能企業是最理想的合作伙伴。 - a close fit with… 能與…搭配無間;business model (n.) 企業模式 - note26
  27. 27. Expressing opinions 表達意見 .Looked the most promising .Judging .I’m afraid .Found something tough .It was a shame .Hard not having .For the first time in 25 years* Looked the most promising 看起來前景最為看好 Which of the offers looked the most promising? 哪個提議前景最看好? - promising (adj.) 有前途 / 有希望的 -* Judging from 判斷 Judging from your first quarter sales figures, this will be a very good year. 從你們第一季的銷售數字來看,今年的表現會很好。 - sales figures (n.) 銷售數字 -* I’m afraid 恐怕 I’m afraid your delivery will be delayed. 我擔心你的交貨不能準時。 - be delayed 有所延遲 -* Found something tough 覺得…棘手 The manager found laying off the workers tough, but she knew it had to be done. 經理覺得辭退員工是件棘手的事,但是她知道她不得不這麼做。 - found (v.) 覺得;lay off …(v.) 將… 辭退;tough (adj.) 非常令人遺憾的 / 不愉快的 -* It was a shame 可惜 It was a shame that we couldn’t reach an agreement 可惜我們無法達成協議。 - reach (v.) an agreement 達成協議 / 意見一致 -* It was hard not having... 沒有…很艱難 It was hard not having anyone to rely on for help. 求助無門的狀況真的很辛苦。 - rely (v.) on … for help 仰賴…的幫忙 -* For the first time in 25 years 二十五年來頭一次 For the first time in 25 years, I didn’t have to go to the office each morning. 二十五年來頭一遭,我不用每天早上都到辦公室去。 27
  28. 28. .Came as something of a shock .To adjust to the fact that .A terrible worry .Frustrating having to .I’ve a feeling .Why don’t we .Do the job well* Came as something of a shock 讓人震驚 The additional responsibility came as something of a shock, but I got used to it. 必須擔起額外的責任讓我有點震驚,不過我也已經習慣這種狀況。 - get used to + N 習慣… -* To adjust to the fact that... 調適 It was difficult to adjust to the fact that I was basically on my own. 我基本上全得靠自己,這一點讓人很難調適。* A terrible worry 讓人憂心 Many people find it a terrible worry to do without the safety net of a large corporation. 很多人覺得在沒有大型企業的安全防護網下做事很令人擔心。 - find…a worry 覺得…很另人擔心;safety net (n.) 防護網 -* It was frustrating having to... 必須…,這點令人感到洩氣 It was frustrating having to find someone to do the repairs for me. 我還得自己去找人來幫我修理,這點實在令人沮喪。 - frustrating (adj.) 令人沮喪 / 洩氣 -* I’ve a feeling that... 我有種感覺 I’ve a feeling that you’re going to like the news I have to tell you. 我有種感覺,你會喜歡我現在要跟你說的消息。* Why don’t we... 我們何不 Why don’t we visit the factory next month? 我們何不下個月去參觀那家工廠?* Do the job well 把工作做好 To do the job well, you need the proper equipment. 要把工作做好,你需要有適當的設備。 - proper (adj.) 適當的 / 夠水準的 -28
  29. 29. Making comparisons 做比較 .Faster than in all others .Outperforming other areas .s expecting a downturn .Would probably be lower .Bigger profits than ever before .Are a new record for the company .Have not been consistent across all outlets* Faster than in all others 比起其他 ( 分店 ) 都更快 Sales from one branch have grown faster than in all others. 有一家分店的銷售量成長速度比其他分店都要快。 - branch (n.) 分店;grow (v.) faster than… 比…成長得要快 -* Outperforming other areas 勝過於其他的領域 Investments in electronics are outperforming other areas. 在電子工業上投資的表現超越了其他的領域。 - Investments (n.) in… 在…上的投資;outperform (v.) 勝過於 / 表現超越其他 -* Is expecting a downturn 預期 / 期待 One noted economist is expecting a downturn in the second quarter. 有位知名的經濟學家預期第二季的景氣會下滑。 - noted (adj.) 有名的;economist (n.) 經濟學家;downturn (n.) 經濟的衰退 / 不景氣趨勢 -* Would probably be lower 可能會更低 We knew that our return in investment would probably be lower than first estimated. 我們原本就知道投資報酬率可能會比最初預估的低。 - return [on] investment (n.) 投資報酬率;estimate (v.) 估計 -* Have enjoyed bigger profits than ever before 未曾有過這麼好的獲利狀況 This year, we have enjoyed bigger profits than ever before. 我們今年的獲利狀況前所未有地好。 - profit (n.) 利潤 / 盈利 / 收益 -* Are a new record for the company 公司的創新紀錄 The quarter’s results are a new record for the company. 這一季的業績成果刷新了公司的紀錄。* Have not been consistent across all outlets 不是所有的大賣場都一致如此 Gains in productivity have not been consistent across all outlets. 並不是所有的大賣場的生產力都有所增進。 - gains (n.) 收益 / 增長;productivity (n.) 生產力 / 生產率;outlet (n.) 賣場 / 商店 - 29
  30. 30. .Have not risen as rapidly as .Were slower than .Stronger than anticipated .Cheaper than doing it yourself .May not be the inexpensive option .Even more space to .More positive than recent indications suggested* Have not risen as rapidly as... 不似…增加得快 Interest rates have not risen as rapidly as we had hoped. 利率升高的速度不如我們所期望的快。 - interest rates (n.) 利率 -* Were slower than... 比…慢 The workers were slower than we had predicted, reducing productivity. 員工的工作速度比我們預期的緩慢,因此減低了生產力。 - reduce (v.) productivity 減低生產力;predict (v.) 預測 -* Stronger than anticipated 比原先期待的強 / 好 Sales were stronger than anticipated. 銷售狀況比原先期待的好。 - anticipate (v.) 期待 / 指望 -* Cheaper than doing it yourself 比自己做更便宜 Hiring a contractor is cheaper than doing it yourself. 雇請承包商比自己來做更省錢 - contractor (n.) 承包人 / 承包商 -* May not be the inexpensive option 也許不算是便宜的選擇 Designing your own website may not be the inexpensive option. 親自設計自己的網站也許不算便宜的選擇。 - inexpensive (adj.) 花費不多 / 價格低廉的 -* Even more space to... 更多的空間 We will need even more space to store all of the documents. 我們會需要更多的空間儲存所有的文件。 - store (v.) 儲藏;document (n.) 文件 -* More positive than recent indications suggested 比最近的跡象所暗示的還要正面 Our earnings report is more positive than recent indications suggested it would be. 我們的收益報告比近來所顯示的跡象還要正面。 - earnings report 收益報告;indication (n.) 徵兆 / 跡象;positive (adj.) 積極的 / 肯定的 -30
  31. 31. .Producing goods more effectively* Producing goods more effectively 更有效率地生產貨品 We increased our profit by producing goods more effectively. 我們藉由提高貨品生產的效率以增加收益。 - V + more effectively 更有效率地… - note 31
  32. 32. BULATS 考試架構 BULATS有「聽力及閱讀測驗」、「口說測驗」、「寫作測驗」三種選項。你可以 測驗名稱 測驗方式 測驗重點 時間 說明 測驗費用 適性測驗快速準確地 線上測驗 電腦適性測驗 聽力、閱讀 45-75分鐘 $1,300 測試出受試者的英語能力 標準測驗 紙筆測驗 聽力、閱讀 110分鐘 題型包括選擇題與配合題 $1,300 模擬真實的職場情境 寫作測驗 紙筆測驗 45分鐘 $1,500 以評量應試者的寫作能力 一位主考官 面試、簡報、資訊交流 口說測驗 12分鐘 與主考官面對面的對談 $1,500 與一位應試者 及意見討論 註32
  33. 33. BULATS 線上測驗(On-line Test) 測驗範例一、測驗前須填寫的個人資料畫面:二、頁面說明: 考試剩餘時間 關閉視窗 問題與協助 兩次聽力機會 音量大小 考試進度 下一頁 33
  34. 34. 三、題型範例:閱讀與用法部份1、選擇/填充題2、填空題34
  35. 35. 3、閱讀測驗-複合題四、題型範例:聽力部份1、選擇題 35
  36. 36. 1、選擇複合題 note36
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