Creativity Asst 2 Teigland Opportunities


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My second assignment on identifying opportunities for Stanford's Crash Course on Creativity:

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  • Creativity Asst 2 Teigland Opportunities

    1. 1. My Travels to Istanbul -------- Robin TeiglandStanford Crash Course in Creativity Assignment 2 October 30, 2012
    2. 2. Assignment 2 Are You Paying Attention?1. Go to at least 6 different stores. They can be at the same shopping center or different locations. Spend at least 15 minutes in each store making OBSERVATIONS using the lab guide for reference. Take photos to capture your observations.2. Create a presentation that captures your INSIGHTS and HIDDEN OPPORTUNITIES. What types of things had you missed before? What were your biggest surprises? Are there opportunities hidden in plain sight?
    3. 3. A day as a travelerFor my assignment, I spent a day exploringstores in an upscale neighborhood inIstanbul, Turkey and comparing these to thestores in an equivalent area in my hometown ofStockholm, Sweden and in other cities such asSan Francisco, USA.I found several opportunities, but here I will onlypresent one – for neighborhood grocery stores.
    4. 4. Neighborhood grocery stores in Istanbul
    5. 5. Going to the local grocery is a chore.• The atmosphere is like a warehouse. – The stores are overcrowded with produce crammed onto non-descript shelves. – The floor plan is very cramped and makes you want to move through it as quickly as possible. – The stores are very generic in that you cannot tell one from the other.• The product offering is very commoditized. – All the aisles look the same in terms of produce. – The products are primarily Turkish with few international products other than those by US FMCG companies, e.g., Coca-Cola, Procter & Gamble. – The fresh produce is very limited and the deli only offers what you could buy from the shelves, except that you could order a specified amount.• Customer service is limited. – In some stores, the customers are well-known by the storekeeper and receive friendly service. – However, in the larger stores, the staff is almost invisible and do not greet the customers. In some cases, it even seemed as if they hid from their customers.
    6. 6. Hidden Opportunity? Is it possible to turn shopping at theneighborhood grocery store in Istanbul into an experience for all the five senses?
    7. 7. Tantalizing your senses?Examples from neighborhood grocery stores in USA
    8. 8. And not to forget – something for our earsExamples from neighborhood grocery stores in USA
    9. 9. Is there an unmet need for ready-made meals?Examples from neighborhood grocery stores in USA
    10. 10. What do the locals say? In our local stores, the aisles are so narrow – it is almost like a fight to get through them. One thing that I miss, and a lot of others who have lived abroad and return to Turkey, is an international selection of products that I can just get at a nearby store. When I come home tired from work, I would like to have good quality pre-made food that is not this crappy frozen stuff.
    11. 11. Hidden Opportunity? Is it possible to turn shopping at the neighborhood grocery store into an experience for all the five senses? YES!! YES!!YES!!