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It's About Children - Winter 2012 Issue by East Tennessee Children's Hospital


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Read the Winter 2012 issue of It's About Children Magazine by East Tennessee Children's Hospital.

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It's About Children - Winter 2012 Issue by East Tennessee Children's Hospital

  1. 1. ildren’s” Dear Ch “ patient as she ed, tender, polite and stello was warmheart family. Dr. Co as her findings. ura Barnes, ings in the ED as well Keith Goodwin and La discussed the happen n for our family that e truly was heartbroke experience my s and It was apparent that sh you aware of a recent needed to ask question ay, I wanted to make gly gave all the time we ’s Hospital on Thursd day. She willin nnessee Children . Carol Smith, ED family had at East Te mation we were given d to inform me dness and comprehend the infor , and my mother calle e and extended her kin July 5. I was working being brought in to the rse Manager, also cam Assistant Nu old cousin was that my seven-monthfamily. was not breathing. that could understanding to the ent (ED), because he d unpleasant tragedy en Emergency Departm e in, I would have be s the most shocking an This wa not have happened when this call cam could Due to my position, but we also realized it of my cousin or dily available have happened to us, , either with the care ny employees were rea fore he ged to help in the ED pa ble place. So ma nt to the ED be at needed to at a more suita N. Therefore, I we were uncertain of wh R.N.s, to cover for an ED R. the “details” when we d watched as our ED us to us that to help with g the “code” an t evening. It was obvio e on arrived. I stayed durin ntly to see a heart rat shed and finalized tha at they do. be accompli D worked dilige I the VERY BEST at wh RTs, techs and the M y grateful for the staff spital employees are re and why Children’s Ho say I am eternall ACTLY why I work the d to, the monitor. I have to ed but was not limite d, you can now see EX d-send to us That being sai om, which includ RT; Hospital staff was a Go encountered in the ro R.N.; Laura Hastings, -workers. Children’s ort we needed I love my co ; Mardy Jordan, R.N.; love and attentive supp Becca O’Connor, R.N. n); Tammy Van Dyk, extended the kind of that day and dsey (nurse exter Tim Smith, ERT; Lin needed it. exceptional care at exactly the time we the amazing , M.D. I experienced cient d Colleen Costello to make you aware of an by highly effi er Today, I send this letter ily member that day ery day. Christy Coop each and ev being given to my fam t you guide and direct in establishmen ff that is magnificent and skilled staff. has a distinguished sta nt when we realized ion on a family should hear that she family member prese made a great impress s not I was the only and abilities and truly was made aware I wa exceptional their talents but I instantly r unit. There are many luding death was imminent, nced a great loss in he ers in the hospital inc ow no end that experie above and oth d caring hearts that kn R.N., alone. The staff listed matchless abilities an and Ashley McNeilly, and blessed people with pastoral care For that, I am thankful delay Margaret Koontz with oughout the hospital. d) were there without Children’s employed thr is a family frien k You, East Tennessee We from the PACU (who say I work there. Than family as they arrived. a daily basis. to be able to t me and my ilies you encounter on s to comfort and suppor all you do for the fam stay and grieve that wa you there when Hospital, for the family to d as we were to have were given a place for of the evening. Vickie hope they are as blesse I can only m the busyness , quiet and secluded fro rbstritt, the nursing With all my gratitude we needed you most. l Work and Karen He odson with Socia tic to my d Family Go an d sympathe Tomica Bellamy, R.N., entive to our needs an coordinator, were att On The Cover: Kendyll Quick of Knoxville. Read her story on pages 4-6. Board of Directors Dennis Ragsdale, Chairman • Bill Terry, M.D., Vice Chairman • Michael Crabtree, Secretary/Treasurer • John Buchheit, M.D. • Debbie Christiansen, M.D. Randall Gibson • Keith D. Goodwin • Steven Harb • Lewis Harris, M.D. Dee Haslam • Gale Huneycutt • John Lansing • A. David Martin • Larry Martin Christopher Miller, M.D. • Steve South • Jim Bush, Chair Emeritus • William G. Byrd, M.D., Chair Emeritus • Don Parnell, Chair Emeritus Medical Staff Lise Christensen, M.D., Chief of Staff • Mark Cramolini, M.D., Vice Chief of Staff Lori Patterson, M.D., Secretary Chiefs of Services Ken Wicker, M.D., Chief of Medicine • Cameron J. Sears, M.D., Chief of Surgery Administration Keith D. Goodwin, President/CEO • Bruce Anderson, Vice President for Legal Services & General Counsel • Laura Barnes, R.N., M.S.N., NEA-BC, Vice President for Patient Care • Joe Childs, M.D., Vice President for Medical Services Zane Goodrich, CPA, Vice President for Finance & CFO • Carlton M. Long, Vice President for Development and Community Services • Rudy McKinley, Vice President for Operations • Sue Wilburn, Vice President for Human Resources It’s About Children Staff Ellen Liston, APR, Fellow PRSA, Director of Community Relations Neil Crosby and Wade Payne, Contributing Photographers “Because Children are Special…” …they deserve the best possible health care given in a positive, family-centered atmosphere of friendliness, cooperation and support -- regardless of race, religion or ability to pay.” …their medical needs are closely related to their emotional and informational needs; therefore, the total child must be considered in treating any illness or injury.” …their health care requires family involvement, special understanding, special equipment and specially trained personnel who recognize that children are not miniature adults.” …their health care can best be provided by a facility with a well-trained medical and hospital staff whose only interests and concerns are with the total health and well-being of infants, children and adolescents. Statement of Philosophy East Tennessee Children’s Hospital
  2. 2. Posted on the Children’s Hospi tal website August 27, 2012 Hello! I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank everyone who cared for my daughter Emery Rochat on Second Floor during her stay at Children’s Hospital in June. We had a wonderful car ing experience that we think is rare in today’s rush of society. The doctors and nurses really do care and helped us get through this rough time. Also - the volunte ers with the Child Life progra m are top notch! They provided so mu ch for us to do and always che cked to make sure we had all we nee ded. Children’s Hospital should be proud - you are #1 in our boo ks! Thank you again, Robin & Emery Rochat om Children’s Special thanks fr credible Hospital to The In on the Parkway Christmas Place for graciously in Pigeon Forge ot the cover allowing us to sho e of the It’s photo for this issu agazine in their About Children m as store. beautiful Christm Children’s Hospital NOTES Nursing Alum Abraham named Top 40 UT ellence in the nursing profession Cindy evidenced exc raham nts who represent or Nurse Manager Cindy Ab and were chosen from applica Children’s Hospital’s 3rd Flo mni Fabulous 40 Nursing Alu of the lth care settings at the local, has been named a recipient dy has a variety of hea see College of Nursing. Cin Tennes state and national level.” Award by the University of when she began working as /CEO ildren’s Hospital since 1999, Children’s Hospital President worked at Ch ent. ud of Cindy’s accomplishm se. Keith Goodwin said he is pro a new graduate registered nur mitted to patients receive Children’s Hospital com e of Nursing alumni to “We need people on staff at Cindy is one of 40 UT Colleg of said. “She iversary of the UT College one of those employees,” he 40th ann and their care, and Cindy is this award. In honor of the nity members 40 award are thrilled that commu e selected for the Fabulous deserves this honor, and we Nursing’s opening, alums wer erence in the lives of their nce in the field of nursing.” de a diff have recognized her excelle based on how they have ma the 4th Co-Chair of the Fabulous brated its 40-year history at anizations and communities. UT College of Nursing cele patients, org town Hilton by CNE, said ., Down , PhD candidate, MSN, R.N Gala on September 21 at the 40 Committee, Allie Brown former process, Annual Nightin 39 other recipients, including cted through a competitive e sele recognizing Cindy and the these outstanding alums wer members. ky Davidson. or Nurse Manager Bec rsing faculty and community Children’s Hospital 3rd Flo involving UT College of Nu and e nominated by employers “Recipients of the award wer this award wn said. “All those receiving professional colleagues,” Bro Marketing, Development move to new home This fall, Children’s Hospital expanded its campus by moving the Marketing and Development departments just down the block from the main hospital building. The departments are now based in a fully renovated two-story house at the corner of Clinch Avenue and 22nd Street. The move followed the appointment of Seth Linkous as the new Director of Marketing. Volunteers donate $6 0,00 to Children’s Hospita 0 l Children’s Hospital depend s on more than 250 • $55,000 –For ren volunteers who give their ovation and physical time and energy to make improvements to the the hospital a special, inv NICU III (part of the iting place for patients and Neonatal Intensive Ca their families. These vol re Unit) unteers not only brighten • $1,500 – To prov patients’ days with their ide cushions for rock care and attention but als ing chairs o in the NICU III for the assist hospital departme Cuddler program nts with various tasks. • $500 – For an iPa In addition to the servic d for Guest Relations’ es they provide daily, use with customer servic volunteers also give genero e us gifts to the hospital • $3,000 –For use wi every year. In September th the Service Excellen , the Children’s Hospital ce IMPACT Program Volunteers presented Ch ildren’s Hospital Administration with a do nation of $60,000. Children’s Hospital wo The money was raised fro uld like to extend a sp m Gift Shop sales and ecial thank you to the many was allocated as follows: dedicated volunteers who donate their valuable time to the hospital an d their financial donations tha t support Children’s Ho spital’s numerous projects, pr ograms and departm ents. Articles by Jessica Boyd and Cassidy Duckett 3 Donate at
  3. 3. Kendyll Most toddlers make occasional trips to the doctor for an illness, an immunization or an annual check-up. Three-year-old Kendyll Quick has a different story; she’s been back and forth from appointments at doctors’ offices and hospitals most of her young life because of a rare disease that she was diagnosed with in 2010. Kendyll has a condition known as Cogan-type Cogenital Oculomotor Apraxia (or COMA), specifically Type II, which has made her a regular at East Tennessee Children’s Hospital’s Rehabilitation Center in West Knoxville. Because of COMA, Type II, Kendyll has major problems with her eyes, their movement and how they relate back to her brain. As a baby, she couldn’t track or follow anything and lacked basic motor skills. “Where we can track movement with our eyes, Kendyll has to move her head along,” Kendyll’s mother, Melissa, explained. Melissa and her husband, Alex, credit the Children’s Hospital Rehab Center for Kendyll’s progress. “She doesn’t have a lot of muscle tone,” 4
  4. 4. Kendyll working on physical therapy with assistance from Deidra Sieber at the Children’s Hospital Rehab Center. Melissa said. “But she’s gone from nothing to being able to sit, crawl and walk on her own.” Kendyll sat when she was a year old, crawled at age two and has begun walking now at three years old. Not only is Kendyll walking, but she also is working on walking independently. The Quicks value the one-on-one, individualized care that the Children’s Hospital Rehab Center provides. Because the therapists know Kendyll well, they are well aware of how to respond to her needs. Melissa and her husband, Alex, credit the Children’s Hospital Rehab Center for Kendyll’s progress. “She’s gone from nothing to being able to sit, crawl and walk on her own.” 5 While working on walking in physical therapy, the therapists use toys, dolls and other items that grab Kendyll’s attention to work with her, holding the items a few feet away and having her walk to get them. “Last week, she walked 30 feet,” Melissa said. In occupational therapy, Kendyll and her therapists work on fine motor skills to get her up to speed on drawing, coloring, cutting and even dressing and undressing herself. “They’ll do things like show her how Donate at
  5. 5. t Little Bi A t ore Abou M Kendyll to hold a crayon or put coins in a piggy bank,” her mom said. “I don’t know what she’d be doing if it wasn’t for (the therapists),” Melissa said. “She’s stubborn. Her therapist knows her though and doesn’t let her get away with it.” The Children’s Hospital Rehabilitation Center’s goal is to continue to help Kendyll develop her motor skills. “They always come up with new, creative ideas, too,” Melissa said. The Quicks plan to continue to send her to the Children’s Hospital Rehab Center even though she’ll be starting preschool soon, because they want her to continue to receive the individualized care. “The Rehab Center is a blessing for us,” she said. “They’re so willing to constantly try to meet her needs and can answer questions. Everybody loves her and knows her on a personal level.” “She loves that therapy center,” Melissa said. “They are like family to us.” by Jessica Boyd The Children’s Hospital Rehabilitation Center where Kendyll has received assistance is a United Way partner. Since its beginning, United Way dollars have helped assure that all children receive the rehab services they need. The United Way allocation to the Rehab Center supports outpatient Speech and Motor Development services, as well as transportation help to receive those services. A United Way contribution of just $5 provides transportation to the Children’s Hospital Rehab Center for a child who otherwise would be unable to attend a therapy appointment. 6 Name: Kendyll Quick Age:3 Personality Traits: Happy, outgoing and loves to be the center of attention Words she can say: “Yeah” Favorite color: Pink or purple Favorite food: Yogurt Favorite song: “Rumor Has It” by Adele Favorite activity: Playing with and feeding her baby doll Likes: “Anything cat or Hello Kitty, especially if it’s sparkly. She goes crazy over that stuff.” Shoes. “If that child is pitching a fit at the store, and you tell her you’re going to try on shoes, she’ll stop.”
  6. 6. Pediatrician Profiles: Stephanie Russ-Barber, M.D. Mahmoud Farkhondeh, M.D., FAAP Stephanie Russ-Barber, M.D. Mahmoud Farkhondeh, M.D., FAAP Age: 38 Family: Husband, Keith Barber; son, Bennett, age 10; daughter, Laney Gracyn, age 8; son, Brooks, age 5; daughter, Ellie Kate, age 1 Age: 52 Name of Pediatric Practice: Wife, Khadija Zaid-Farkhondeh; daughter, Zyba, age 2 Family: Pediatric Clinic, Knoxville Name of Pediatric Practice: Academic Background/ Prior Experience: Makzy Pediatrics, Maynardville Academic Background/ Prior Experience: B.S.: Wesleyan College, Macon, Ga., 1995 M.D.: Medical College of Georgia, Augusta, Ga., 1999 Internship (2000) and Residency(2002): Shands Hospital at the University of Florida, Gainesville B.S.: University of South Florida, Tampa, 1998 M.D.: Ross University, Dominica, West Indies, 2001 Internship and Residency: Mount Sinai School of Medicine, Jersey City Medical Center, NY, 2004 Philosophy: My philosophy is to “do unto others as you would have done unto yourself.” I practice this daily at both home and work. I treat every child as if they were my own, caring for them with all available resources and the highest standard of care. Philosophy: To live a happy, healthy and productive life and in the process to help others, especially children. Why Pediatrics?: At age eight, I was injured on my family farm. Why Pediatrics?: Our family doctor treated me with skill and kindness, leading me to decide at that time that I, too, wanted to help children with a similar passion. I believe children are a special gift, and I am blessed to serve my community by caring for them. Because children are special and fun, it is a privilege to serve them and make a difference in their lives. Greatest Influence: Early childhood teachers, medical sciences, motherly figures and other pediatricians. Greatest Influence: My parents have been my greatest influence. They have raised me to love others and serve others above self. They have taught me that life is not about financial gain but heavenly pursuits. Proudest Moment as a Pediatrician: Being the attending pediatrician at the delivery of my daughter, Zyba, the joy of my life. Proudest Moment as a Pediatrician: There are so many things that have brought joy to my life as a pediatrician. As all doctors, solving difficult cases brings us great pleasure, but what I value most are doctor/family relationships. I enjoy getting to know my patients and their families on a personal level, not only treating their current illness or issue but also building the special friendships that last a lifetime. 7 Donate at
  7. 7. Fantasy of Trees presents “The 12 Days of Christmas” November 21-25 • Knoxville Convention Center Show Times: Wednesday, November 21—9 a.m. to 9 p.m. Thursday, November 22 (Thanksgiving Day)—3 to 9 p.m. Friday and Saturday, November 23 and 24—9 a.m. to 9 p.m. Sunday, November 24—Noon to 6 p.m. Admission Adults—$12 • Children 4-12—$6 • Children under 4—Free Proceeds from the 28th annual Fantasy of Trees will purchase a wide variety of surgical equipment for different medical procedures. Last year, Fantasy of Trees raised $342,988 and has raised over $6 million for Children’s Hospital over its 27 year history. Fantasy of Trees would not be possible without the thousands of volunteers who contribute more than 155,000 volunteer hours to make the event a reality every year. 8
  8. 8. Purchase a tree in advance Tuesday, November 20, 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. by appointment only • All shops and attractions will be closed. • Receive a 10% discount. • Contact Pat Scott at (865)-541-8244 for information and to schedule an appointment. Preview Party Tuesday, November 20, 7-11 p.m. • Enjoy great food, music, dancing and shopping before Fantasy of Trees officially opens to the public. • Tickets should be purchased in advance; tickets are $75 per person. • For more information and to purchase tickets, call (865) 541-8136. Tinsel Time for Moms & Tots Wednesday, November 21, 9 a.m.-noon • Safe Kids of the Greater Knox Area will be available to discuss safety with moms. • Activities include arts and crafts and visiting with Shoney Bear. • Adults with a child age 4 and under get half price admission of $6 during this time (not valid with any other discount coupons on Wednesday). Celebrate Our 75th Anniversary • Purchase the new East Tennessee from A to Z book (for more information, see page 11). • Pre-order Children’s Hospital’s new specialty license plate. Events & Shops Include • Gingerbread Village featuring delicious creations by area bakers, chefs and students • Holiday Marketplace, where guests can shop for toys, clothing and seasonal decorations • 30-Horse Carousel • Babes in Toyland Parade on Wednesday, November 21, 7 p.m. • Visits with Santa • Kris Kringle’s Kiddie Party on Friday, November 23, 10:30 and 11:30 a.m. • Children’s activities including cookie and craft decorating, face painting and Frosty’s playground • Over 350 beautifully decorated trees and holiday decorations to see and purchase For more information about Fantasy of Trees, visit, call (865)-541-8385 or email MAJOR SPONSORS 9 Donate at
  9. 9. Leading The Way Children’s Hospital’s vision statement is “Leading the Way to Healthy Children.” In this series in It’s About Children, we are sharing with our readers some of the many ways we are “Leading the Way.” Outstanding practices by Children’s Hospital departments are highlighted—things that are, although quite commonplace at our pediatric medical center, actually rather unique. This series showcases the exceptional work done at Children’s Hospital and demonstrates how the hospital is a great place to work. New Order System Increases Patient Safety For almost two years, Children’s Hospital staff has been working behind the scenes to make the task of placing orders for medicines and tests more efficient and accurate. As the first hospital in the region to successfully implement Computerized Physician Order Entry (CPOE), Children’s Hospital’s efforts have resulted in 85% of physician orders now completed online. CPOE allows physicians and mid-level practitioners to enter their own orders into the hospital’s computer system. Historically, this process was done on paper and includes physically handing the order to another staff member to complete. Dr. Lise Christensen, M.D., Chief of Staff and a Physician Champion of CPOE implementation, explained, “The system reduces the possibility of prescribing errors, including bad handwriting leading to wrong doses and wrong medications. When I order an x-ray, it goes straight to the department that needs it.” The use of a certified hospital information system, such as Meditech, is becoming a new federal requirement for all hospitals. Meeting this requirement means that a certain percentage of orders must be completed through CPOE. Children’s is exceeding the requirement by a large margin, as well as leading the community in CPOE adoption. “Practicing in a CPOE environment is a huge change in workflow and practice style,” Dr. Joe Childs, Vice President of Medical Services and a Physician Champion of the project, said. “After adjustment to the system, it makes it easier to see the full scope of care ordered for a patient, and easier to enter orders from patient unit, provider office or even from home,” Dr. Jeanann Pardue, Medical Director of the CPG Hospitalist Service, added. For patients, CPOE means fewer errors in physician orders and decreased time waiting for orders to be processed. For example, admission from the Emergency Department to an inpatient room is much quicker, as patient orders are entered and sent to the floors immediately. For outpatients who come to specialty physicians periodically, orders for medicines or tests can be made weeks in advance so they’re ready when the patient arrives. Implementing CPOE was a hospital-wide effort. The Physician Champions, Dr. Christensen, Dr. Childs and Dr. Pardue, used their strengths and roles in the hospital to help users and various departments learn the new system. “We 10 Dr. Lise Christensen (left) and Lindsay Chandler, R.N. personally taught all 174 providers that are now live with CPOE,” Dr. Christensen explained. “We can’t be everywhere all the time, but there’s always one of us. It worked really well. Plus, the medical staff is taking the time to ask for help, to learn the system and to make recommendations. We are so grateful that they are engaged and supportive of CPOE.” Beyond medical staff, many departments including nursing, respiratory care, radiology and the lab have had to adjust to receiving orders in a different manner. Because every single one of a patient’s orders is done through CPOE, each staff member had to become familiar with the system. The decreased time in processing orders allows the departments to complete the recommended services much faster. John Hanks, Chief Information Officer, said, “The team effort among administration, the IS department, nursing and Physician Champions really made it successful. The providers are embracing CPOE and continuing to move forward with it.” Though the use of CPOE has been so widespread, the journey is not quite finished. “With this implementation, it is just a beginning. It is a continual process to improve the system and learn to use the data to find ways to include quality and safety,” Dr. Childs explained. “The key motive in the move to CPOE and an electronic record is to enhance patient safety and improve care. We have worked diligently to assure that this change does improve care.” The next step with the electronic medical record, set to go-live in summer 2013, will be the use of online Physician Documentation (PDOC). This system allows providers to add their own documentation into a patient’s health record either by voice dictation or by typing directly into the medical record. by Cassidy Duckett
  10. 10. What’s New at East Tennessee from A to Z for purchase, on exhibit at Knoxville Museum of Art   After months of writing and illustrating, the Books by Kids Foundation and Children’s Hospital are proud to announce the release of East Tennessee from A to Z. The children’s book was created to celebrate Children’s Hospital’s presence in the region for 75 years. The book features a short stanza on East Tennessee’s historical figures, landmarks and characteristics for each letter of the alphabet. The stanzas were written by 12-year-old Jenna McMillan from Lenoir City, the winner of the Young Authors Contest. McMillan competed with other middle school students in 16 East Tennessee counties to write text for the book. Her winning words earned her and her adult sponsor new iPads through the Children’s Hospital Committee for the Future. Illustrations for the book were created by Children’s Hospital patients. The author and illustrators will have a book signing on November 15 from 5-7 p.m. at Children’s Hospital, and the first books will be available for $20 at the 28th annual Fantasy of Trees on November 21-25. Additionally, East Tennessee from A to Z is making a splash in the local art world. Marguerite Hogan, Creative Projects Officer for Children’s Hospital, explained, “We are very excited that the book will be exhibited at the Knoxville Museum of Art beginning October 1.” The book’s installation in the Education Gallery of the museum will last until November 25. All proceeds from East Tennessee from A to Z will benefit Children’s Hospital. For more information or to purchase a book, contact Marguerite Hogan in the Development Department at (865) 541-8741. by Cassidy Duckett 12-year-old author Jenna McMillan, and a few pages from the book. Book Sponsor continued on page 22 11 Donate at
  11. 11. What’s New at Magnet: A Definition, Please When you hear the word magnet, you probably think about something that hangs on a refrigerator. If you work at East Tennessee Children’s Hospital, the word Magnet takes on a whole new meaning, one that really matters now to the hospital’s employees and in the future to our patients, their families and the entire community. Simply put, Magnet is the recognition of organizational and nursing excellence in a hospital. All departments at Children’s Hospital have an important role in providing support to ensure excellence in patient care. When a hospital achieves Magnet status, it joins the top seven percent of hospitals in the country, all of which are considered leaders in healthcare. The primary goals of Magnet hospitals are focused on patients having the best results. Additionally, Magnet hospitals excel in recruiting the top physicians and staff. So what does it take to earn Magnet status? The process is multi-faceted, with continuous improvements related to patient care and patient outcomes/results. The Magnet journey focuses on the current state of the hospital and looks at the structures and processes that Children’s Hospital uses to provide excellence in pediatrics . The American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC), the organization that grants Magnet status, conducts interviews with a wide variety of departments to better understand how patient care is the top priority at Children’s Hospital; those departments include nursing, environmental services, the laboratory, respiratory care, food services, the pharmacy, infection control and senior administration. Children’s Hospital is working toward Magnet status by continuously evaluating ways to be more efficient through improving patient outcomes. Karen Burchfield, Magnet Program Director, explained, “Magnet validates what we already know: Children’s Hospital provides excellence in pediatric nursing.” For more information about what it means to be a Magnet hospital and what Children’s Hospital is doing to achieve this designation, contact Burchfield at by Cassidy Duckett New Children’s Hospital license plate design revealed Development Department at (865) 541-8741, email To celebrate its milestone of serving this area’s children or order online at for 75 years in 2012 , East Tennessee Children’s Hospital is introducing a new specialty license plate. Vehicles can own one of Tennessee’s most colorful plates to ever be bolted on a bumper – and help Children’s Hospital in its mission to provide the best pediatric health care to the children of this region. The colorful new license plates are now available for pre-order and will be printed once pre-orders reach 1,000; cost is $35 per license plate, and payment is required when pre-ordering. Purchasers are able to choose numbers 0001 – 1000 to appear on their plate. All proceeds from sales of the specialty license plates will benefit Children’s Hospital. For every 1,000 Children’s Hospital license plates sold, the Anyone who purchases a license plate in advance will be notified that the hospital will receive more than $15,000 each year. reservation form has been received and will be contacted again when the Children’s Hospital employees chose the look for the plate is ready for pick-up at the local county clerk’s office. If there are not new license plate from several designs by the Tombras Group, 1,000 license plate reservations by June 1, 2013, advance purchasers will be notified and given the option to receive a refund or have the $35 gift who created and donated the art for the license plate. benefit another need at Children’s Hospital. For more information or to reserve your specialty license plate, contact Marguerite Hogan in the Children’s Hospital 12
  12. 12. What’s New at A Place to Call Home   Every day, doctors, nurses and other staff at Children’s Hospital use a variety of medical tools to keep children throughout the East Tennessee community healthy. This fall, many of those caregivers were able to get back to the basics with the simplest tools there are: hammers and nails. On five Saturdays beginning in late August and continuing to October, Children’s Hospital employees and medical staff lent a hand in building a home through Habitat for Humanity (HFH), the first time the hospital has partnered with the non-profit organization. Partnering with Power Systems, an exercise equipment retailer, Children’s Hospital staff built the home from the ground up. Bruce Anderson, Vice President of Legal Services and a board member of HFH, explained, “The community is very generous to Children’s Hospital, and this project allowed us to give back in a different way than we usually do.” The home was built for a family from Africa who has two young daughters. To officially be given the house, the family had to earn 500 “sweat-equity” hours, which included finance classes and working on the house. At the dedication in November, they had been working toward earning the home for two years. The effort to become involved with HFH was spearheaded by Dr. John Little, pediatric otolaryngologist, who was instrumental in raising the funds required to do the build. Volunteers from the hospital included doctors, staff from a wide variety of departments and many family members. Though many did not have experience with construction, HFH worked with them to learn how to build walls and other essential tasks. Other volunteers helped by bringing breakfast and lunch to the workers. The house is now home to the family of four. Anderson said, “It’s fun to work on the house, but when you see how grateful and excited the family is to have their own home, you understand what it’s really all about.” by Cassidy Duckett 13 Donate at
  13. 13. What’s New at Local Olympians partner with Medals4Mettle for visit Olympic Gold Medalists Claire Donahue and Davis Tarwater present Children’s Hospital patient Bryan Cody with his own medal. Olympic Gold Medalist Claire Donahue presents a Children’s Hospital patient with her own medal. Tarwater from Webb School of Knoxville. For Tarwater, visiting Children’s Hospital had a deeper meaning. As a 10-year-old, he spent 3 weeks in the hospital for childhood epilepsy. Tarwater explained, “I spent a lot of time in this hospital. I got great care and know what it would have meant to me if someone had come out and visited me. It would have made my day better.” The swimmers’ visit included signing autographs, posing for pictures and many questions about the hardware hanging around their necks. Many children asked to hold their medals and were surprised at the weight. “To be able to interact with the kids and talk with them and to give them a medal,” Donahue said, “it’s something that you don’t think about how it feels until you get to do it. It’s an amazing feeling.” by Cassidy Duckett Just two weeks after they participated in the closing ceremony of the 2012 Olympic Games in London, swimmers Claire Donahue and Davis Tarwater did some laps. The gold medalists were not swimming in a pool, however, but walking the halls of Children’s Hospital. On August 28, the Olympians accompanied Medals4Mettle on a visit to inpatient floors. Medals4Mettle, a national non-profit organization, distributes earned medals from long distance runners to recognize individuals like patients at Children’s Hospital who are often running the race of their life. Donahue and Tarwater handed out these medals while wearing their Olympic gold. Both athletes are originally from East Tennessee. Donahue graduated from Lenoir City High School and eBay auctions to benefit Children’s Hospital You know you need to clean out your closet or garage, but what will you do with all the unwanted items? Now you can list them on eBay and help East Tennessee Children’s Hospital. Anyone putting an item up for auction on eBay can now donate proceeds from the sale to Children’s Hospital. MissionFish, eBay’s charitable partner, is powering the eBay Giving Works program. To get started, go to the Children’s Hospital eBay donation page at Once all the information has been entered about the item to be sold, the seller has the option to donate a portion or all of the proceeds to benefit Children’s Hospital. The donation amount the seller chooses will be securely transferred to East Tennessee Children’s Hospital. If you don’t have anything to sell but still want to help, purchase items that Children’s Hospital is selling on eBay by visiting our seller’s page at: For more information, go to by Jessica Boyd 14
  14. 14. Hospital Launches New Look for Logo THA honors volunteer with service award   Volunteer Michael Dayah has held numerous titles around Children’s Hospital: patient, Child Life volunteer, trainer and telethon phone bank expert. In November, he added a new title to his resume: award winner. Twenty-nine year old Dayah received the 2012 Meritorious Service Award for volunteers from the Tennessee Hospital Association (THA). According to THA, this honor is only given to an individual who has significantly contributed to the goals of the hospital with leadership and service. Cheryl Allmon, Interim Director of Volunteer Services and Programs, explained, “Michael is fully focused on doing whatever he can to give a child the best possible experience while in the hospital. I regularly receive calls and requests from patients and caregivers who want Michael to come and visit.” Dayah began volunteering at Children’s Hospital in 2007. Having recently left the University of Tennessee where he majored in Physics and Computer Science to pursue a flight tracking startup company, Dayah was interested in interacting with and serving others. He began in the Child Life Department, working on inpatient floors and in the Emergency Department. Over time, Dayah began using his expertise to train new volunteers. He has mentored a total of 320 new adult, college student and teen Child Life volunteers. As a software designer, Dayah is gifted with technology. He uses this skill while volunteering by researching and installing programming for gaming computers for use in patient rooms. Beyond sharing his technical prowess, Dayah volunteers frequently at hospital events including Fantasy of Trees, “Safe Kids” programs and the telethon. Additionally, Dayah is an accomplished photographer who has been frequently published in local and statewide publications. His photography has been included in many hospital publications. Most importantly, Dayah is committed to improving a patient’s stay however he can. Allmon said, “He conforms to the interest of each individual patient, which is his own special touch. Michael goes above and beyond to make our patients at ease while in the hospital.” by Cassidy Duckett 15 New Look! This fall, the boy and girl representing Children’s Hospital have gotten an updated look with a new logo treatment. Over the past several months, the Children’s Hospital Marketing Department has been working on a new branding campaign - defining the hospital brand, identifying key publics and planning a new look for printed materials. Marketing research indicated that the hospital’s “circle logo” featuring the outline of a boy and girl holding hands was so familiar and had so much brand equity that it should not be changed but that the dated typeface needed a new look. The updated logo treatment keeps the familiar encircled children but gives a fresh look to the East Tennessee Children’s Hospital name. “With the two different typefaces used to represent the hospital name, the new logo has both a more serious as well as a fun look that we think is a reflection of who we are and what we do – take care of children with serious health issues while keeping in mind that children need a fun and nurturing environment in which to heal,” said Seth Linkous, Children’s Hospital Marketing Director. The new Children’s Hospital logo is the first in a series of exciting changes for the hospital’s look and marketing materials, including a new multi-media campaign that will be seen by the public over the next several months. The Children’s Hospital Marketing Department is working with the Tombras Group in Knoxville to create this new look and feel for the hospital’s marketing materials. Donate at
  15. 15. What’s New at In the Spotlight East Tennessee Children’s Hospital is receiving positive feedback for more than pediatric expertise and exceptional patient care. It’s also being recognized for its lobby. From the cheerful, colorful walls, faces of patients playing “dress up” as medical staff, winding staircase and bright skylights, the design of Children’s Hospital’s welcoming lobby has been honored by architects in the healthcare design field. Healthcare Design Magazine featured a photo of the Children’s Hospital lobby in its September 2012 Showcase issue. Healthcare Design Magazine is a trade journal featuring work in the healthcare design field. In March, Knoxville firm BarberMcMurry Architects submitted the photo to the magazine to be considered for the 2012 Healthcare Design Showcase projects. BarberMcMurry Vice President and Director of Design Chad Boetger said, “All projects that are submitted for publication are rigorously judged by a jury of architects and designers, and only those that are selected by the jury are showcased in the magazine.” From the projects selected, the Healthcare Design Magazine chose the lobby of Children’s Hospital as the Showcase section’s introduction page. Memphis photographer Jeffrey Jacobs took the photo. Boetger estimates the magazine circulates 36,000 issues monthly to architects, designers, hospital administrators, facility managers, consultants and members of the construction community. “BarberMcMurry Architects is certainly excited and proud to have been a part of this wonderful project,” Boetger said. “Being recognized by our peers in the design world in this way provides us a measure of our performance and informs the public about the wonderful work being produced at East Tennessee Children’s Hospital.” by Jessica Boyd 16
  16. 16. What’s New at We Got the Beat Simple Changes Using Music Improve Morale, Patient Care The Third Floor med room is now home to a permanent iPod loaded with Gonzalez’s music library. The only rules are that music must be played at an appropriate volume and not have explicit lyrics. This simple change in atmosphere has made a huge difference in the staff ’s tasks. “The med room has gone from a place where lots of us complained to a place with laughing, jokes, singing and dancing,” Gonzalez explained. “Our nurses are happier at work! And the patients and families are noticing as well.” The music in the med room has impacted a wide variety of departments, including housekeeping, pharmacy and food/nutrition services. Gonzalez said, “It is so fun to see the departments that support us come up to the unit and smile and say, ‘I just love coming to third floor.’ They all get a glimpse of our fun.” Through this simple change in routine, the Children’s Hospital Third Floor med room has become a positive place to begin the day. The effects of the music are enormous. Gonzalez explained, “Our primary goal is to provide the best patient care possible, and we feel that happier, less stressed nurses can do that. Staff takes care of themselves (by enjoying music in this case) so that they can better take care of others.”   Staff nurse Ali Gonzalez, R.N., loves music – everything from Johnny Cash to MC Hammer to Rhianna. Her widely varied music library used to be just for personal enjoyment. Now, it’s changing the way nurses she works with at Children’s Hospital begin their day. “It started with a few nurses taking out their iPhones while preparing 9 a.m. medicines (to give to patients) and just having fun,” Gonzalez explained. “When our nurse manager asked how we could improve the morale of the unit, we immediately thought of the music.” Use of Ideal Patient Care Model expands hold 15-minute weekly meetings in front of the board during which staff will review ideas for improvement and select the next problem to solve. Ideal Patient Care continues to generate solutions in the PICU. After recognizing that the PICU visitation guidelines were difficult to interpret and far too long, Bill Chesney, PICU Staff Educator, proposed a new, simpler set of rules. “We want families to know that they’re not visitors to their children, but that they have a right to be there all the time,” he explained. “The process wasn’t as family-friendly as it needed to be.” By discussing this idea during a weekly meeting, PICU staff was able to create six simple bullet points about visitation to post in each room. Now, both families and nurses know what is allowed. “Through use of Ideal Patient Care, we made visitation rules easy to interpret, easy to apply and flexible to special situations. This was for the patient,” Chesney said. To continue empowering staff to create and execute solutions, Children’s Hospital is expanding the Ideal Patient Care initiative to the Emergency Department, Lab and Radiology. The program was piloted and has been successful in the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU). Ideal Patient Care assures that care is: • exactly what the patient needs when and where needed • customized to each individual patient and family • immediately responsive to problems or changes • safe physically, emotionally and professionally • waste free The expansion will include the education of staff by Learner Leader Teachers and implementation of a Continuous Improvement Board to generate solutions to problems directly from frontline staff. These departments will Articles by Cassidy Duckett 17 Donate at
  17. 17. Q&A The Eyes Have It Q: What are common eye problems in children? A: Lazy eyes, where eyes turn in or out and appear to not work together; blocked tear ducts, which occurs in 10-15 out of 100 newborns; focus errors; and congenital (conditions existing from birth) abnormalities are common problems seen among children. These are usually diagnosed by the child’s pediatrician, and they can be referred to a specialist if needed. Dr. Gary Gitschlag, Ophthalmologist Q: What can parents do to protect their child’s eyes? A: Many eye injuries are preventable. It’s important to always As children grow, vision can change with them. It’s important for parents to protect their child’s eyes from possible injury and have their vision checked regularly. It’s About Children asked ophthalmologist Dr. Gary Gitschlag some common questions parents have about their child’s vision and medical problems that can occur. Q: When should parents have a child’s vision checked? A: There should be an initial evaluation somewhere between the ages of three and four, and another evaluation when a child is between eight and 10 years old. If a child experiences any sudden and unexplained vision issues or if there is a family history of eye problems, parents should ask their child’s doctor about seeing an ophthalmologist. Q: What are some signs that a child might have issues with his/her vision? A: Red eyes, unequal pupils, poor fixation skills, misaligned eyeballs, eyes that aren’t clear, pupils that aren’t round and equal, chronic tearing and light sensitivity are some signs of vision issues. Also, functional difficulties, like a child bumping into objects, could be a sign of a problem. Parents know their child better than anyone and should notify their pediatrician if they notice any of these problems. 18 wear safety goggles during activities that include projectiles, such as paintball. In the sun, children should wear visors or baseball-type caps; when wearing sunglasses to shield eyes outdoors, the glasses should have UV protection to block harmful rays from the sun. Children can also hurt their eyes with sharp instruments, such as tools. Parents should keep these items out of the reach of small children to prevent possible eye injuries. If something is splashed in a child’s eye, flush it out immediately before coming in for treatment. This will minimize the risk of further damage to the eye from the caustic agent. Q: What is a sty? Can it affect my child’s vision? A: A sty is an infection along the eyelid. When the gland there is blocked, the oil produced by the gland occasionally backs up and forms a lump which can be red, painful, inflamed or swollen. Bacteria can infect the gland causing increased inflammation, pain and redness of the eye. A sty usually does not directly affect vision and may subside on its own in about a week. In rare cases, surgical treatment for a sty may be necessary. If the eye is swollen shut, any changes or disturbances in vision occur, redness appears around the entire eye, the sty bleeds or if swelling lasts for more than three weeks and the sty is not subsiding on its own, speaks to your child’s doctor.
  18. 18. A: Q: What should I do if my child is cross-eyed? Q: Will sitting too close to the television or computer Will they need surgery? A: If a child is cross-eyed and over three months old, they need to be seen immediately. It is normal for a newborn’s eyes to appear as if they are wandering during the baby’s first month or two as the visual system develops and the brain learns to make the eyes work together. After this age, there is a possibility of permanent vision loss if the misalignment is not treated. The medical term for crossed eyes is esotropia and can refer to eye crossing when focusing (which usually occurs in children that are farsighted), eye crossing that is unrelated to focusing, and eye crossing that is somewhat dependant on focusing. Surgery is not always required to fix crossed eyes; glasses, which help eyes focus, may correct a child’s crossed eyes simply by letting the eyes relax. If the glasses don’t work, an ophthalmologist may recommend surgery. cause vision problems? A: Sitting to close to a computer screen or TV is not going to cause vision problems. Children can actually focus up close better than adults, although eyes can become strained from being too close to a screen for long periods of time. Parents should encourage children to stay an arm’s length away from the screen to keep this from happening and limit how long a child is in front of the television or computer. Sitting close to a TV or computer screen also may be a sign of nearsightedness so talk with your child’s doctor if you have concerns. Q: What is a corneal abrasion? A: A corneal abrasion is the eye’s version of a skinned knee. The surface layer of the eye, the cornea, is torn. The sensory nerves are very dense on the surface of the eye, so abrasion can be very painful. This can be caused by jabbing a finger into an eye, getting grit in the eye then rubbing it, or the eye being scratched by some sort of object that gets in the eye. Once any foreign object in the eye is removed, a corneal abrasion can be treated with eye drops to prevent infection and reduce pain. Most corneal abrasions clear up fairly quickly with this easily administered treatment. Q: What kind of family history should parents worry about? A: Significant eye disease before preschool in family members should be a concern. It is important for children with this family history to be checked by an ophthalmologist to prevent possible complications in the future. Upcoming community education classes CPR Certification Course Dates: November 5, December 3, January 7, February 4 Time: 6-10 p.m. This certification course teaches the American Heart Association chain of survival -- from when to call 911 to how to effectively administer CPR to an infant, child or adult. This course is designed for anyone who may be expected to respond to emergencies at home or in the workplace. Participants must be at least 14 years old. Following the course, participants will receive an American Heart Association Heartsaver certification card. This course is $25 per person. Safe Sitter Dates: November 10, December 8, January 26, February 9, February 23 Time: 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. (lunch is provided) Safe Sitter is a national organization that teaches young adolescents safe and nurturing babysitting techniques and the rescue skills needed to respond appropriately to medical emergencies. Instructors are certified through Safe Sitter nationally. Participants must be ages 11-14. This course is $25 per person. Class size is limited, so preregistration is required. All classes are offered in the Koppel Plaza at Children’s Hospital unless otherwise noted. For more information, to register for any of these classes or to get our free online Healthy Kids parenting newsletter, call (865) 541-8262. Announcements about upcoming classes can be seen on WBIR-TV 10 and heard on area radio stations. Or visit our web site at and click on “Healthy Information” and then “Healthy Kids Calendar.” Children’s Hospital’s Healthy Kids Campaign, sponsored by WBIR-TV Channel 10 and Chick-Fil-A, is a community education initiative of the hospital’s Community Relations Department to help parents keep their children healthy. 19 Donate at
  19. 19. Future Investment For the Wilson family, East Tennessee Children’s Hospital means a chance, offering children like their daughters the chance to get better and live long and healthy lives. Russ and Nicole Wilson’s twin daughters Caroline and Laura were born eight weeks premature and spent the first few weeks of their lives in the Haslam Family neonatal intensive care unit at Children’s Hospital. Russ Wilson described this as one of the toughest periods of their lives but had great confidence in the doctors and nurses caring for his children. “Our daughters had doctors who took the time to clearly explain the many terms and procedures, and nurses who were always willing to help or listen. Each girl was assigned a nurse, who we still fondly remember. Laura’s nurse Sandy was my saving grace when Laura became so ill about two weeks after her birth. She was our shoulder to cry on and the one that continued to show us the positives. I really believe Sandy loved our daughter Laura,” the appreciative father said. Caroline stayed at Children’s Hospital for four weeks and Laura for six weeks, but the girls were frequent patients at the hospital until they were three. Combined, the twins were patients of Neurology, Endocrinology, Gastroenterology, Physiatry, Urology, and Ophthalmology. Because of the significant impact Children’s Hospital made on their family, the Wilsons chose to include the hospital in their estate planning. “We are confident there will always be a need for quality children’s healthcare in our region, and naming Children’s Hospital in our documents gives us the peace of mind to know that we are doing our part to ensure the children of our community have access to the care they need.” The Wilson’s encourage parents of young children to take the time to do estate planning and discuss with an attorney how to include Children’s Hospital in a way that becomes a part of a family’s legacy. “The people at East Tennessee Children’s Hospital helped us to take care of the most precious thing we have: our children. Our hope is that we can play a small part in helping other parents receive the same level of compassion and care that we received.” For more information about giving to Children’s Hospital through estate planning, contact Debra Poole in the Children’s Hospital Development Department at or (865) 541-8467. by Amy Goodrich 20
  20. 20. Calendar of Events Mark your calendars NOW for several upcoming events to entertain families and benefit Children’s Hospital. Thanks to the generous people of East Tennessee who host and participate in these events, Children’s Hospital can continue to provide the best pediatric health care to the children of this region. Jammin’ In Your Jammies Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals, with all proceeds benefiting local hospitals. The University of Tennessee hosted its first Dance Marathon in 1995. For more information, contact Macy Hopper at (865) 541-8608. Jammin’ in Your Jammies will take place at the Holiday Inn World’s Fair Park February 8-10, 2013. A project of Children’s Hospital’s Committee for the Future, Jammin’ in Your Jammies is a special event for families, designed as a “cure for the winter blues.” The overnight event begins on either Friday or Saturday evening, with registration starting at 5 p.m. and dinner at 6 p.m. The evenings’ activities include dancing to jammin’ music, games, prizes, entertainment, and time spent splashing in the indoor swimming pool. The event ends either Saturday or Sunday morning after a scrumptious brunch. A family can enjoy an overnight stay at the Holiday Inn World’s Fair Park with dinner, beverages, snacks, games, entertainment and brunch for $140 per family of four. Price increases to $150 per family for registrations received after January 25. Call the Volunteer Services Department at (865) 541-8745 for more information or to register. Dancing with the Knoxville Stars Grab your dancing shoes: Dancing with the Knoxville Stars is coming back to the Knoxville Expo Center this spring. The event will feature many local celebrities showing off moves learned from their professional dance instructor partners over a few weeks of intense training. Celebrities raise money through online voting and donations at the event. Reservations for tables and general admission seating will be available soon. For more information on the event, contact Pat Scott in the Development Department at (865) 541-8244. Dance Marathon Here are some other upcoming events to Here other upcoming benefit Children’s Hospital: • Fantasy of Trees—November 21-25, 2012 (see page 8 for more details) • Star 102.1 Radiothon – April 11-12, 2013 • Center Stage—April 20, 2013 • Peyton Manning Golf Classic—June 17, 2013 On February 22-23, University of Tennessee students will dance the night away for 14 hours at the 18th annual UT Dance Marathon. The event will raise money for the Children’s Hospital Hematology/Oncology Clinic. As part of the event, Children’s Hospital clinic patients and their families will head to the UT campus for a children’s carnival featuring games and inflatables. Dance Marathon is the largest student-run philanthropy in the country. Each “marathon” raises money through For more information about any of these events, call the Children’s Hospital Development Department at (865) 541-8441. 21 Donate at
  21. 21. Donors July 1 - September 30, 2012 134th Air Refueling Wing Dr. & Mrs. Todd B. Abel Mr. Charles Abernathy Abner’s Attic AC Electric Mrs. Nova L. Adams Ms. Cherie H. Adcock Mr. Jerry Adkisson Advanced Office Systems, Inc. Alcoa 25 Year Club Alcoa-Global Impact All Occasions Party Rentals Ms. Linda Allen Tom & Rita Aloisi The Aloisi Family Alpha Delta Kappa-Epsilon Chapter Altria Group, Inc. Alumni Hall Stores, LLC Mrs. Michelle I. Amero Mr. Gary Anderson Dr. Ilse J. Anderson & Dr. Nicholas T. Potter Mrs. Judy P. Andes Ms. Fay Andrews Angelica Corporation Animas Corporation Mrs. Barbara Apking Appalachian Electric Cooperative, Engineering Dept. Mr. David Arakawa Mr. Milton Armstrong Ms. Dorothy P. Arnett Arnwine’s Home Furnishings Bennie R. Arp State Farm Insurance Agency Arrow Marketing Group, Inc. Ms. Tammy Ashton AT&T Telecom Pioneers AT&T United Way Employee Giving Campaign Mr. Carl Ausmus Auto-Owners Insurance Avanti Savoia Mrs. Carole Ayres The Bailey Company Ms. Alisa Baker Mr. Michael G. Baker Mr. Stan Baker Warren Ball & Steve Fox Ms. Laurie M. Ballard BarberMcMurry Architects Dr. & Mrs. Robert L. Barnes, III Mr. & Mrs. Gene Barr Mrs. Kirsten BarringtonHughes Mr. Paul C. Bates BB&T BD Diabetes Care Ms. Kreis B. Beall R. Douglas Beals, D.D.S. Mr. Bobby A. Beaty Ms. Alice Beauchene David & Shirley Beeler Mr. Dennis R. Beeler Ms. Connie L. Begovich Ms. Brandy Belicek Ms. Evelyn Bennett Robert & Frieda Bennett Mr. Joe Berg Ms. Mary K. Berl Mr. Mikeal Berry Mr. Peter J. Biasella, Sr. Ms. Sandra L. Bickford Bill Jones Music Dr. & Mrs. Chris R. Birdwell Dr. & Mrs. David A. Birdwell Dr. & Mrs. Harry L. Bishop Herb & Jean Bishop Bishopville Baptist Church Mr. Ullin L. Bivens Dr. Gregory D. Blackmon & Dr. Abigail W. Blackmon Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth E. Blake Michael C. Blake, M. D. Dan & Kim Blalock The Blalock Companies Blalock Ready Mix Mr. Richard G. Blattner Bliss Home Dr. & Mrs. Gerald L. Blossom Mr. Tom Blue & Dr. Melinda H. Blue 22 Blue Line Ministry, Knox County Sheriff’s Dept. Mr. William A. Boatman Ray & Becky Boatright Bobcat Youth Athletics Ms. Tracy L. Bock The Body Shop-West Town Mall Mrs. Verna M. Bollin Mr. & Mrs. William D. Bostick Mr. Quint Bourgeois Bob & Brenda Bowers Mrs. Georgianna Bowling Taylor Bowling Mr. Glenn R. Boyles Mr. Bill Bozeman Capt. & Mrs. Sam Brabston Dr. & Mrs. Carl A. Bradley Mr. Kendall S. Bradley James R. Bragg, Jr., D.D.S. Ms. Jane L. Branson Drs. Kevin & Jennifer Brinkmann Mr. Everett O. Britton Bill & Carolyn Broady Mrs. Betty Lou Brooks Miss Abigayle Brown Mr. J. C. Brown David & Carolyn Browning Ms. Billie J. Bruce Bruster’s Ice Cream Mr. Charles Bryant Ms. Arwyn M. Bullock Von & Linda Bullock Edward & Marian Burk Ms. Amy L. Burnette Mr. & Mrs. Thomas M. Burnette, Sr. Dr. James L. Burns, Jr. Law Office of Stephen A. Burroughs Ms. Martha V. Bush Byram Health Care Barry Byrd Architects Mr. Marvin D. Cadwallader Mr. & Mrs. Hunter Cagle Mr. George T. Cagley Mr. Charles Calloway Mr. & Mrs. Ray Camp Mr. & Mrs. Willard B. Campbell CanAm Care Dr. & Mrs. Anthony Capizzi John R. Carder, M. D. Mr. Nicholas Cardwell Mr. & Mrs. Billie L. Carrel Mr. Richard C. Cawood Cellular Sales Central Baptist Church of Fountain City Central Communications Mr. Don G. Chard Cherokee Country Club Mr. Thomas W. Chesney Chick-Fil-A Restaurant Chico’s #0532 Chico’s #0595 Chico’s #3339 Chico’s #5098 Children’s Faith Pediatrics PC Children’s Hospital Volunteers Ms. Elizabeth Chinique Ms. Irene C. Chitwood Mr. David Christopher City of Athens Employees City of Pigeon Forge Mr. Simpson J. Claiborne, Jr. Mrs. Kathleen Clapp Mr. Archie D. Clark Mr. Herbie C. Clark Ms. Linda A. Clary Ms. Regina Clay Mr. Willis L. Clements CMN Internet Donations Mr. Daniel A. Cobble Ms. Janie C. Cochran Mr. Michael Coffman Jim Cogdill Dodge Chrysler Jeep Shannon Cohen, M. D. Frank & Sonya Colandro Coleman’s Printing & Awards Mr. Darrell E. Coley Mrs. Cindy F. Collins Stephen Comer & Coworkers Donate at
  22. 22. Donors July 1 - September 30, 2012 Ms. Deborah C. Connell Connies Kitchen Ms. Angela B. Consin Cristian & Adriana Contescu Ms. Anita L. Cook Mrs. Cindy Cook Ms. Sally S. Cook Mrs. Debra K. Cooper Mr. Larry F. Cooper Mr. Tim L. Corum Country Tonite Theatre CourtLind Woodworks, Inc. Mr. & Mrs. Milburn R. Courtney Marc V. Courts, M. D. Coverall of Eastern Tennessee Ms. Angie Cox Mr. Benny Cox Margarete & Freddie Cox Mrs. Theresa Crass Mr. & Mrs. Eddie D. Crook Cleois H. Cross Mr. Steve H. Crowe Mrs. Lynn B. Crowell Mr. Philip R. Crye Ms. June A. Cunningham Mrs. Veronica L. Cunningham Mr. Darrell Curtis CVS Annual Giving Campaign Ms. Della Dailey Dairy Mart Chevron #3200 Tim Dambro, M. D. Dance Marathon Council-UT Mr. & Mrs. Jackson B. Davidson Ms. Alice M. Davis Ms. Jeanne C. Davis Joe H. Davis Ms. Mae A. Davis Mr. Mike Davis Mr. Anthony De Gregorio Dennis & Anita Dean Mr. Jerry G. Delene Mrs. Margaret H. Dempster Denim Day Mr. Marcus B. Denton Mr. & Mrs. Ralph S. DePew Mrs. Deborah T. Dial Robert K. Dickson, M. D. Mrs. Deborah L. Diddle Dr. & Mrs. John A. Diddle Direct Mail Services Dr. Jesse Doers Mr. George E. Dominick Ms. Ann O. Dorsett Dow Chemical Company Ms. Cindy A. Doyle Mrs. Cindy Dubnicka Dr. & Mrs. Dennis H. Duck Dungan Meares & Webb Attorneys Mr. Scotty Dykes Eagle Distributing Co., Inc. Earth Fare Supermarket The East Tennessee Foundation East Tennessee Pediatric Cardiology, PC Mr. Darrell Eastridge Inaugural Donor Appreciation Dinner Recognizes Key Hospital Contributors On September 19, hospital administration and special guests gathered at the Knoxville Museum of Art to honor the generous donors who make Children’s Hospital’s presence in East Tennessee possible. This inaugural Donor Appreciation Dinner featured the unveiling of two new donor societies: the 1937 Society and the Legacy Society. The former recognizes donors who have a record of cumulative gifts of $10,000 or greater, while the latter honors those who have included Children’s Hospital in their wills or have set up a charitable trust to benefit the hospital. The dinner also included the announcement of a new award. The first Robert M.Goodfriend Family Award was given to the Robert M. Goodfriend family for being a “good friend” to the hospital through supporting philanthropic efforts. This award was a surprise to the guests, including Bob Goodfriend and his family. In future years, this award will be given at the donor appreciation dinner to an individual, family, foundation or corporation that has been a “good friend” to Children’s Hospital and has supported the philanthropic efforts of the hospital. During his remarks, Keith Goodwin, President/CEO of Children’s Hospital, read proclamations from Gov. Bill Haslam to Bill Williams and Bob Goodfriend for their support of the Children’s Miracle Network Telethon for the past 30 years. (L to R): Bill Williams, Keith Goodwin and Bob Goodfriend 23 Donate at
  23. 23. Donors July 1 - September 30, 2012 Mr. Bob Ebinger Mr. Alex Ebneth Mr. Harlan Eckstrom Dr. Heather G. Edgley & Dr. Calvin M. Bard Ms. Betty Edwards Melodie & Randy Efferson Ms. Annette Egley Mr. Allen Egner Mr. & Mrs. C. Graham Elfstrom Mr. Joseph A. Elliot Ms. Sherry Elliott Emerson Process Management Ms. Cari S. England Ms. Yvonne England Enrichment Federal Credit Union Ms. Marian Epps Ms. Lucille Evans Everhart Baptist Church Express Employment Professionals Ms. Pamela P. Fansler Farmers Mutual of Tennessee Mr. & Mrs. Ron H. Feinbaum Ms. Janice H. Fennell Ms. Dianne Fielder Financial Services, Inc. First American Home Buyers Protection Corporation First Fruits Catering Mr. Nick Fiscina Charles D. Fisher, D.D.S. Chloe & Olivia Fleenor Mr. Ted L. Flickinger & Mrs. Julie S. Howard Ms. Janet K. Flora Flowers Baking Company Mr. Bob Folger Food Lion, Inc. Ms. Carolyn S. Ford T. J. Fowler, D.D.S. Fox Den Country Club Mr. Michael J. Frank Ms. Cindy R. Frazer Ms. Catherine C. Frechette Fred’s, Inc. #2120 Fred’s, Inc. #2343 Fred’s, Inc. #2423 Fred’s, Inc. #2475 Fred’s, Inc. #2975 Mr. Herbert Frost B. W. Fullington & Associates Mr. & Mrs. Tony A. Gabriel Megan R. Gaddis, M. D. Dr. Christine L. Gale & Dr. Lane P. Williams Mr. Bob Gallagher Mr. James L. Galo Mr. Horton G. Gangwer Gannett Foundation Ms. Marie Garrett Charles Garvey Photography Gatti’s Pizza Mr. & Mrs. Roy Y. Gaylor, Jr. Mrs. Gladys Germany GFWC Suburbia Woman’s Club Erin C. Giacomini, D.M.D. Ms. Barbara T. Gibb Mr. Brandon Gibson Mr. & Mrs. Lawney L. Gilbert Ms. Denise Girard Girl Scout Troop #20602 Give With Liberty Employee Donations Go Dance Mr. & Mrs. Herman L. Goddard Ms. Teresa Goddard Golden Corral #779 Golden Corral #804 Mr. Seth J. Good Mr. & Mrs. Zane D. Goodrich Mr. & Mrs. Keith D. Goodwin Mrs. Patricia H. Googe Mr. Buzz Goss Mr. Thomas Graves Ms. Dawna C. Gray Mr. Gene Gray Great American Cookie Company 24 Greek Orthodox Ladies Philoptochos Society, Inc. Green Mountain Coffee Roasters Greenback High School Dr. & Mrs. C. L. Greenblatt, Jr. Mrs. Patricia G. Greene Ms. Sarah D. Greer Mr. Panos Gregoriou Mr. & Mrs. Mike W. Greiner Robyn & Jimmy Griffey Ms. Blair W. Griffin Ms. Reba Griffith Mr. Wayne Grimes Mr. & Mrs. Lewis Grooms Vicki Davis Guffey, D.D.S. Ms. Kathy Gunderman Drs. Thomas & Jackie Gunter & Family Mr. Jack R. Hall Dr. Michele Hall Mr. Robert J. Hamby Ms. Cindy B. Hammonds Ms. Rebecca Hampton Mrs. Lucy Hand Mr. & Mrs. Richard H. Harb, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Steven D. Harb Mr. & Mrs. Richard C. Hardin Mrs. Deborah L. Harlow Mr. & Mrs. Glen Harness Mr. & Mrs. Josh Harness Ms. Nina Harris Mrs. Mary L. Harrison Mr. Charles A. Hartsell Mr. James Hartsell Dr. Thomas G. Haskins, III & Dr. Shannon Cohen First Lady Cristen G. Haslam Mrs. Natalie L. Haslam Ms. Jayne M. Hathorne & Dutch Valley Elementary 5th Grade Rev. H. Dean Haun Ms. Doris Heidrich David & Laura Helling Mrs. Dot Henderlight Jan Henley, D.D.S. C. M. Henley Company, LLC Ms. Donna T. Henry Ron & Dale Hensley Devon Hess Hickory Construction, Inc. Hicks Orthodontics, PC Ms. Louise Higman John H. Hildreth, CLU Carmen & Anthony Hill Ms. Myra Hines Mr. Tim Hitson Ms. Jean D. Hoadley Mr. Steve Hobby Ms. Stacie Hodge Holiday Inn World’s Fair Park Terry L. Holley Mr. John B. Hollingsworth, Jr. Mrs. Norma Holmes Mr. & Mrs. Jeffery C. Holt Ms. Rose P. Holz Home Depot #730 Mr. & Mrs. Terrell Horne Ms. Tracy F. Horton Ike & Maria Houchins Mrs. Ruth A. Howard Ms. Sharon Howerton Ms. Mary A. Huff D. Wayne Hughart, D.D.S., M.S. Mrs. Ann L. Huie Humana, Inc. Mr. & Mrs. William H. Humphrey Mr. Keith Hurst Ms. Toni Hurst Mrs. Angela Huskey-Grooms Mr. Barry Hutchins Mr. & Mrs. Larry R. Hutsell Danut & Germina Ilas Joy & Jere Ingram Mr. Roy H. Inman Inter-Agency Insurance Service, Inc. International House of Pancakes #3088 International House of Pancakes #3154 International House of Pancakes #3277 Donate at
  24. 24. Donors July 1 - September 30, 2012 International House of Pancakes #428 International House of Pancakes #4412 International House of Pancakes #4443 International House of Pancakes #4476 International House of Pancakes #4494 International House of Pancakes #486 Ms. Anna R. Iroff Mrs. Bonnie C. Ivey Dr. & Mrs. Robert E. Ivy Jack and Jules Ms. Kelley M. Jarnigan Adrian Jay Dr. & Mrs. Jeffory G. Jennings Ms. Angie Johnson Mrs. Judy Johnson Johnson & Galyon, Inc. The Johnson Children Mr. David P. Jones Mr. Jack G. Jones Mr. Jimmy “JJ” Jones Mrs. Kelley S. Jones Mr. Rex Bradford Jones Wanda Jones & Betty Nichols Jon’s Small Vehicles Journal Broadcast Group Dr. & Mrs. Kenneth L. Justice Mrs. George Justus Karns Church of Christ Mr. & Mrs. Howard Kastner Ms. Pat C. Kelly Mr. Edward A. Kenik Mr. Jim Kennedy Jackie Key Ms. Yvonne Kidder Ms. Sandra Kilgore Kinnikinnick Ms. Nona D. Kirkland Kiwanis Club - Alcoa Kiwanis Club - Morristown Kiwanis Club - Sweetwater Ms. Penny Kleinschmidt Ms. Helen H. Knight Knox County Sheriff’s Dept.Inmate Industries Program Knoxville Coca-Cola Bottling Company Knoxville Convention Center Knoxville News Sentinel Knoxville Post Office Credit Union Ms. Katherine Kober John & Arlene Koehler Mrs. Maribel W. Koella Kohl’s Department Stores Mr. & Mrs. John F. Kotsianas K-VA-T Food Stores, Inc. Mr. Robert N. Kyker La Selva MedSpa & Reflexology Ms. Lillian Lacey Mr. & Mrs. Gary Lafferty Ms. Erin Laine Dr. Ameeta Lall & Mr. Chris D. Watkins Eddie & Debbie Lamb Ms. Nell Lamb Ms. Olivia Land Mr. Charles V. Landis Ms. Belinda L. Lang Mr. Kevin J. Lange Lange Animal Hospital, P.C. Dr. & Mrs. Allen K. Langford Mr. & Mrs. Jerome H. Lapidus Mr. James M. LaPinska Dr. & Mrs. Dennis G. Laug Mr. & Mrs. David Lavender Marion & Virginia Lawhorn Mrs. Marla Lawson Mrs. Tracey O. Lawson Mrs. Dania A. Leatherman Parks Lederer Ms. Betty Jane Lee Ms. Brenda Leek Mr. Tom Leeper Mr. & Mrs. Mel A. Lethco Ms. Ann R. Lewis Mr. Darrell D. Lewis Norfolk Southern Railway’s Safety Director Terry Holloway recently presented a $500 check to East Tennessee Children’s Hospital on behalf of his company. Norfolk Southern Railway, headquartered in Norfolk, Virginia and with three Knoxville locations donates to local charitable organizations annually, and this year selected Children’s Hospital as a recipient. Holloway coaches a football team made up of seven and eight year olds, and he said many of his players have received treatment from Children’s Hospital. “We’re happy to give to Children’s Hospital, because it is such a great cause. All kids need help, and it’s the best of the best.” Holloway said. “I’m happy to do it – from the bottom of my heart.” LifeScan, Inc. Ms. Marissa Liskey Dr. & Mrs. John Little, Dr. & Mrs. Michael Belmont, Dr. & Mrs. Mark Ray Mr. Jim Lloyd Dr. & Mrs. Steven J. LoCascio Jeff & Cristy Lockwood Ms. Violet Loden Mrs. Carlton M. Long Ms. Darla Long Mr. James R. Long Mr. S. Edward Long Mrs. Margaret R. Lonon Loudon Pediatric Clinic, PC 25 Mrs. Bobbie Loveday Ms. Diane Lovejoy Karah & Emberly Loveland Ms. Pamela A. Lovell Mary Joyce Lovely, Mamie L.P. Davis, Charles E. Davis, Baron A. Lovely, Nieces & Nephews Love’s Travel Stops & Country Stores Lou & Harris Lovingood Mrs. Eileene C. Lowe Mr. Jack A. Lowe Mr. & Mrs. Robert E. Lowe Frank & Gloria Lucas Matthew Lundien, M. D. Donate at
  25. 25. Donors July 1 - September 30, 2012 Mr. Thomas C. Lynch Dr. & Mrs. John W. Mack, Jr. Ms. Mary Magleby Mr. & Mrs. Joe D. Mahler Mr. & Mrs. Judd D. Malkin Dr. & Mrs. Stephen K. Malone Mr. Richard T. Maltais Mrs. Jane E. Manners Mr. & Mrs. Carl W. Manning Mr. & Mrs. John J. Manning Ms. Neva Manning Ms. Colleen P. Manrod Ms. A. Nicole Martin Ms. Lucile Martin Tom & Deanna Martin Maryville Jewelers Mr. & Mrs. Phillip Mason, Jr. Morton & Becky Massey Ms. Jane A. Matlock Ms. Janice Matlock Ms. Barbara J. Maxon Ms. Virginia A. Maxwell Mr. Andrew T. Mayes Mr. & Mrs. Michael T. McClamroch Mrs. Faye McConnell Mr. Herbert E. McCoy, Jr. Mr. Alfred F. McFee Ms. Lois Mcgaha Mr. Aubrey D. McKinney Medi-Spa at Knoxville Dermatology Group Mr. Reynaldo P. Mendoza Mercedes Benz of Knoxville Mike Lewis State Farm Mike Stevens Homes, Inc. Mr. & Mrs. John R. Milam Ms. Carol Millard Ms. Diane Miller Ms. Lana B. Miller Ms. Leslie S. Miller Ms. Tammy L. Miller Mrs. Helen H. Mills Jeanette & James Minor Mr. Sam Mishu Ms. Mary Lea Mitchell Mr. Thomas R. Mollica Mr. Bryan Moore Ms. Jeana Moore Mr. Patrick Moore Mr. Hiram Morales Julie T. Morgan, M. D. Mr. & Mrs. Alan J. Morris Mr. & Mrs. J. Frank Morton Mike & Paula Morton Mr. Willis J. Moses Ms. Carroll E. Mowery Mr. Robert Mullinax Mr. Ted E. Murray Mr. Robert P. Murrian, Atty. Mrs. Mary E. Musick Dr. & Mrs. Mike D. Mysinger D. S. Nagda Ms. Charlotte A. Nance Mr. Bob Neal Raluca Negrisanu Ms. Martha L. Nelson Owen & Nancy McBee Nevader Mrs. Jenny A. Neveu Mr. & Mrs. Michael E. Nichols Michael W. Nichols, D.D.S. Mr. Phillip L. Nichols Dr. & Mrs. David A. Nickels Ms. Edith Noe Norfolk Southern Foundation Mr. Gary North Northshore Wine & Spirits Mrs. Flo P. Norville Ms. Marlene Norwood Ms. Teresa A. Norwood Novo Nordisk Ober Gatlinburg O’Charley’s Restaurant O’Connor Communications Ms. Marlene Oehmig Mrs. Karen O’Hara David & Mary O’Kain Ollie’s Bargain Outlet, Inc. Mr. William T. Oody Optimist Club of Knoxville, Inc. Optimist Club of West Knoxville Outrage Riding Club 26 Lisa B. Padgett, M. D. Mary Palmer, M. D. Papa John’s Pizza Dr. Dante Pappano & Dr. Ellen Pappano Jeanann P. Pardue, M. D. Dr. & Mrs. Stanley S. Park Parker Business Consulting & Accounting, PC Mrs. Brandy K. Parkinson Mr. & Mrs. Donald H. Parnell, Sr. Mr. & Mrs. Charles W. Parolari Ms. Mandy Pass Mr. Gary C. Patterson Mr. Jack Patterson Mr. & Mrs. Rayford L. Patterson Mr. John B. Payne Samuel & Karen Pelchar Ms. Nancy E. Peltier Pepsi Cola of Knoxville Mrs. Karen D. Pershing Pershing Yoakley & Associates Ms. Jo Peterson Mrs. Rosemary Phillips Ms. Yvette W. Phillips Mrs. Carmen T. Phillipy James T. Pickering, D.D.S. Pilot Club of Lenoir City Pilot Corporation Pilot Flying J Mr. & Mrs. Paul B. Pipkin Jack Pittman & Associates, Inc. Jack Plauche State Farm Agency Pleasant View Baptist Church Debbie & Douglas Plemons Plum Tree Restaurant Mr. & Mrs. John J. Podeszwa Dr. Thomas R. Pollard Ms. Debra A. Poole Mr Pace Porter Mr. Clifton J. Posey Power Equipment Company Employees Charity Trust Dr. Stan Pozega & Staff Ms. Sylvia Pratt Premium Waters Dr. & Mrs. J. Martin Prince Dr. & Mrs. Stephen C. Prinz Ms. Teresa Proctor Project Linus Providence Church-WMU Mr. James Pulliam Mrs. Betty Purcell Pure Envy Salon E. M. Purvis Ms. Marjorie M. Quinn Mr. Jack Ragsdale Mr. Ronald L. Raider Mrs. Virginia P. Rains Rainy Duck Book Mr. Millard A. Ramsey Mr. & Mrs. L. P. Rawlings, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Donald J. Reagan James & Carole Redheffer Mr. & Mrs. Bill Reed Mr. William P. Reeves, III Regal Entertainment Group ReMax Adventure Realty #21182 ReMax Preferred Properties Inc. Vasiliki Remboulis Mr. James E. Reynolds Mr. & Mrs. Michael Reynolds Mr. Tony Rice Wayne & Emily Sue Richardson Dr. Eduardo J. Riff & Mrs. Sara E. Riff Mr. Robert F. Riggsby Sean Riley, Kaycee Conard Smith & Walmart Market 149 Ms. Lori A. Roark Ms. Jackie Roberts Mrs. Mary Lou Roberts Mr. James Robertson Mr. John Robinson Nathan & Kathleen Robinson Ms. Tonia R. Robinson Donate at
  26. 26. Donors July 1 - September 30, 2012 Roche Diabetes Care Mr. Tom Rodenborn Hal & Andy Roe Mayor Madeline Rogero Ms. Jeannette L. Rogers Ronald McDonald House Mr. Bob Roney Ms. Karen Rose Ms. Margaret Rose Mr. David P. Ross Mrs. Bobbie R. Roth Margrit Rowley & Family Mr. Jeffrey K. Royce Rural Metro Burch & Ruby Russell Mr. Mike Russell Mr. Derek Russell Dr. & Mrs. Alex Ruth Mr. & Mrs. Donald M. Ruthenberg The Honorable & Mrs. Jon T. Rymer Adrian & Elena Sabau SAC, Inc. Saddlebrook Properties, LLC S. J. Sahakian Salsarita’s West Town Sam’s Club #6572 Sam’s Club #8256 Ms. Yolanda Sanchez Mr. Robert G. Sanders Mrs. Amelia Sarno Ms. RaRa Schlitt Mr. Neil Schmitt Mr. Bobby Scott Mrs. Patricia Scott Scripps Networks Interactive Ms. Helen M. Scruggs Ms. Rebecca F. Seal Dr. Cameron J. Sears & Dr. Nancy E. Duckles Secretaries Dinner Club Mr. & Mrs. A. Gary Self Service One, Inc. Servicemaster Professional Restoration Staff Mr. Eric Sexton Shafer Insurance Agency, Inc. Mr. Michael A. Shamblin Mrs. Joyce E. Sharp The Shaw Group Ms. Rosella J. Sheffey Mr. & Mrs. Samuel D. Shelton Mr. Gordon R. Sherman Shield Engineering Mr. Keith W. Shillings Mr. & Mrs. Ralph E. Shipley Shoney’s of Knoxville, Inc. Ms. Claudette Shults Shults Pediatrics, P.C. Siemens Caring Hands Foundation Sigma Chi Fraternity Theuk Silavong Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Simmons Mr. & Mrs. David M. Simpson Ms. Margurite Sims Mrs. Mary F. Sipprell Dr. & Mrs. Robert F. Sisson, III Mr. & Mrs. Basil A. Skelton Skyline Transportation Mrs. Denise A. Slezak Mr. Ira T. Sliger Dr. & Mrs. William H. Smartt Abby & Karesa & Smith Mr. Calvin G. Smith Ms. Evelyn G. Smith Mrs. Lois Smith Mr. & Mrs. John H. Smith Michael & Ima Smith Robert T. Smith, D.D.S., M.S. Rufus Smith & Associates Mr. Edgar Snow Mr. Donald Snyder Ms. Becky Sorteberg Mrs. Rebeccca G. South South College Mr. Richard Southmayd Ms. Vonna Spahr Mrs. Glenna J. Spradlin Springleaf Foundation, Inc. Mr. Joe E. Spruiell St. Mark United Methodist Church Mr. Joe Stallings 27 Mr. Brian Stannard Mr. David L. Stansbarger Star 102.1 Mr. Philip T. Starck Mr. Chad L. Starlipper Mr. & Mrs. Dennis E. Starr State of Tennessee Department of Human Services Mr. Larry A. Stephens Mr. Vince Stevens & Dr. Mary Palmer Ms. Ernestine M. Stiner Mr. Wade Stonebrook & Young Professional Knoxville Ms. Agnes Strate Ms. Julia J. Stringfield Subway Sugarbaker’s Cake, Candy & Wedding Supply Sun Tan City Ms. Agnes Surrett Mrs. Dorothy C. Susak Ms. Jessica Suthers Mr. Junior Sutton John & Kathy Switow Ali Swofford, PhD Sysmex Ms. Norma J. Tabor Mr. Skip Tanaka Ms. Emma C. Tate Mrs. Karen D. Tatham Mr. & Mrs. Steve Tatum Mr. W. King Taylor Mr. & Mrs. Joe Teague Team Health Mid-Atlantic Telecom Pioneers Tennessee Chapter #21 Tennessee Baptist Church Tennessee Trucking Foundation, Inc. TERI Productions, Inc. Mr. Walter Thacker Dr. & Mrs. Sanjay Thakur Ms. Linda A. Thomas Mrs. Elizabeth Thompson On September 24, the Butterfly Fund hosted its 4th Annual Golf Tournament to benefit the Children’s Hospital Hematology/ Oncology department. Fox Den Country Club hosted 192 players on a beautiful fall day in Knoxville for morning and afternoon rounds. The event raised $35,000 through donations and sponsorships. The Butterfly Fund has given over $85,000 to Children’s Hospital and $20,000 to CureSearch for Children’s Cancer. Each year, the Butterfly Fund is a presenting sponsor for the Knoxville CureSearch Walk. Donate at
  27. 27. Donors July 1 - September 30, 2012 Emmette & Valarie Thompson Mrs. Juanne J. Thompson Mrs. Lisa A. Thompson Thomson Reuters My Community Program Three Ridges Golf Course Thress Nursery Garden Ottice & Mary Tidwell Tin Roof Mrs. Emily Tinman Ms. Brittany Tipton Mr. & Mrs. Wayne Tipton Joe & Joyce Tompkins Mr. Peter F. Tortorelli Barb Tower & Fingers of Hope Ms. Tracy Tramel Brent L. Trentham & Associates Mr. Michael Trower Mr. William A. Truex TRUIST The Trust Company of Knoxville Tubby’s Construction Tuckaleechee Caverns & Wishing Well Ms. Marjorie K. Turner Mark D. Turner, M. D. Mr. Martin W. Turner Union County Farm Bureau United Healthcare Community Plan United Way of Blount County United Way of Metropolitan Nashville Universal Promotional Products US Foods USEC Mr. Terry H. Usery, Jr. Ms. Sarah Ussery UT Campus Chest Campaign Mr. John A. Vanlandingham Daniel & Charlene Varner Lefter K. & Ray P. Vassil VBI Ventures, Inc. On Saturday, August 18, over 1,000 runners, walkers and volunteers came out to Cherokee Boulevard in Knoxville’s Sequoyah Hills to participate in the 3rd annual Butterfly Fun 5K Run/ Walk. In addition to the race, the event included a presentation of gold medals to childhood cancer survivors. The event raised $25,000, all of which will benefit the Hematology/Oncology department at Children’s Hospital in support of children and families being affected by pediatric cancer. The race was sponsored by Brogan Financial. Misty Barger, Butterfly Fund co-founder, explained, “This year’s race was such a success! We are very thankful for the community’s support of our cause and for making a difference in the lives of children with cancer.” The Butterfly Fund represents the legacy of Emily Barger and Maddie Harrill, two beautiful little girls that were diagnosed with a rare form of pediatric cancer in 2007 and who both passed away in 2008. The Butterfly Fund was established through East Tennessee Foundation with the objective of raising support and awareness for pediatric cancer treatment, services, and research at a local, regional, and national level. Local support is directed to East Tennessee Children’s Hospital as they represent the only pediatric cancer facility in East Tennessee. National support is directed to CureSearch for Children’s Cancer. CureSearch is a national non-profit foundation whose mission is to fund and support children’s cancer research. For more information on The Butterfly Fund, visit . 28 Donate at
  28. 28. Donors July 1 - September 30, 2012 Ms. Shanna F. Veach Mrs. Lisha B. Venable Mr. & Mrs. Rick F. Venable Theresa Venable & Kathy Ehinger Mrs. Louie Vesser Ms. Tracy A. Viau Mr. Lee Roy Vogeltanz Ms. Rebecca Voiles Mr. Ralph Vowell Vreeland Engineers, Inc. The Wakefield Corporation Ms. Carol A. Wallace Mrs. Donna E. Wallace Ms. Mildred K. Wallace Walmart #366 Walmart #578 Walmart #583 Walmart #672 Walmart #676 Walmart #678 Walmart #685 Walmart #687 Walmart #724 Walmart #739 Walmart #741 Walmart #1159 Walmart #1194 Walmart #1318 Walmart #1319 Walmart #1320 Walmart #1466 Walmart #1467 Walmart #1743 Walmart #2065 Walmart #2310 Walmart #2932 Walmart #4223 Walmart #4635 Walmart Foundation Mrs. Pamela L. Ward Mr. & Mrs. John H. Ward Waste Management, Inc. WBIR-TV 10 Mr. Fred T. Weaver Ms. Mary R. Weaver Ms. Caroline Webb Dr. & Mrs. John L. Webber Ms. Mary Weldon Mr. & Mrs. Arnold L. Wenzel Mr. & Mrs. Jerry J. West Mr. Thomas F. West Rita F. Westbrook, M. D. Mr. & Mrs. George E. Whedbee Mr. James E. Whitehead Dr. & Mrs. Kenneth D. Wicker Roy & Sally Wilcox Mr. Tim Wild Ms. Helen Wilds Ms. Betty T. Wilkins Mr. & Mrs. Bill G. Williams Mr. Robert A. Williams Ms. Sharon Williams Ms. Kyla J. Wilson Ms. Ann Winfrey Ms. Dorothy D. Winfrey Mrs. Doris M. Winkles Mr. & Mrs. Chris Wise Mr. James P. Witt WIVK AM-FM WKZX-FM 93.5 The Charles L. Woliver Family Ms. Betty Womack Dr. & Mrs. Gary R. Woodall Ms. Carrie Woodruff Mr. Robert B. Woodruff Mrs. Pamela S. Woods Dr. & Mrs. W. Henry Wooldridge James H. Wright Jamie H. Wright Mrs. Lisa M. Wrobleski Douglas & Peggy Wylie Y-12 Federal Credit Union Retiree Group Mr. Kent P. Yarnall Mr. & Mrs. Richard Yates Dr. Deanna R. Yen & Mr. Michael Yen Mr. Geoffrey C. Yerem Mr. & Mrs. Bill Yett Mr. Robert E. Yost Mr. Brian K. Zalk Mr. & Mrs. Barry T. Zientek 29 It’s About Children recaps the events and friends that support East Tennessee Children’s Hospital. For more information regarding the fund-raising efforts of Children’s Hospital, contact: Children’s Hospital Development Office P.O. Box 15010 Knoxville, TN 37901-5010 (865) 541-8441 • Development Staff: Carlton M. Long Vice President for Development and Community Services (865) 541-8172 • Teresa Goddard Grants Development Officer (865) 541-8466 • Debra Poole Major Gifts/Planned Giving Director (865) 541-8467 • Danni Varlan Major Gifts/Annual Giving Officer (865) 541-8567 • Pat Scott Community Development Officer (865) 541-8244 • Ellen Cole Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals Program Director (865) 541-8437 • Macy Hopper Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals Specialist (865) 541-8607 • Marguerite Hogan Creative Projects Officer (865) 541-8741 • Audrey Madigan Development Operations Specialist (865) 541-8723 • Susan Cate Gift Records Specialist (865) 541-8162 • Paula Haun Development Office Secretary (865) 541-8441 • Donate at
  29. 29. Honors & Memorials July 1 - September 30, 2012 In honor of: Ellis Amelie Adcock Ms. Cherie H. Adcock John April & Mike Clawson Tim Dambro, M. D. Conner Chesney Mrs. Betty Purcell Nicholas Costa Lefter K. & Ray P. Vassil Noah William Davis Ms. Patsy A. Reagan Owen Dial Ms. Sarah Cooper Ms. Betty Dial Mrs. Deborah T. Dial Ms. Sarah D. Greer Carmen & Anthony Hill Mr. S. Edward Long Mr. Andrew T. Mayes Michael W. Nichols, D.D.S. Ms. Cindi Reynolds Ms. Misty M. Rutherford Josie & Olivia Fellers Ron & Dale Hensley Malinda Flynn Ms. Jane A. Matlock Mr. Robert M. Goodfriend Mr. & Mrs. Jerome H. Lapidus Mr. William M. Hale Mrs. Carmen T. Phillipy Kailey R. Humphrey Mr. & Mrs. William H. Humphrey Jordan & Brandon Lamb Ms. Faye Lamb Sarah & Justin Lightner Ms. Marian Epps Ms. Tracy Tramel Louie David Lusk Mr. & Mrs. Louie D. Lusk Benjamin Martin Mike & Paula Morton Robbie & Sasha Matthews Mr. & Mrs. Milburn R. Courtney Loren Grace McAfee Mr. Joe W. McAfee Grayson Morris Mr. & Mrs. Alan J. Morris Mr. & Mrs. Donald J. Reagan My Grandchildren Mr. Junior Sutton Our Grandchildren Mr. & Mrs. Donald H. Parnell, Sr. Claire Pace Mrs. Becky Davis Ana Sabau Cristian & Adriana Contescu Danut & Germina Ilas Raluca Negrisanu Vasiliki Remboulis Adrian & Elena Sabau Hannah Spradling Ms. Dianne Fielder Gracie Jo Stone Ms. Dorothy Thomas Riley James Thomas Mr. & Mrs. Bill G. Williams Bill G. Williams Emmette & Valarie Thompson Billie Elizabeth Williams Mr. & Mrs. Bill G. Williams In memory of: Jacob Wayne Adkins Ms. Belinda L. Lang Lincoln Alan Aloisi The Aloisi Family Tom & Rita Aloisi Ms. Laurie M. Ballard Dr. & Mrs. Anthony Capizzi Mr. Kevin J. Lange Ms. Mary Lea Mitchell Servicemaster Professional Restoration Staff Ms. Julia J. Stringfield Luna Baker Ms. Diane Miller James C. Benton, III, M. D. Dr. & Mrs. Robert L. Barnes, III Dr. & Mrs. Gerald L. Blossom 30 Joseph Edward Brown Ms. Linda A. Thomas Ellen Denise Bryson Mr. & Mrs. Jerry J. West Benjamin M. Cahill Ms. Kathy Gunderman David & Laura Helling Mr. & Mrs. Gary Lafferty Jack Pittman & Associates, Inc. Ms. Rosella J. Sheffey Mr. & Mrs. Dennis E. Starr Ms. Marjorie K. Turner Max Carroll Hal & Andy Roe James A. Cash Mr. & Mrs. Arnold L. Wenzel Mable Icelona Franklin Cate Ms. Anita L. Cook Nicole Audrey Conn Mrs. Linda Buck Kyle Jason Conners East Tennessee Pediatric Cardiology, PC Wayne T. Crisp Alcoa 25 Year Club Fred W. Curtis Mrs. Stephanie J. Curtis William Reagan “Rick” Gallaher, Jr. D.D.S. Mrs. Elizabeth C. Emery Amy Michelle Gray Ms. Dawna C. Gray Mr. Gene Gray Shawn F. Hafer Ms. Linda A. Clary Mr. & Mrs. Eddie D. Crook T. J. Fowler, D.D.S. Drs. Thomas & Jackie Gunter & Family Ms. Cindy B. Hammonds John & Arlene Koehler Ms. Virginia A. Maxwell Mike Stevens Homes, Inc. Parker Business Consulting & Accounting, PC Mr. & Mrs. Paul B. Pipkin Mr. Ronald L. Raider The Trust Company of Knoxville Mr. & Mrs. Barry T. Zientek Wanda Ireland Haralson Ms. Mary K. Berl Jim Harmon Mr. & Mrs. Joe B. Lentz The Honorable & Mrs. Jon T. Rymer Ms. Betty T. Wilkins Oscar V. Helton Alcoa 25 Year Club Betty Baum Horton Douglas & Peggy Wylie Emily Mikaylah Houser Ms. Katherine Kober Ronnie Jeffers Ms. Mae A. Davis Thomas Milo Jelinek Mr. David Arakawa Melodie & Randy Efferson Ms. Janet K. Flora Mr. & Mrs. Tony A. Gabriel Margrit Rowley & Family Ms. Tracy A. Viau Jack D. “Jay” Justice Dr. & Mrs. Robert L. Barnes, III Kainon Paul Kelly Ms. Doris Heidrich Doris Ann Leffew Ms. Doris Heidrich Evlin Julianna “Evie” Lewis Girl Scout Troop #20602 Casey Lindsay Ms. Katherine Kober Charles Herman Lovely Mary Joyce Lovely, Mamie L.P. Davis, Charles E. Davis, Baron A. Lovely, Nieces & Nephews Evelyn Jean Myers McCarter Appalachian Electric Cooperative, Engineering Dept. Dan & Kim Blalock Bill & Carolyn Broady Donate at
  30. 30. Honors & Memorials July 1 - September 30, 2012 City of Pigeon Forge Ms. Debbie G. Oxendine Willard A. McFarland Y-12 Federal Credit Union Retiree Group Joshua Moore Bobcat Youth Athletics Amy Saylor & Ava Saylor Murphy Ms. Debi Hartman Tom Murray Walmart #672 Katie Musick Mrs. Mary E. Musick Bobby Nickens Ms. Nell Lamb Ms. Janice Matlock Ms. Lana B. Miller Sean Riley, Kaycee Conard Smith & Walmart Market 149 Walmart #672 Rudra Patel East Tennessee Pediatric Cardiology, PC Ryan M. Patterson Mr. & Mrs. Rayford L. Patterson Dr. & Mrs. Robert F. Sisson, III Colton Chase Presson Mrs. Kirsten BarringtonHughes Ms. Connie L. Begovich Stephen Comer & Coworkers Ms. Catherine C. Frechette Mr. Seth J. Good Mr. & Mrs. Josh Harness Ms. Jean D. Hoadley Joy & Jere Ingram Mr. & Mrs. Carl W. Manning Mr. & Mrs. Phillip Mason, Jr. Anonymous Mr. & Mrs. Bill Reed Mr. & Mrs. Michael Reynolds Shield Engineering Mr. & Mrs. Wayne Tipton Mr. & Mrs. John H. Ward Dr. & Mrs. W. Henry Wooldridge Caroline Elizabeth Ramsey Mr. Millard A. Ramsey Jeannie F. Reese Dr. James L. Burns, Jr. Ms. Janie C. Cochran Mrs. Deborah L. Harlow Mrs. Karen O’Hara Mrs. Virginia P. Rains Secretaries Dinner Club Carolyn Russell Rickman Burch & Ruby Russell Charlotte Robertson Mr. James Robertson Sammy Ronk Hal & Andy Roe Ed Schmutzer Hal & Andy Roe Eddie Stapleton Dr. & Mrs. Robert L. Barnes, III James E. Stewart Mr. & Mrs. Jim MacLeay Elizabeth Sue Stiles Dr. & Mrs. Robert L. Barnes, III Dr. Raja Thakur Dr. & Mrs. Sanjay Thakur Hannah Mae Wallace Mrs. Donna E. Wallace Bessie Mae Walters Mr. & Mrs. Herman L. Goddard James E. “Buddy” Williams Ms. Katherine Kober Flyma I. Witt Mr. James P. Witt Hoyt R. Woliver Ms. Martha V. Bush Mr. & Mrs. David C. Haun The Charles L. Woliver Family Elizabeth B. Wyatt Ms. Katherine Kober Star 102.1 Golf Tournament Benefits Hospital The inaugural Star 102.1 Marc & Kim and Frank Golf Tournament to benefit Children’s Hospital was a great success on July 23, raising $1,060. More than 40 golfers enjoyed an afternoon round at Gettysvue Polo, Golf & Country Club to raise money for the 2013 Star 102.1 Radiothon set for April 11-12, 2013. Title sponsor for the event was the Law Firm of Stephen A. Burroughs. Special thanks to the entire Star 102.1 radio team who made the tournament such a success and to tournament sponsors Stephen A. Burroughs, Mountain Motorsports, Menchie’s Frozen Yogurt, Holiday Inn World’s Fair Park, Wendy’s, Dr Pepper / Snapple Group, Ye Olde Leaf and Ale, Hiller Plumbing, Heating and Cooling, Enrichment Federal Credit Union, Kenjo, Pozy Auctions, TN Lasik, Pilot and Scrumps Cupcakes. Top (Pictured left to right): Clay Prewitt, Brian Ford, Charlie Andrews and Rick Baptist enjoyed a round of golf at the inaugural Star 102.1 Golf Tournament to benefit Children’s Hospital. Bottom: Tournament sponsor Stephen A. Burroughs (left) watches Donate at the 31 action before the tournament with Star 102.1’s Marc Anthony, Kim Hansard and Frank Murphy.
  31. 31. The Twelve Days 2018 Clinch Ave. • P.O. Box 15010 Knoxville, Tennessee 37901-5010 RETURN SERVICE REQUESTED Fantasy of Trees We always try to stay current with friends of the hospital. If for any reason you should receive a duplicate issue or need to update your address, please notify the hospital at (865) 541-8165 or presents the 28th annual PAID NON-PROFIT ORGANIZATION U.S. POSTAGE PERMIT 433 KNOXVILLE, TN Welcome the holiday season November 21-25 at the Knoxville Convention Center with visits with Santa, over 350 designer trees and all of your favorite Fantasy of Trees activities! All proceeds benefit , East Tennessee Children s Hospital Tickets: Adults—$12 Children 4-12—$6 Children under 4—Free For more information, call the Fantasy of Trees office at Children’s Hospital at (865) 541-8385 or email Learn more details about this year’s Fantasy of Trees on pages 8-9