Podcasting (Library Science Version)


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A brief primer on podcasting for the Library Science department at Missouri State.

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Podcasting (Library Science Version)

  1. 1. Podcasting A primer on what it is, how to get into it, and how it can help you (help others) 2009.10.13
  2. 2. What is podcasting? ✤ Podcast defined Media files (audio/video) distributed over Internet using syndication (RSS); episodic ✤ Why “podcast”? It’s a portmanteau: originally ‘iPod’ + ‘broadcast’ ✤ Distribution of podcasts iTunes, Zune, Winamp, Juice = all ‘podcatchers’ ✤ Delivery method is key Automatically downloaded when you open your ‘podcatcher’
  3. 3. What is podcasting? (more) ✤ Downloaded from where? Files stored on a computer accessible by Internet; indexed by server software using RSS ✤ WordPress ✤ Blackboard ✤ Blogger ✤ iTunes U ✤ All content indexed by date; download new ‘episodes’ for offline/portable use
  4. 4. An information tool ✤ Promotion ✤ Tours ✤ Instructional/informational materials ✤ Motivation ✤ Stimulate inquiry
  5. 5. Reasons for popularity ✤ Not just for iPods: think of it as “Personal On Demand” -casting ✤ Anyone can do it with microphone/camera, computer connected to the Internet ✤ Subscriptions: receive future shows (great potential to connect library users) ✤ Gadgetry: portability; wide variety of programs, devices to play them back on ✤ Applications can download podcasts overnight ✤ Listen to them on the bus, heading to school, work
  6. 6. Podcasting for teaching and learning A new and exciting format: Integration into classroom assignments Publish it online Every group member can take part in projects Look beyond ‘course-casting’
  7. 7. Supporting teaching and learning ✤ Use it to distribute information ✤ Make an assignment, later applications ✤ Use for pre-lecture or class follow-up, study guides, review sessions, discussion groups
  8. 8. Lectures ✤ Record lectures, publish them as podcasts ✤ Use as lecture format for tele-courses, online classes ✤ Teachers can publish podcasts to prepare students for upcoming material ✤ Teachers can use podcasts for delivering lectures to free up class time for active learning and interactive exercises
  9. 9. Assignments ✤ Students record & publish assignments ✤ Group projects can be developed and published via podcasts ✤ Incorporate multi-discipline approach ✤ Teachers can subscribe to students’ feeds, download submissions automatically
  10. 10. Using GarageBand ’09 A crash course in Apple’s consumer-level audio editing software (part of the iLife suite)
  11. 11. The workflow ✤ Plan Sketch ideas, write down an outline, brainstorm ✤ Create Use GarageBand, Audacity, or other software ✤ Distribute Publish to iTunes, your blog, Blackboard, or others ✤ Access Listen via iTunes/iPod, Winamp, other podcatchers
  12. 12. Demonstrations
  13. 13. Tracks Timeline Podcast chapters Loops/Media Controls Timer Master volume
  14. 14. The timeline ✤ Layout audio clips from left to right ✤ Record audio right into timeline ✤ ‘Slice’ out the parts you don’t want ✤ Drag-and-drop in jingles & music ✤ Drag-and-drop pictures ✤ Videos for video podcasts
  15. 15. Exporting ✤ All exporting is done through Share menu ✤ Choose Export Podcast to Disk... ✤ AAC for podcasts with pictures ✤ QuickTime-based movie formats ✤ MP3 export also available ✤ Get a finished product
  16. 16. Online resources ✤ Tips for Podcast Fans (http://apple.com/itunes/podcasts) ✤ Making a Podcast (http://apple.com/itunes/podcasts/specs.html) ✤ Podcasting in Plain English (http://youtube.com/watch?v=y-MSL42NV3c)
  17. 17. Some examples ✤ Univ. of Connecticut: students participate with teachers, answer students’ questions http://icube.uconn.edu/iCube.html ✤ Stanford, Duke, others on iTunes U http://itunes.duke.edu/, http://itunes.stanford.edu/ ✤ Missouri State University now on iTunes U http://itunes.missouristate.edu/
  18. 18. Upcoming training session from ETC ✤ “Making a Podcast”: November 3rd, 11am / November 4th, 2pm — LIB 205 ✤ Includes fundamentals of podcasting ✤ Highlights some examples ✤ Using GarageBand to record, enhance, publish a podcast ✤ Q&A session included ✤ http://bit.ly/etc751 to register