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Second Life 9th Birthday: Making Virtual Learning Spaces A Reality


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Second Life 9th Birthday: Making Virtual Learning Spaces A Reality

  1. 1. SL9B PresentationMaking VirtualLearning SpacesAReality
  2. 2. The Team Alexis Tokhes Digital Media Specialist Troy Vogel Senior Programmer SL Builder Niko Acropolis Instructional Designer
  3. 3. The Team Atomilux Nikolaid Graphic Artist / Programmer Maya / Unity Builder DrBrockBrownAboma Geography Professor LT Graphic Designer
  4. 4. El Cerrito VillageEl Cerrito, New MexicoSan Miguel CountyFounded 1824Population approx. 13Elevation 5712 feetFrom San Marcos725 miles12 hours and 32 minutes
  5. 5. Statement of GoalsVirtual Field School Project A comparitive study that breaks our team out of the habit of using Second Life for every virtual reality / simulation project that comes our way. A chance to compare different development platforms and assess their offerings. End result will be used in GEO4190 Class.
  6. 6. Comparative Study of VirtualEnvironments for Teaching Criteria for selection of development platform Portability Longevity Affordability Fidelity Compatibility
  7. 7. Comparative Study of VirtualEnvironments for Teaching Development Environments Evaluated Second Life Google Earth OpenSim Unity Engine
  8. 8. Development of the Villagein Second Life
  9. 9. Gathering Datafor the Simulation Data Gathered Building photographs Videos of village tour and interviews Elevation data Publications on the history of the village Ambient sound clips
  10. 10. Layout of the Simulator Pecos River The School House The Church Acequia Madre El Cerrito Village, Second Life El Cerrito Village, New Mexico
  11. 11. Building the Village in SL Scale and Placement Limited space on a simulator Orientation & layout of the village Building scale vs. avatar scale Terrain scale vs. building scale Photo Sourced Textures Captured on digital camera Edited in Photoshop to SL requirements Uploaded and applied to objects in SL
  12. 12. Field School Sim in SL
  13. 13. Simulation Requirements Village Structures River Church & Plaza Dam Houses & yards Acequia Water pump & tank Long Lots Walls, fences Gates for fields Domesticated animals Irrigation runoff to river Foliage Roads Vehicles &Litter Bridges that provide access Surrounding Elements to the village Village streets Mesa Cliffs Trees Low lying ground cover
  14. 14. Additional Itemsin the Virtual Field School Info Cones Virtual Classroom Video tours Hay bales Interviews Slide projector Information pages Self-Assessment activities Signage Displays Surveys Instructions Map & guides
  15. 15. Porting the Sim to OpenSim OpenSim Campus Our own servers on campus We administer the accounts Still in BETA stage Virtual Field School in Opensim Exported with Imprudence & SecondInventory Imported raw files and terrain textures Imported linked objects and placed them
  16. 16. Porting the Sim to OpenSim TXSTATE has her own OpenSim grid
  17. 17. Google Earth Building Process Textures Building Shapes Edited in Photoshop Modeled in SketchUp Imported into Sketchup Exported as KMZ file Information Geographic Data Pop up info pages Terrain in Google Earth Village placed at location Flyby Tour Final Product A fly by tour scripted in XML An XML file (KMZ)
  18. 18. Authoringin SketchUp
  19. 19. Field School in Google Earth
  20. 20. Unity Engine Building Process 1. Building Shapes 3. Village Assembled Modeled in Maya Unity imports Exported as Collada Terrain from USGS 2. Textures Created 4. Final Exports Edited in Photoshop Web enabled plugin Imported into Maya Stand alone application Exported as UVMap
  21. 21. Authoringin Maya
  22. 22. Importinto Unity
  23. 23. Convergence of Platforms After the implementation of mesh, the building process in SL is quite similar to the building processes in most other professional 3D authoring packages. Digital asset formats are similar or identical. This brings the luxury of streamlining the process of developing for several 3D simulation platforms.
  24. 24. SL9B Booth DemonstratesVarious Dev. Platforms Used Click the image to teleport to our booth in SL9B
  25. 25. El Cerrito in Second Life Click the image to view a video tour
  26. 26. El Cerrito in Unity Engine Click the image to launch the Unity Web Plugin
  27. 27. El Cerrito in Google Earth Click the image to launch the Google Earth Version
  28. 28. Questions & Answers “ The ability to independently walk around EL Cerrito to get a sense of the environment and peer into the (digitally) well preserved history of the village is nothing less than extraordinary.” -student comments“ It is amazing to me that we are able to recreate a real life village on the computer, and allow people to tour and research this place. I am all for Texas State and other universities pursuing more opportunities like this one.” -student comments Project Website: