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Virtual Learning Spaces in SL Presentation for SL10B


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This is meant to be an entertaining and non-boring presentation about Texas State University's tenure in Second Life 2006-2013.

The copy uploaded here is meant as a backup for those with less than perfect internet connectivity in SL.

We will be presenting this material as a part of the Second Life 10th Birthday events on June 19th at 2-3pm SLT (Pacific) at the Auditorium.

PLEASE NOTE: We intended this to be a fun presentation. IF you're disappointed about the content, please make sure you see the latter half of the presentation -- we have plenty of snapshots of our campus, we have a few informational videos about our projects and we have links to our spaces in SL and our website at the end of the presentation.

If you would like find out more about our efforts please like our page on Facebook:

You can visit our campus by teleporting to: (using the SL client)

Please contact Troy Vogel in SL for more information.

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Virtual Learning Spaces in SL Presentation for SL10B

  1. 1. Virtual Educationin Second LifeAlexis Tokhes & Troy Vogel
  2. 2. 2Texas State University• Location: San Marcos, Texas• Student Population: 34,225• Established: 1899• Degrees:• 96 different bachelor’s,• 87 master’s, and• 12 doctoral programs.• Instructional TechnologiesSupport - IT
  3. 3. 3SL10BHappy Birthday SL!We are proud to be a part of SLhistory since 2006.We have been a part of SLB since2010.Be sure to visit our booth:
  4. 4. Our History in SLYesterday, Today and Tomorrow
  5. 5. 52006University MeetsNew Educational TechnologyAcquired first sim.Acquired first sim.We built a campus.We built a campus.People liked it!People liked it!Don’Don’t know what else to do butt know what else to do butEXCITED!EXCITED!
  6. 6. 62007Gold Rush into SLWe have online classes in SLWe have online classes in SLWe make machinema clips.We make machinema clips.Our management loves it.Our management loves it.Campus gets good reviews.Campus gets good reviews.Educational destination inEducational destination inpublished guides.published guides.
  7. 7. 72008Stagnation & LossTechnical issues.Technical issues.SL starts losing users.SL starts losing users.EDU Locusts move on.EDU Locusts move on.Why are we here?Why are we here?What’s the point?What’s the point?
  8. 8. 82009We soul search and decide tostay.Build simulations.Build simulations.Renovate campus.Renovate campus.Offer SL faculty workshopsOffer SL faculty workshopsGet more students to see SLGet more students to see SL
  9. 9. 92010We are rebels in our department.Virtual Learning SpacesVirtual Learning SpacesInitiativeInitiativeField School Project, GEO 4190Field School Project, GEO 4190Campus renovated.Campus renovated.SL workshops for undergrads.SL workshops for undergrads.Participate in SL events.Participate in SL events.
  10. 10. 102011Field School ProjectReplica of a NM villageReplica of a NM villageGEO 4190 Class Fall 2011GEO 4190 Class Fall 2011Learning Management hostedLearning Management hosteddistance education class.distance education class.Synchronous LecturesSynchronous LecturesAsynchronous AssignmentsAsynchronous AssignmentsField School ClassroomField School Classroom
  11. 11. 112012Alternatives to SLOpenSim / MOSESOpenSim / MOSESUnity3DUnity3DGoogle Maps / GoogleEarthGoogle Maps / GoogleEarthCloudPartyCloudPartyAvaya EngageAvaya Engage
  12. 12. 122013Virtual Classroom SimulationCurriculum & Instruction SeniorsCurriculum & Instruction SeniorsClass of 15 students & 1 TeacherClass of 15 students & 1 Teacher4 Scenarios created4 Scenarios createdStudents trained for using SLStudents trained for using SLVoice ChatVoice ChatDiscussion & Reflection ActivitiesDiscussion & Reflection Activities
  13. 13. 13SLImmersionOne 2 Hour Class for UndergradsIntroduction to SL – LectureIntroduction to SL – LectureComputer lab classroomComputer lab classroomSign in & orientationSign in & orientationCore skills practiceCore skills practiceGroup ActivitiesGroup ActivitiesObserve & ReportObserve & ReportFinal Written AssignmentFinal Written Assignment
  14. 14. 14LessonsLearnedSL is suitable for a wide variety ofonline learning activities.Make a project plan & schedule.Make a project plan & schedule.Identify objectives and goals.Identify objectives and goals.Never disregard your audience.Never disregard your audience.Practice & prototype test.Practice & prototype test.Have alternate activities. Make contentHave alternate activities. Make contentavailable in multiple locations.available in multiple locations.Document & capture class activities.Document & capture class activities.
  15. 15. 15LessonsLearnedYour students want to learnwhether they know it or not.Get students to write about their SLGet students to write about their SLexperience.experience.Do surveys! Gather feedback.Do surveys! Gather feedback.Gotchas to watch out for:Gotchas to watch out for:Beware of equal access requirements.Beware of equal access requirements.Accessibility concerns.Accessibility concerns.– Get permission from students.Get permission from students.– Count on SL doing a mandatoryCount on SL doing a mandatoryupdate in the middle of your class.update in the middle of your class.
  16. 16. 16Discussion Topics• How are YOU using Second Life foreducation?• How WOULD you use Second Life foreducational purposes?• What can Second Life community/LindenLab do to get the educators back?• Does Education still have a place in SecondLife?• What new features / services may have animpact on education?
  17. 17. Snapshots from Projects2006-2013
  18. 18. 18Bobcat Village 2006
  19. 19. 19Bobcat Village 2007
  20. 20. 20Bobcat Village 2009
  21. 21. 21Bobcat Village 2013
  22. 22. 22Our Avatar Sandbox
  23. 23. 23Earlier Classes in 2007
  24. 24. 24Field School Simulator
  25. 25. 25Geo 4190 Class Poster
  26. 26. 26Geo 4190 Class Meeting
  27. 27. 27CI4325: Classroom Simulation
  28. 28. 28CI3320: SL Literacy
  29. 29. 29PHIL3316: Existentialism
  30. 30. 30COMM 4325: Immersion
  31. 31. 31SLURLS & Links• Teleport to our Main SL CampusTeleport to our Main SL Campus•• Teleport to Field School SimTeleport to Field School Sim–• Teleport to our Virtual ClassroomTeleport to our Virtual Classroom–• Teleport to our SL10B Booth (expires at the end of SL10B)Teleport to our SL10B Booth (expires at the end of SL10B)–• Team WebsiteTeam Website–• University WebsiteUniversity Website– http://www.txstate.edu