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Crash Course on creativity

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Team13361 - Asst 1

  1. 1. Assignment 1 – Getting to Know YouBy Team 13361October 23, 2012
  2. 2. Promote brands Donate to charities ??? Prior to Creativity Class Had not heard ofHave passport Shindogu before course and travel Wear corrective lenses The team had quite a bit in common Have close friends when we looked into the Innovation Engine’s internal Graduated college factors impacting creativity Have driver’s license Don’t own a boat
  3. 3. But the team had very littlein common when we lookedinto the external factorsimpacting creativity Celebrate ChristmasHave medical insurance Have a TV in house Don’t read comics
  4. 4. Graduated from College educational background Questions we asked speak a foreign language? what sports do you like to watch? what hobbies do you have? each other been to the top of the Eiffel Tower? driven over the Golden Gate Bridge? been to the Great Wall of China? been to Africa member of any club? (sports, drama, literature, etc) Fallen sick in the last 6 months?nationality Do your own laundry?how tall are youhair colorNumber of siblings (brothers, sisters) do you read comics, jokes in newspaper, magazines several times a week?what number child are you in your family ? how often do you post/share jokes on social media (fb, twitter)?parents divorced at any time? did you know what shindogu was before this course?crashed a car? like to do experiments?broken a bone in your body? do you doodle?interested in politics have you ever been hypnotizedAverage daily hours of sleep ever lived outside your home city?Favorite color ever recommended a brand to someone?Favorite beverage Like Online courses?favorite breakfast food Curious about creativity?favourite meal of the day? (breakfast, lunch, dinner, etc) Like watching movies?Non-smoker (y,n) Like going for walks?Month born inwhat was your favorite childhood bookdo you celebrate Christmas? do you see yourself as more of a puzzle builder? Or a quilt maker?what eating utensils do you generally use for dinner? have you worked for a start-up ever?Married? (y,n) have you started your own business ever?Number of children have you worked in another country?Home owner? (y,n) have you developed a new product/service?Number of televisions in household Employed full time? (y,n)number of computers in household? frequent user of social mediado you have pets? worked more than 12 hours in a day?what do you do on weekends? ever given up your seat to someone else?own a car ever buy anything over USD 500 on internet from someone you have not met?android or apple phone? begin your day with coffee?own a boat ever lied to someone close to youdiet conscious ever called the cops ?wear eyeglasses ever caught for an offence by cops?eat non-vegetarian food? forgot to pay a bill on time?Have a mole/ beauty spot?
  5. 5. Questions we asked each otherFaithPracticing organized religion/faith (yes or no)heroes/heroines Hometown do you live in apartment, single-family house, multi-family home, etchigh points in life (marriages, awards, birth of child, trips, religious or other what do you see out your kitchen window?epiphanies, won lottery) how do you get to work?low points in life (dont have to go into detail if embarrassed - just generalities) what does your office space look like?parents still alive number of hours a day in front of a screen (computer, TV, etc)any grandparent lived to be 100 or older favourite room of the houseany family secrets growing up re: who your real parent(s) was/were - not how far away is the store where you do most of your grocery shopping?uncommon in US Have a door mat on front porch of house?play musical instrument or sing At least 1 mirror in the house?favorite vacationfavorite charities population in city where you live (greater metro area)prefer to read on (what) device density of population where you live (see your town in wikipedia)reading comprised of... Mean monthly sunshine hours in December (wikipedia)what have you published (if anything) marginal income tax rate where you live how do people usually get from point A to B? Eg car, bike, foot, publicexperience dealing with chronic health issue transportation?switched careers how many times so far (voluntary or involuntary) have medical insurance?experience dealing with long period of involuntary unemploymentbeen robbed at gun or knifepointbeen robbed Entrepreneurial environment where you live, work? Global entrepreneuship and development index of your country (GEDI)still in touch with friends from primary school Individualistic vs Collectivistic culture score of your countrystill in touch with friends from secondary school Power distance score of your countrystill in touch with friends from college Satisfaction with life rank of your countryhave close friends you could share major problem with or borrow money from Happy Planet IndexEpitaph and/or want to be remembered for