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Pitching Event for Entrepreneurs and Investors - Stockholm


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Invitation to our Pitching Event i

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Pitching Event for Entrepreneurs and Investors - Stockholm

  1. 1.    Pitching  Event  for  Entrepreneurs  and  Investors  June  17    The   Nordic   Edupreneuring*   Project   together   with   .SE   -­‐   The   Internet   Infrastructure  Foundation,   Silicon   Vikings,   and   the   Stanford   Alumni   Club   of   Sweden   are   organizing   a  Pitching  Event  for  Entrepreneurs  and  Investors,  and  you  are  welcome  to  join!    When:  Monday,  June  17,  6:00  to  8:30  pm  Where:  Offices  of  .SE  -­‐The  Internet  Infrastructure  Foundation  at  Ringvägen  100,  Stockholm  (,  A-­‐House,  9th  floor    RSVP:  By  Thursday,  June  12,  8:00  pm  to  Robin  Teigland  (    This  session  represents  a  great  opportunity  for  entrepreneurs,  investors,  and  others:  • Gain   Pitching   Experience.   If   you   are   an   entrepreneur,   you   may   apply   to   pitch   your  company  to  our  panel  of  investors  and  experienced  business  experts  at  this  event.  Most  companies  that  want  to  grow  and  expand  internationally  need  to  find  investment/risk  capital  and  a  key  element  of  this  process  is  to  make  a  “Pitch”  to  investors.  Contact  Robin  Teigland  (  as  soon  as  possible  if  you  would  like  to  pitch  as  we  only  have  6  pitching  spots  available.    • Gain  New  Insights.  Even  if  you  are  not  seeking  funding  or  do  not  want  to  make  a  pitch  now,  the  opportunity  to  watch  others  make  a  pitch  in  front  of  investors  and  experts  will  give  you  very  valuable  insights  into  the  process.  • Network.   This   is   a   key   characteristic   of   Silicon   Valley   –   an   opportunity   to   meet   other  entrepreneurs,  investors,  potential  customers,  and  others  who  could  be  useful  to  you  at  some  point  in  your  entrepreneurial  journey.    Pitching  Panel  Participants  • Mikolaj  Norek  is  the  Managing  Director  of  the  Forum  for  Innovation  Management  and  Researcher   at   the   Stockholm   School   of   Economics   and   the   Ratio   Institute   on  Entrepreneurial  Virtues.  He  is  also  a  Co-­‐founder  of  the  Future  Entrepreneurs  Programme,  which   brings   entrepreneurship   to   Swedish   high   schools,   and   a   regular   speaker   on  entrepreneurship  and  innovation.    Mikolaj  is  a  Board  Member  of  the  Silicon  Vikings  and  Chairman   of   the   Board   of   the   Social   Entrepreneurship   Forum.  More   information:  • Lena   Ramfelt   is   a   serial   entrepreneur   and   private   investor.   Lena   is   also   a   frequent  lecturer   in   entrepreneurship   and   innovation   at   Stanford,   the   Stockholm   School   of  Economics,  and  KTH.    More  information:­‐ramfelt/0/605/898/.    • Niklas   Seren   leads   .SEs   work   with   stimulating   the   environment   for   ICT-­‐entrepreneurs  through  a  number  of  projects  focusing  on  expanding  networks.  Niklas  has  been  involved  in  a  number  of  startups  and  is  also  in  charge  of  .SEs  annual  Internet  conference  -­‐  "The  Internet   Days   (Internetdagarna)".   More   information:­‐seren/24/32b/b2b/.  
  2. 2. • Oddgeir   Tveiten   is   Professor   at   the   University   of   Agder   in   Norway,   visiting   scholar   at  Stanford,  the  Founder  and  Project  Leader  of  the  Future  Learning  Lab,  and  the  Project  Leader   of   the   Nordic   Edupreneuring   Project.     Oddgeir   has   a   PhD   in   international  communications.  More  information:­‐tveiten/18/180/928/.  • Jane  Walerud  is  a  serial  entrepreneur  and  private  investor.  During  the  last  15  years,  she  has  been  involved  (founded/invested  in/been  in  the  management  team)  for  11  startups.  Of  those  companies,  five  have  gone  really  very  well,  three  are  growing  nicely  but  are  not  world  class  companies  yet,  and  three  have  not  done  well.  Jane  has  also  led  a  startup  course   for   an   incubator   for   three   of   those   years.   More   information:­‐walerud/0/492/217/.      • Robin   Teigland   (panel   moderator)   is   Associate   Professor   of   Strategy   at   the   Stockholm  School  of  Economics  and  Co-­‐chairman  of  the  Stanford  Alumni  Club  of  Sweden.  Robin’s  research   investigates   how   internet   technologies   challenge   our   basic   assumptions   and  enable   new   forms   of   value   creation,   e.g.,   3Dprinting,   crowdfunding   platforms,   open  source   software/hardware   communities.   Some   of   her   current   projects   involve  crowdfunding  in  Sweden  and  the  open  source  communities  of  Bitcoin,  eZ  Publish,  and  OpenSimulator.  Robin  also  has  experience  as  an  entrepreneur  and  in  venture  capital  in  Silicon  Valley.  More  information:    For  those  who  would  like  to  pitch,  You  Must  Prepare  a  Pitch  Deck  (a  set  of  slides)  to  use  in  your  Pitch  presentation.  Since  each  presenter  gets  only  7  minutes  to  present,  you  need  to  think  through  carefully  what  you  include  on  your  slides  -­‐  to  make  sure  you  give  the  panel  and   audience   members   a   very   clear   idea   of   what   is   so   great   about   your  company/product/service  and  why  investors  should  be  very  excited  about  the  opportunity  to  invest.    Of  course,  don’t  hesitate  to  follow  up  with  any  questions  you  might  have.    See  you  on  June  17th!    The  Nordic  Edupreneuring  Team  • Oddgeir  Tveiten  -­‐-­‐  • Robin  Teigland  -­‐-­‐  • Eilif  Trondsen  —  etrondsen@sbi-­‐  • Bjørn-­‐Tore  Flåten  -­‐-­‐  bjorn-­‐  • Vidar  Mortensen  -­‐-­‐  • Jeppe  Bundsgaard  -­‐-­‐  • Jari  Multisilta  -­‐-­‐      Participating  Organizations  • Nordic  Edupreneuring:    • .SE  -­‐    • Silicon  Vikings:    • Stanford  Alumni  Club:    • Nordic  Innovation,      *The  Nordic  Edupreneuring  Project  is  co-­‐financed  by  Nordic  Innovation  (