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Blogs: less what, more how, more wow

Presentation on blogging best practices for libraries at Computers in Libraries 2008.

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Blogs: less what, more how, more wow

  1. 1. blogs le ss what, m ore how, more wow Amanda Etches-Johnson, CiL2008
  2. 2. ore how, more wow le ss what, m
  3. 3. Why blog? • Share news events • Reach out to your users • Chronicle the library • Give your library a human voice • Syndicate, syndicate, syndicate
  4. 4. A quick word about RSS • Your users can read your content even when they’re not on your page. • You can reuse your own content on other pages. more: http://www.c ommoncraft rss_plain_en .com/ glish
  5. 5. blogging best p ractices