Multi-Culti Bread: Creating Cultural Awareness through Bread


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Our third assignment for the Stanford online course, Crash Course on Creativity,

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Multi-Culti Bread: Creating Cultural Awareness through Bread

  1. 1. Team 25545 Sandy Adam Steve Mahaley Stylianos MystakidisAssignment 3 – Framing and Reframing Robin TeiglandNovember 7, 2012
  2. 2. Assignment 3 Framing and ReframingDescription• This weeks project is a team challenge.• Your challenge is to look at BREAD in a new way. Create as much "value" as possible starting with ONE LOAF OF BREAD.• You can use any type of bread you like, and measure value in any way you want. Use this as an opportunity to be creative!What will you do with one loaf of bread?• Submit a presentation or a video. Details about formats are on the Assignment Submissions page.Have fun! Be creative!
  3. 3. Our project: Multi-Culti BreadGoalOur goal with this project is to increase cultural awareness through the simple act of sharing pictures andinformation related to bread from across the globe. Why have we chosen this project? Bread can take manyforms and the majority of us across the globe have in common the act of eating daily some form of bread.Cultural awareness is "the foundation of communication and it involves the ability of standing back fromourselves and becoming aware of our cultural values, beliefs and perceptions. Why do we do things in thatway? How do we see the world? Why do we react in that particular way?"( Facebook community page: We created a facebook community page: Raising awareness: We raised awareness about the fb page through both facebook, twitter, and other social media.3. Immersion events: We hosted two “Virtual Bread Breaking” immersion events in Second Life and invited people to come and meet others from across the world.ValueThe idea of the project to create a dynamic facebook page that can be used by school classes across theglobe to discuss similarities and differences between their own culture and others as a means to raisecultural awareness.
  4. 4. Facebook page
  5. 5. Facebook Page
  6. 6. “Virtual Bread Breaking” Events in Second Life
  7. 7. Help us raise cultural awarenessREQUEST!1 - Like our page: - Post a photo of bread, and describe it.3 - Comment on what kinds of bread you have in your part of theworld, and if there is any cultural significance for specific types ofbread.The purpose of our page is to generate a dynamic page for studentand public use / interest on a core form of food that exists acrossmany cultures: bread.Thank you!